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    Prep for week 5. I'll bump this thread before the Sunday games. Schedule Teams playing 2 games: IND, MEM, ORL Teams playing 3 games: ATL, BOS, DEN, DET, GSW, LAL, MIA, MIN, OKC, PHI, SAC, TOR, WA Teams playing 4 games: CLE, DAL, HOU, LAC, MIL, NOP, NYK, POR, SAS, UTAH Teams playing 5 games: PHO Low Game Days Tuesday- 4 games Thursday- 2 games Sunday- 5 games No Games on Mon/Tues ATL, DEN, DET, MIA, ORL, PHI, WA, Latest start to the week (first game Wednesday) none B2B Games (streamers that are 50% or under on ESPN, ESPN's %s are trash but its what I'm going off of) Sun-Mon: CLE, BOS -------- If you have your week 4 matchup locked up and want to set yourself up for week 5 without using a week 4 pickup, streaming a CLE, BOS player for Sunday is a good idea. It'll give you a free game on Monday. Stream options Shallow (10) : Nance Jr. ( check if healthy but the steals are back), Sexton, Clarkson, Smart Deeper (12-14+) : Osman, Garland, Thies, Robert Williams Mon-Tues: POR, OKC, PHO Stream options Shallow: Saric ( 53% owned but I'm sure he's on some wires out there, balling as of late) Deeper: Simons, Bazemore, Hood, Noel, Diallo, Cam Johnson, Frank Kaminsky ( finally past his absolute trash play, hot again) Tues-Wed: GSW Stream options Shallow: WCS ( right at the 50% owned, the blocks have been a welcome surprise) Deeper: Robinson, Burks, Poole, Paschall- this team will have low end streaming options all year, take your pick Wed-Thurs: MIL Stream options Shallow: Brook Lopez ( 48% owned, should be much higher.. roster him) Deeper: Hill, Sterling Brown ( increased opportunity w Middleton going down) Thurs-Fri: none Fri-Sat: MIA, CLE, ATL, LAL, SAS, CHA, DET, UTAH, CHI, PHI ------ not a very worthwhile streaming b2b bc both days have 10 games and lineups will very likely be full. Stream options Shallow: Nunn, Nance Jr., Sexton, Clarkson, White, PJ Washington, Zeller, Ingles Deeper: Herro, Garland, Hunter, Len, D Jones, Mcgee, Rondo, Green, Forbes, Monk, Galloway, Dunn, Thadd Young, Sato, White Sat-Sun: PHO, NOP, NYK Stream options Shallow: Saric, Marcus Morris, Deeper: Cam Johnson, Frank Kaminsky, Hart, Redick (if Hart sits), Williams ( if Ingram sits), Moore (... if players are out), Ntilikina, DSJ Pseudo b2bs - when a team plays on low game days that sandwich a day(s) w a heavy slate of games Games per day Mon: 9 Tues: 4 Wed: 11 Thurs: 2 Fri: 10 Sat: 10 Sun: 5 Tues/ Thur: POR, PHO, NOP Ive already listed most of the streamers I prefer but if it isn't already clear.. PICK UP PHOENIX PLAYERS, that 5 game week + playing on very low game days will win some matchups. NOP has a very valuable week 5 schedule as well. Thurs/Sun: NOP, PHO i repeat....
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    Carmelo anthony must own player
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    Prep for Week 6 Avoid streaming Wednesday and Friday (lineups will likely be full), the pseudo b2b stream will be very valuable because of that 3 day gap ( especially for leagues w very limited pickups), DEN only plays 2 games but has the best streaming schedule. Schedule Teams playing 2 games: DEN, HOU, PHO Teams playing 3 games: CHI, CLE, DAL, MIN, NOP, NYK, POR, SAC Teams playing 4 games: ATL, BOS, BKN, CHA, DET, GSW, IND, LAC, LAL, MEM, MIA, MIL, OKC, ORL, PHI, SAS, TOR, UTAH, WA Teams playing 5 games: none Low Game Days Tuesday: 2 - LAC@DAL, WA@DEN Thursday: 0 Saturday: 4 - ATL@HOU, CHA@MIL, IND@PHI, DEN @SAC No Games on Mon/Tues HOU, NOP, NYK, PHO Latest Start to the Week (first game Wednesday) none B2B Games (streamers that are 50% or under on ESPN, ESPN's %s are trash but its what I'm going off of) Sun-Mon: BKN, SAC Stream options Shallow (10) : Harris, Prince Deeper (12-14+) : Temple (starting), Joseph (if healthy. if not, Yogi Ferrell is up next) Mon-Tues: none Tues-Wed: LAC, WA Stream options Shallow: n/a Deeper: Beverley, Harkless (starting, doesnt score but does enough of everything else), Zubac, Troy Brown Jr., Bertans (3.1 3s per game is 10th in that category on the season, he needs to be owned), Wagner, IT, Hachimura Wed-Thurs: none- Happy Thanksgiving Thurs-Fri: none Fri-Sat: MIL, CHA, ATL, PHI, IND Stream options Shallow: Bridges (he may have been dropped, finally provided stocks over the past few games), PJ Washington (he has fallen off hard but keep in mind he got