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    Jameis Winston bring evaluated for color blindness after confusing red with blue and white for 60 minutes.
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    Yeah a pretty nice chart here: FA- pretty similar to last outing at 93+MPH on average, great vertical break, threw 47--30 for strikes with 19 swings and 5 whiffs--all which are marked increases from his debut SL- main secondary again, really beautiful dive and dart movements to it and commanded it incredibly, as he threw 28--22 for strikes with 20 swings and 7 whiffs! 87MPH CH- went away from it this start, but still looking like a nice offering, only 5--2 strikes with 2 cuts and a whiff CU- brought this out more and as I said in first write-up it looks like a very solid pitch, great sweeping shape and perfect to compliment his vert movers and velo spectrum at 79mph, he spun up 10--5 strikes with 4 hacks and 2 whiffs We are seeing a legit 4 pitch mix here (no wonder the PCL/AAA guys could not touch him) and someone that has keenly honed instincts to operate on the bump. It's early, he will have to adjust as the league gets the book on him, but he has the stuff/tools to do so. Working up in the zone could really have positive outcomes for his K rate, but he does a wonderful job of commanding his stuff to the edges of the plate--I am seeing barely a few pitches over the heart on his zone plots.
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    Let's get our ducks in a row before real baseball begins. Let's try to line up the handcuffs / next-in-line guys. Knowing who to grab makes a big difference when the news comes down that someone's hurt or being removed, and grabbing some of these guys now (as roster space allows) helps save FAAB and headaches later. Below is what CloserMonkey says, but I'd like a debate about who's really next up - especially from locals and homers who may have heard more about how the bullpen stacks up. For example, the Monkey points to Dyson and Watson in SF, but this board (myself included) seems to think it'll be Strickland (supported by local articles and beat writer guesses). AL EAST - Closer (Next/2nd) - thoughts Yankees - Chapman (Betances/Robertson) - I have no idea who Boone would go to here, and most of them are probably owned anyway. Red Sox - Kimbrel (Kelly/Carson Smith) - Both are having strong springs, as is Matt Barnes(15/3 K/BB in 9IP). I doubt they'd go to Smith just returning from TJS. Orioles - Brach (O'Day/Givens) - I wonder if Givens is really the 2nd in line here as O'Day always gets mentioned but never seems to get the role. Blue Jays - Osuna (Tepera/Loup) - Keep an eye on Deck McGuire here (former 1st Round pick; 13/1 K/BB in 10 IP this spring; No ER allowed; 0.56 WHIP) Rays - Colome (Romo/Alvarado) - watch out for Alvarado. Converted SP whose stuff is playing up in the pen (14/3 K/BB this spring in 10 IP). AL CENTRAL - Closer (Next/2nd) - thoughts Indians - Allen (Miller/Otero) - I'd be floored if Otero closed. Keep an eye on Nick Goody here - really solid for them last year. Tigers - Greene (Wilson/Stumpf) - Alex Wilson has been pounded this spring, and I know nothing about Stumpf. Joe Jimenez has the goods if he can control the BBs. Royals - Herrera (Maurer/Keller) - Maurer pitched better than his surface stats last year in SD, but Keller is a 22 YO converted SP (Rule 5 pick) with a good spring. Twins - Rodney (Reed/Hildenberger) White Sox - Jones/Soria (Minaya) AL WEST - Closer (Next/2nd) - thoughts Athletics - Treinen (Hendricks/Petit) - I feel they're mentioning Petit because there's no one else to mention. Casilla still lurks and wants the gig. Astros - Giles (Devenski/Harris) Angels - Parker/Bedrosian (Middleton) - Parker's been torched this spring; I still think Bedrosian ultimately lands the gig, but it might take time. Rangers - Kela/Diekman/Lincecum/Leclerc - Place your bets (gut