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  2. I need two replacement owners for a 14-team PPR dynasty league on Yahoo!. No money involved. Rosters of the teams available are as follows: Team one (#6, #20, #34 picks in the rookie draft) QB: Sam Darnold, Marcus Mariota, Jeff Driskel WR: Amari Cooper, Antonio Callaway, Mohamed Sanu, Marquise Goodwin, David Moore, Josh Reynolds RB: Melvin Gordon, Marlon Mack, Austin Ekeler, Duke Johnson Jr., Mark Ingram, Ty Montgomery TE: Greg Olsen, David Njoku,Vance McDonald K: Dan Bailey DL: Frank Clark, Margus Hunt LB: Luke Kuechly, Kwon Alexander, Telvin Smith Sr. DB: Jalen Ramsey, Malik Hooker Team two (#2, #16, #30 picks in the rookie draft) QB: Jared Goff, Jameis Winston, Lamar Jackson WR: Mike Evans, A.J. Green, Nelson Agholor, Michael Gallup, Pierre Garcon, Albert Wilson, Jermaine Kearse RB: Leonard Fournette, Alex Collins, Jamaal Williams, Devontae Booker TE: Cameron Brate K: Wil Lutz DL: Jadeveon Clowney, Robert Quinn, Ndamukong Suh, Bruce Irvin LB: Leonard Floyd DB: A.J. Bouye, Darius Slay, Karl Joseph If you're interested in taking over one of the teams available, or have any questions, shoot me an e-mail at Thanks
  3. Paragon Fantasy Football has a few orphan team openings in 2019 left across a variety of league formats. Our website, has everything you need to find each of the leagues and their regularly updated team availabilities. Email me at with any questions or DM me. All monies held in Leaguesafe. Get in quick, more teams being sold every day. Doppelgänger Dynasty League (32 Team Dynasty NFL Experience). All the real NFL teams, in their own divisions and conferences and play in an NFL style playoff schedule. Dynasty league built to last the test of time, including extra compensatory picks to keep league balanced over the long-term. 2 copies of each player in the league, 53 man rosters on 32 teams. 8 man practice squad, IR, rookie only draft ($250 per season) Click on this message board thread from the 2019 MFL league site as it provides many further details. 5 Teams available Blue Chip Salary Cap/Contract Auction IDP Dynasty League - Our only 32 team cap/contract league, this is our deepest and most challenging league. ($250 per season) Click on this message board thread from the 2019 MFL league site as it provides many further details. 3 teams available Go Deep Dynasty League (16 Team Ultra Deep Dynasty) 80 man rosters, 20 man taxi squads, 2 copies of each player, IDP dynasty format. ($250 per season) Click on this message board thread from the 2019 MFL league site as it provides many further details. 2 Teams available
  4. Excellent point, don’t think he had any training camp/preseason and didn’t play until week 4. 800+ in 13 games * I may take a little while with my pick, meetings mid day (EST) and quite frankly I have no idea who I’m even interested in.
  5. You mean a team with the lowest payroll in baseball won't overtake one of the richest teams in baseball because of their coaching? Please. What the Rays have been doing since last season is damn impressive. They'll need more than Nate Lowe to overtake the Yankees. They need a healthy Glasnow and Honeywell and even then it's going to be difficult to overtake the Yankees. If you want to see bad coaching then look around the league and you'll see 20+ teams with coaches who honestly have no clue how to set lineups or handle a pitching staff. People mocked the Rays for using the opener and now more teams are using the same strategy. Put Kevin Cash on the Mets and they're a playoff team.
  6. Saw something similar, the targets were similar with both QBs. W/ Wentz he averaged a TD every other game, but the yards were down as Wentz was less likely to throw up contested catches - Alshon’s specialty. I believe this will be their first actual training camp/preseason getting reps together, so fingers crossed. The per game averages put him around 800-900 yards/8 TDs. Nothing to get excited about, but his TD potential is sky high and I doubt he’ll see much double coverage this year. I feel like every WR on the board is within this range, Alshon’s just a guy I always seem to end up with. Bunch of #1/#2 passing game options on the board at this point, opted for the guy in what I think will be the best offense of the bunch.
  7. #AnotherOne Nick Pivetta will be tonight's victim.
  8. Stranger things have happened, but I don't see a 3rd round rookie coming in and taking a significant chunk of the pie away from the guys that were there already last year. Maybe from Burkhead, but not from the starter just yet. Past years we've seen the majority of RB production leave NE in the off-season, so we know those numbers have to go somewhere. This year you have all the guys from last year that put up a pair of top-25 fantasy seasons. Harris is also not a White replacement by any stretch of the imagination. Knocks on him are that he has poor burst, poor open field athleticism, and is more of a run-it-down-your-throat bruiser. I don't see how that kind of skillset is a big threat to White's touches.
