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  2. Meh. This week he performed fine, but now gets a bye, @NE, @DEN, and Buffalo. His playoff schedule looks decent but at that point he's cost a lot of us a chance at making the postseason. He's only averaged ~10.5 points in .5 ppr leagues so far, and the next stretch doesn't look any easier. I'm probably still going to look to trade him.
  3. Starting a new keeper league, looking for people to join! Here's the link to join/look at all the settings: Draft is Friday 18th, 6 PM EST
  4. 11 targets, 6 Rec 101 yards One of the looks a slant in the end zone that was just terribly timed. The rapport is growing, once they get on the same page the tds will come. Everyone stepping off the ledge for the week? Or is this dude still trash?
  5. Got Diggs last week for Breida/D. Parker (1pt. PPR). I knew he was gonna pop sooner or later, too much talent. Hopefully they continue to feed him.
  6. Fizdale is favouring Payton to start the point. Probs worth a flier on your last pick if you are short on assists.
  7. Lost a big matchup with 7 points thanks to: Chris Thompson hurting midgame Rams dumb a** playcalling and their pathetic oline <- This bum manager here for playing two TE instead of Miles Sanders Goffs inaccuracy missing on Everett on a TD run the garbage time TD for Dalton (who else should have got a rushing TD for the Bengals - maybe their starting RB??) pathetic Oline from the Bengals Rams defense letting Garapollo sneak in a TD
  8. Yeah I feel like you have to punt at least 2 cats drafting that low. Who were your 3rd and 4th? From my mocks I feel like my best teams are the ones where I start with best guard available and pair with ayton/vuc.
  9. I feel bad for the kid. One of the most talented RB's in the league but other aspects of the offense are handicapping what he can do. Maybe we will see true Mixon next year when their line is healthy.
  10. You talking about the TD catch or his endzone celebration dismount backflip? Anyone else get a little nervous when he busted that flip? Stuck the landing too! You go TyFreek! 👊👍😁
  11. Maybe on that specific play, but overall that's just not correct. He had one of the highest route tree grades of all rookie prospects by PFF
  12. Drafted him in 3 money leagues at 36, 61, and 66. I'm all in baby! NOBODY is coming for those minutes. He's going to get more and more beastly as the season progresses and feaaaast nomnomnom
  13. Yes ESPN also has Simmonds ranked 9 and Siakem 10 in their pre draft rankings which would be a contributing factor
  14. I don't believe he'll be that guy people were expecting and im a little glad I took all the Bryants and Bams over him. He seems uninvolved in a lot of the offense, which I know its preseason, and new team etc but it seems like he's just allowing the kids to do their thing. Looking like a legit 5th option out there. I do however think he'll get in his groove eventually but come playoff time, if the Pels arent playing for anything I believe it'll be grim for him and they'll look to develop their youngens.
  15. Provided no further bad news comes out on Dorsett's hamstring before waivers clear, Dorsett.
  16. the blasphemy on this site is out of control
  17. I have not drafted yet. Just I put here remarks and want to get know: is it reasonable to rank Favors not anymore as TOP60 player but rather near 100?
  18. Based on preseason, yep, it's heading that direction.
  19. But Dejounte Murray didn't play last season. Now he take most of PG minutes and as I said in SG position Popovich prefer three point shooters. Just no minutes for White.
  20. Know? No. Think? Maybe Pray? Definitely The fact he got in "limited" practices this week is somewhat encouraging, as is the 10 days off between games. Fingers crossed bud.
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