says Kela gets first shot with a short leash; Leclerc has had a good spring; Lincecum looms?) Mariners - Diaz (Nicasio/Vincent) - Nicasio was really good last year. If Diaz struggles for a stretch, Nicasio may not give it back NL EAST - Closer (Next/2nd) - thoughts Mets - Familia (Ramos/Swarzak) - CloserMonkey noted as a committee (coachspeak?). Familia healthy? Ramos walks too many. Swarzak was filthy last year. Phillies - Neris (Neshek/Morgan) - Also noted as a committee; Neshek doesn't want it IIRC; Morgan - meh. Watch Edubray Ramos here (17Ks in 8.2 IP this spring) Braves - Vizcaino (Minter/Ramirez) - Minter looks like a LHP version of Kimbrel, and his health may be best served in the 9th. This might not take long. Marlins - Ziegler (Barraclough/Steckenrider) - two very good RPs behind Ziegler, but Ziegler could also hold the gig all year. Who knows? Nationals - Doolittle (Madson/Kitzler) - Kintzler's success as a closer last year and Madson's age make me wonder if Kintzler is really next in line. NL CENTRAL - Closer (Next/2nd) - thoughts Cubs - Morrow (Cishek/Edwards) - Cishek has done it before, but Edwards may have Maddon's trust (if he's not walking a bunch of dudes). Justin Wilson's there too. Cardinals - Leone/Lyons/Gregerson - Keep an eye on Jordan Hicks here. Flamethrower with triple digit heat is jumping from just 8 games at Hi-A. Pirates - Rivero (Kontos/Feliz) - I'd be shocked if Feliz wasn't the handcuff here if Rivero struggles at all Brewers - Knebel (Barnes/Hader) - Hader is young/inexperienced, so the Brewers may default to Barnes first, but Hader has the goods (17/3 K/BB in 9 IP this spring) Reds - Iglesias (Jared "Bull" Hughes/Hernandez) - The Hughes page makes the joke for me. They're forgetting Lorenzen; Quackenbush was a thread favorite before. NL WEST - Closer (Next/2nd) - thoughts Dodgers - Jansen (Fields/Alexander) Rockies - Davis (Shaw/McGee) - Ottavino has done it before in Colorado with aplomb. He could work his way in there ahead of newcomer Shaw and LHP McGee Giants - Melancon (Dyson/Strickland/Watson) - lots of discussion last few pages; my money is on Strickland eventually winning out DBacks - Boxberger (Bradley/Hirano) - Monkey points to Bradley as next, but I think they like him as the fireman (and he's said he likes it too). I think Hirano is next up. Padres - Hand (Yates/Stammen) - I think Maton is probably 3rd in line here over Stammen, personally.
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    [BCC] Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew: “I don't scratch my head unless it itches and I don't dance unless I hear some music. I will not be intimidated. That's just the way it is. Let's go to work." I'm not sure what the hell he's talking about but I want him on my roster.
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    Wow, just wow man Ingram is a 2 time pro bowler and is miles better than Alex Collins at everything. I get it. In todays day and age everyone wants to look like the smart guy and pass on the starter when you can get the backup for so much cheaper, blah blah blah. That really is not applicable here because Ingran is better than all of them. Ingram is going to get as many touches as he personally can handle, that is what he was brought in for. He is a better runner than Edwards, he is a better receiver than Dixon or Hill and he pass protects better than any RB on the roster. Now Edwards is a good backup RB to have cause he did well last year, Hill is also a nice guy to keep because he is a fluid pass catcher and Baltimore needs a guy who can step in and try to do as good as Ingram when he needs a breather but make no mistake, passing downs, 2 minute drills, drives before halftime, most importantly in the 4th quarter and end of games ingram will be getting all the run because he is the most trusted RB in these situations and that is where fantasy points are accumulated in bunches.