  9. you're not wrong, but Jeffery also started the year injured, and simply got better towards the end.
  10. I fell into the Jags trap last year. I got them in October in the season prior and i really got hooked on having a stud defense, and was sure they'd be studly again in 2018. It had been probably more than 10 years since i tried the non-streamer approach, and it failed miserably, so i'm back to the usual way. I do think having a stud D can make a difference at times, but a true difference maker doesn't exist every season, and it often comes out of nowhere and you just gotta get lucky.
  11. Looking for active players to join us for a Snake SuperFlex League on Yahoo What we have to offer:  Snake Draft Tuesday Sept 4th 7:30pm EDT $150 Buy in Main lines: - Snake draft - .5PPR - FAAB waiver system - LeagueSafe (majority approval)  - 12 teams - Trades are all approved within minutes (veto is only used for cheating cases)   - 100% payout for top 3  For more details or to join us this season...
  12. Projections seem about right. I owned Alshon last couple years and something I noticed is Alshon plays great with Foles at QB. With Wentz in the game he has a love affair with Ertz. I haven't looked up game logs but I know Alshon was giving "meh" fantasy outputs with Wentz but had great games with Foles. Not sure that means much but it's a trend I noticed.
  13. Looking for active players to join us for a Snake SuperFlex League on Yahoo What we have to offer:  Snake Draft Tuesday Sept 3rd 7:30pm EDT $150 Buy in  Superflex League Main lines: - Auction draft - .5PPR - FAAB waiver system - LeagueSafe (majority approval)  - 10 teams - Trades are all approved within minutes (veto is only used for cheating cases)   - 100% payout for top 3  For more details or to join us this season...
  14. Hope he is not catching the "stanton" bug
  15. Moncada was given the kris Bryant treatment and came up late April if I remember correctly. But I could be wrong. But for some reason Eloy was up day 1 this’s year. He was up 3 weeks before extra control despite everyone clamoring for him to play last year for half a season. This current form of white Sox does promote prospects, although not in a predictable pattern. And since we’re not scouts, we have no idea what they really do need or do not need to work on from a non fantasy POV. Probably bears mentioning that their prized prospects giolito, Eloy and moncada all struggled in the bigs, giolito and moncada for 2 years. and kopech lasted about an hour before a serious injury. It won’t be the be all/end all, but that might factor into the decision of when and if we see our shiny new toy.
  16. Buffalo gets Jets, Giants, Cincy to start. They're my go to last round pick for the moment.
  17. Last year with men on base 93/264 (.352) 22 hr 109 rbi This year with men on base 46/154 (.299) 6 hr 36 rbi (10 hr 62 rbi at 264 at bats at current pace) Last year with runners in scoring position 61/158 (.386) 13 hr 90 rbi This year with runners in scoring position 25/87 (.287) 3 hr 28 rbi (5 hr 51 rbi pace) He’s had chances so far but he’s been half as productive as last year if he sustains this pace. His statcast numbers have him as a top 10 hitter but it’s the middle of July and the results still aren’t there. Not feeling to optimistic he turns it on
  18. I don’t think you know what downside means, if you’re going to post like that. Or you’re being deliberately obtuse. For every player there is a range of possibilities, downside representing the lowest possible limit of what they will achieve. While the numbers you posted are correct, the sample size is small. His value is almost entirely anchored by blocks and there is a lot of variance to blocks. Also, the knicks have a crowded front court, with unreliable coach. There’s no mistake that coaches tend to unleash their young players once they’re out of the playoff hunt. But will he give MitchRob run for the entire season? Not to mention his propensity to foul out. I certainly acknowledge that he can have second round value. Anyone who gets three blocks can hit that value. We’ve seen that won’t Stifle, prime Ibaka, Whiteside. The reason why I’m skeptical about first round value is that of these only Ibaka ever achieved borderline first round value and he has more statistical diversity, eg he sometimes hits threes and has a better FT percentage. So I think he has that upside. But I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss his potential downside either, which is that his finish last season was an outlier, and he doesn’t get over 20 mpg playing time. I’ve noticed that a lot of this forum. He can hit second round value. Yes, he can. But “can” soon becomes “will” and now anything less becomes a disappointment. The player’s downside and any risk associated quickly becomes discarded. Anyone who brings up risk is an enemy. Confirmation Bias. Same thing happened with Jarrett Allen last year. Some otherwise intelligent people said he could get three blocks. The echo chamber took that and ran with it. He became a third round pick. I said I think he can improve, maybe be top 75, and that’s exactly where he ended up. The funny thing is I just drafted Allen in the 8th round in a dynasty league with some of the same people who said he was third round value just last year. They’ve moved onto a new toy. They moved onto MitchRob. Next year it will be someone else.
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