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  2. Early season Hammy problems are usually from no conditioning during the off-season. Yeldon and Hyde are both gone. No replacements. Coughlin seems to be okay with him. He's the guy. If he gets his head in shape, rookie numbers at a discount? 1,300 Total Yards and 10 TDs in 13 games.
  3. Carrasco has got nothing working, get this guy out of there.
  4. 4 Offensive Players Primed to Make Their First Pro Bowl O.J. Howard, TE, Tampa Bay Buccaneers O.J. Howard entered the league as one of the most athletic tight-end prospects we've seen in quite some time, but injuries have slowed him down a bit. Even so, Howard has put that explosive athleticism to good use, averaging 16.6 yards per reception in back-to-back seasons. That was first among TEs last season, even more than established deep threats like Brandin Cooks and Julio Jones. Howard also tallied 565 yards receiving and five touchdowns in 2018 despite only playing in 10 games. If Howard can stay healthy, he has a real shot at making his first Pro Bowl in head coach Bruce Arians' high-octane offense.
  5. I've never said it was the same team. The team is clearly different, but last year's core is still in place and the coaching staff was upgraded in a big way. The team will likely continue to put up monster passing totals, nothing they have done would indicate otherwise.
  6. I would hold Clevinger. Cant see your hitters but Clevinger is a stud
  7. YTD stats: .291/.379/.872, 9 2B, 3 3B, 4HR, 20:14 BB:K, 7-4 SB-CS
  8. I am going Hicks but its close and I can see the case for Riley
  9. Profar actually showing signs of life, holy s---.
  10. Playing against that Blue Jays lineup is basically a rehab start. Plugging him back into my lineup on his next turn without hesitation.
  11. Honestly idk if allen Robisons stats get much better this year because I think Anthony miller takes a big step up. Robinson still the team wr1 so he has a chance to break 1000 yards. But I think miller gets 800 to 900 as well.
  12. This theory would make sense if the Bucs gave you ANY reason to believe they want to run the ball more. You know like adding a RB or a some pieces to the offensive line. Maybe not getting rid of good defenders like Kwon Alexander. They don't have JPP. They may not even have Gerald McCoy.
  13. They’ve all “tested positive” for being amazing ballplayers too.
  14. Both of the players on side B are better now, and decent chance both of them are going to be more valuable for the next 3-5 years too as long as you think mondesi keeps running into his mid-20's
  15. He also missed a game in 2012 from his torn ACL. Not sure how much of the game he missed when he was injured. His volume went up after Arians. We can also compare the seasons with 2 TDs. He played 16 games in 2011 with 631 yards and 2 TDs.
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