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    I don't even know where to start so let's agree to disagree
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    I was in Greece (Athens, Papagos) then. The team is Filathlitikos and not Filathlos, and I never said I watch it on TV If you are from Athens, you know that the stadion of Filathlitikos (Zografou) is 15' far from the area I lived. My cousin is a gymnast there and I watched 3-4 games. But yeah I would lie to brag about it somewhere where nobody knows me
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    look I can fully understand how we can call him soft about the toe and the finger sprains but the dude got elbowed in the face by a centre and has a hole in his lip. concussion is concussion y'all. give him a break
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    QB Moore RB Jennings RB Zenner WR A Brown WR Edelman FL Gabriel TE Green D DET K Prater When 6 of 8 first picks were QBs, I decided to abandon that position and focus on filling wr/rb's, ideally targeting NE and PIT for 3 games each, avoiding nfc like the plague. That lasted a total of 3 picks, but I like those first 3 picks of Brown, Edelman and Green. At r5-6 I decided to let Predator pick between Cook and Moore, and finish filling out rb/flex, because while I was assured one of the bottom QBs I wanted to try and squeeze points out of as many other slots as possible. I also planned to go Def and kicker early, but again the weird 12/13 pick spot messed me up.. r3-4 felt way too early, and by r5-6 all my targeted def/kickers were gone, so I again felt I needed points out of the last rb and flex. Zenner and Gabriel I ~hope~ will each get 2 games. I guess now I am rooting for a PIT v DET superbowl, lol? 12th was a tough spot, the drop off from r1-2 to r3-4 felt huge. But I also really enjoyed this format and the challenge. I don't have regret picks, but I also don't have terribly high hopes for my rb committee... or defense/kicker... or QB for that matter.... GL everyone!
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    I think I speak for everyone when I say we need Scuppers in a league with us next year. Great post!
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    QB...A.Smith RB...Zeke RB...LeBlount WR...A.Cooper WR...W.Fuller F...K.Stills TE...D.Sims K...C.Bosley D...Pittsburgh Once I saw where I was picking I knew the top QBs would be gone, so I built my team accordingly. QB...There were 6 QBs I wanted and all were gone by my pick. That left Stafford, Eli, Smith and the 3 mutts. I waited as long as I could and was able to get Smith who I'm hoping might give me 2 games. RB...My obvious strength with 2 guys who could be in the SB. I knew I wanted to fill RB early because after the first 7 or 8 it fell off a cliff. Waiting on RB got you guys who might get you 2 or 3 points if they even played. WR...With the top guys gone I was able to at least grab 2 guys who play each other ensuring I get one through to week 2. F...By this time RB was a wasteland and the WRS were either deep backups on good teams or guys likely to only play one game so I went Stills for upside and because he's been hot lately. Hoping for a one game explosion. TE...Went in conceding TE because I don't like many to do much, and you need to concede something in these setups. Sims has had decent games lately. K&Def...Two key spots where I wanted to use fairly early picks because these spots are tons more valuable in this format than regular season head to head. I was able to get one of my top three in each spot and hopefully get at least two if not three games from the Steelers.
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    QB - Stafford RB - Montgomery RB - Collins WR - Baldwin WR - Shepard TE - Wilson Flex - Coates D/ST - Seattle K - Gould The Montgomery pick over Zeke was strictly because I like GB over Dallas so I'm thinking I could get more games out of him as opposed to a potential 1 and done from Zeke. Obviously it's a gamble but this whole format makes any pick a risk. I was also hoping that Adams might make it back to me which didn't happen. If nothing else I was hoping to get someone out of the Adams, AB, Edelman, Blount bunch and they went with 4 of the 6 picks in between my picks so I had to pivot to another team I like in Seattle. Obviously all my eggs are pretty much in the Seattle basket with Collins, Baldwin, Wilson and Seattle D. So I probably need Seattle to make the super bowl for a realistic shot at winning. I like their chances to get there and everything else seemed to be gone from the AFC side on teams that I liked so that kind of became my strategy. All in baby! If GB happens to lose to the Giants, hopefully they can go further with Shepard and Gould on my team. Stafford was picked only because I thought he was the best of what was left. Coates, if healthy, maybe catches a few long passes but I don't have a lot of faith in him. I was really hoping for Tye or Jesse James in the last round but with them gone, I was back to the Seattle well. There's definitely some different strategy that goes into this playoff format and i'm interested in how it plays out. Thanks for letting me join as an alternate!
