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    Wow, just wow man Ingram is a 2 time pro bowler and is miles better than Alex Collins at everything. I get it. In todays day and age everyone wants to look like the smart guy and pass on the starter when you can get the backup for so much cheaper, blah blah blah. That really is not applicable here because Ingran is better than all of them. Ingram is going to get as many touches as he personally can handle, that is what he was brought in for. He is a better runner than Edwards, he is a better receiver than Dixon or Hill and he pass protects better than any RB on the roster. Now Edwards is a good backup RB to have cause he did well last year, Hill is also a nice guy to keep because he is a fluid pass catcher and Baltimore needs a guy who can step in and try to do as good as Ingram when he needs a breather but make no mistake, passing downs, 2 minute drills, drives before halftime, most importantly in the 4th quarter and end of games ingram will be getting all the run because he is the most trusted RB in these situations and that is where fantasy points are accumulated in bunches.
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    Gordon owners waiting for AB suspension or meltdown:
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    Was going to take him 3.02, but got cold feet.
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    Hey Ronald, let me give you a hand.
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    imagine benching this absolute stud because of weather concerns then having to look at his 26 points on your bench for the next 10 days
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    AB in and out of the starting lineup like
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    He's been a no brainer WR2 start from the moment you drafted him in the top 50 picks or paid up in auction. We went into the season expecting to ride or die with Godwin. Or at least I did. Tonight just evidence we made a wise decision.
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    Literally all you have to think about to see the obvious upside here is Sammy Watkins injury history.
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    Maybe, maybe not . Most WW gold is found in the first few weeks of the season , you can't just sit on your arse and not be proactive. Later in the season the only decent options come from RB's getting injured and you finding his replacement. That's about it
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    So a train running at full speed gets derailed and is barreling along off it’s tracks and you’re going to call Amtrak to see if you can get a discounted ticket to board?
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    LOL. The gold standard on what would cause a new member to not pass the probationary period.
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    Just wrapped up my live draft about 3 hours ago. Guy has Luck, TY Hilton, Ebron and Lamar Miller. Can’t make this stuff up.
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    Just finished their drafts and heard the news about Miller
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    If he scores against the Bears, I'm convinced he's the waiver wire pickup of the year.
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    7 days since the last time AB made a clown of himself...... Oh well, guess we need to reset the clock....until next time.
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    There's been some mentions of being worried about Jones because he has a tough schedule, including Chicago twice. Now Chicago does project to have an excellent defense. But they don't automatically stifle all opposing RB's. I posted about this last year, and here is how the Bears did against opposing RB's last season... --Week 1: Jamaal Williams: 15-47-0; no catches (Williams is a pancake blocking machine, but not much of a runner) --Week 2: Rashaad Penny: 10- 30-0; no catches (rookie playing in his second game as part of a committee and with a recently-broken finger) --Week 3: David Johnson: 12- 31-0; 4-30-1 TD (not a great game, but still solid enough with the TD) --Week 4: Peyton Barber: 7-24-0; 1-6-0 (this was the game where Fitzpatrick first fell apart, with an epic dud) --Week 5: bye --Week 6: Frank Gore: 15-101-0; 1-18-0 (Kenyan Drake also had 78 total yards) --Week 7: James White: 11-40-0; 8-57-2 TD (a big fantasy day with the receiving prowess) --Week 8: Isaiah Crowell: 13-25-0; 1-13-0 (was anybody really starting Crowell anyways?) --Week 9: LeSean McCoy: 10-10-0; 4-19-0 (was anybody starting McCoy...with Peterman as the starting QB?) --Week 10: Kerryon Johnson: 14-51-1 TD; 6-38-1 TD (big fantasy day, in part because of receiving, and also first rush TD allowed by CHI to a primary RB) --Week 11: Dalvin Cook: 9-12-0/3 for -2 (Cook has been an epic bust, with basically one good run all season to this point) --Week 12: L.Blount: 19-88-2 TD; 1-15-0 (Kerryon out with injury but Blount has a big day on the ground) --Week 13: Saquon: 24-125-0; 3-21-0 (most rushing yards allowed to one player by CHI) --Week 14: Gurley: 11-28-0; 3-30-0 (this was right in the midst of Gurley's injury woes) --Week 15: Jamaal Williams: 12-55-1; 4-42-0 (Jones gets hurt very early on and Williams comes on to have a nice game) --Week 16: Jeff Wilson: 11-27-0; 2-11-0 (not the toughest of tests against SF here) --Week 17: Dalvin Cook: 11-39-0; 4-21-0 (Cook had nothing going against CHI again) Besides it being a new year with new personnel, RB's were able to succeed against the Bears 7 of 16 times. Of the 9 wins for the Bears against opposing RB's, I'll leave it to each person to judge how much of a threat the opposing RB actually was.
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    Friendly PSA to Bills defense owners: grab Redskins defense for next 4 weeks. Bills Week 4: Patriots Week 6: Bye Redskins Week 4: Giants Week 6: Dolphins ---- Yes, redskins have been garbage so far, but they've had tough matchups in the Eagles/Cowboys.
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    alright i'll keep him benched for you guys
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    That's Byron Jones, PFF's #7 CB last season, who McLaurin was roasting over and over again. I really love the play where the bomb was thrown over the wrong shoulder, but he's able to turn the other way and knock it away from the defender. Uncanny.