in foul trouble the past two games, still player rank 90 after those duds), Hunter Deeper: Sterling Brown, DiVincenzo (lights out atm, needs to be rostered until Middleton returns), Monk, Zeller, Batum, Damian Jones (starting, providing low end C numbers), Reddish, Aaron Holiday (especially if Brogdon is out), Justin Holiday Sat-Sun: none Pseudo b2bs - when a team plays on low game days that sandwich a day(s) w a heavy slate of games Games per day Mon: 11 Tues: 2 Wed: 14 Thurs: 0 Fri: 13 Sat: 4 Sun: 9 Tues/Sat: DEN -Gary Harris, Plumlee, Grant Tues/Sun: LAC, WA, DAL, DEN ——— typically wouldn't add a 9 game day w a pseudo b2b but considering the number of games played on Wed/Fri + no games Thurs… getting these extra games is important. Basically, stream someone Tuesday and don't drop them. -Beverley, Zubac, Harkless, Bertans, Troy Brown Jr, Wagner, IT, Hachimura, Wright, Powell, Finney-Smith, Harris, Plumlee, Grant *If you see players listed multiple times, they have a valuable stream schedule.. thus the case w the Clippers, Nuggets and Wizards this week. Top weekly streamers for each cat - taking into consideration # of games played, quality of games ( play on low game days), impact on category based off BBM numbers ( using the past 2 weeks sample size) 4 games: ATL, BOS, BKN, CHA, DET, GSW, IND, LAC, LAL, MEM, MIA, MIL, OKC, ORL, PHI, SAS, TOR, UTAH, WA Quality games: LAC, WA, DEN (2), DAL, ATL, CHA, IND, HOU, MIL, SAC, PHI Teams that both have 4 games (or is DEN) + at least 1 quality game: LAC, WA, DEN, ATL, CHA, IND, MIL, PHI ^streamers to consider from these teams using BBM past 2 week rankings ( around the past 6-8 games played). I’m only including the players I think are relevant for streaming. FG% Wagner: +2.39 McConnell: +2.04 Hachimura: +1.76 Damian Jones: +1.40 Cody Zeller: +0.96 Washington: +0.27 Plumlee: +0.16 Isaiah Thomas: +0.12 Zubac: +0.07 extra 4 game streamers w/o quality games- Clarke: +2.08, Willie Cauley-Stein: +1.17, Hollis-Jefferson: +1.09, Zeller: +0.96 FT% Justin Holiday: +0.75 Aaron Holiday: +0.58 Bertans: +0.28 extra- Burks: +1.86, Wannamaker: +1.23, Galloway: +1.22, Herro: +1.01 3s Bertans: +1.02 Deandre Hunter: +0.43 Aaron Holiday: +0.43 Wagner: +0.24 IT: +0.24 Beverley: +0.19 Justin Holiday: +0.11 extra- Galloway: +2.18 , Duncan Robinson: +2.18 , Forbes: +1.26 , Jae Crowder: +0.85 Rebounds JaMychal Green: +1.08 Beverley: +0.90 Zubac: +0.48 Zeller: +0.31 Wagner: +0.29 Batum: +0.24 extra- Theis: +1.02, Mcgee: +0.62, WSC: +0.36 Assists McConnell: +1.59 Aaron Holiday: +1.17 IT: +1.07 Batum: +0.49 extra- Augustin: +0.64 Steals DiVincenzo: +1.83 Beverley: +1.60 Aaron Holiday: +1.06 Gary Harris: +0.70 PJ Washington: 0.60 extra- Fultz: +1.06, Noel: +1.06 WCS: +0.79, Ross: +0.41 Blocks Harkless: +0.95 Zubac: +0.95 Plumlee: +0.69 Damian Jones: +0.66 Grant: +0.44 Miles Bridges: +0.21 Wagner: +0.13 extra- Noel: +1.47, WCS: +1.40, McGee: +1.32, Chriss: +1.02 Points (hardest category to stream) Wagner: -0.08 Hachimura: -0.21 Monk: -0.31 Aaron Holiday: -0.33 Hunter: -0.34 IT: -0.47 extra- Galloway: +0.52, Burks: +0.07, Powell: -0.03, Ross: -0.11, Forbes: -0.15 good luck
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    man. some of you guys just can't seem to admit that a player made a good play. that was as really nice run by Williams.
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    It is all skill when I win and pure luck by my opponents when I lose.
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    Outside of random injuries to any given player, it has not been more luck for me. I actual improve every season with my process and i make better selections during the draft, I make better waiver pickups and have stronger roster management than before. I focus more on coaches, offensive schemes injury reports/IR and o-lines. I definitely outperform the casual player who reads a rotoworld blurb because i focus on signals vs the noise. I notice when teams is making changes during the season to player utilization. it can be a simple move as letting someone pay up for Mahommes and i grab Kyler and lamar cheap or I grab more starting wr's while the league grabs heavy rb. Learn how to zig when others zag. The key is how you manage daily information and apply it to the roster and waiver during the season. People who claim it is more luck than knowledge are probably not evolving their process.
