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  2. i'd take it if you want to win this year and possibly beyond even. Until Nagy is gone Montgomery won't be what anyone hoped going in
  3. bad. I actually remember reading this post.
  4. Should I make this trade? 14 team .5 PPR scoring My team —————— QB: Ryan RB: CMC RB: Zeke WR: Thelien WR: Allen Robinson TE: Ertz Flex: Tevin Coleman DST: Saints/PITT K: Lutz —————— bench: MVS, Mostert, Bonnafon, Henderson, Ito Smith
  5. That's exactly my thought process. what caliber WR do you think I could get?
  6. I went WR heavy so Jones is my RB1. If he went down, no one else is going to realistically give me Jones production other than Williams.
  7. I've posted about this in the thread's an update on his consistency (which has been very good): Since being given a greater role in the middle of 2018, these have been the weekly RB ranks for Jones in PPR:--Week 8 2018: #17 RB--Week 9 2018: #28 RB--Week 10 2018: #5 RB--Week 11 2018: #3 RB--Week 12 2018: #14 RB--Week 13 2018: #14 RB--Week 14 2018: #6 RB--Week 15 2018: #75 RB (injured early in the game)--Week 1 2019: #51 RB--Week 2 2019: #2 RB--Week 3 2019: #16 RB--Week 4 2019: #15 RB--Week 5 2019: #1 RB --Week 6 2019: #33 RB
  8. Since Tyrell is probably going to be out? Who is going to really benefit? Renfrow? Zay jones?
  9. A lot of people on here harp about "his playoff schedule is good"... I'm more in the realm of...."you have to make it to the playoffs for that schedule to be good" Which leaves me looking at how many 4-game weeks and 2-game weeks teams have in the first 16-17 weeks of the season. I am with you on the Thursday games. It's nice to have players who play a lot of games on those dates (ie...usually "television teams")
  10. I'd personally rate those Grant > Hunter > PJ. Dwight also had a good game last night so he's something I'm just keeping an eye on for now.
  11. I trade the below D Henry, Golladay I receive the below Breida, Mixon and A Rob My other RBs and Wrs Hilton, Cooper, Robby, AB Kamara, Hyde, Sanders and Mattison
  12. To me, I'd say don't overthink this and role with Lamar. Seattle's defense isn't slaw but it also isn't the Seattle of old. It gets by on the name more than production lately. Also, I think you'll be kicking yourself if/when Lamar goes off and Allen has an ok game. Even though Miami is a ton easier to run on Lamar makes up the difference with being a more dynamic runner. Help?
  13. Yea dont do it especially about the news about T.Williams about his foot. D.Waller will ball out
  14. Bengals' starting CBs are out as well.
  15. Sounds like a drafting problem. In the event of a Jones injury, Williams should still be no better than your RB4/5
  16. Out of that list I'd probably go with Hunter or Fultz. Other players not on your list that I have at the end of my list are are PJ Washington, Matisse Thybulle, Dwight, Jerami Grant, and Garland if available.
  17. .5 PPR league. Need to start either Royce Freeman or Damien Williams tonight. Really going back and forth on this one. I think DW's touches could increase this week as he gets more settled after his injury but you never know who will get plays in KC's offense. Royce will get guaranteed reps in a timeshare with Lindsay but I'm not sure I can trust him. Thinking Royce has the lower floor but lower ceiling.
  18. Lamar Jackson @ SEA Josh Allen vs MIA Jackson has been great for me but @ Seattle worries me. Josh has a cupcake match-up and if you look at his stats last year vs Miami he ran all over them. Allen had 32 pts @ Miami and 45 points home vs Miami.... leaning Allen here.
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