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    Look, you don't get what's going on, and that's fine. Just stop spouting off like you're some basketball authority. Russell got in foul trouble early, went 3-10 from the field and with Walton running his bench unit heavily all season long and staying within 3 of the Pacers on the road with 30 seconds left, the rest is history. I'm a Laker fan, I couldn't be happier than if we keep taking every game down to the wire and losing. That's obviously not Walton's intent, but if he doesn't want to play his starters 35-38 minutes every night and is willing to lose a few more games as a result, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. Crying about how terrible Walton's rotations are and throwing an "I told you so" attitude at everyone when, bluntly, you didn't, is just a waste of everyone's time, so stop.
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    I just wanted to post my strong disagreement with the Roto analysis on Noah. Here's their take after tonight: Here's my version. Noah played 30 minutes tonight (more than Prozingis). He led the team in boards and assists and got 2 blks. The points will come, as he gets his timing back and manages to get a few putbacks to fall. The most important thing is minutes. If he can maintain getting 30 minutes, he should get to 9-10, with a blk, and very high assists for a C. At the price you paid for him, that line is gold.
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    Ya dude, I'm with ya. Gonna drop D'Lo for Calderon, no excuses!!
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    Never forget the guy who spent like 2 pages telling us all how Dieng was going to be usurped by Bjelica and would be a dud.
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    This guy is criminally under owned. If you are weak in assists and need a big man, he should be on your team. I think his averages will be something like: 7PTS, 10REB, 4.5AST, 0.7STL, 1.2BLK, 45%FG. About to drop Z Bo for him. Could use the extra REB/BLK and it will prevent other teams from gaining assists on me.
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    Truer words never spoken. Btw this happened last year with Byron Scott. At times Russell's defense is really that terrible and he needed to be taught a lesson by being benched. Only difference is Scott was a no nonsense guy and never cut him slack, even as a rookie. He has a MUCH longer leash this year and good rapport with Walton. This was a teaching moment for him (don't pick up 2 fouls in two minutes as the starting point guard). Outlook in fantasy is determined by reality but the reality of this situation is that he is the future of the team and he will produce.
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    Yeah... playoff time. I always draft most of my players who I believe will be contributing during fantasy playoffs. It has served me well.
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    Guys, Seriously, from a previous TJones owner. Accept the fact that he's not a good basketball player. His ability to fill a stat sheet is not tied to how good of a player he is.
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    Swing and a miss... and a miss... and a miss... and a miss... and a miss... and a miss... etc.
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    Really can't see that happening. Rookies, even ones with 3-4 years of college experience, are almost never good real life NBA players right off the bat (very few exceptions in the last decade). Rubio's a good NBA PG. Good in basically every aspect of the game besides shooting (which Dunn can't do either). I honestly can't see Dunn supplanting him at any point this year.
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    THANK YOU everyone early in this topic who was hyped on this kid. Reason I drafted him
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    Sorry bud, but you got fleeced there. Even with the injury risk....
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    Heard Anthony Davis is being showcased and the Hornets want to make TJ their future.
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    The first round pick they gave up was top 20 protected. It's better to have a Jerami Grant for $850k than it is to draft an unknown rookie who will cost more (30th pick in 2017 draft will cost about $1 million/year). Basically OKC freed up $7 million AND for a better, cheaper asset. i think this is the setup for a bigger move. OKC can now trade Kanter and the $7 million cap space for a max contract player, or do a smaller trade with guys like Singler and absorb other team'a salary.
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    And this my friends is how you look like an idiot in one quarter
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    Where's the love for Thad!?! There wasn't even a single post on him for this season! Right now he's a top 20 player on Yahoo and his stats aren't even that ridiculous. He's shooting a lot of open threes and getting a lot of easy lay-ups. The steals were always there, along with the occasional blocks. As long as he is not shooting a lot of FT's, he can become a top 40 player easy. Just saying
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    i'd want a proven 5th rounder or better. i honestly wouldn't trade him probably won't get fair value when his monster upside is considered. like would you really be happy trading him for JV? I wouldn't. JV might be more consistent but has nowhere near the upside Big Nurk has
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    Jerami is available to play tonight. Let it begin!!!!! Waiver wire pickup of the year right here!
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    He can obliterate the FG% as well so you prob won't start him much in roto unless you become desperate for blocks.
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    I think Kevin Acee would be the guy. Also look for Michael Gehlken.
