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  2. Any more thoughts on him going forward, seems to be getting regular playing time now
  3. Looking for someone who will take over a team in a 12 team 50 dollar SUPERFLEX FleaFlicker leagueGroupMe requiredHere is the roster:Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan, Sam Darnold, Joe FlaccoTodd Gurley, Devonta Freeman, Chris Thompson, Ito Smith, Jordan WilkinsJarvis Landry, Cooper Kupp, Mohamed Sanu, Sterling Shepard, Tyrell Williams, Willie Snead, Terrelle Pryor, Albert WilsonJimmy Graham, Jack Doyle, Hayden HurstWil LutzRams Defense,Have to set 15 keepers by rookie draftHasn't traded any picks (1.6,2.6,3.6,4.6,5.6)Start 1 QB, 2 RBS, 2 WRS, 1 FLEX, TE, K, D/ST, superflexIf you're interested or have any additional questions send me a PM. First come first serve.
  4. Bookmarking. They are paying Hyde more money than they are paying Williams. There's zero chance he doesn't have a role on offense. I also think one of Darwin Thompson or James Williams will have a 3rd down role. Damien Williams is the most overvalued player in all of fantasy football at the moment.
  5. I basically agree with this take having commented awhile back on here that White's release will be the key to Yordan's promotion. Not that this was too difficult to see but I think the Fisher call up does emphasize that when Alvarez comes up it won't be for an injury replacement but "for good". I don't know if there is a place for Tucker this year, unless something drastically changes. I think Alvarez is tied to White so how does Tucker get up without injuries? IMO Gurriel, and Marisnick are safe and if Kemp were ever moved then Straw would seem to be the guy to replace his utility skills. I think Tucker gets up in September and is given a real shot in the outfield next year with Alvarez moving to 1b- if not permanently then between there and the OF. We'll see...
  6. De Leon (elbow) allowed a hit and two walks over 2.2 scoreless innings in Triple-A Durham's win over Norfolk on Tuesday in his second rehab start with the Bulls. He struck out two. De Leon was impressive for the second time in as many starts at the Triple-A level, and he's now logged 5.2 scoreless frames with the Bulls in his pair of rehab outings. De Leon hit 52 pitches in Tuesday's appearance, upping his overall count by four over his first trip to the mound with Durham. I really have no clue what the plan is for him, but it feels a lot like he will contribute as a 'bulk' type of RP in 2-4 inning stints...just hazarding a guess.
  7. Looking at that pitching staff for only a 10 team league, my guess is a stud starting pitcher must have been dealt as part of a package for either Yelich or trout
  8. I'm bumping hoping for some opinions. Faabs need to be in by midnight tonight
  9. is he gonna hit 40 this year? holy smokes
  10. I get your point, but to be honest, Nola has not pitched as well as even a fantasy 4th or 5th starter this year. He's pitched at a waiver wire level so far . His 4.53 ERA is bad and his 1.54 WHIP is truly atrocious. The Phillies do obviously have an elite offense (as evidenced by Nola's zero losses despite his poor pitching) so Nola should post a decent amount of wins, but that doesn't make up for the bad ratios. Nola's peripherals from 2016 to 2018 were remarkably consistent and suggested that while he would not be the fantasy 'ace' he was in 2018 (when he had an unsustainable low BABIP), he would still be a solid top 25 fantasy pitcher like in his 2017 season. 2016: 25.1 K%, 6.0 BB%, 0.81 HR/9, 3.08 FIP, 3.08 xFIP 2017: 26.6 K%, 7.1 BB%, 0.96 HR/9, 3.27 FIP, 3.38 xFIP 2018: 27.0 K%, 7.0 BB%, 0.72 HR/9, 3.01 FIP, 3.21 xFIP Nola's peripherals this year are a dramatic decline from his 2016-2018 peripherals 2019: 25.9 K%, 9.8 BB%, 1.40 HR/9, 4.29 FIP, 3.78 xFIP
  11. Woke up this morning to Springer being hurt. Ungh. (I've yet to have 2 out of my top 3 picks healthy at any given point this season.) Assuming he is placed on the DL, and with the Astros's super-2 plan on Alvarez that prevents them from calling him up no matter how many injuries they have, I dropped Adam Jones after his big game yesterday, so now I have a hole in my OF. Two adds left for the week. So with those two adds (which would require two drops) I have to figure out what to do with my roster. The OF add options in my league are currently VERY mediocre. 1. I'd offered someone a couple of weeks ago Voit/Eflin/Robles for Merrifield and Marquez. I was looking at their numbers this year and my offer seems far more reasonable now than it did then (especially since they're using Merrifield as an OF, not 2B). Should I remake this offer? Remake but substitute Lucchesi for Marquez? LaStella has been great, but I guess it's hard for me to trust him for the entire season, not withstanding his revamped swing and amazing contact rate. 2. Should I drop Leclerc and add...Biggio? It would be a value move and I'd still have a roster hole. Hurts to think about it after the season Leclerc had last year, but then again, both in 2017 and again this year he's struggled with control, so maybe last year was the outlier. In any case, Kelley has been good in the closer role so it may be a while before Leclerc gets the job back. (I thought of dropping Gibson or Eflin, too, though with Gibson my reluctance is his strand rate and HR rate suggest positive regression and with Eflin I just keep hoping that I can include him as part of a trade deal). 