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  2. I'd stay put. I like your 2 guys over him. Samuel is gonna start blowing up I feel like.
  3. Back in early October, he was projected ahead of Bryant everywhere and his ADP was like 10/15 spots above him. This was before the preseason, so people weren't really sure about Bryant and were really high on Favors (in hindsight i dont know why - he's sharing the ball with lonzo, jrue and zion...)
  4. did i miss something with Rap here? i know he tweeted out erroneous info, but did he say he personally ran the MRI and examined Adams himself? is he also a sports medicine specialist/orthopedist? far be it for me to defend him, but, ferchrissakes, he got it from sources ... his gig is predicated on breaking news ... he was wrong - wasn't the first, won't be the last 🤷‍♂️ aside to all that, there were a few of us in here sounding the MULTI WEEK ABSENCE alarm bell the night of the injury, and before Rap reported anything ... and we were laughed at and dismissed up in here. physicians/crybabies- heal thyselves.
  5. In hindsight of course not. But due to the unknowns surrounding DJ coming into the game, with Kingsbury saying Friday that he wouldn't have played if the game was that day, there were legitimate concerns about how big role he would have (even though the lopsided distribution it ended up being I don't think anyone foresaw). Starting both vs a bottom-barrel defense vs RB (averaging 23.7 half-ppr points per game to backfields) was definitely the safe and smart move going into the game. Eliminating the risk, setting up for, in theory, a respectable 23.7/2 points (RB2 numbers) for two of your starters. I don't have any shares of this backfield, but I have used this strategy before when there's been injury concerns with a starter. There's obviously situations in tough matchups where you need to shoot for upside, of course. But in general, "guaranteed" RB2 numbers for two starters definitely won't ruin your week and more often than not it's enough to put you in a position to win.
  6. Dorsett would have to take over the outside spot for Gordon, Sanu will move to the slot for Edelman
  7. Yep dropping Goff seems like the obvious option here. No need for 3 QBs.
  8. If they sit him through the bye, it will be because Adams doesn't feel ready to play. I highly doubt the Packers are going to just roll the dice and assume they will keep winning without him and not play him just because. Teams want to keep winning, not keep gambling on the off chance it keeps happening without their star WR.
  9. I think the future is looking good for us Bell owners. Good schedule up ahead, YPC was good and have to figure Sam won’t turnover the ball that many times again, especially in RZ.
  10. I honestly hope he can just develop into a TJ Warren-like forward. His numbers are already close, just be more efficient and just maybe 1/1
  11. That sounds like overcompensation tbh, you had unlucky streak with Barkley and NYJ facing NE last weekend
  12. By smart you mean desperate during a bye week right?
  13. Bledsoe is his price tag?? Am I undervaluing Isaac or overvaluing Bledsoe?
  14. With a bye week in 9, I think I'm just going to go ahead and pick up the WW QB with the best forecast for these next 2 games and sit Ryan.
  15. Sorry this one hurting my brain 1. Hold or package with one of your WRs for Edelman 2. Hold this one, your TE and WR are solid. Possibly trade for brady and swap QBs
  16. Who do you like more ROS? I’ve inexplicably lost 4 straight and am looking to turn things around, but I don’t want to overcompensate.
  17. I used to think the same thing as Al, but Rose is exactly right. Last weeks game highlighted that for me and I was like, “ah, so that is why they don’t run him outside.” He looked terrible, like he was jogging and was easy for the D to pursue. Shorty after they tried Bolden to the edge, he got there fast and turned upfield quickly and got a nice gain. If someone took the time to go through and break down film grade RBs, Sony would be a C grade in every single category you judge an RB on. Sure the line does him no favors, but he never does more than what is blocked, doesn’t break tackles, doesn’t juke out defenders, just plows ahead and even if there is a hole, a lot of times it looks like he slows down in anticipation of contact. That’s not to say he doesn’t have fantasy value as long as he remains the GL back and Brady doesn’t have a goal of hitting double digit rushing TDs. But it also wouldn’t be a surprise is someone like Burkhead significantly cuts into production if he comes back. My optimistic self says hopefully colder weather can increase his effectiveness and usage.
  18. PG makes more sense for H2H guys, Roto league I couldn't grab him in the 2nd, even 3rd I'm having trouble just because I hate getting injured players
  19. There's always the exception. Kyler is a rookie and is not on the same level as those guys nor as good of situation.
  20. 12 team, 0.5 ppr, WHIR Give: MT & Kittle Get: Melvin Gordon, Ertz, Sutton My RBs Chubb, Breida, Montgomery, Sanders, Walton My WRs OBJ, ARob, Gallup, Auden Tate I'm most likely declining but wanted to hear the consensus before I did in case I'm missing anything. Will Help in Return!
  21. Looking to join a league. Would prefer a h2h points but up to most h2h scorings. Am really active on upkeep.
  22. I think whats worse is even the running plays seem to come from shotgun. Remember Demarco Murray went to the iggles and sucked. They blamed it on the fact he needs to be behind the quarter back to be a better runner. I'm not saying that is the e z fix for DM but it is amazing how horrible these trick play coaches are with decisions and fundamentals of the game. For an honest opinion of DM, I think we need to see him line up and run the dam ball, limited touches a game from beside the qb isn't enough to get a fair judgment. I mean even Cohen is now worthless. Did he also forget how to run? I just don't think we can make a fair judgement for any of the Bears players due to the horrible play calling of the coaching staff. Except for Mitch..he sucks and has sucked with multiple coaches.
  23. Fizdale likes this guy’s grit and will play him. I’m buying as an end of bench player over the likes of the PJ Washingtons who might produce up to Morris’ level.
  24. I'm high on Sato and Huerter but I havent hadd the time to take a look at the others. Too bad, the asking price for Sato is Ingram :/
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