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    I'm impressed you managed to necro this post.
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    This seems like a big point with all of this resting. People pay money to go watch a team that is basically throwing the game. That game last night was a disaster and the fans should be angry.
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    lol top red zone threat with 1 TD in 7 games. Sure pal.
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    It's funny people still being mad he doesn't play. Yes his coaches never want their team to win and that's why they don't unleash the beast. They wouldn't be able to tank if he played guys, he is that good.
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    Buy low everywhere while you can. Walton is simply teaching the kid he has to earn his minutes. Lakers are surely going to feature him because they have NO CHOICE but to find another potential star. If you follow Dlo on IG he's still a kid. When he matures fast enough he's going to stop playing sloppy and start taking the game more seriously.
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    No. The Wolves will move away from a generatiokal player and the best rookie we've seen in a decade in order to force feed Shabazz Muhammad and Gorgui Dieng points.
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    Maybe he said something untoward to multiple coach's wives.
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    I think this was more of a financial trade than actual basketball trade http://dailythunder.com/instant-analysis-thunder-trade-for-jerami-grant/ OKC freed up over $7 million which will allow them flexibility in future trades.
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    He's alergic to rebounds B. I'll be pretty happy with 17-5 with 2 blocks. Sprinkle in a 3 like today and I wont complain.
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    You own Russell but don't understand the circumstances of reality that is hindering your fantasy outlook of Russell.
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    you know a player is good when tonight's line draws no posting in his player thread 35-15 with 3 blocks 3 steals on 17/18 FT shooting and not a single peep
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    You didn't warn anyone about anything, you were whining about nonsense like Young starting over Clarkson when everybody knew full well Clarkson was going to be the 6th man. You certainly didn't warn everyone D'Angelo would play 18 minutes tonight, so stop taking up space patting yourself on the back for something you didn't even do.
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    This is a disgrace to the NBA .... thanks fans for coming and spending your hard earned money to come watch a freaking summer league game!!
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    NBA has gone even softer...collect your 5mm or whatever it is the hell you will get paid to sit on the bench you " professional" athlete..i wish I could show up to work and have the boss say " hey sit this one out today..we need you for later in the year"...RIDICULOUS!! Explain this to all the kids wearing Conley jerseys who wanted nothIng more than to watch their favorite player tonight..and that dad/mom who spent hard earned money to make it happen..SICK of this crap!
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    I need this guy's game to match his swag
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    Rookie point guards are even less successful right off the bat than normal rookies. I think Rubio comes back in two-ish weeks and it's back to business as usual: s---y points, good assists, great steals, and another injury lurking around the corner.
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    seriously. its a new team and new system. give it time- im sure everyone on that team is learning to adjust to the new Dantoni offense. Harden has mad respect for ryan and ran to help him back up when Ryan got smacked in the face by salah mejri last night and fell down. -->it goes to show how pivtol this player will be to the rockets team.
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    Been getting some interest from GMs in my league...they left the ball in my court, and told me to make the offer. I'm curious guys, if you were to trade him now. What types of players would you want back in return? I'm having a bit of trouble gauging his trade value atm.
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    This is what is starting to worry me. Wiggins and Lavine are hogs of the highest order.
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    Career 70% FT shooter, oddly seem to be regressing in this area a bit. But it also seem as he gets older, he gets to the line less. Average 3.0 FTA a game for career. He's shouldn't help or hurt much in the FT dept.
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    Didn't watch the game but just saw the stats. Did this just happen?! And 5 boards too?
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    I love the fact that they are being blown out. Serves them right for benching their two best players. Hopefully they learn from this.
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    I have a vague memory of reading somewhere (Fangraphs, maybe?) that last year the umps tightened up the strike zone in a way that had a disproportionate impact on Cole because of the particular spots he likes to attack. Seems plausible. He had some nagging injuries but didn't lose any velocity and posted plenty of good starts, so maybe a healthy year with a strike zone adjustment will yield a rebound.
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    I feel like I'm the only guy that owns both Harris & Barton. One goes down as the other comes back
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    LOL at the damage being to his shooting arm. Yeah, that's not what drafted him for.
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    Start here, read forward: http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?showtopic=507132&p=6212238 Also, when considering "Weapons" how much of an advantage is having Bill Belichick as your head coach? How much better is he than say...Jim Caldwell. I have to say, this is the most clever way anyone has ever gotten me to do their homework for them.