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  2. There's games when V.V can't find home plate. One oh s**t game wipes out 3 well pitched games.
  3. Starling Marte involved in a collision in the outfield. Was down for awhile and looked a little whoozy getting up. Wound up riding on the cart out of the game but looks like he was more dazed than anything.
  4. It's almost as if judging individuals based on arbitrary groups they can be assigned to is always a bad, ignorant idea.
  5. Put together some good outings so far. Gonna be heavily added after this one
  6. yelich up 3rdn a tie game edit: hader struck out Bellinger to end the bases loaded threat
  7. Since my weekly opponent has Nola. I am hoping the Rockies bats finally wake up with him on the mound tomorrow.
  8. The Rockies seem to have forgotten how to hit also. VV shutting them down.
  9. If making outs was a roto category Y Puig would be a 1st rd pick.
  10. man you read my mind. another 6 innging 6 k 1 walk performance. in line for the win. anything to see here? 28 years this a breakout or just an April mirage? it is his first year in pitt. is this ray searage effect?
  11. I'm a millennial, nothing to do with it. It's the boomers that have the problem...proven fact.
  12. Yea the rides over. Fighting for or now hurt.
  13. Has anyone witnessed his outings? How has he looked? Uptick in velocity? Obviously he's not THIS good, but can he be useful over the course of the season?
  14. Correct .. if the tables were turn and a Kansas City player did what Tim Anderson did I can bet in the dugout the White Soxplayers would be chatting telling their pitchers next time that player gets up drill him. Players have no problem with what happen but those millennials who believe spanking is a form of abuse and are urged to turn there parents in... want to get rid of the pitcher and have the batter use a tee.
  15. Jones was the Packers’ most efficient running back in 2018, averaging 5.5 yards per carry, which ranked No. 1 in the NFL.
  16. Agreed and although he walked too many, it could’ve gone much differently as he was in a lot of high pitch at bats. He pitched much better than the line shows.
  17. I wasn't going to get into this generation debate, but that line in particular has always bothered me. We didn't ask for the trophies. It was the parents that couldn't stand seeing little Billy not getting a trophy at the end of his Little League season. As for everything else, the older generations have always tried to bring down the younger (Gen Z and their dang Fortnite). In the 60's Boomers were disrespectful, Gen X had their turn later on, we're getting close to the point of Millennials doing the same to Gen Z. Point is, anyone who tries to seriously suggest an entire generation is 'disrespectful' or 'undisciplined' is, well, wrong. All that out of the way, I can buy that Anderson's celebration was a bit excessive. But purposely hitting a guy is stupid. Besides it being a largely ineffective way to fix your own hurt feeling, you're putting a guy on base for free. I'd thank the pitcher as I trot down to first tbh.
  18. He's been a top 10 bat for at least 3 years. In 2017 he put up 100/25/100/25 .260 and it was considered a down year. not too worried yet in April.
  19. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Pulled from the game after grabbing his hamstring running to 1st. Might not be anything serious, but that's never good to see that he had to leave because he grabbed his hamstring.
  20. ya he had a good night. i dont think hes a bust either. i just think hes more of an 900ish OPS guy instead of the 1.07 he put up last year
  21. I don't think Tyreek will be in the league 5 years from now.
  22. Thanks for the help with mine, another one in favor of making the deal. Alonso could be great but those are two proven good to great players
  23. Come on man dont overreact. I hold at this point. Wish you were in my league..LOL
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