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  2. Kroft is back. Good be a good add for those in need of a TE
  3. Amari > Edelman Kerryon > Conner Keep em n reap em
  4. Not the guy in the slot? Size is irrelevant.
  5. Close call but I slightly like D-Jax better. Good luck!
  6. Goedert currently 3rd in PFF TE rating behind only Kittle and Andrews. Largely supported by an excellent run blocking grade and exceptional pass blocking, but still. Played >70% of snaps the last two weeks and 8 targets last week. 4th in TE separation per the tweet below. I'm buying.
  7. Theres are about 3-4 slots left so join. First 16 paid will be in the league. Thanks!!!
  8. True mostly worried about derrick jones jr, spo loves playing him at the 4
  9. A few slots are left so join today!. 11-12 paid...trying to get 16 teams. If you join please try to pay soon!!! Thanks!!!!
  10. Well, you typically need up towards 16-20 points in half-PPR to crack WR1 any given week, and he has put up that twice this year already. He was the WR17 week 1 with his 19.3 points and WR11 week 5 with 20.8. Now facing a clear pass-funnel defense in the Eagles, giving up the 4th most receiving yards (280 per game) and the 4th least rushing yards (73 per game) in the league. Cooper and both stud tackles Smith and Collins expected to play. DAL-PHI 3rd highest implied points total (49) this week. WR1 certainly possible, even (I’d say especially) with Cooper back.
  11. The other scenario is he plays those minutes because Johnson is not good anymore and Meyers is not a basketball player but a 7ft candlestick
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  13. Been following him since the draft hype and through Summer League and preseason. Obviously rough around the edges. But has good fundamentals and seems more NBA-ready than most other first-round rookies. I scooped him up. BBM predicted some low-end across-the-board stats that honestly I wouldn't be mad about for the end of my bench: 12.8 pt / .8 3pm / 7 reb / 1.2 ast / 1.1 stl / .8 blk / .459 / .734 / 1.5 to. Obviously I hope that's his floor, but it doesn't feel far off based on what I've seen
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