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    Blazers using a free streaming spot on Melo
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    One of the most elite WRs in the game has a huge game and people come into this thread like:
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    White Jay Z always sound drunk to me. But today is his birthday. He can get a pass. Happy birthday to White Jay-Z
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    He was a WR1 consistently for well over a 20 game stretch before his last 2 games. No one over reacted to anything. This is a garbage take.
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    This guy didnt fit my build but I picked him up after his 3rd game because he was too talented to leave on the wire. Gotta say I am honestly impressed with his FG% and steals, hope it proves to be sustainable ROS. Whenever a waiver wire player has a great game or strings a few good performances together, I always try to watch their tape before making any moves. I watched some Troy Brown after he had a few decent games and his tape left me like "meh, yeah, he's okay". When I watched Nunn's tape after his first few games this year, it was blatantly obvious that he is outright talented. I know there's a lot of people in the rotation muddying his outlook, whether it be a couple of primary ballhandlers, a veteran or two who might play more and get more usage in crunch time, or a rookie draft pick the team invested decently highly in, but I think what'll keep him relevant is the fact that he simply belongs. I wasn't a believer and originally thought he was just posting numbers because of all the injuries, suspensions, etc. but this kid is actually quite talented. I think the other players will be forced to make room for him, and not the other way around. I wasnt really ever too big a fan of Spoelstra but he deserves credit for seeing this kid for what he is despite it probably being much easier to play all the other guys who could be in front of him for various reasons other than actual production.
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    He's a 3rd stringer for a reason
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    Agree on Wagner just posted about him in the Saric thread, similar type stat line potential with good percents, low TO, decent stocks and some threes from a big man spot. If his minutes jump up a bit he will be a top 100 asset. He's around 150 right now.
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    Well well well, look who is back. Non-guaranteed deal. Per Woj: Portland is signing Carmelo Anthony, league source tells ESPN.
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    2 weeks later, his shooting has come up a bit to 44% and his stocks have maintained. The result? 20.4 PPG, 5.3 Rebs, 8.4 Assists,1.5 3PM, 2.3 Steals, 0.6 Blocks. Good for a ranking of 4th overall in Yahoo 8 cat for the last 2 weeks. Amazingly his efficiency hasn't even come all the way back yet but he's still provided top 5 value. Shows just how valuable those stocks are.
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    -15. 5 TO. 30% from the field. He's making it look easy out there... For the other team.
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    Somebody is scared of getting buried on the depth chart
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    BUF offense is just pedestrian and predictable. Singletary has the talent.
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    Don't think that's happening anytime soon.
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    3 minutes of Bridges playing like absolute trash for your viewing pleasure
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    Quietly the #9 overall player on Yahoo this week with Hayward out. Has seemingly embraced a Morey-ball type game this year as all his shots seem to be at the rim or three point attempts. As a result his efficiency has increased and he’s hit 4+ threes a game over himself last 4 games along with his usual strong stocks.
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    Hope he fares better against Anthony Davis then he did vs chriss next game.
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    Usually people wait at least one page of replies before making such ridiculously polarizing opinions haha. It worked at first, I saw the comment quoted on the next page and freaked out, then saw it was Wayne and calmed back down.
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    OK. So in a nutshell this is what we are saying to you. If you have Tyler Lockett and Amari Cooper, then sure, John Brown is your FLEX. In my John Brown league I also have Godwin, Golladay and DJ Chark, so John Brown has been my FLEX. Out there in a world where most people do not have two WRs that are better - that have more PPG, regardless of matchup - then John Brown is their WR2. And I ask again, which WRs are consistently putting up 15-20pts in tough matchups?
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    There's more luck than most care to admit. This will be my 22nd year playing. A lot has changed, but it's still better to be lucky than good. I think the "merely lucky" have come out ahead for a few reasons.
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    It helped people playing against Mahomes, Kelce, Watkins etc 😀
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    I tend to think Hill would still be out there.
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    From a fight side: Garrett shouldn't have hit Rudolph with a helmet, it was a ridiculous act and by far and away the worst action of the night. Rudolph shouldn't have tried to twist Garrett's helmet off, it was obviously much more trivial than Garrett's eventual helmet assault and does not warrant or justify Garrett's reaction in any single way, but it was a bad move by Rudolph and he can't justifiably pretend that he was without any fault. TL;DR: Garrett's actions were the worst by a significant margin, Rudolph's actions were also bad (though not nearly as bad and don't justify Garrett's actions at all) From a fantasy side of things: Rudolph is garbage and has cratered the value of almost every Steelers fantasy player. Rudolph having to play out the rest of the season is ironically probably worse for the Steelers than the Garrett suspension is to the Browns. TL;DR: /Thread