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    I'm much more excited about Moncrief after watching the game. The final stats don't tell the whole story as he made some good plays and was close to having a much bigger day. Here are a few plays, starting with the TD: Alternate angle, easier to see the catch without the camera whipping to him: Finally, a deep shot that had potential that Luck overthrew him on: Several obvious factors portend Moncrief having huge potential going forward: a poor defense that forces the offense to keep throwing, a good QB in Andrew Luck throwing to him, and a suspect receiving corps that was in desperate need of him coming back to be a primary option [alongside Hilton]. I hate to get too far ahead here but could this be another Cooper and Crabtree situation? Just imagine what Rodgers is going to do to the Colts defense in Lambeau and how much Luck will have to sling the ball this week. Moncrief has a chance to feast and hopefully gets his fill going into the bye.
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    Basically. Heres Ware being a stud HS QB Here he is getting his Deion Sanders/Bo Jackson on It ain't easy being a boss unless your name is Spencer Ware
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    Text him and find out if they took a flash photo, and if Spencer had any sensitivity to the light.
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    FG% is not enough. You have to be punting all 9 categories for him to be a hold.
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    Dis Embiid sleep with your wife or something?
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    Look, you don't get what's going on, and that's fine. Just stop spouting off like you're some basketball authority. Russell got in foul trouble early, went 3-10 from the field and with Walton running his bench unit heavily all season long and staying within 3 of the Pacers on the road with 30 seconds left, the rest is history. I'm a Laker fan, I couldn't be happier than if we keep taking every game down to the wire and losing. That's obviously not Walton's intent, but if he doesn't want to play his starters 35-38 minutes every night and is willing to lose a few more games as a result, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. Crying about how terrible Walton's rotations are and throwing an "I told you so" attitude at everyone when, bluntly, you didn't, is just a waste of everyone's time, so stop.
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    I was excited to see CC come back. Then an I looked at my roster and realized I now have Coleman, Crowell, and Barnidge. No no wonder my team blows
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    I just wanted to post my strong disagreement with the Roto analysis on Noah. Here's their take after tonight: Here's my version. Noah played 30 minutes tonight (more than Prozingis). He led the team in boards and assists and got 2 blks. The points will come, as he gets his timing back and manages to get a few putbacks to fall. The most important thing is minutes. If he can maintain getting 30 minutes, he should get to 9-10, with a blk, and very high assists for a C. At the price you paid for him, that line is gold.
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    I had to put dude on ignore. He's literally going to go dumpster diving for anything negative about Embiid after each game.
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    Ya dude, I'm with ya. Gonna drop D'Lo for Calderon, no excuses!!
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    Never forget the guy who spent like 2 pages telling us all how Dieng was going to be usurped by Bjelica and would be a dud.
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    This guy is criminally under owned. If you are weak in assists and need a big man, he should be on your team. I think his averages will be something like: 7PTS, 10REB, 4.5AST, 0.7STL, 1.2BLK, 45%FG. About to drop Z Bo for him. Could use the extra REB/BLK and it will prevent other teams from gaining assists on me.
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    You didn't hear? McFadden isn't just injured. He's been busy cloning himself. One of him is going to Denver. One to KC. One obviously to Green Bay and Dallas will keep the prototype. Bad move imo they'd be better off keeping one of the clones.
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    Truer words never spoken. Btw this happened last year with Byron Scott. At times Russell's defense is really that terrible and he needed to be taught a lesson by being benched. Only difference is Scott was a no nonsense guy and never cut him slack, even as a rookie. He has a MUCH longer leash this year and good rapport with Walton. This was a teaching moment for him (don't pick up 2 fouls in two minutes as the starting point guard). Outlook in fantasy is determined by reality but the reality of this situation is that he is the future of the team and he will produce.
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    Yeah... playoff time. I always draft most of my players who I believe will be contributing during fantasy playoffs. It has served me well.
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    Guys, Seriously, from a previous TJones owner. Accept the fact that he's not a good basketball player. His ability to fill a stat sheet is not tied to how good of a player he is.
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    According to my friend who is a Chiefs fan, Ware was at team picture day as per the team's official Snapchat account. So there's that.
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    Swing and a miss... and a miss... and a miss... and a miss... and a miss... and a miss... etc.
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    Really can't see that happening. Rookies, even ones with 3-4 years of college experience, are almost never good real life NBA players right off the bat (very few exceptions in the last decade). Rubio's a good NBA PG. Good in basically every aspect of the game besides shooting (which Dunn can't do either). I honestly can't see Dunn supplanting him at any point this year.
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    Now you see him, now you don't -- it's Ghostface
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    Just read some of that guys posts and you'll understand
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    I could have picked up West but didn't feel like burning a high waiver on it. Could burn me, but it could be a one week thing, if that. That's ware you make managerial decisions.
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    He is being severely underrated this week by the "experts." Starting with confidence. Cowboys are banged up in the secondary and figure to be ahead the entire game. Game script screams pass heavy with a garbage time cherry on top for the browns.
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    Can we lock this thread? Dudes done for the year, who even cares anymore. His 2016 Outlook is not playing. Not worth discussing anymore.
