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  2. Theilen has been better no matter what. Even if you look at them on a per game basis given the amount of time that Diggs has been hurt.
  3. Now 4 for his last 40 and hitting .239 on the season. Guess I probably won't be proven wrong. He's been safely on my bench for most of the last two weeks. If not for the multi-position eligibility I'd have cut him a while ago. Guys like this, if you don't identify the underlying metric-based warning signs, absolutely kill you. Play 'em while they're hot then identify the next candidate.
  4. 6/10 3 hr 4 rbi 5 r for the weekend Looks like that trip to the minors worked
  5. Dozier has been pretty good and his breakout looks for real. I don't want to turn this into an AC discussion but don't sleep on that man.
  6. I had OJ Howard on my fantasy team last year. It wasn't all that great in my touchdown heavy standard format. And then he got hurt. Again. Twice. And then Tampa hired Arians. "Well, so much for OJ Howard," thought I. But, might as well pop into his thread for 2019. Perhaps my friends from the forum can shed some wisdom on this question: how far does OJ Howard have to fall (I assumed it would be pretty far) to actually be a bargain again? And then I enter. And some folks are, ridiculously, saying that Howard is on the verge of a major breakout. So, naturally, I joined the scrum. I don't participate in these forums to have my mind changed. Although I came around on Carlos Hyde 2018. I do so to gauge value and try to figure out how the fantasy community, and thus my league rivals, likely view and value certain players. Last year I was in the Le'Veon Bell thread from early September on. I never changed my mind about Bell. He's a nut job. But I did gain valuable insight from that thread. I learned that I should pick up James Conner. And I learned that I should take all the reports that Bell was soon to return with a huge grain of salt. I realized that trading for Bell as a hedge close to week 7 would have been stupid. And I concluded the correct handcuff for Conner was Samuels not Bell. And, in large part because I had the Steelers running backs all year for cheap, I made it to the championship game in my league. Thanks, rotoworld forum! This year, my participation in the OJ Howard thread is helping me in a similar fashion. It seems likely that at least one or two team managers in my league will err the way RMJ_12 is doing. So now I know I can nominate Howard when there are only a few TEs left, and someone else will likely bid him up. So I can grab the TE or TEs I really want. And, if Howard gets off to a slow start, I will know not to overpay if the team manager with Howard dangles him in a trade. After all, I might need a decent backup TE for bye weeks and the like.
  7. AL only roto. Would get Berrios, caveat is I would have to give up H.Robles along with Price. I’m first in saves so I figured it wouldn’t hurt but if Berrios is not that much better should I do it? Current Pitching staff: Bauer, Morton, Price, German, Canning, Duffy, Hand, Castillo, Pagan, Pressly, Robles
  8. And the Pirates weren’t really WS contenders...they were rebuilding. WTH
  9. Injured badly making an incredible diving catch
  10. Guys. I have no dog in this fight. This is is an average ball player. Not saying he hasn’t shown flashes of being good. He is just not good, he’s certainly not great. He’s just okayish. Again; if not in Boston no one cares about this guy.
  11. How is Neil Huntington still employed? That is probably the worst trade in major league history right now. He should be fired, he should be homeless. Chris Archer f***** sucks and has for a very long time. And somehow fetched a stud prospect, an MLB ready ace, and a superstar OFer. Color me confused.
  12. Well he’s facing Acuna so that should be good for 2-3 K’s Ron sure can K with the best of em
  13. Why didn’t they just leave Pena in?!
  14. Funny, every other scouting report I've read on him says he's got a plus change up and a poor breaking ball.
  15. he's been cleared to travel with the team on their road trip. seems d2d
  16. There is not a day or night but a fantasy baseball player does not offer his pleas for a quality pitching performance, or some honest baseball fan begs for a home run. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. But there is no bargain, for here, what is, is what must be. Good luck.
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