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  2. Yep, don't like JuJu at all this year. Help with mine please?
  3. Team a: I would. Hope Mixon can get something going
  4. I am going Royce over Hyde but its close. Yes, Hyde got a lot of work the last two weeks but it was against ATL and KC. Royce has 5 times as many receptions which should eventually turn into some touchdowns even though Lindsay gets most goal line work. Royce gets KC twice including this Thursday.
  5. Yeah, I'd scoop him up. I wouldn't spend more than 8-10% tho. Help with mine please?
  6. Yeah, I think Williams as well. RoJo will need an injury to Barber to have a safe floor moving forward. That offense can't support 2 RB's, they're more pass-focused. Help with mine please?
  7. 3 people have already tried to buy him low off me in my 10 teamer. The overreactions are strong.
  8. Mariflota is done in Tennessee. Thoughts on his season moving forward? He has alot of weapons, including a very talented rookie in AJ. Lets not forget Walker, Davis and Henry.
  9. I would drop either Gordon or Boyd. If Gordon is still hurt, then I would go with him. But yea, I'd pick up Singletary. Help with mine please?
  10. As his owner last year, I agree with CoH. He’s a waiver fodder since spurs signed Carroll.
  11. I don't think you have the WRs to be giving up Allen (Hollywood Brown definitely isn't enough in return). I'm adamant that Allen will pick it up again. Intriguing to be getting Carson but I'd stand pat here.
  12. Josh Jacobs. I don't like the RBBC situation in GB. Help with mine please?
  13. will be spending most of the year in the g league. celtics is to deep already
  14. Doubtful. The Titans organization loves Davis and definitely does not perceive him the way fantasy players do.
  15. even if he doesn't start won't take long before he starts. i am not expecting him to win me my fantasy league, but if you need 3s and points in later rounds, he's your guy
  16. He could easily go in mid 3rd if any given league has a strong run on PGs, someone could semi-panic and take him early. In tough leagues that's probably as early as he will go. The chance he will play more games this year seems like a risk that isn't worth taking unless driven to do so by need.
  17. I amend my rankings and I’m moving Godwin way up. Looking at his stats he is 3rd in catches, T7 in targets, 1st in yards, 1st in TDs, 1st in big plays with 13 (plays of 20+ yards), 1st in first downs and 2nd in YAC among WR. 6 games is a big enough sample size to justify this for me.
  18. 12 Team Standard Scoring League I'm currently in the talks with 2 other teams for a possible 3-way trade. Here are the details Team A (me) - Send Curtis Samuel + Buffalo D, Receive Joe Mixon Team B - Send David Johnson + Joe Mixon, Receive Leonard Fournette + Curtis Samuel + Buffalo D Team C - Send Leonard Fournette, Receive David Johnson Should i take this trade? We start 2 RB's (CMC, Mack), 2 WR's (Godwin, Ridley), Flex (Montgomery). My bench has Samuel, Anderson, Tyrell Williams, Mattison, and RoJo. I would stream Def's if I trade the Bills with Pitts on my bench. I can try to snag Damien Williams just for fun as well. Leave your link and I'll answer yours!
  19. in PPR who would you rather have ROS Aaron Jones Josh Jacobs
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