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    I don't know if this is worth reviving this thread over or not, but just wanted to make a couple personal notes. 1.) I am *finally* about to finish my Bachelors in History and English. Between this and that the Spring Semester got really jumbled for me, which leads me to... 2.) With little work left to do for those degrees, I have begun working on my guide for 2018. Very early stages but with time commitments being what they are, I'm hoping to have most if not all of it done this month, and would expect to release it somewhere in between late-December to early-January. Essentially, finishing research this month, and then writing in the early part of January. I'd never hope to take a step back so I'm hoping that this year's model will be at the very least equivalent to last years' if not more comprehensive. I massively appreciate the positivity I get on this list particularly from this forum. I like what reddit provides me to get more viewership but I'm a big fan of the more... idk... communal? feeling to where I know where the positive comments are coming from... Which brings me somewhat to the last point... 3.) And really I shouldn't even say anything but I figured in the guise of full disclosure I'll be honest about my initial intentions to perhaps monetize. I greatly considered making the 2018 Version with some kind of a paid-content-only model. Part of the reason I'm not longer considering that is that I wanted to get started on this thing a LONG time ago. Essentially I wanted to get started during the playoffs, and I expected to be where I am now around the time the World Series was ending. So, I'm not going to try and do an all-new thing that may or may not work out for me when I don't feel like I have time to properly make a major leap. If I decide to do that in the future, I'm absolutely going to take the time to make sure I go about it the right way. Ultimately, as much as I'd like to find a way to never charge for it in a perfect world, this guide really does just take a considerable amount of my time and have still yet to collect any money from any project I've done. SO, this year I'll release the Guide in a very similar fashion to last year. I'll claim a new thread for the 2018 Rankings and work within that throughout the year. The Guide will be primarily posted with Google Docs linking to other Google Docs in the same Link-Shared format. I may get a site up sometime this offseason but I also may not. That is a new area for me whereas baseball research and writing is not, and new things/formats/etc. are just going to take longer for me to accomplish. What I'm essentially trying to say here (and I VERY much hope that no one takes it the wrong way) is that everything I produce this year WILL be free, but at the rate of content being produced I just can't continue to do that forever. At this age with a Semester off it is still feasible to do this for fun, but that's just not going to be feasible for me as I get older and have my plate load up with other things, including pursuing my Masters in English which I expect to be starting in Fall 2018. So yeah, don't know if I should've just said nothing and posted it when I finished, but kinda just wanted to address that because it's at least on my mind. Like alluded to above, I'm expecting to spend most of December in research. Hoping to be done with my notes around Christmas. Than it's a matter of actually typing it up in a more consumable way. The goal is to accomplish that by the second week in January. And to finish with a Quote and Paraphrase of a bit from the first post of this thread: One of the first reasons I decided to write something like this is so that I could be retroactive and hope to improve on it every year. So I'm hoping that this year's rankings are superior to the previous year. And that 2019 will surpass what I'm producing now for 2018. That's my goal. Cheers
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    Let us observe a moment of silence for all of us who benched Godwin and lost our weeks because of it...
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    Looks hot now.... then you draft him.
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    Ben Simmons makes a three point shot.
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    Comps for him listed so far in this thread: Hoskins, Goldy, and Votto. Glad I have him but I'm getting too excited. I need to read Garrett Hampson game logs to quickly cool myself off.
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    Don't overthink it guys. It's playoffs.
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    Back of his jersey name will be “SHE HATE HIM”.
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    Might be nice to compile a complete list of closers and possible outcomes going into the trade deadline. I'm sure some of this is wrong as the scotch is flowing so feel free to correct/addend anything. AL EAST Yankees: Chapman isn't going anywhere and no one is supplanting him. Red sox: Eovaldi/Workman debate as above but also showing interest in outside options. Very murky but with huge ramifications. Rays: Pagan/Castillo...Drake? I dunno this is a total cluster. I doubt they trade for anyone that becomes "the guy" either but it's possible. Personally not interested in this one at all. Orioles: Guessing Givens gets moved but they do have 2 more years of arbitration so they may not. If he is I doubt he's closing for his new team regardless. Not a ton of value here. Jays: Giles seems very likely to move and likely to remain a closer for his new team outside maybe a few places. AL CENTRAL White Sox: Colome will probably move on, but it's a bit murkier than it looks at face value. I'm not buying the "Sox won't sell cause they're technically in the race" narrative but he also doesn't have a good K rate or K:BB, has a low BABIP, and his arbitration price will pretty high next year with the SV totals. Still think he goes but I don't think teams will be breaking down the doors for