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  2. Well, oddly enough, I guess that is a rare time when I'm happier with the strikeout than him getting an RBI... Dozier actually isn't hitting there anymore. It was Rendon before he got hurt. As I've said already in here, it makes the most sense to keep Robles up there and move everybody down a spot to spread out their lineup a bit. You would think. This is MLB though, so you never know. Hopefully it did though...
  3. k.k.


    It's optional, but still lists "Gender:0". I'd rather it wasn't there cluttering up the little space that our names and logos and other info occupies. You can see it on both of our profiles, for example, to the left. There do seem to be some members here without "gender" showing up at all, so I'm not sure what the story is. Are those older members? Newer ones? Depends on how you signed up? I dunno...
  4. Reyes hopefully beginning to prove people like me wrong... 😀
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  6. I get somewhat different numbers, based on Did I miss something? category total points yards 2028 202.8 TD 15 90 rec 91 45.5 total 338.3 Touches 352 Points per touch 0.96
  7. Well anyone who gets two saves in two days is going to be a name that the manager will remember in the future. So in a sense he has earned some consideration going forward. However, I think the next time Pagan gets a shot at closing a game will be the next time something like that happens in which both guys need a rest. The Alvarado-Castillo duo have been virtually as good as any 8th and 9th duo in the majors this year so they'll be back in there next time their needed. Sometimes relievers blow a lead but they've been great overall. Dislimb's post breaks it down very well...
  8. Looks like the bubble might be bursting. Very little in the way of production over the last 7 games, including 0 XBHs. Still gets the occasional hit, but that's been literally it.
  9. Guys I’ve got Sammy Watkins dynasty ppr, want to know what his value is in rookie draft picks, I’ve got very little idea and would love some help. Also would you swap him for Mike Williams? Cheers
  10. I think those saying "nothing to see here" with the Pagan back-to-back saves are mistaken... Not saying that Pagan will "all-of-a-sudden" become the closer...but both Castillo and Alvarado have taken L's in 2 out of their last 3 games they've pitched. That's 4 L's amongst the 2 of them. Pagan may not be the closer, but I think he's at the very least put his name into the fire. If Alvarado f's up in the future, you never know.
  11. Albuquerque, but yeah, Hampson should probably be sent down to get some work in at this point. He had ample opportunity to show he could hit at the MLB level and didn't. No sense keeping him around as a pinch runner / once a week starter.
  12. Urias and Stripling say hi from the bullpen 😄 One more bad start and you can see him getting Dodgeritis
  13. Seeing comments like this makes me think it's a good time to buy.
  14. Boudewijn


    I'm with you. In 2019 this is just unnecessary and unfortunately it even invites all kind of unwanted stuff should anyone be unwise enough to enter "female". On the other hand, it's currently optional, so... :shrug:
  15. DeRozan has been rather serviceable in this series. Spurs should count their lucky stars they're still in this. Then again, it's the Spurs. They always find usefulness in other teams trash.
  16. I thought this guy was supposed to be good.
  17. Jose Altuve may not steal 25-30 bags this year, but if he can continue on with this power stroke, it won't really matter. 9 Home runs in the first 23 games of the season and April isn't even over yet.. He didn't hit his 9th dinger last year until July 25th! Also, should note his BABIP is sitting about 40+ points lower than his "norm", so we should see his .289 average rise soon. His approach seems different this year. Striking out more often (maybe it's just a SSS), but his barrel % is about twice as high (about 13%) and his exit velocity is sitting slightly higher than it's ever been (88%). Obviously he won't keep this pace up, but he looks healthy and primed for a MONSTER season! Any projections for 2019???
  18. Just fine if France is franimal the padres will find a spot for him
  19. Add in 10 hbp as well
  20. He's on the chopping block for me. Started 18 out of 25 games for the Dodgers this season. Recently he sat 2 games in a row. Wasn't really any excitement over him until he was announced as the starting 2B for the Dodgers, a thin fantasy position. He's not getting the job done and not even starting as much as I'd like.
  21. Tapia has homered in his last 3 games, tonight it was off Corbin. He’s not supposed to be much of a power guy, known more for his hit tool and speed, but his K rate is over 30% and he’s 0-for-2 on steal attempts. I’m not sure what to make of any of that but it seems like he’s worth keeping an eye on.
  22. First round matchups are expected. And boring. 2nd rounds will be better, more reason to scale down to 8 teams instead of 16 (more than half the league got in the playoffs, really???). Regular season wins will mean more and playoffs will not take 2 months to finish and will be more interesting. The only 1st round series worth watching and might go to game 7, SAS vs. DEN as expected.
  23. PG13 got the assignment to defend that shot and he called it a bad shot post game interview. Lmfao. Just shut up and face your defeat and go back to the gym and practice to get better like a man. Serious, I swear these NBA players showing their ignorance every time they open their mouth. Dame is a beast. Best PG in the NBA right now. Period.
  24. It's not helpful to obfuscate stats to fit your argument. Hunt still had 207 touches in 2018, compared to D. Willaims 73. Of course Williams has a higher points per touch. That number would have gone down with 130 more touches, and if he had handled the workload over the course of a season as a lead back. None of which you can prove with any of the stats you've posted. Comparing him to Barkley? Also irrelevant. Barkley did that all in one season while carrying near 100% of the load through 16 games. Another thing which you can't prove D. Williams can sustain. It's funny that you can't wrap your head around that.
  25. The stat was average yards after contact/touch. Really doesn’t have much to do with total efficiency. Not sure why you don’t get this?
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