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  2. He already pretty much was an everyday player (only getting an occasional day off against a tough lefty, but really nothing different than a rest day). It was only early in the season that he was really not getting every day at bats.
  3. Yea my bad I thought he played Texas this weekend. In that case I’d probably start him both games
  4. Past calendar year - MLB HR Leaderboard: 1. Yelich - 53 2. Renfroe - 46 3. K.Davis - 43 4. Arenado - 42 5. Hoskins - 41 If he could get to a league average walk rate (~2% higher than his current 6.7%) and manage a .320 OBP he would be a carbon copy of Khris Davis. And Davis is 31, Renfroe is just 27.
  5. Would anyone trade away Blackmon for Bregman in a points league right now? Blackmon is insanely hot and plays his next 9 on the road. Feels like the perfect time to sell high.
  6. A priest, a rabbi, and a wizard walk into a bar........
  7. Just traded for this guy and the trade went through the day after the news broke. Go figure. Anyone find out info on his mri yesterday?
  8. Plesac starts tomorrow, Gallo won't be back yet.
  9. Beckham for sure. WRs just have so much longer of a life span for being productive.
  10. I'm glad someone else sees this too. It seems to be more and more common in today's game. What happened to catchers giving the pitcher a target while he is pitching?
  11. 12 team Dynasty startup on sleeper. Already have a strong core and we're only looking to add active owners. Looking for owners who look at joining a dynasty league as of they'll be in it the rest of their lives and not just another league. Scoring is half point PPR Starting lineup will be 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 2 flex (rb, wr, te) 20 man active roster with 5 IR Buyin is 20$ per year Blind bid waivers Rookie/Free Agent picks are only eligible to be traded during each yearly rookie/fa draft. Email me at or pm on this site for additional information. Thanks!
  12. Yeah, I think he may be ok. I mean 6-7 k's, 3 ER, I can live with I am weekly so I am all in.......or all out
  13. Devil's advocate: What I see is last year's WR27 going outside the top 40 WR's in PPR drafts, some value there. They have more mouths now, but that could be good or bad- he was playing with JAG's all around last year and I can't imagine he wasn't the entire focus of game planning in the first half of the season. He could see his target share dip of course, or this could be a case of new players helping open things up a bit. I do love the Tannehill signing. Before this, you had no chance of whatever backup QB crap they had producing anything on offense. Tannehill is probably one of the better backups in the league, so when Mariota's elbow struggles again, you're not sweating Yo Gabba Gabbert anymore. One thing I don't like: He didn't produce much at all once Henry started feasting. Some of those were Gabbert games, but not all. That late season offense has to be what the Titans want to do week in and week out. If Davis isn't getting runoff from that, it's gonna be a long year. So, i do see red flags, and i wouldn't aggressively argue in his favor, but I think there's at least some potential he outperforms that ADP. If he's your WR4 at that price, its not as painful as if you took him last year in the 5th or 6th hoping he was that breakout player that never materialized
  14. this environment it’s the realty unfortunately. I think he’d be a borderline SP1 on another team. Most people drafted him for the K’s. He’s still giving you that, at least. I don’t think he’s a set it and forget it guy like most people take with their 2nd or 3rd SP.
  15. I’ve held him all year in a 10 team redraft. He’s made two starts at A and his next start is at AAA. I can’t see him being down longer than two more weeks
  16. Definitely starting vs Detroit. Unsure about Texas. No mazara or pence but gallo is coming back
  17. hey i just saw that you joined. but you gotta pick a marvel character man! this is a themed league
  18. 2 starts this week. One at home vs Detroit, nice One at Texas...? Worth the gamble?
  19. It looks like Milone has a traditional start today? Unless something changes.
  20. I don't know. I thought he was being used as a traditional starter. Bummer for QS leagues.
  21. no opener today? it happened previously, haven't seen anything about tonight yet, though
  22. I'm making the add today in my 10 team redraft. I play in 3 leagues, hes already taken in one of them. I think if you wait much longer someone else will absolutely pick him up - probably before this week ends.
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