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  2. any update on his injury? what's his chance of playing?
  3. It is fair, but so far this year I would rather have Mclaurin help with mine?
  4. I have both, and I'm trying to get Lamar Jackson (guy has Mahomes). My other WRs are Hill, Beckham, Marvin Jones. I could keep either McLaurin/Chark as an 8th.
  5. Spo says his D sucks though, so he'll probably score but get abused on D which will limit him to less minutes??
  6. They got Jordan simply because Kyrie/KD told them to. I am completely staying away from this situation because it seems like it is going to be close to an even split for playing time between the two. Not worth the frustration.
  7. 4 for 70, 1 receiving td and 1 rushing td and nobody says anything??
  8. Oh the delusion. Good thing Ekeler displayed how much better he was on Sunday night, and during the offseason, and during the last 2 years when he won the starting job.
  9. Before the season I would have disagreed with you, but this is a fair point. Another dynamic back to improve the offense as a whole would in theory be a good thing. Rising tide etc. Butttt, it's hard for me to have faith Cleveland coaching will use Hunt correctly. They might just run him up the gut like Chubb for all we know. They.....they aren't coaching.......
  10. any update on his injury? what's his chance of playing this week?
  11. Levert has the potential to score (even 15 - 20), drop dimes (even 3-6), hit more 3s (1.5+) and generate steals (1.2-1.6), as mentioned often the unknown is the %s. Trezz' blocks last year could be an outlier and while Levert should see more minutes Trezz might play less
  12. All the GB WRs after Adams (who’s hurt) are garbage. Rodgers advocated for the kid and he came through. Why wouldn’t you pick him up? I could easily see him locking up the WR2 spot moving forward.
  13. I'd pull the trigger and have JJJ. Bolster your stocks and hope he can tap into his upside, forget about assists.
  14. You have to like your loyalty. I'm with ya, if he dies so do we.
  15. I expect Josh Allen to really pad his stats this weekend vs Miami, don't think they will let up on a division rival.
  16. KC sports blog beginning to see what I've been saying all season long. MSM asking, why isnt McCoy getting more touches?
  17. That'd be a big gamble. I'd rather give Mack for TY. I like AJG but so many unknowns right now.
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