him. Indians: Doubt Hand is in much danger of moving with Cleveland chasing down the Twins. Tigers They don't have to move Green with another year of arbitration eligibility, but can't imagine they won't. His chances of closing for his new team however are probably close to 50/50. Definitely some risk here. Royals Oddly enough Kennedy is probably one of the safer good bad-team closers given his high priced contract. There's always a possibility of a salary dump trade given how well he has done in his new role. Twins Rogers/Parker have actually been a solid RHP/LHP committee. That being said the Twins could be buyers at the deadline and helping their talented but volatile starters with extra inning from a shut down designated closer isn't out of the question. AL WEST Astros: Osuna seems safe outside of something wild and unexpected happening. Athletics: They're clearly in the hunt but will they be big buyers? Doubtful. Hendriks has been stellar but 2 of last year's best arms in Treinan and Trivino have been bad. Crazier things have happened but based in their history if the As go get a reliever I doubt it's a big enough name to displace Hendriks. Angels Hansel is so hot. They're over 500 so going and getting help wouldn't be unheard of, but the AL odds are stacked against them. They're also a good enough team not to trade off talent if they don't get a good offer. I'd guess Robles is starting out. Rangers: Kelley seems as if he just had a significant injury so LeClerc/Martin are it I guess. Another team over 500 but doesn't seem like a contender. It's possible they're sellers, and I could see LeClerc having some appeal to a contending team, but he has been awful in the 9th this year and just signed an extension so I would assume he's staying put. Kelley would have been a Sell candidate if somehow he avoided serious injury. Mariners: Elias is the closest thing to a guy they have I guess. Yeah he's not particularly good but he's cheap and the Mariners are bad and rebuilding so I'm assuming he's gone and placed in a setup role. Strickland doesn't sound like hell be back in time to build up significant trade value but you never know. NL EAST Braves: Luke Jackson seems as if he should be better than he has been but he continues to blow saves at big times. Their pen is lousy with talented arms that blow up at bad times. Definitely a prime spot for a closer change. Even if they whiff at the deadline (Swarzak?) Nationals: Doolittle hasn't been quite as good as before, and the Nationals seem like prime bullpen buyers. Still he has been good enough that unless they go all out for a guy like Yates I don't he's going anywhere. Phillies: Talk about underperforming. On paper this should have been a stellar BP but they have been pretty bad/injured. Neris in particular has fluctuated from great to terrible. With them being a part of nearly every rumor on a deadline pitcher and with Gabe being a lot more traditional I'm his closer usage this year, definitely a prime closer change candidate. Mets: What a train wreck. Still I can't imagine Diaz going anywhere at this point, even if they finally accept the fact that they need to enter a rebuild of some kind. Marlins: Romo has been good not great, but he'd be a decent cheap rental on a contender. Very little chance he closes for a new team though. NL CENTRAL Cubs: Already made their move with Kimberl Brewers: You could argue they're best with Hader in a fireman role an a stud closer to close the door. It's what they did last year with Jeffress, who had fallen off a bit last year. So maybe. Still gotta inside if they make a move it'll be for a starter. Cardinals: The Hicks injury hurts them big especially with Martinez, Miller, and Gant sucking. Carlos is the guy for now but definitely another group I could easily see buying a closer near the deadline. Pirates: Cheap controllable and dominant closers like Vazquez would cost a hefty price. Not unheard of but still I seriously doubt he moves. IF someone is willing to sell the farm for him I gotta imagine he'll close almost anywhere he goes. Reds: Can I pass? Iglesias/Lorenzen(/Garrett?) Have been pretty meh this year but Rasiel remains a talented arm controllable through 2021 (I believe). He's someone I would expect to stay where he is given the relatively new contract and mediocre performance thus far but he seems more attainable than someone like Vazquez if a contender is looking for more than a rental. If you asked last year if he'd close for a new team the answer would seem obvious but this year it's more up in the air. Really hard team/pitcher combo to predict. AL WEST Dodgers: Kenley is no longer the superstud he once was, but he has been more than good enough to remain the closer short of some crazy blockbuster deal. Diamondbacks: Holland has fallen from grace a bit recently, but still had solid numbers overall on the season. He'd be pretty cheap overall (about 3 million I believe). Seems sonewhat likely he is moved and somewhat unlikely he closes for most contenders. Hirano or Lopez are probably staying and will slide into closer roles if Holland is moved. Giants: They're still technical in the race along with pretty much the entire NL. Sure there's reason to believe they won't sell but it would seem silly of them not to try to take advantage of their bullpen depth/talent. Problem is it's impossible to predict who they sell. Smith, Dyson, and Watson are prove trade candidates. Smith has a decent shot at closing for his new team as well. As pointed out earlier Moronora is a potential although less likely and Melancon would be difficult to move with his contact. Lots of value to be had here but also a lot of unknowns. Padres: Yates is obviously the big prize of the off-season and would close almost anywhere he is traded. Making $3 million and with another year of arbitration I believe the Padres when they say that it'll take a lot to get him though, as they seem close to contending in the near future. Rockies: Getting a taker on Davis seems optimistic at this point, although Oberg is still lurking regardless of a trade.
