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  2. Yeah, I agree. I’d love to see him here but I’m 99% certain we see Tucker or Fisher get recalled. Yordan will get the call when Houston thinks Super Two has passed and it will coincide with White getting DFA’d. At this point I’m now expecting first or second week of June. I don’t think White and Alvarez will coexist on the 25 man roster.
  3. 0-4 in his first game back at A ball. Hopefully he gets back on the fast track soon. With all the callups Adell. Robert, and Wander should all be jockeying for top prospect in the minors in midseason rankings.
  4. Jaylen Samuels could see some reps at TE, so I'm thinking Ebron. Dude is a beast and is even more valuable as a TE in standard because he'll catch deeper passes.
  5. Trash - pure garbage .... I’ll read elsewhere
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  7. Maybe a few years ago, but Hyde is no longer the impressive talent coming out of college he once was. Injuries have definitely taken a toll on him. He is still a good back and that handle everything though. He will never be a great receiver out of the backfield though. And that is really where Reid's strength at the RB position is. I really don't view Hyde as much of a threat. A rookie could be though.
  8. I don't usually agree a lot with you, but I think you nailed it. @BuckeyeNutz: Gordon is a no-brainer, Guice is a no, the rest are options.
  9. Much improved, but he's no Shelby Miller.
  10. Cancel that hot streak. This bum is not an mlb quality hitter. Simple as that
  11. Go Corbin, Soroka, Darvish, Happ, etc.
  12. Golladay is really good. Its only his 3rd season now. He hasnt peaked. Tate doesnt play for the lions anymore. To me hes the top of this tier of players. I feel like the two guys who will rise and are getting tons of buzz in the industry are Watkins and Godwin in this tier.
  13. Hey guys, my team is starting to look like the Yankees in terms of IL stints. I just got hit with 2 more to bring my total to 6. We only have 1 IL spot on the roster, and my bench players are all SPs, none of which are doing anything worth dropping them for: Bauer/Tanaka/Paddack/German/Boyd/Flaherty/Paxton/Wheeler My current IL list is: Judge/Springer/Peralta/Tatis Jr/McNeil/Paxton I'm 6-1 and in a good spot to win this week. The only player who doesnt have a solid timetable is Judge. Everyone else should be back in a few days to 2 week timeframe. The biggest downside is having 4 guys in my starting lineup guaranteed to not play. Thoughts?
  14. Yeah, but I feel like we're pot committed at this point and have to keep him for another week or two.
  15. Dunn had some pretty damn good years especially while with the Reds. If Sano could approach those peak numbers (40 homers, 100+ walks, .260ish) average in today's game he would be a fantasy monster...
  16. I hope it's Derek Fisher so all the Tucker and Yordan guys get all mad lol.
  17. I would say more like Bryce Harper.
  18. Hot trash, man. He needs to go back down. Basically unrosterable at this point.
  19. Startup Dynasty on MFL. We will use Groupme for our league chat. Great core group of owners in this league. Email draft Buyin is $25 + $5 for fee 2020 Rookie picks can only be traded for players during our 2020 rookie draft. Same for future years. We will also have a Superhero theme (any superhero) with professional graphics designed by Mark’s Graphics. You can find his work on twitter @Mark_In_MI with a full pricing list. Full page build includes league banner, custom skin, and 12 premium team logos. This comes out to a one time $8 fee per owner. We don’t have to pay until the site is 100% complete for approval. STARTING LINEUP 1 qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1 te, 1 superflex, 1 flex Scoring is full ppr 25 man roster Blind Bid waivers For more information regarding the Startup please email me or pm on this site
  20. The plan is/was/will be to eventually get him back in there but if Kelley keeps closing games well then why change it? Fact is Leclerc is thriving right now as well so it's not like this is negatively affecting him or the team. It looks like he needs this kind of motivation to keep his head straight and stuff under command. Perhaps long term this will help him in the future but he may have to wait awhile still. For now it's looking like he's going to be a tough hold in saves only leagues (12 and under)...
  21. Yes. I find it hysterical how all of these Damien Williams truthers just outright dismiss Carlos Hyde. I'd bet a million dollars that not one of them would have suggested, at ANY time in the past 5 years up until about week 14 last season, that they thought Damien Williams was a better RB than Carlos Hyde. So a few good games in an absolutely perfect situation somehow changes that analysis? Even if we accept the fact that Williams is a better receiver (even though his high in receptions is 23 while Hyde's is 59), it very unlikely that he's a better runner than Hyde, and that's very unlikely to go unnoticed during training camp by Andy Reid. I'll admit that there's a chance that all the stars align and Williams gives you a full KC lead back season, but at his current ADP, he's #1 on my list of potential season ruiners.
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