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  2. I like Stafford this week and going forward as he's simply playing better football than Goff. Thanks for mine!
  3. I am playing him in standard over a bunch of people, including Hunter Henry, Ekeler or Edmonds, Larry Fitz. And if it doesn't click, I'm okay with that. GB just annihilated Oakland's secondary, like you said, and I expect that to happen again.
  4. fortunately for me, someone just dropped him and i'm about to swoop him for larry nance essentially getting M Rob at 7th round value (9th for my league - 14 team but 10 man rosters); figure M rob's double double ceiling is far higher than Nance's (though he finished the year fairly strong)... and frankly, while i get the M Rob hate is specifically for using an early round pick on him, i can't imagine him hurting your squad as your third or fourth center.
  5. Yeah I wasn't sure of losing either of those 2, if for some reason the Thielen injury would been a little lengthy then maybe, but I think I'm good
  6. I was really asking. Hopefully there will be a report about how the Rams plan to use Ramsey in this game. He rarely ever sees snaps as a slot corner, but teams rarely have their best WR playing in the slot. Ramsay is also on a new team, so who knows. This is the difference between Boyd being a volume based WR2, and being a complete avoid.
  7. With the addition of Sanu this season is over. NE will take the championship without even breaking a sweat. I think most would agree.
  8. With sanu gone, I'm hoping they have one less reciever around to give Julio a break every other play.
  9. I feel like most people have him too low in rankings.I don't quite understand how hes not projected for a bigger game against Oakland. GB scored 42 on them last week.
  10. I don't think they need Looney in the starting lineup bc his game is so similar to Dray's. WCS is more dynamic and I could see him eating off the pick and role with Green Curry and D-Lo.
  11. I’d drop my kicker for him to see if you can get a 2 for 1 done somewhere
  12. welp, color me a horse's patoot for overlooking that detail 💩
  13. Just another week I'm staring at Julio in my lineup and wishing it was Austin Hooper . . .
  14. It's a 12 team, 5 keeper (3 RES spot), PPR league. Walton McKissic Ajayi Barber Gallman (on waivers) Stills P. Williams DeSean Here are my RB's and WR's: RB's: Conner Sony Breida Hyde Hunt (on RES) WR's: Julio Godwin Larry Fitz Watkins A.J. Green
  15. I hear you. Some people will inevitably claim that they were victimized by posters that disagreed with their point of view. I guess that’s just the nature of the RW forums these days, though.
  16. Yeah that's my concern as well. Flacco isn't a very good QB, but a savvy vet who knows how to get the ball to his playmakers. With Lock potentially taking over, it takes Sutton's very high floor away. When you look at their WR depth chart right now (ugh), you know they are mailing it in for 2019 and at some point will want to see what they have in Lock. Would feel much better if they had kept Sanders. The issue about moving Sutton is that he is a great player to own, but lacks the name value to sell. Unless you can find a knowledgeable owner who believes in pure numbers, Sutton is more likely a hold than a sell. Edit: Totally off topic, but that's also the reason I'm much lower on McLaurin than others. At some point in a lost season they will switch to Haskins to see what they got in him. Hence Keenum got benched once already despite doing all he could do under bad circumstances. Later in the season, Haskins will get his shot no matter what and make McLaurin a risky start. Funny that they were team mates in college but never really had the best chemistry. For the sake of WRs like Sutton and McLaurin, you hope the vets keep the gig.
  17. when has Sean Payton ever been known to do that?
  18. I'm in a league where idiots stick to their players like trenches at rules - you cant buy low, cant buy high, cant sell high, cant sell low..terrible redraft I tried to buy low on OBJ..his owner is 1-6..I offered Julio and Kirk and was rejected So..frankly..what does it mean BUY LOW, SELL HIGH? Can you really sell high on Scary Terry in redraft? Can you buy low Bell if everyone knows his schedule? What about Zach Ertz? Is he a buy low? Really, throwing names left and right doesn't help much in assessing the situation
  19. its so hard to trust both Michel and Gurley.
  20. I just hope that he's either 100% or he's declared inactive. My concern is that they'll activate him as an emergency backup if he's needed, but try to give Murray the bulk of the workload because it's just Arizona and they don't want to risk Kamara.
  21. Baze should probably be starting on this team. He's better and more versatile than Hood and Hezonja.
  22. Won't Ramsey be on Tate in this game. Boyd plays from the slot, and Ramsey almost exclusively plays outside. I guess the Rams could make him move to the slot, but he almost never did in Jacksonville.
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