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    BOS - Barnes ATM but def fluid with Brasier, id roster barnes over brasier if i had to pick rn, neither have me excited or confident MIN - Its Parker for lions share with Rodgers getting the lefty saves TEX - i think leclerc gets it back wouldnt bother with the Martin and Kelley TB - even as a fan i have no clue whats going on here, Castillo - Alvarado - Pagan all are in the mix based off of something, heck if i know, id lean Alvarado/Castillo over Pagan tho, those 2 have best bet to run with it imo KC - i like Kennedy if you have a spot, the meh outing recently doesn't turn me away, bad defense accounted for most of that and i dont see another arm to contest Kennedy really ATL - im on the Luke Jackson train with a 👀 following minter from the WW (still think they sign kimbrel after the draft) SEA - its Elias for me easily at this point, the other 2 guys are better but haven't really seen much action, until then just watching them and how Elias does LAA - I rank them Robles - Allen - Buttrey as it seems buttrey wont really get a fair crack as the fireman kind of guy imo, still think allen gets another chance and Robles has NEVER had a sub 3.5 ERA (3.48 one year thats it) which doesn't get me excited about his ROS outlook Obv take this FWIW and feel free to chime in with any other opinions or takes on these situations, i just wanted to do a recap and outline my opinions
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    A QB who can’t throw and a WR who can’t catch. Not a good fit. A perfect fit.
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    2 more TDs than Julio Jones lol.
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    i think he will start but have a modest line, maybe 12/180/3 td
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    What else is there to know? Tortuga? I'm in.
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    Didn't see a thread for him-- didn't necessarily want to make one for him myself, but I do think there's a few things worth discussing here: The performance to date has been a bit lackluster (4.32 ERA, 1.80 WHIP) specifically struggling with control (9.72 BB/9) but there's also a few interesting an elite things going on here that I think deserve an outlook thread to say the least. In AAA last year with the Yankees organization, Caleb Smith put up the following numbers over 17 Starts (1 Relief Appearance), 98.0 IP: 2.39 ERA | 8.91 K/9 | 2.57 BB/9 So those are some really strong metrics. Caleb Smith was a rule 5 pick, which just essentially means for those who are unaware that the Yankees determined that Caleb Smith was not worthy of a spot on their 25 Man Roster, or over the likes of Gray, Montgomery, Tanaka, Sabathia, etc., but he had been in their organization for so long that he was eligible to be added by another team prior to the start of the season. The only really relevant thing here (though perhaps the fact that some "Yankees personnel" took over the Marlins and immediately added Smith is relevant) , is that if the Marlins want to keep Caleb Smith next year, they can't demote him. The way a Rule 5 pick works he's either on the 25-Man or, instead of a demotion, they can send him back to the Yankees. But they can't keep him in their system. So as a stash and hold, Caleb Smith will get as much of a look as possible, as he cannot be demoted and must stick to the roster. And then there's one thing Caleb Smith has done thus far this season thru two games that has been elite, and that's miss bats. Caleb Smith via Fangraphs has a 15.6% SwStr% through two games. To put that in perspective, that would've tied for 1st in baseball in 2017. Here are the players who finished with a 15+% SwStr% in 2017 (qualified IP): Corey Kluber (15.6%) Max Scherzer (15.5%) Masahiro Tanaka (15.1%) Now Brooksbaseball.net has some different overall whiff%s, but in terms of by-pitch: 10 Whiffs on 95 Pitches FA 7 Whiffs on 21 Pitches CH 12 Whiffs on 61 Pitches SL (all rates would be considered plus if sustained) So in terms of usage, about 53.7% Fastball, 34.5% Slider, 11.9% Change-Up. A lean FB+SL, but 12% is strong enough for a third pitch especially if he can continue to get whiffs on it. And while some may be clamoring small sample, an impressive small sample is still better than an unimpressive small sample. Plenty of pitchers have performed to date. The ones who are qualified starters with a higher whiff% though, (Greinke, Castillo, Morton, Bundy, Sale, Scherzer, Corbin, Cole, Ohtani), all have their own threads and considerable discussion. I'm not recommending playing Smith right away, but I would speculatively add him in plenty of formats (1.8% Ownership), especially because that 2.57 BB/9 in his last AAA stint seems to give me some confidence that the horrid walk rate is a potential fluke, and with the near-K-per-inning in AAA, I also think we've seen evidence that the Swing-and-miss, at least to some extent, might not be a fluke. Smith's a guy, with that swing and miss, that could become a hot commodity fast if he strikes out 10 in a game or has a good control game. So I think while he's free now might be a good time to try and add him and see what you think of the start today/night.
