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    I'm confident that Horford will be top 20 next year barring injury. But depending on who's in your league, you may be able to grab him around 30, and that would be a huge steal. Look at his rank in 9cat the last 4 years 2015-16: 16th overall 2014-15: 17th overall 2013-14: 14th overall 2012-13: 15th overall He did have an injury in 2013-14 season in which he sat out most of the season. But he played 76 and 82 games in the 2 years after that so (knock on wood) he should be safe going forward. Boston doesn't really have a star big-man outside of Horford so I think he'll be utilized well and should produce excellent numbers
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    Love it. Davis/Betances/Britton in the making.
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    Fleaflicker does Roto leagues. And it's free. Very custimizable as well. Not sure about the FAAB part as I host my dynasty league on it and don't use FAAB (yet).
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    Two good things to take away from finishing 13th: 1. It can't get much worse this year. 2. I beat Robrain.