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    COME ONNNN DOWWWWWNNN!!!! Well I am just glad this guy picked such a great team for me....... It is a fantastic team, let's not kid ourselves. Nothing but the finest team management displayed by the previous owner. So in an uncommonly altruistic move on my part, I'm giving you back the 2013 1st and 2nd round picks I acquired from the previous owner. I'm not sure I would have made the trade without those picks included, but the trade pick value is a whole lot more fair without them. Consider it your welcome to the league gift.
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    And you did agree...he sent an offer, you said deal. Lets get the draft rolling, its been delayed enough. Thank you
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    Posting on the forum isnt the only way for a trade to be accepted. I feel like if it was sent on Yahoo and you both accepted then it would go through and it should now. If that happened nobody on the boards would know until they saw the email. Looks like you had cold feet because you finally realized you got the bad end of your trade (like always) and tried to indian give.
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    Round 9 1 - El Iguanodon - Kenny Britt WR TEN 2 - MahanAdam (via Southern Studs) - Brian Quick WR STL 3 - Southern Studs (via MahanAdam via Purple People Eaters) - Andy Dalton QB CIN 4 - Boats 'N Hoes - Matt Flynn QB SEA 5 - Spike Rules! - Isaiah Pead RB STL 6 - PinkPuffyPrincess - Kendall Wright WR TEN 7 - PinkPuffyPrincess (via $1000 Bounty via TPH) - Rashard Mendelhall, RB, PIT 8 - Southern Steeler OTC - Coby Fleener TE 9 - KTOWNRACER OTC 10 - Purple People Eaters (via MahanAdam via $1000 Bounty) 11 - Manassa Mauler 12 - $1000 Bounty (via MahanAdam)
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    Long story involving our adoption...I wont bore you with details.
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    See that right there is just a lie. You sent him an offer far less than MJD. Trent Richardson 2013 4th Round Draft Pick You give: Matt Ryan 9.02 11.02 That really isn't close to getting back an MJD/Titus caliber player as you stated a few hours after the whole thing I started. I was very patient and waited a bit trying to let the ordeal play out/fix itself hoping somebody would waiver but that didn't happen and I was asked to make a ruling and I did so after reading through the board/PM's/emails several times. I was going to piss somebody off and that sucks. I don't like doing votes but if I had done a vote you would have lost that too, probably unanimously. I then did everything you asked so that we could get the draft going and again, you lied and changed your mind and didn't pick. You asked for a chance to fix the trade and again I tried to give that a shot but that too just isn't going to happen. It's my fault I didn't specify trades had to be posted on the boards. I did what I said I didn't want to do which is F up but I tried to fix it and make the league better for the future so this never happens again. It's time to move on though and I have a replacement ready to go. This is the last resort as I've waited as long as I really could. You can make your pick or leave. I hold no ill will either way. Apologies to all!
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    Actually, the 9.02 pick has been OTC since Mega picked the 9.01 slot. The time limit doesn't flip because the pick does. http://forums.rotowo...ost__p__2869146 T minus 2:55... ETA: I can't believe we added 17 pages to this thread since then and not one pick...
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    1 - Any intentional tanking will have that team fall to the BACK OF THE DRAFT for the following season. This includes sitting your superstars and starting your rooks. Anything egregious in this fashion will be taken as intentional tanking. Starting players on the IR would also count as egregious and intentional 2 - Any owner starting a player on a Bye will receive a 2 slot penalty for their first round pick (per infraction). 3 - Any owner starting a player declared OUT by Friday on the official injury report will receive a TWO SLOT penalty for their first round pick (per infraction). Game time decisions that don't play are not affected by this rule; only players declared OUT on the official Friday Injury report. Thursday night games get a pass for the injury penalties, unless it was clear by Monday of that week that they player would be out, but note the BYE penalty in Rule 3. 4 - Every year's draft order will be determined just as this year's. Last place, based first on record and second on points scored, gets 4 ping pongs in the draft randomizer. Second to last gets 3. Third to last gets 2. Fourth to last gets 1. Eighth place gets pick number 5 and seventh place gets pick number 6, no matter what. Picks 7 through 12 are determined reverse order of finish in the playoffs with the Champ picking 12th and the 6th place team picking 7th. 5 - All trades must go through the Yahoo trade system. Once accepted, a trade is final. Be sure. If in pre-draft mode, all trades must be posted on the yahoo message board under it's own thread and confirmed by both parties before the trade is approved. If one party backs out of the trade after accepting it before the commissioner approves it, the offending party loses their next two draft picks (carry's over to next season if need be) for being shady. Only screenshots (Awesome Screenshot is a free plugin for Chrome that will screenshot an entire webpage, use it) will be accepted as proof. No exceptions. 6 - Anything not covered here is at the sole discretion of the Commissioner. All Commissioner decisions are final and not subject to appeal. If the Commissioner is accused of impropriety, a league member may make a motion to impeach the Commissioner. It will be a public vote, Commissioner and accusing party will not vote, anything less than a 75% majority (ie, 8/10 votes) will result in the Commissioner NOT being impeached and the accusing party will be removed from the league at the earliest possible convenience. 7 - This s--- is supposed to be fun. If you want to play cut throat, pony up your $350 and try to win the WCOFF. I'll post that in yahoo as well.