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    Gordon owners waiting for AB suspension or meltdown:
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    Zeke when he finally signs
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    Game Log vs Falcons 1st Quarter 1st & 10 at TB 25 (14:55 - 1st) P.Barber right guard to TB 26 for 1 yard (J.Richards). 2nd & 5 at TB 41 (13:22 - 1st) P.Barber right tackle pushed ob at ATL 31 for 28 yards (D.Kazee). 1st & 10 at ATL 17 (12:23 - 1st) (Shotgun) P.Barber right guard to ATL 15 for 2 yards (T.McClain; J.Richards). 1st & 10 at TB 19 (8:09 - 1st) P.Barber right end to TB 23 for 4 yards (D.Campbell; F.Oluokun). 2nd & 6 at TB 23 (7:27 - 1st) J.Winston pass short middle to P.Barber to TB 32 for 9 yards (F.Oluokun). 1st & 10 at ATL 49 (6:15 - 1st) P.Barber right tackle to TB 49 for -2 yards (M.Bennett). 2nd Quarter 2nd & 8 at TB 27 (11:43 - 2nd) P.Barber right end to TB 28 for 1 yard (F.Oluokun; J.Richards). 1st & 10 at TB 44 (6:52 - 2nd) P.Barber left guard to ATL 49 for 7 yards (D.Senat; D.Campbell). 1st & 15 at 50 (5:32 - 2nd) (Shotgun) R.Jones left end to ATL 47 for 3 yards (T.McClain). 2nd & 6 at ATL 48 (2:38 - 2nd) (Shotgun) J.Winston pass short left to R.Jones to ATL 38 for 10 yards (F.Oluokun). 1st & 10 at ATL 38 (2:05 - 2nd) (No Huddle, Shotgun) J.Winston pass short left to R.Jones to ATL 37 for 1 yard (F.Oluokun). Halftime - 7 carries, 41 yards and 1 reception for 9 yards. Jones received 3 touches. 3rd Quarter 1st & Goal at ATL 2 (11:34 - 3rd) L.Wester reported in as eligible. P.Barber left tackle to ATL 2 for no gain (K.Ishmael). 1st & 10 at TB 40 (6:42 - 3rd) P.Barber left guard to TB 47 for 7 yards (F.Oluokun). 1st & 10 at ATL 16 (4:46 - 3rd) P.Barber right tackle to ATL 16 for no gain (D.Campbell). 2nd & 10 at ATL 16 (4:02 - 3rd) (Shotgun) J.Winston pass short right to R.Jones pushed ob at ATL 11 for 5 yards (J.Richards). 1st & 10 at TB 15 (0:11 - 3rd) P.Barber left end to TB 39 for 24 yards (D.Campbell). 4th Quarter 1st & 10 at ATL 28 (13:38 - 4th) P.Barber right tackle to ATL 18 for 10 yards (F.Oluokun). 2nd & 1 at ATL 9 (12:16 - 4th) P.Barber left guard to ATL 9 for no gain (JA.Crawford; B.Poole). 1st & 10 at TB 44 (5:41 - 4th) (Shotgun) J.Winston pass short left to P.Barber pushed ob at TB 47 for 3 yards (B.Carter). 1st & 10 at ATL 48 (5:05 - 4th) (Shotgun) J.Winston pass short left to P.Barber to ATL 41 for 7 yards (B.Carter). 1st & Goal at ATL 5 (3:47 - 4th) Peyton Barber Pass From Jameis Winston for 5 Yrds C.Catanzaro extra point is GOOD, Center-G.Sanborn, Holder-B.Anger. Final - 13 carries for 83 yards, and 4 receptions for 24 yards and a TD. Jones 1 carry for 3 yards, 3 catches for 13 yards. Conclusions - The usual to start off with, pretty sad I got excited that they ran it on 2nd down a couple times. Ten out of thirteen of Barber's carries came on 1st down, 77% of his total. Barber + 1st down = run. It was nice to see Winston check down to him as he has been open many times in previous games. It also seems as though Jones has leapfrogged Rodgers, as I didn't see him until the last drive (which was odd timing). Barber was the lead back and Jones spelled him on occasion, but the more the game went the more it was clear that Barber had the