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    he played error free, tossed for roughly 350, had the ball in his hands with 4 minutes to go, on the road vs an elite team, with a chance to win (down by 6). this kid passed all the tests thus far ... much like last week, they had no business being in position to win the game, but they were. the magick foosball points are gonna start coming in bunches ... this thing has barely shed it's training wheels. top 10 qb is a lock, top 5 within reach. gonna be a fun ride with this kid.
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    As people that were intelligent enough to pick him up already know, the Redskins are going to be playing from behind all season. He should be expected to be a high floor dude that can put up 2nd half numbers most games.
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    Not sure the Bucs can afford to trade away their best offensive lineman.
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    And? All these fantasy analysts are doing victory laps but blew a ton of calls like Cleveland offense and other crap they've hyped all year. Fantasy analysts know nothing.
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    I've always gotten the feeling that it's more mental with Ross than anything - always in his own head, making the small mistakes. It seems like I read a story in the offseason about Taylor and Green and Boyd really trying to get him motivated and to believe in himself. He's not in danger of losing his spot or targets. Zac Taylor is doing his best facsimile of McVay's Rams. They're running 3 WRs out on ~80% of the snaps, with Damion Willis in for the injured AJ. Those are facts. Now this is assumption. With a healthy lineup, you would assume the roles would be split: AJ Green - In the Robert Woods role, lined up outside and running the intermediate skill routes Tyler Boyd - In the Cooper Kupp role, working out of the slot and mostly manning the middle of the field John Ross - In the Brandin Cooks role, running the intermediate to deep and speed routes Damion Willis has slipped into the AJ/Woods role, but I would guess Boyd will slip out there for at least some of those routes. Either way, Ross isn't going anywhere, and the team is going to have to throw to keep up with other teams - they don't have the defense to rely on like the Rams. So the reality of it is, if you believe Ross has the talent and has overcome his early year jitters and is starting the catch on, he's in the perfect position for a breakout. If however you still think he has 'stone hands' or the yips and just isn't cut out for it, then it won't matter what targets they feed him.
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    I haven't read through all these posts, but here are a couple valuable notes on Shady: 1) New England, Philly, Chargers, and Chiefs all wanted him. That's telling... 2) I thought about 2 fantasy studs from yester-year. Curtis Martin put up a massive season out of nowhere at age 31 -- 1900 total yards at 14 TD -- after we all said he was "washed up" at 2900 career carries. Not saying McCoy will do that, but he is a borderline Hall of Fame guy himself. Shady only has 2300 carries and like Andy Reid said, he still has quick feet. Was top-15 in missed tackles among both running and receiving last year. Also when Ladanian Tomlinson was 30 years old he put up 12 TDs in his final season with SD. He had about 900 total yards. I can see something along those lines happening with Shady in KC. Lower volume, high TD total. 3) Did you watch the press conference? The love fest and good vibes are in the air. All that in addition to an elite spread out offense. McCoy has more carries and reliability than Damien and Darwin combined IN HIS SLEEP. It was politically correct of Reid to declare Damien is still the starter, but he is chomping at the bit to give Shady at least 40-50% of the touches with hopes he deserves more. Godspeed!
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    *Kelvin Benjamin has entered the chat*
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    Trey Quinn WR WSH as the last pick in all of my draft. Nobody talking about him. Primary slot receiver and Keenum is a slot slut, he is the QB who throws the most to the slot on average in the NFL
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    Agree to disagree I guess. There wasn’t time for fans to process these emotions. If this announcement comes in July and they boo him relentlessly at a speech in September- then that’s crap. But this was completely out of the blue. Their reaction was honest and wholly appropriate in the moment. Season tickets are bought...family travel arrangements made...and a kick in the gut from your most important player. Doesn’t help that the Colts have a history of being untrustworthy with fans and players.
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    Definitely the handcuff to own if Darwin goes down
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    If you benched Godwin put the rest of your team on your bench as well because you don’t deserve to win.
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    Why oh why the f--- did I take Cam in the 10th.
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    Where does Miami fit into this list?
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    It’s clear to me that, after giving his apology, Brown had a Mufasa-like vision of Terrell Owens in the clouds, telling Brown “Remember who you are.”
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    To be fair, teams don't honor the contracts that give out either. Players get cut all the time before their contract is up.
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    Oh, there is a dumber team out there. Here are some clues about who I have in mind: 1. They cut a third round pick from 2019 already. 2. They rolled over cap money for years, and then broke the bank on the least valuable skill position on offense. 3. They once traded away Darelle Revis, to save cap money they rolled over and eventually used to sign Revis again when he was 4 years older and ineffective. 4. They cut Danny Woodhead while he was on his rookie contract...
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    Bro, go to the waiver wire now and add him where available. This is definitely not a nothing burger. This is Popeye's chicken sandwich sold out flex type stuff.
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    This. His ADP is fairly priced (IMO) considering his risk/reward, much more-so than last year when he was going in the 4th and 5th rounds of drafts. You are basically getting the same player and same risks on a better team only 4+ rounds later. If you draft Gordon and he gets suspended and it crashes your team, you probably need to worry more about your drafting skills than Gordon himself.