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    We got that part, believe me, we do. It was a mistake, you thought you were accepting a different deal, and did not realize that Southern Studs had counter proposed a deal above the one you sent. If Southern Studs had not thought that you were accepting that counter deal, he wouldn't have made a fuss about it, but since it looked bad that you said deal and then turned around and told him you changed your mind, he thought that was sketchy. He assumed that you had agreed to that deal, and based on his own thinking, he figured the deal was done and may have even gone to report it at the time, we do not know. He brought it up for those reasons and thought the deal was accepted. Robrain, you thought the deal was cancelled and voiced your opinion as such. Because of those conflicting opinions, megamoviejohn had to come in and decide one way or the other. No matter what he decided, somebody was going to be pissed, it just happened to go against you. Rather than take the ruling and a trade that certainly wasn't bad by any means, but maybe not up to your standards, you have decided to sit on your thumbs and try and whine and complain your way into getting the trade you want, which basically throws in 3 more relatively irrelevant picks and gets you a top 10 running back in the process. If you would not take Matt Ryan, a 9th round pick and an 11th round pick for Trent Richardson and a 9th round pick, what makes you so sure he would have given you Maurice Jones-Drew for an 11th, 13th, and a 4th round pick next year? Nobody in their right mind would take that trade, those 3 picks are nowhere near the value of Maurice Jones-Drew. Admit you made a mistake, and own up to mega's decision or risk being removed from the league, that is basically what this has come down to, and you're too stubborn to accept his decision and move on with your team as it would be.
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    Look at you Old School! LOVED that game!
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    After going through all the e-mails and everything else it looks like Robrain agreed to the trade. As Longhorn just said, the difference in the trades are so small that it truly looks like you accepted it and then backed out very quickly. I'm sorry this had to happen but the trade will go through. From now on please when somebody agrees to a deal, have the deal IN the said email. I'm sorry this had to happen.
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    Will Somebody Make A Freakin Pick Already And Thank You! That Is All
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    All it took was someone taking his trade back, LOL
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    I'm looking through emails. Give me a second guys.
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    PM'd Swix, some afternoon traction would be awesome....
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    I was trying to trade Graham for a RB so I can draft Tamme...With Peyton being my favorite player I tried to draft anybody around him because they'll produce. That pick to actually to see his name lol great pick, easily the best so far in this round. The domino effect is brutal.
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    Coby Fleener really didn't get picked right in front of me did he? got to do a tad bit of research here be right back
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    WOAH! NO WAY! I didnt say deal! (Too soon?) DEAL!!! Rashard Mendenhall, RB, PIT
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    Wow, I get one fantastic lunch at Saltgrass steakhouse and suddenly the draft is rolling again. Awesome =)
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    I saw Roeth last time I refreshed...c'mon buddy, want to get to my 10th rounder today so I'm not holding up the draft this weekend.
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    COME ONNNN DOWWWWWNNN!!!! Well I am just glad this guy picked such a great team for me....... It is a fantastic team, let's not kid ourselves. Nothing but the finest team management displayed by the previous owner. So in an uncommonly altruistic move on my part, I'm giving you back the 2013 1st and 2nd round picks I acquired from the previous owner. I'm not sure I would have made the trade without those picks included, but the trade pick value is a whole lot more fair without them. Consider it your welcome to the league gift. Very nice of you Drater, a real class act. Much Appreciated good sir.
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    Good luck man. I know you are fairly new at this in reality, so just learn from it. Remember FF is supposed to be fun its not bloodsport. I for one will hold no grudges if I see you on the gridiron in another league. Peace
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    Why is it so hard for you to go along with what the commish says in this case? His decision is final, you are purposely going against the word of the person running the league, which in any other situation, would have gotten you booted last night. Just because you got a ruling against you does not mean you have to throw a temper tantrum to try and get your way. Like has been stated before, the only things that are going to happen here are that you are going to make the pick handed to you by mega's decision or you are going to be removed from the league and your replacement will make the pick. There is no middle ground in this situation, there are no more pleas to get your way, there are only the 2 options above, and it already seems like you have made your decision.
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    Ok suppose you value Baldwin the same as 3rd round pick MJD or even a 6th round Titus Young. I guess I can see that. I'll take back what I said. It still doesn't change that it's your pick at the moment. I'll return shortly.
