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  2. Thanks - I actually dropped McMahon to pick up McNeil. I'm fascinated by Chavis, I feel like I have to see what he does, he could EASILY hit himself into the lineup I feel like. McMahon has been solid, not many Ks- and that's what I like about McNeil - but McMahon should end up in the better lineup and he should have more power I'm guessing?
  3. Remember folks some of best players to ever play this game have come up to this level and got humbled. He has an absolute atrocious supporting cast filled with horrific losers. There’s a lot to like here but he isn’t exactly coming into Juan Soto landing territory surrounded by Bryce Harper and Anthony Rendon, 2 hall of fame level hit tool talents. Acuna had a ton of hitting talent around him. Vlad Jr, he has just absolute s*** bag bums all around him. How that will factor in will be determined.
  4. I drafted him in the 4th round .. just because I remember how exciting it was owning Harper when he debuted against Hamels. The bean, the steal of home. It's the potential story that turns into a legend - but Harper has some work to do for that. Can't wait to see what Vlad does, how the crowd reacts, and if any of the players do. Also - where can I place a bet on this outlook post having the most comments on it by the end of the season?
  5. It’s a H2H 10 team keeper league(keep 4) it also sounds like they’re about to limit Kikuchi’s innings. So Idk how that’s going to play out.
  6. Good outing tonight even though it’s Detroit. Changeup looked great and was elevating fb to get swings and misses. No no hitter well into the game again. Man just keep that going for 7+ inn next time.
  7. Wasn’t going to have an 0.50 era but his stuff looked awful. He had it dialed in against Cubs. Tonight looked like same old Jordan Lyles. Rockets all over the park. Skeptical he can truly breakout. Not sure he has the arsenal.
  8. I like him too but “ace” may be premature this year.
  9. If redraft, this should he an easy decline. Have to keep Trea and Nola’s struggled just as much as Buhler, if not more.
  10. Not a great start tonight vs dbacks.. 5 innings 8 hits 5 runs 4 earned, 3 ks
  11. It's probably a better way to select one than most other methods.
  12. Let's not confuse individual examples with overall trends. - yes there are productive rookie WRs - but 90% of rookie WRs don't produce, including first rounders. So you may get lucky, but it's not a percentage play. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure why this is even a discussion, much less so in the thread of a guy who is neither a WR nor a rookie. On topic: if Lamar can get dual RB/QB status, I'm in
  13. What's your email? I'll message you and we can talk details
  14. Did you just select a closer based on theme music?
  15. No, according to Dave Roberts the best player should bat sixth, and sometimes fourth, and other days 5th, and randomly second and hmm why not third? 2: 2 times 3: 3 times 4: 10 times 5: 3 times 6: 5 times 7: 1 time Keep him firmly at the 4 spot, is it so much to ask? 🤦‍♂️
  16. Can’t wait. I’m ready for some next level performance.
  17. Buttrey warming up in the 6th. Robles is gonna get the first crack
  18. Again why am I getting quoted here? What does this reply have to do with me? Also no one is 100x better than anyone else in baseball. Hyperbole much.
  19. Idk where this fits, but it’s pure truth. When I played ball in the 90’s, I had a buddy named (J-Dub). He wasn’t the physique, looked a lot like Vald Jr. Now he could just hit. Just like Vlad Sr. he’d make up his mind before the pitch that he was going to swing, ... and it was so. Ball in the dirt? He’d hit it off the bounce. Ball in his eyes? He’d Stroke the s--- w/ some forehand jizz through the 5-6 hole. I kid you not, my buddy hit .600 on horrible pitches. All these years later, we laugh and try to figure out how he did it. Long short, Vlad Jr. has that knack for just barreling up the ball. His eye and #’s back up that fact more-so than his father... who was ******** amazing in fantasy... he’s going to be special. It’s in his blood, he’s going to defy your eyes and rise to the occasion. Scouts have said he’s the highest ranked prospect ever... marinate on that.
  20. With that said, I don't think it's out of the question to suggest Kikuchi is off to a mediocre start because his father passed a week before the season began. That coupled with the move across the globe has to have an impact. A statement from Kikuchi on March 30, Seattle Times: “I learned today that my father, Yuji Kikuchi, passed away following a long and valiant battle with cancer. During my recent visit to Japan, my father expressed his desire for me to remain focused on baseball and to help my team win. Although difficult, I will honor his wishes and dedicate the rest of this season to him. This statement will be my only comment on this matter, but I will remain available to answer baseball questions beginning tomorrow, Sunday, March 31. Thank you for respecting the love and honor we shared for my father, and our request for privacy moving forward.”
  21. Im so confused as to what people are expecting here? The most aggressive projections had him with 14 Hr, 58 rbi, 72 runs and 12 Sb. He is almost 50% to the most aggressive projections and there are still 6 days left in April. Sometimes I think the sabermetric guys lose sight of what’s actually happening.
  23. Robbie Grossman needs to be benched. Pinder should definitely be the full time LF
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