12-team, 10-cat, h2h, redraft C- Realmuto; 1B - Rizzo; 2B - LaStella; 3B - Suarez; SS - Trea; OF - Conforto, Pence, [EMPTY VOID]; Util - Voit Bench - Y.Alvarez; IL - Stanton, Springer (assuming Conforto returns and Springer goes on IL) SP - Caleb, Castillo, Eflin, Gibson, Heaney, Mahle, Quintana, Weaver RP - Hicks, Holland, Leclerc, Robles, Vazquez
  12. I would trade Patrick Corbin and Rhys Hoskins for Scherzer and Jonathan Villar. who wins? C. Ramos 1st. Gallo 2nd. Baez SS. Mondesi 3rd. Rendon OF. Trout OF. Hoskins OF. Braun Util. Hicks Util. Justin Turner Bench. Hiura DL. Conforto
  13. Sooooo he's injured?? Anyone know what's up?
  14. Isan 'X-Force' Diaz (AAA-MIA) has now homered in 3 consecutive games and is walking a bunch lately...deep leaguers take note, call-up by mid summer!
  15. I am really interested in hearing more details about the available team. Please email me if there is still an opening!
  16. That’s good news for Yordan owners.
  17. A 3 run shot. Before last night, he had 4 homers and 5 rbi.
  18. I am looking for a dynasty league to join! I would prefer it to be on espn or yahoo
  19. Im looking for 1 more excellent manager. You should be highly active, at least somewhat social, have knowledge of college players before the NFL draft and know the difference between managing a dynasty vs redraft team. You also need to know when to rebuild, buy or stand pat, as well understand the risks of acquiring old players etc etc. Real GM stuff. I only want the best managers. This league is highly active and managers that dont meet these standards are eventually replaced. If youre interested in a league that comes as close to simulating a real life GM's job as possible, you will likely love this league. All the settings are geared towards this. Its a difficult league, but many of the managers have said its their favorite. As i mentioned, its 16 teams. Deep benches (12) to simulate a farm system. This also creates a thin waiver wire situation. There are a handful of nice adds each year, but you will not be able to fix your problems through free agent adds, just like in real life. You need to value your bench, picks and truly understand the asset management aspect of managing a team in order to compete consistently. There are reserve spots for any player thats on a real life reserve list (NFI, suspension, PUP, IR etc). We have expanded rosters during the spring/summer for prospecting purposes. We also have a 3 round rookie draft. Scoring is fairly basic, but it makes more sense than the default settings imo. A field goal from anywhere on the field in the NFL is worth 3 points. Same in this league. When a QB throws a TD in the NFL its worth 6 points. Same in this league. This setting also gives the QB value a slight boost, which I believe is appropriate. Defensive scoring is also higher in this league to reflect the real life impact a NFL defense has to a teams success, so having knowledge of defensive units is helpful. Team defenses score about an average of 15 - 20 points per week. Theres more to it, but everything is setup with creating a realistic experience/challenge in mind. This is a leaguesafe league. $75. $800 for the winner. Two side pots of $160. Last man standing (lowest scoring team each week is eliminated) & most improved manager (by points not wins). $5 goes into the Dynasty Pot which usually carries over year to year. This pot can be won by winning all 3 annual pots, back to back championships or a perfect season (15-0). We have also just added a prize of pick 2.17 for the winner of the consolation bracket, so theres plenty of things to win aside from the championship. The league is played on Yahoo and we have a very detailed Google Sheets page for the off season which includes all rosters, picks, trades, dues, draft order and more. The player pool for the dispersal draft is a bit thin, so be prepared for a building year. The good news is, bad teams usually have a big edge in the most improved manager pot the following year, so theres a good chance your building year will be paid for in the future. Gaining a high draft slot in 2020 will also be beneficial to these teams in the long run, so its not all bad. If youre interested or have any question, feel free to ask. I will ask you a few questions to anyone interested and choose the best fit in the near future. Please contact me at Thanks for reading.
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