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    LOL. Wow wow wow. His 3 favorite WRs going in. DeVante Parker, Allen Robinson, and Michael Floyd. Just wow.
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    THANK YOU everyone early in this topic who was hyped on this kid. Reason I drafted him
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    I am happy, I finally know what to do with him
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    My personal speculation*: -- He is done with the chiefs. They can save $7M/yr if they cut him, and why wouldn't they? -- He will play again. I'm just guessing here, but if I had to bet I'd say they find something they can cleanup in his knee that will reduce swelling and pain and he'll be able to be effective. Potentially will be a steal in next year's drafts like Matt Forte this year. People will think he's old and washed up and on a new team and will remember the situation this year, and pass on him until the 4th or 5th round. *denotes a key word
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    Sorry bud, but you got fleeced there. Even with the injury risk....
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    The San Jose Mercury News believes Carlos Hyde (shoulder) "appears on track" to return against the Saints. Hyde practiced in a non-contact jersey Tuesday, but beat writer Can Inman believes it's simply part of his recovery. Shedding the jersey on Wednesday would have Hyde all systems go for Week 9.
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    Heard Anthony Davis is being showcased and the Hornets want to make TJ their future.
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    Interesting to come in and find this post given what I have to offer ^.^. I don't own Emmanuel anywhere but stumbled across this and just thought it had some merit considering that Emmanuel has been a bit down the last few games: Sanders currently leads the league in RZ Targets and, more prominently, Targets from Inside the 10. His RZ Targets (14) is also a league leading pace (using 2015 data), as Eric Decker led the league with 28 last year and Sanders is through 8 games. Even without playing another game, Sanders RZ targets would finish 32nd Among WRs in 2015. Sanders' RZ Targets (14) are already close to doubling his total from 2015 (8). His Targets from Inside the 10 (10) is far above a league leading pace (using 2015 data), as Decker led that stat as well, but with only 16. He has more Targets Inside the 10 this year than he did from Inside the 20 last year (10 versus 8). Even without playing another game, Sanders' targets inside the 10 would finish 12th Among WRs in 2015. If you remove Paxton Lynch's numbers entirely, eliminating almost two games of data for Sanders, Sanders still has 10 RZ Targets (Tied for 8th) and 9 (!) Targets Inside the 10, which would move him from sole possession of first into a tie for first in the league. And. Sanders' Targets from Inside the 10 in 2016 have not only surpassed his similar target count from 2015, but have blown away that number, and increased five fold, as he only had 2 Targets inside the 10 in all of 2015, and now has 10 Targets through 8 games of 2016. Good hold candidate. Honestly pretty good buy low candidate. Early indicators are that Siemian loves this guy in the money areas, and he could easily be in for a TD binge after these four unfortunate weeks of failing to find paydirt.
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    The first round pick they gave up was top 20 protected. It's better to have a Jerami Grant for $850k than it is to draft an unknown rookie who will cost more (30th pick in 2017 draft will cost about $1 million/year). Basically OKC freed up $7 million AND for a better, cheaper asset. i think this is the setup for a bigger move. OKC can now trade Kanter and the $7 million cap space for a max contract player, or do a smaller trade with guys like Singler and absorb other team'a salary.
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    And this my friends is how you look like an idiot in one quarter
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    Taking pictures? Talking to family members? Good lord. You guys post this as if it is somehow significant. Are people supposed to lock themselves in a room for an unspecified amount of time do nothing and play dead when they're concussed? Concussion not died. He's gonna be fine. Clearly.
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    it's just speculation from a writer, not set in stone. Everyone take a seat until the TEAM makes an announcement.
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    I just admitted he won't be ranked that high though. Espn player rater is non turnover. Still though, has a pretty good chance of being an asset this season as opposed to a scrub with a non fantasy friendly game. If he falls down to 75-100 I'm pretty please OK with my minimal investment in a deeper league.
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    since when is "noodle armed" considered an injury? ?
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    The first part of the exam is just an on field exam, which doesn't really mean a lot. The neurologist saw something that made him think enough to send him back for part 2 of the exam. I have my fingers crossed, because I need this dude in my lineup (don't have Ware and out of FAAB).
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    I think this was more of a financial trade than actual basketball trade http://dailythunder.com/instant-analysis-thunder-trade-for-jerami-grant/ OKC freed up over $7 million which will allow them flexibility in future trades.
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    you know a player is good when tonight's line draws no posting in his player thread 35-15 with 3 blocks 3 steals on 17/18 FT shooting and not a single peep
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    You didn't warn anyone about anything, you were whining about nonsense like Young starting over Clarkson when everybody knew full well Clarkson was going to be the 6th man. You certainly didn't warn everyone D'Angelo would play 18 minutes tonight, so stop taking up space patting yourself on the back for something you didn't even do.
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    It's just his brain, not his knee! Nothing to worry about!
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    Ware is the best player ever and is an iron man. At at least that's what I've learned from the West thread....
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    Stupid Charles/West owner probably thinks you are the stupid Ware owner that has had him all year on your team.