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  2. It's a decent trade but depends on if you want a shooting big, or the best player in the deal Personally I'd stick with harden
  3. I believe in the talent that's for sure. I totally buy the claims that Corey is loved within the organisation as well, because I'm certain someone would have inquired about a trade for him at some point.
  4. F1 Strikes Preliminary Deal To Hold 2021 Race At Miami Dolphins Stadium We all know Scary Terry is responsible for this after the game he had Sunday.
  5. Same. I'm considering accepting a trade for Frank Gore this week because of the great match up the Bills have. I see Shady's YPC though and it seems like if they just got him going he could be the Shady we all know.
  6. I think the #’s will be similar for both players as well. Cook is going to have 1500/800 with 16 touchdowns and 75 catches. ELITE.
  7. Full PPR 14 team league I have Hunter Henry and looking to trade Kelce/Henry. One owner interested and has Saquoun/Thielen. He proposed my Kelce and Chubb for his Saquon and Thielen. Thoughts? I'm not that worried about Hunt, but consider Saquon an upgrade. Both RBs have solid playoff schedules. I value Kelce higher than Thielen but seems like a decent tradeoff for the Saquon upgrade. Would y'all do this as the Kelce owner?
  8. Hello All, Looking to start a new Yahoo 12 team H2H Keeper (10-15 keepers) for the 2020 season. Buy-in would be in the $100-300 range depending on consensus. Would play the basic categories and add 5-6 positions spots. Want to be ready to go when spring comes, looking for commitment from experienced players. Shoot me a message if you are interested, along with preferred buy-in and keeper number.
  9. Someone is offering me Cooks for Mclaurin. What would you guys do? WHIR
  10. Staying away from the load management boys (Kawhi, Embiid, Porzingas, Griffin). And PG and Dipo since they are already out to start.
  11. I have Kupp in a majority of my leagues. He is Goff's safety valve, and the Rams offensive line doesn't give him the time to utilize B. Cooks all that much. Giving Kupp great looks and target options. I take the deal, without much hesitation. Thanks for help on mine.
  12. In most categories. I think all the big 5 and jokic lillard and lebron will be gone. So there will be some kyrie, kawhi, pg, butler, jrue. My first time in h2h. I wonder if it will be ok to go on Drummond + Gobert for the 2 first picks. Or it will be better to reach on Simmons to pair with Drummond to get the best pg for a %ft and 3p punt ? Or even go for jrue instead reaching Simmons to not lose value and jrue can also fit in a similar build ?
  13. Kept thinking Simmons DPOY DPOY DPOY.... I am gonna regret this
  14. Hate to give up Hill, but pairing Barkley & CMC should definitely make up for losing Tyreek. I would go for it!
  15. Depends on similar bye weeks on your roster. But I like Woods personally.
  16. Your third pick messed things up. You should have taken Vucevic or Ayton there.
  17. If anything, you're not giving up enough. For reference, I traded Carson, Edelman, and Allen Robinson to get him. Barkley is a beast with a pretty nice remaining schedule
  18. Thoughts on trading Mack for AJG, instead of TY? Will get yours.
  19. Horford? I always thought of him as a perfect roto guy... contributions across the board with high percentages and out of position assists. Perfect glue guy
  20. I like B & C. Matt Ryan solidifies the QB spot and is Top 5 right now. Darnold is a decent pickup though. Matt being in a dome most of the year, home and road, is always a good thing.
  21. I think it is. I’d write off last week for the Chargers and see what this week looks like. Ekeler still has nice value in ppr and could be a big impact player if Gordon is traded/hurt/leaves because they suck/whatever lol
  22. There are 4 QBs on your waiver wire who can produce similar or better than Dak and won't cost a good WR. Drop your worst player and pick up Josh Allen who will outproduce Dak ROS anyways. Josh Allen's schedule the next 5 weeks is awesome. Dak's schedule ROS is not great...a bye in week 8, and a 6 game stretch of Minnesota, Detroit, New England, Buffalo, Chicago, and the Rams with Jalen Ramsey from weeks 10 to 15 isn't a great ROS schedule. The 2 games against Philly and one against the Giants are three great matchups for Dak, but the other 7 of 10 weeks remaining aren't good matchups.
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