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    You're welcome to your opinion, but ultimately, it's only that. The Commish has unilateral decision making power, he made it, live with it or move on. In MY opinion, you F'd up and started this hole show when you jumped into Longhorn's trade talks trying to one up him. Everything that followed was indirectly or directly a result of your decision to play the game that way. You'd never had the opportunity to screw up if you didn't decide to engage in a public "bidding war". Also, IMO, you should pick and let's move forward.
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    I slept on it so I could make a decision when I wasn't feeling angry about the whole snafu. With a clearer head this morning, I posted what I did. Yeah, you changed your mind again, like I said. You made a declaration: If you do this, then I will do that. "this was done", now your not doing what you said you would. Again, you come across very poorly in what you say and do.
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    Its been hammered out. U said your piece. Studs said his. The commish made a ruling. If u want to be a part of this league make your pick. If you cant accept his ruling GTFO of our hair. Its that simple.
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    That should be a lesson to all. I made the mistake of posting in te forum I was in talks to trade up as Robrain actively sought out that owner to attempt to trade/drive the price up. He sent numerous messages and emails out to the league stating he wants to be active in all trade discussions. So my advice is to PM all trade talks or email so that your price tag it's driven up.
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    Yeah, I get it you. You made a mistake, you made some assumptions, s--- happens. Your squad is actually better now than it was, you should just pick and let's get this rig rolling again. I read thu all of Longhorn's stuff, it doesn't look like you are trying to be intentionally misleading, although I still question your some of your motives for a "free" league on RW, such as trying to drive up the price on another member's trade (I'll certainly make sure all trade negotiations I start now are via PM and not public, thanks for the heads up there). You should pick and let's move forward.
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    Actually, screw that. Robrain, just pick and stay in the league. The commish is posting very detailed bylaws shortly that will alleviate any future issues with this and many other scenarios.
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    Yeah, because we were in the middle of a bidding war I didn't look at it for 20 seconds. I saw that "Last offer or ima trade with princess" part first, skimmed, thought I was responding to the MJD offer, and accepted what I thought was an offer including MJD. When I realized that I had not accepted an offer involving MJD, I immediately took what should have been the normal steps to rectify the situation - which was posting "I DO NOT CONFIRM THIS TRADE" here in the forums. It was an error, nothing more. Unfortunately, you got called out on that error by the person who thought you were accepting this trade. Like I said before, regardless of whether or not it got confirmed, that owner felt like he got jilted by you during those negotiations, which is why he brought it to everybody's attention.
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    I guarantee the appeal would be denied. It's pretty sad that if the commish had ruled in your favor, you wouldn't be saying anything more about this and we probably would be 2 rounds ahead of where we have currently stopped.
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    So that movie Ted was down right hilarious. I gotta see it again, I fear I missed some parts. Didnt get the whole "Flash Gordon" thing as I didnt grow up watching him. He looks a lot like He-Man though...
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    im done. this is beyond stupid. its pretty clear that being shady backfired and now that the commish has ruled there is a bunch of whining. im out. ill make my pick in about 3 years since thats the running average now.
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    with the 98th pick in the inaugural Prestige Worldwide Dynasty Football Draft Robrain Selects....?????????????????
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    you traded up for him. why not just type his name and get this train rolling again....
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    Man up and make the pick. Its been widely shown you tried to drive my price up, and lost. It happens. Lets deal with this and move on with the draft. We are all adults here (i presume) so we should act like them. The commish made a ruling, it fits with what 85% of the other members agree with, so lets continue the draft.
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    We still haven't gotten this figured out? We still don't know who's drafting right now, and we have 8 people here at the time I'm typing this. To say we could get some picks knocked out would be an understatement right now, can we get a ruling or judgement or something on this and move on with the rest of the draft? Pretty please? 1,000th post, by the way Now up to 9 people as of 8:10 central time...
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    Glad to see Studs registered now.
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    Why the vendetta against longhorn? seems like a weird kindof activity... At the very least its just nosey and very unneighborly..
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    So it's Ryan, 9.2, 10.11 for TRich and 9.3?
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    The fact that you saw Longhorn trying to make a deal with Studs and then threw yourself in the mix doesnt bode well either...if the picture of the email wasnt evidence enough..
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    since the whole gang is here once John straightens this little fiasco out, we can get some danggone picks made.
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    Straight from Robrain...he offered Trent and 2013 4th rounder for Matt Ryan, 9.2 and 11.2. I thought you said you would never deal Trent for Ryan straight up?
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    That shows right there you knew what you were getting. I quick-hit reply and typed "Deal" because I thought I was racing against time to get my response in before yours. I wanted to accept the Matt Ryan + MJD deal before you (offering Foster) had a chance to make him another offer. It's that simple. So who were you giving up for Matt Ryan + MJD?
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    Why would you say "DEAL" if it was a trade YOU proposed. That makes no sense. Also, your reply to him when you took the trade back: That shows right there you knew what you were getting.