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    I could just make this easy and list my roster this season.
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    to all the big tough guys downplaying this as "not so bad" ... AYFKM? do you have daughters? nieces? would you feel the same if it were them? unf'nbelievable stupidity on display here ... wow
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    Oh look it’s internet explorer checking in.
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    Cool. Tell us what you have for dinner later, too, please.
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    I'll wait until Alvin Leaguewinner becomes available
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    > not specific to your team > lists entire team and goes into depth about team Take your dumb a** to the AC forum.
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    GET OFF MY TEAM! Whew that felt great
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    Derrick Henry just had the best RB game of the season. @DerrickHenrysCleats is nowhere to be found here in the forum. Derrick Henry just had his cleats on the desk for the postgame interview. It is official that @DerrickHenrysCleats IS Derrick Henry himself. He had the cleats on the desk for auction, to let us RW posters know the truth.
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    This thread is stupid
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    Picking up Derrick Henry from whoever dropped him and starting him first week of the fantasy playoffs.
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    This thread went from " OMG, first round Whiteside is back" to "cant imagine this jackass being a father" real quick....
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    We're going to take a break for awhile. This thread has been overrun by boring CSB's and insipid rosterbating. Hopefully when we open back up, folks can talk rationally about his value and analysis the ROS. Thanks.
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    Do you trust a fart when you just had diarrhea?
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    I strongly disagree that Jokic, Oladipo, Leonard, and Gobert are overrated. They’re all guys that contribute almost across the board without really destroying you anywhere, and they typically get drafted close to where they end up ranking. I will give you John Wall though; he seems to be over-drafted every year. I’ll also add Westbrook to the overrated list. I’ve owned him in a 9-cat dynasty league for a few years now and I hate how he wrecks 3 categories while glossing it over with high Pts/ast/reb. He pretty much always gets drafted higher than where he ends up in the rankings.
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    my best pal has been drafting Henry for what feels like years, always referring to him as "my guy" -- the long-promised physical beast, on the verge of going Eddie George - or maybe DeMarco Murray - on everyone. My pal kept him as his keeper when other people kept guys like Hunt, Kamara, Gurley. Keeping the faith. "Guys that big shouldn't be that fast and agile." Fast-forward to this Wednesday. He dropped Henry. He'd finally had enough. He rode the physical specimen as long as he could, extracted all the juices he could from him, but finally had to part ways. After tonight, I should probably give him a call.
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    By who? Kareem Hunt fantasy owners?
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    Can someone please post the Dan Graziano tweet again. I didn't see it
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    This is why Fantasy Football is more of a "luck" type game than any Casino. Becky from accounting auto-drafts a team, spends $0 FAA and wins the entire thing, while we sit here on the forums with pie charts, abacus's, graphs, and 5 days of prep work listening to every expert under the sun [see below]... only to have a QB1 in a projected shootout have 39 yards at the half.
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    Some of you don't understand the concept of updating your plan in light of new evidence. Suppose you like two girls: Jezebel and Becky. Jezebel is hotter than Becky and everyone seems to have a crush on her. She's said some things that could kinda sort be interpreted as flirting but then again maybe she just wanted to copy your homework. Idk. But there's a lot of potential there. You plan on asking her out. Becky has always been the girl next door and she's just OK. Not hot, but a cool girl to spend time with. Then in senior year Becky loses a lot weight, changes her haircut, now she's looking fine as hell. Maybe not Jezebel hot, but hot. On top of that, she's the coolest girl you've ever met. Then you heard through the grapevine that she likes you, really really likes you. And has for years. You realize you like her too and see not only someone you want to have hook up with, but she has girlfriend potential, maybe even marriage potential. But Jezebel is still hotter and you're intrigued by the potential there. Based on the way all of 90% of you talk you'd fall for Jezebel because she was "the original plan" and "has more upside". Clearly in this analogy Bamba is Jezebel and Becky is Vuc.
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    Cool. I bought bread today, if it tastes bad I'll buy another kind next time.
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    Oh Stafford as QB is frightful, but more targets to Kenny would be delightful, as there's really no place else to go, let him throw, let him throw, let him throw.
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    Even Belichick doesn't think that much of winning the AFC.
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    The evolution of the disillusioned soul. Beautiful.
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    If you don't have a bye: If you have a bye:
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    I don't doubt that Hunt lied to the Chiefs. I have no doubt the Chiefs/NFL didn't do all they could to investigate. Instead of taking the blame for not investigating, they are making Hunt the scapegoat by cutting him and making it seem as if this is all Hunt's fault. ' I don't have any shares of Hunt and Hunt deserves whatever punishment he gets. HOWEVER, don't let the Chiefs fool anyone into thinking they were duped. They WANTED to be duped and are trying to fool the public into thinking they are one of Hunt's victims.
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    I snagged Ware just to block a potential playoff opponent from grabbing him...
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    Always gotta be the one guy who flaunt his super guru elder sharks only high stakes cutthroat 32 man offshore account money league over us kiddie league peasants.
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    Seeing if Ware is available
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    Kris Dunn is a defensive minded (#2 in the NBA in steals last year with 2.0 steals per game) pass-first (7.0 APG, among top 10 in the league) point guard who has issues scoring but still ranked in the top 80 last season on the strength of his steals and assists. Colin Sexton is a scoring first point guard who is struggling to crack the top 175 because he has very little assists (2.4) or steals (0.4) to speak of. You basically couldn't have picked two more polar opposite players to compare. Maybe posting on fantasy basketball forums isn't for you.
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    Mikal Bridges just got SG positional eligibility in Yahoo!
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    Conner owners walking into this thread like:
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    i dont give a f--- about me having him on my roster and losing him for the season, this is really awful, the best player on the team goes down like that, dude was really killing it and is a breakout star, this is really sad, the sole reason i watched the nets game, this is really horrible
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    Waking up and seeing that your bid was the highest
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    Steve Keim Quote always makes me laugh: ”If Hannibal Lecter ran a 4.3 40 we’d call it an eating disorder.”
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    "If you are a Kareem Hunt owner, you need to make sure Spencer Ware is still not on the wire. If he is, you should pick him up"
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