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  2. Sorry I don't understand the reference?
  3. they're not competing this season and he could get injured if he's on the major league roster, plus he's kinda pudgy.. let's keep him down until they've secured yet another year of control in 2020 (15 days into the season, i think?). april 12, 2020, i'm calling it.
  4. DJ LeMahieu's 162 game average is 8 HR and 13 SB. That's a combined 21 HR/SB. At this rate, you'll be eating General Tso's by dinner time.
  5. No it's a standard R/HR/RBI/SB/AVG
  6. I would take a chance on Betts, as long as it doesn't cost you more than JD & a lesser player. Betts has to get going eventually! But also no issues if you stick with JD, as that guy is raking right now.
  7. I don't own him but I would be a little worried. I feel like his athleticism is falling rapidly. In 2017 his sprint speed was 28.2 ft/sec. His sprint speed last year was 27.6 ft/sec while it's only 26.8 ft/sec this year. His defensive metrics fell off a cliff last season which was a bit of a red flag in terms of his athleticism. He's going to be 33 years old in July. Color me worried. I still this is the beginning of the end.
  8. Honestly I would keep Nola. You're going to be selling low on him right now. I would probably only trade him if it was a package for Degrom, or if you needed a hitter. I don't see anyone else in his pitching staff that I would trade him for.
  9. Urias will be moved to the pen before Ross. Ross won't be moved until Rich Hill comes back. I'd definitely drop Junis for any of those guys
  10. The Rotoworld blurb says: Believing and it being the truth still doesn't confirm that Kimbrel is starting to fold like a Japanese Origami swan. But at least Kimbrel seems to be starting to peer outside The Loony Bin of Crazy Contract Desires to see that his reality doesn't remotely jive with anyone else's on planet earth. Baby steps maybe.
  11. 3rd highest swinging strike rate of qualified hitters so far at an absurd 19.9%. The power is real, his AVG and OBP are mirages
  12. Is it time to worry if your first 2 picks were Degrom & Sale? Degrom's First 2 starts - 27 & 36 points then next two -11 & 4. Sale's #'s are -14 & 12 then -7 & 0. worry
  13. The guy in my league who has Mookie is a big JD Martinez fan and I'm thinking I might be able to get Mookie from him for Martinez, along with maybe a lesser player. Should I try to make that deal, or is JD Martinez the safer bet this season? Will help in return.
  14. looking for one GM that wants to try something very different then all the other leagues they are in now. Come try something very different.
  15. Drop an RP and then deal a MI for something you need since youll be stacked at 2B/SS
  16. I think I would make that trade, since you have Polanco & Senzel waiting, should another OF struggle.
  17. Yeah Gallo has more homers so far than the others combined though. Who would you drop to make room?
  18. Strikeout % is up. On the flip side his BB rate is up.
  19. Hah, that's what I get for not looking at the fine details. My mistake.
  20. I think I am fairly accurate given that the scenario is purely hypothetical. . . you do realize you were responding to a hypothetical. . .🤣
  21. isnt Pham > gallo by himself? lol seems like an easy decision
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