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    According to Josh Norris of BA, he's throwing between 97-100 on a back field game today. He actually shared some video via periscope. Sounds awfully impressive.
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    Great tout, one of the arms I really like at the lower levels. I think the Cubs will likely still handle him with kid gloves, at least early. He's never thrown more than 3 innings in a game, and never thrown above the AZL league.I think,at least initially, it would benefit him tostay at extended spring, and fine tune some of his mechanical issues. If they want to be aggressive with him, then he may go to Fort Wayne. My gut tells me that he stays behind after they break camp, and spends a month or so in extended. whether he waits there until June and goes to Eugene, or he then gets called up to Fort Wayne is anyone's guess.... But this is a player I'm sure that Cubs fans should be excited about.