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    The olllld 1 quintillion percent - don't see that very often. Puts the old "I'm gonna give 110%" adage to shame.
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    20-6-7-43%-1.73ptm-1.8steals-.7blocks-2.5 tos as a FLOOR
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    I'm not sure about that. Especially with Jack coming off an ACL tear...
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    As a former Brow owner, I think the following should summarize the entire experience of owning the man: 'Never Again'. He might be a walking 30/11/3 on a nightly basis but the very idea of watching him reenact the opening chapters of 'All is quiet on the Western Front' every time someone sneezes in his direction too hard is just too much of an adrenaline rush that I can't endure anymore.
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    I'm confident that Horford will be top 20 next year barring injury. But depending on who's in your league, you may be able to grab him around 30, and that would be a huge steal. Look at his rank in 9cat the last 4 years 2015-16: 16th overall 2014-15: 17th overall 2013-14: 14th overall 2012-13: 15th overall He did have an injury in 2013-14 season in which he sat out most of the season. But he played 76 and 82 games in the 2 years after that so (knock on wood) he should be safe going forward. Boston doesn't really have a star big-man outside of Horford so I think he'll be utilized well and should produce excellent numbers
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    Love it. Davis/Betances/Britton in the making.
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    Fleaflicker does Roto leagues. And it's free. Very custimizable as well. Not sure about the FAAB part as I host my dynasty league on it and don't use FAAB (yet).
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    Im not believing his fg% wont sustain a major hit. Remember the volume will make this more worrisome than with a lower usage asset. There will be more contested shots than ever and more jumpers. I'm thinking we see Lillard like fg% (42-43%). Coincidentally, Lillard's fg% dropped 1.5% in his first year with LMA. My assumptions on Westbrook as of now are about 30ppg-8rpg-9.4apg-42.4%fgs-1.5 3ptm-4.9 Tos-83%ft-2.0 steals. I would be extremely concerned of him wearing down and/or the injury risk from max utilization. There is also major risk that he's traded to a new team with the learning curve of a new system etc and a different role. I've changed my mind in the last 24 hours and I dont think I'll have him ranked as my number 1 on my draft boards.
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    Very true, but I honestly think (and I can't quantify this really without some in depth stats) but I believe that year he came back from a barrage of injuries, of which more or less forced him to just in his words 'do me'. He broke his wrist that first week of the season, and then subsequently rushed back way too quickly (to play for the playoff spot that they eventually lost). As posted earlier, his stats and splits this season without KD While he's never been a model of efficiency, if he maintains his 15-16 eFG%, and FG% (45.4%) as a net whole while raising his numbers to prime Bron, it'll more than offset the TOs. 33/7/9 looks very, very doable with a rested (Non-Olympic contending Westbrook) on an OKC team where he will most likely challenge for the all time usage rate of highest ever in the modern era. At a clip of 33/7/9 (numbers I actually think he can easily hit), a slight dip to a FG% in the 44-43% range would have him no lower than top 3/2 on aggregate counting stats alone. Of course this is all under the assumption KD and Steph's game takes a slight step back in terms of 'monster-like' performances night in and night out... but that's all up in the air atm. One thing is for sure and that's I can't wait for this NBA season to start already...
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    I'm pretty sure this is Urias's last start. McCarthy isn't getting pushed out of anything.
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    Fanstasy wise i just hope he learns from RWB before okc tries to move on. Things like getting an insane usage rate and the trip dubs.
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    I'm in -- added everywhere he was available. I'm a bit surprised he came back so quickly as it seemed like his rehab just started. Still -- excellent first start. Excellent lineup behind him; good park; good division to pitch in. What's not to like, especially for the cost of a roster spot?
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    2 seasons ago when kd got hurt and rwb was putting up triple double monsters curry was still the number 1 ranked player even if he was just averaging 24ppg and less than 4 3pg
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    No. He is injury prone and he doesn't have a coach to take him there. It was established last season when the coach pushed him out of the paint to shoot threes and he still got hurt and didn't do squat.
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    Looks good to me. I might even bump it to 21 or 22 but honestly Russ is going to set the NBA record for usage rate in a season so this pretty much looks right. I think Dipo can be a 45% kind of guy but the fact he will be the only other source of offense outside of Russ on the wing (and Kanter inside) leads me to think his efficiency will suffer.
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    I made a preimptive add in my dynasty league. The numbers alone make him very interesting. Ive never seen anyone with a 0.39 WHIP...I know it's only 28.1 IP but that's crazy!
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    Two good things to take away from finishing 13th: 1. It can't get much worse this year. 2. I beat Robrain.
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    Good k-rate since moving to the NL. In Arizona his outrageously unlucky HR/FB rate hid a very effective pitcher. When he moved to LA he changed his arm slot and his 4-seamer became 94 MPH (was previously 89-90). During his rehab he's consistently been clocked at 93. Chavez ravine is a perfect spot for his skillset. Large park, good OF defense and plenty of run support. I like any dodger pitcher in fantasy (heck, I've owned Ross Stripling and Mike Bolsinger) so I'd support pretty much anyone. But McCarthy is actually a good pitcher who happens to receive an increase in value based on his team. I'm expecting 90 IP, 80k, 3.35ERA/1.20 whip with plenty of wins and QS the rest of the way. Steamer is even more bullish than me with a 3.31/1.14 projection, albeit with far fewer innings. Unsure when the last time they updated that was.
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    I'd pull an Aeroplane on her for sure.
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    I would have a lot of fun with those. More than Damjan..