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    Jokic owners, I think we gucci
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    Jameis Winston bring evaluated for color blindness after confusing red with blue and white for 60 minutes.
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    Def Draymond, look at the Before and After
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    Yeah a pretty nice chart here: FA- pretty similar to last outing at 93+MPH on average, great vertical break, threw 47--30 for strikes with 19 swings and 5 whiffs--all which are marked increases from his debut SL- main secondary again, really beautiful dive and dart movements to it and commanded it incredibly, as he threw 28--22 for strikes with 20 swings and 7 whiffs! 87MPH CH- went away from it this start, but still looking like a nice offering, only 5--2 strikes with 2 cuts and a whiff CU- brought this out more and as I said in first write-up it looks like a very solid pitch, great sweeping shape and perfect to compliment his vert movers and velo spectrum at 79mph, he spun up 10--5 strikes with 4 hacks and 2 whiffs We are seeing a legit 4 pitch mix here (no wonder the PCL/AAA guys could not touch him) and someone that has keenly honed instincts to operate on the bump. It's early, he will have to adjust as the league gets the book on him, but he has the stuff/tools to do so. Working up in the zone could really have positive outcomes for his K rate, but he does a wonderful job of commanding his stuff to the edges of the plate--I am seeing barely a few pitches over the heart on his zone plots.
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    I'm firing him up everywhere.
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    [BCC] Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew: “I don't scratch my head unless it itches and I don't dance unless I hear some music. I will not be intimidated. That's just the way it is. Let's go to work." I'm not sure what the hell he's talking about but I want him on my roster.
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    Wow, just wow man Ingram is a 2 time pro bowler and is miles better than Alex Collins at everything. I get it. In todays day and age everyone wants to look like the smart guy and pass on the starter when you can get the backup for so much cheaper, blah blah blah. That really is not applicable here because Ingran is better than all of them. Ingram is going to get as many touches as he personally can handle, that is what he was brought in for. He is a better runner than Edwards, he is a better receiver than Dixon or Hill and he pass protects better than any RB on the roster. Now Edwards is a good backup RB to have cause he did well last year, Hill is also a nice guy to keep because he is a fluid pass catcher and Baltimore needs a guy who can step in and try to do as good as Ingram when he needs a breather but make no mistake, passing downs, 2 minute drills, drives before halftime, most importantly in the 4th quarter and end of games ingram will be getting all the run because he is the most trusted RB in these situations and that is where fantasy points are accumulated in bunches.
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    punting assists with Trae and Harden on your roster? lmao
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    Let us observe a moment of silence for all of us who benched Godwin and lost our weeks because of it...
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    Looks hot now.... then you draft him.
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    Nikola Jokic Nikola Porter Nikola Conley NIkola Holiday Nikola Gobert Nikola Robinson Nikola Fox Nikola Markannen Nikola Jackson Jr. Nikola Aldridge Nikola Bledsoe
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    Don't overthink it guys. It's playoffs.
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    I doubt they were PEDs. Probably anti depressants from playing on the Dolphins.
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    Back of his jersey name will be “SHE HATE HIM”.
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    BOS - Barnes ATM but def fluid with Brasier, id roster barnes over brasier if i had to pick rn, neither have me excited or confident MIN - Its Parker for lions share with Rodgers getting the lefty saves TEX - i think leclerc gets it back wouldnt bother with the Martin and Kelley TB - even as a fan i have no clue whats going on here, Castillo - Alvarado - Pagan all are in the mix based off of something, heck if i know, id lean Alvarado/Castillo over Pagan tho, those 2 have best bet to run with it imo KC - i like Kennedy if you have a spot, the meh outing recently doesn't turn me away, bad defense accounted for most of that and i dont see another arm to contest Kennedy really ATL - im on the Luke Jackson train with a 👀 following minter from the WW (still think they sign kimbrel after the draft) SEA - its Elias for me easily at this point, the other 2 guys are better but haven't really seen much action, until then just watching them and how Elias does LAA - I rank them Robles - Allen - Buttrey as it seems buttrey wont really get a fair crack as the fireman kind of guy imo, still think allen gets another chance and Robles has NEVER had a sub 3.5 ERA (3.48 one year thats it) which doesn't get me excited about his ROS outlook Obv take this FWIW and feel free to chime in with any other opinions or takes on these situations, i just wanted to do a recap and outline my opinions
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    Make yourself useful and predict 30 points next time
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    "Hey OJ, keep dropping those passes. We have them right where we want them. You saw what we did with AB right? We got him off of the Raiders but he had some screws loose. I know you will turn out better. See you soon!
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    Gordon owners waiting for AB suspension or meltdown:
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    Our Lord in Minnesota, hallowed by your game. Your 3/3/3 games will come, your worship will be in punt assist squads as it is in the HOS. Give us ROS our matchup wins, and forgive those who decide to drop, as we will always put in a maximum WW bid. Lead to our fantasy championship win , for the stocks, rebounds, and 3's are all yours. Amen.
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    Did your backup get all the reps in your furniture moving business while you were out? That’s the only part of your analogy that us Chase Edmonds owners care about.
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    Obviously we don't get points for preseason stats, but I thought it was interesting to see how Slye has done in all 2019 games so far... --Preseason Week 1: 3 for 3 FG (29, 42, 55) + 2 for 2 XP's --Preseason Week 2: 2 for 2 FG (40, 54) --Preseason Week 3: 1 for 1 FG (41) --Preseason Week 4: 1 for 2 FG (59) + 2 for 2 XP's........the missed FG was a blocked 48 yarder --Regular Season Week 1: 2 for 3 FG (46, 52) + 3 for 3 XP's........the missed FG was a 53 yarder --Regular Season Week 2: 4 for 4 FG (32, 37, 51, 54) --Regular Season Week 3: 1 for 1 FG (36) + 5 for 5 XP's --Regular Season Week 4: 3 for 3 FG (26, 48, 55) + 1 for 1 XP's Totals: 17 for 19 FG (including 5 40+ yarders & 7 50+ yarders) 13 for 13 XP 83 fantasy points in 8 games (counting 40 yarders as 4 points, and 50 yarders as 5 points) Just for the heck of it, I also checked the league leaders in 50 yarders over the past few seasons. In 2018, Maher & Myers had 6 such kicks. In 2017, Bryant had 8. In 2016, Tucker had 10. There certainly are no guarantees for Slye, but from what he has shown in the 2019 preseason and regular season, you have to like what you've seen so far.
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    Was going to take him 3.02, but got cold feet.
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    The evolution of the disillusioned soul. Beautiful.
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    You can have Ekeler for the rest of the year I'll take Elliott. $100 bet. The potato level thinking in this thread is astounding.
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    mobile phone knows what u type usually, auto correct ftw lol
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    all the non owners watching this thread rn:
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    Gordon about to hit the pipe in celebration after hearing the AB news
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    We all know what really happened...
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    I look forward to quoting the terrible Vlad takes for years to come.
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    1. Don't draft players on bad teams because they'll tank and make up phantom injuries 2. Don't draft players on good teams either. Load management 3. Don't draft old players. Load management 4. Don't draft players whose names rhyme with Fanthony Mayvis and Kapie Leopard 5. Find a different hobby
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    If you don't have a bye: If you have a bye:
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    Wade Davis after reclaiming that closers job with Oberg on the IL
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    Maybe a trade or maybe a seizure
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