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    I can't believe that he doesn't have a thread. I'm super high on this guy. I've seen him a few times this spring and he's way more tools than I gave him credit for. Barreto was 19 and the youngest player in the California League last season...at least to start the season. He came out and laid an egg in April. He was terrible. The adjustment didn't last long. He quickly fixed his problems at the plate and became one of the best, if not the best, hitter in the league. Remove April from the equation and he batted .368! That's backed up with a .367 average for the 2nd half. 13 HRs and 8 steals in only 338 ABs. I'm impressed! He's a consensus top 30 prospect.
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    I think Jones is really polished in his own right to be honest. Delivery is very fine tuned. Both seem to have that pitchability factor. I get the feeling that Quantrill has a higher ceiling, but that's if the stuff that he had pre-TJS comes all the way back. TJS complicates this. I'd rank Jones ahead right now because of that. He has a cleaner bill of health. I'm thinking Jones is getting the Tanaka comp due to the split finger he's got. Jones' FB also has good movement. Also, just read this on Quantrill: