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  2. Initial reaction is to drop Jones. But then you're short an OFer, lol.. I'd maybe pick up Schoop (for backup purposes) and drop one of Eflin, Gibson, or Mahle. Just not sure which one. Maybe Eflin. Mahle seems to have figured out how to pitch better these last few weeks.
  3. It feels like he's just one minor adjustment away from jumping up a level. 10% BB 14% K almost .500 slugging. On paper you would think he's a star. Dude can put the bat on the ball, but he just doesn't hit it hard often enough. 17% popup rate, about the same as his LD rate, unreal.
  4. I have a hunch Josh James takes over. Soon I hope
  5. I didn't see anything about him being ruled out for Friday for sure, but it seems like he will be back soon.
  6. absolutely brilliant last night... [...] Dude is legit ....and did it against a top offense in Hou!
  7. It's like he pitched 2 different games. I didn't watch it but had MLB Gamecast open on a tab. He was spotting his FB right on the edges early on and cruised through 3. Then he was all over the place especially in the 4th and labored through 2.1. Very lucky to have given up just 3.
  8. I didn't want to stick around to find out, so I shipped him off a couple weeks ago. I'm sure he'll be fine, but I don't think he'll have the same power numbers as he had in the AL East
  9. Everyone knows the story of the Turtle and the Rabbit. Someone needs to photoshop the turtle carrying post-hype guys (Giolito, Glasnow, Domingo) and the rabbit carrying the fresh call-ups.
  10. If only he can improve his FB command. Dude often catches too much of the plate. Survives on pure stuff alone.
  11. Got offered Soroka for my Flaherty redraft league
  12. So. There are some interesting starters and hitters available, that may be better than what I have now. There's Canning (though I wouldn't get to start him today), Heaney (may start Sunday), Lynn (Is he sipping stem cell milkshakes?!), Nelson (though he ran out of gas in his latest rehab), and Pena (though he's working with openers). Or I could scoop Schoop as a backup to LaStella and Trea. I just don't know who my drop would be, if I should even drop someone at all. Eflin has been defying his peripherals but I can't seem to find a trade for him, and Gibson SHOULD be better than he is at the moment but those middle innings chew him up. Thoughts? 12-team, 10-cat, h2h, redraft C- Realmuto; 1B - Rizzo; 2B - LaStella; 3B - Suarez; SS - Trea; OF - Springer, A.Jones, Pence; Util - Voit; Bench - Y.Alvarez; IL - Stanton, Conforto SP - Caleb, Castillo, Eflin, Gibson, Mahle, Quintana, Weaver RP - Hicks, Holland, Leclerc, Robles, Vazquez
  13. This is a tough call. It's so tempting to have Devers and Chavis together on the same team. Love the fact that they hit next to each other in the lineup. Aahhh.. I'd hold off for now but would not fault you for pulling the trigger on this trade. Tougher to find aces than 3B though nowadays, as DarinB said. Also, would keep Judge and one of Paddack/Buehler.
  14. His labrum injury has forced him to start a sliding feet first now. Which could possibly effect his SB numbers moving forward. He only has 1 attempt in 90 ab this year. Without steals his value drops considerably...
  15. You buy because you expect the price of the asset to increase. Technically you would be “buying low”.
  16. it's an average behind-the-back off-balance tight-coverage sideline one-handed catch. to prove elite ability for the conner doubters, you'll have to provide a no-handed catch, maybe a between the knees or under-the-chinstrap. a one-hander through the legs might suffice
  17. I like Judge, but personally I would not do that trade, since there is no time frame of when he will return. I would keep rolling with the hot Riley! But if you feel Judge will return & help your club better overall, then go for it, as you are deep at SP & Robles / Castellanos can be put in your line up for the time being.
  18. Currently my Keepers would be: Bregman, Correa, Mookie, Bellinger, Snell for sure and then two of Goldy (thinking of dealing him though), Judge, Buehler, Paddack/Devers. I never tend to keep more than one pitcher each season as they are so much more unpredictable than hitters. I have a number of young guys (Rodgers, Hiura, Soroka, C. Smith) that depending on how the remainder of the season goes, could work their way into the discussion as well. The first Five keepers are pretty close to locked in though.
  19. Keep forever OBP League. Thinking Biggio is worth the pickup with his OBP skills. Who would you drop? Winker Kepler Yandy Diaz Matz
  20. No worries. I ended up not picking him up & sure glad I didn't, as he would have given me a big serving of negative points. lol!!
  21. I just think he's a good, not great runner, and not a great receiver. I said don't love him, not don't like him- a mild difference but the tone might've been misinterpeted. He's fine.
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