job. He has a couple decent matchups, and then some tough ones. Schedule is Cleveland, Cincy, Carolina, Washington, NYG, SF, Carolina, NO, Baltimore, Dallas, ATL. Overall, I'm happier with the usage and still horrified by the playcalling. I don't know how you can keep a defense honest when the last time you ran it with him on 3rd down was the first game of the season. In his last 3 games 23 of his 28 carries have been on 1st down! 1st down likely run or play action, 2nd down VERY likely pass, 3rd down almost guaranteed pass if Barber is on the field for these plays. I also don't know if the guy has had back to back carries since run the clock mode vs the Eagles, because it doesn't look that way. Again, these are disturbing tendencies that I've noticed based off one guy in their lineup. Hopefully they learn to mix it up, because the guy has looked respectable running the ball despite the box scores. I'm happy to see him get a good game.
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    This is why my league waits to draft until week 16.
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    Absolutely drilled it. But Drury microwaved a burrito without burning down the stadium earlier, so Andujar will still be sent down soon.
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    Did your backup get all the reps in your furniture moving business while you were out? That’s the only part of your analogy that us Chase Edmonds owners care about.
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    Obviously we don't get points for preseason stats, but I thought it was interesting to see how Slye has done in all 2019 games so far... --Preseason Week 1: 3 for 3 FG (29, 42, 55) + 2 for 2 XP's --Preseason Week 2: 2 for 2 FG (40, 54) --Preseason Week 3: 1 for 1 FG (41) --Preseason Week 4: 1 for 2 FG (59) + 2 for 2 XP's........the missed FG was a blocked 48 yarder --Regular Season Week 1: 2 for 3 FG (46, 52) + 3 for 3 XP's........the missed FG was a 53 yarder --Regular Season Week 2: 4 for 4 FG (32, 37, 51, 54) --Regular Season Week 3: 1 for 1 FG (36) + 5 for 5 XP's --Regular Season Week 4: 3 for 3 FG (26, 48, 55) + 1 for 1 XP's Totals: 17 for 19 FG (including 5 40+ yarders & 7 50+ yarders) 13 for 13 XP 83 fantasy points in 8 games (counting 40 yarders as 4 points, and 50 yarders as 5 points) Just for the heck of it, I also checked the league leaders in 50 yarders over the past few seasons. In 2018, Maher & Myers had 6 such kicks. In 2017, Bryant had 8. In 2016, Tucker had 10. There certainly are no guarantees for Slye, but from what he has shown in the 2019 preseason and regular season, you have to like what you've seen so far.
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    Was going to take him 3.02, but got cold feet.
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    The evolution of the disillusioned soul. Beautiful.
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    Still a better pick than Amari Cooper.
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    I told my wife I'd unload the dishwasher at halftime. I'm actually looking forward to it...
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    People are hating on him after 2-5 with 2R and 1RBI? Y'all some stuck up m'fers!