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    those poor 139 ppl added Emeka Okafor
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    Sounds like Nikola owns himself in fantasy
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    My reaction to Josh Gordon saying he wants to get his 2 TD’s back today:
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    Because he looks like a middle aged man. Why does it matter if he looks like a half eaten lollipop that was dropped and picked up 2 hours later. How does that have anything to do with his value. Are you playing FAPtasy basketball and draft the hottest dudes?
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    The other teams in my money league.
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    Ingram and Kamara leaving Buffalo
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    He's putting up first round value on my punt-winning team
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    Why are they only giving him points for the first quarter?
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    Lol this is where we are at Asking for a timetable for the timetable
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    Stop recommending Seattle RBs in here every single week
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    When the Gordon thread opens up and you see all your friends
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    It's playoffs. What else are you waiting for?
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    I understand your excitement, but Rondo hasn't been a very good PF/C historically.
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    I don't know if this is worth reviving this thread over or not, but just wanted to make a couple personal notes. 1.) I am *finally* about to finish my Bachelors in History and English. Between this and that the Spring Semester got really jumbled for me, which leads me to... 2.) With little work left to do for those degrees, I have begun working on my guide for 2018. Very early stages but with time commitments being what they are, I'm hoping to have most if not all of it done this month, and would expect to release it somewhere in between late-December to early-January. Essentially, finishing research this month, and then writing in the early part of January. I'd never hope to take a step back so I'm hoping that this year's model will be at the very least equivalent to last years' if not more comprehensive. I massively appreciate the positivity I get on this list particularly from this forum. I like what reddit provides me to get more viewership but I'm a big fan of the more... idk... communal? feeling to where I know where the positive comments are coming from... Which brings me somewhat to the last point... 3.) And really I shouldn't even say anything but I figured in the guise of full disclosure I'll be honest about my initial intentions to perhaps monetize. I greatly considered making the 2018 Version with some kind of a paid-content-only model. Part of the reason I'm not longer considering that is that I wanted to get started on this thing a LONG time ago. Essentially I wanted to get started during the playoffs, and I expected to be where I am now around the time the World Series was ending. So, I'm not going to try and do an all-new thing that may or may not work out for me when I don't feel like I have time to properly make a major leap. If I decide to do that in the future, I'm absolutely going to take the time to make sure I go about it the right way. Ultimately, as much as I'd like to find a way to never charge for it in a perfect world, this guide really does just take a considerable amount of my time and have still yet to collect any money from any project I've done. SO, this year I'll release the Guide in a very similar fashion to last year. I'll claim a new thread for the 2018 Rankings and work within that throughout the year. The Guide will be primarily posted with Google Docs linking to other Google Docs in the same Link-Shared format. I may get a site up sometime this offseason but I also may not. That is a new area for me whereas baseball research and writing is not, and new things/formats/etc. are just going to take longer for me to accomplish. What I'm essentially trying to say here (and I VERY much hope that no one takes it the wrong way) is that everything I produce this year WILL be free, but at the rate of content being produced I just can't continue to do that forever. At this age with a Semester off it is still feasible to do this for fun, but that's just not going to be feasible for me as I get older and have my plate load up with other things, including pursuing my Masters in English which I expect to be starting in Fall 2018. So yeah, don't know if I should've just said nothing and posted it when I finished, but kinda just wanted to address that because it's at least on my mind. Like alluded to above, I'm expecting to spend most of December in research. Hoping to be done with my notes around Christmas. Than it's a matter of actually typing it up in a more consumable way. The goal is to accomplish that by the second week in January. And to finish with a Quote and Paraphrase of a bit from the first post of this thread: One of the first reasons I decided to write something like this is so that I could be retroactive and hope to improve on it every year. So I'm hoping that this year's rankings are superior to the previous year. And that 2019 will surpass what I'm producing now for 2018. That's my goal. Cheers
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    It wouldn't feel like a proper season if I didn't add and drop this guy once.
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    He'll be a little rusty, but I think this is reasonable: 2 recs. 180 yards, 3 TDs
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    Andy Reid called for his TE to throw a deep bomb in 30 mph winds yesterday. But no, his playcalling isn't an issue at all ...
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    Nathan Peterman must add in all leagues
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    Regardless if you want him to succeed or not, everyone should be happy for JG. Dude has an incredible talent and almost threw it away due to addictions. He got himself right and is getting another chance to use that talent. Happy for JG! p.s. carry me to the ship oh great one!
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    I guess he just FIZled out really nothing to BICKER about
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    Stupidest comment of year award. Congrats.
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    Fun? You call FF fun? I probably age 3-4 years every football season because of FF.
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    Parsons isn't even starting with Green not playing at all, the only circumstance in which you should be worried about Chandler Parsons, is if hes on your fantasy team.
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    The wind may help blow some of Kizer's terrible overthrows back into Josh's range.
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    https://twitter.com/KyleKellyCLE/status/938129092561555457 FWIW (and it should be a lot), Hayward just called Gordon his toughest matchup all year.
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    Even if you lose your league this year strictly on that trade, it was still a good one. Good processes sometimes have bad results. Bad processes sometimes have good results. But good processes over the long run will mostly have good results. We've all done something stupid in real life and had it miraculously work out for us even better than if we had done the smart thing. But most the time it just works out bad. That dude trading away Conley for Carroll and Sabonis just started to do a backflip off a garage into a pool. He might stick the landing and the head cheerleader will be so impressed that he's going to get head behind the bushes in a few minutes. Maybe. Small chance. But he's probably just gonna break his arm.
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    Saw like 10 new posts in the Kawhi thread and got excited.... 10 minutes later and 50 IQ points lower, retreated back into the dark corner of the Kawhi pity party.
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    The Rawls thread should be locked forever.
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    Youve been hyping this mf for ages. He better come through with the goods cos if not, im going to do absolutely nothing about it
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    I feel like the last sentence is the only thing that belongs in this thread. Everything else is a combination of "Cool Story Bro" and "Vent and Rant". Good work though.
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    From the Sports Illustrated article, "Maybe Gordon will stay clean and prove that he’s the best receiver ever (which he believes he is) and make it to the Hall of Fame (which he believes he will). "
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    He's not playing tonight because the 76ers aren't playing tonight.
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    Week 8: 0 targets Week 9: 5 targets Week 10: 10 targets trend points to 40 targets Week 16 ... start engraving your trophies boyz
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