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    AROD Dion Lewis Charcandrick West T. Williams Beasley Jimmy G J. Kearse MIA D Seabees Kicking Starting off with AROD was nice. It was a tough call between AROD, Brady, or Leveon. I do agree going QB early may have its advantage here, but i also think if a guy like Leveon can go from the WC game all the way to the AFC title game with some monster games, it could be huge. That being said i took the hottest player in the game right now in AROD. I think they beat the GMEN, beat the Cowboys, and i have them in the SB, as i did to start this season. Funny bc my thought to start this year was GB vs Giants in the NFC title game, with GB in the SB, Looks like we get that earlier then i thought. My RB's could be my biggest boom or bust factor in this roster. If Lewis gets used the way i hope he does in this PO's, i may have a very good option going deep into the PO's. With West, the pickings were getting bare and i think he's going to split work with Ware, he's also sniped GL work from him this year, thats what I'm banking on here. West looked pretty dang good last week as well, and even took some nice pass plays to the house. If they sneak passed the Steelers, even better. While i do love the match ups for my Cowboys Wrs in TWILL/Beasley no matter who comes to town, i do fear and predict they might lose to the Pack. I may only get one game from this pair which would suck, but if they sneak passed GB and get to the title game, there will be so much focus on Dez/Zeke i think Beasley and TWILL provide more value for targets then some would expect, i expect at least one of these WRs to be a key contributor to the Cowboys offense. Now to my Hawks: Jimmy G and Kearse. I love the match ups starting with the Lions for both my players, Jimmy G should do work vs DET and Kearse has seen an uptick in targets since the loss of Lockett. I think Seattle beats, DET, then ATL, and i should have this pair in the NFC title game vs Rodgers, IMO. Seattle going to ATL in the dome in the next round could be a juicy match up for many players. Now where i s--- the bed. On the turn i took TWILL/Kearse, i F'd up. I should have gone with my gut at the time and picked KC D and Santos. Instead i opted for the WR's and then as i should have expected but didn't, i ended up with the worst Defense in Miami and a Kicker in Seabass who maybe one and done. I would have rather had KC D and Santos going into the second round, and its very possible they take down the Steelers being that they are in KC. Good luck everyone. I had a lot of fun playing FF all year, and this PO challenge i expect to be loads of fun as well.
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    QB - Ben Roethlisberger (2-4 Games) RB - Lamar Miller (2) RB - Darren McFadden (1-3) WR - Tyreek Hill (1) WR - Chris Hogan (3) TE - Eric Ebron (1) FL - CMike (3) DST - NE (3) K - Steven Hasuhka (2-3) I couldn't pass on Big Ben at 3rd pick but it impacted the quality of skill players pretty significantly. If Pitt makes a good run I should get 3 games out of Ben. With Brock at the Helm, I am looking for 2 big games from Lamar to get me some points stashed away. DMC is a lotto ticket for a vulture or accumulating a handful of points week over week, assuming they make a run. Tyreek, I picked because I sense I will walk away from that game with either Big Ben or Tyreek left and be happy with either. Hogan I am hoping for some 6-9 point games from and maybe one breakout game for double digits. Ebron, it looked like the remaining TEs would take 2-3 games to equal Ebrons one game point total. Hoping for a TD. Cmike, I just hope they don't cut him if GB makes a run. NE DST should get big pts against Hou and then go the distance. Hauska plays Home, Dome, Dome if things go right. Good luck all!
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    QB Connor Cook RB Jalen Richard RB DeAngelo Williams WR Julio Jones WR Davante Adams WR Eli Rogers TE Jared Cook D/ST Green Bay Packers K Matt Bryant Team slogan: Go Pack Go fairly simple at the 1.11: if you can't get a top QB or RB, stack up everywhere else. In hindsight, I could have gone with either Antonio Brown or Devonta Freeman. I chose Adams over these two for the following reasons: 1. Picking Freeman meant too much exposure to the Falcons. Epecially with super stud Julio locked in as a second round selection, and with Taylor Gabriel rated as my favorite of all the mid round WR3s, I was keen on staying away from putting most of my proverbial eggs in the Falcons basket. While I like the Falcons' chances more and more with each passing day, I'm not sure I can bet the house on them playing more than two games with Green Bay/Dallas living in the same bracket. Having said that, the two games are expected to be high scoring, fantasy-friendly games; so adding a Falcons kicker at the one and done position is still justifiable. 2. My lack of confidence in the Steelers. I'm not sure the General public understands how good the Kansas City Chiefs are. While Andy Reid's men lack star power, they boast of considerable success in one of the league's toughest divisions. They possess the 3 elements needed for post season success; 1. A strong pass rush with Dee Ford and Justin Houston. 2. A strong, clock killing run game, and 3. Home field advantage. The latter being particularly noteworthy, as Arrowhead remains one of the toughest stadiums to play in. KC at Arrowhead presents a massive stumbling block, so I'm not too sure if the Steelers last beyond 2 games either. With that said, this is a game of probabilities and accumulation. The Steelers do possess the star power and the experience; they cannot be ignored as a Super Bowl contender, so I found it fairly easy to justify picking Eli Rogers as a WR3. It guarantees me the necessary "just in case" exposure to a AFC powerhouse guaranteed to feature in two games. DeAngelo Williams was an equally sensible pick for the same purpose, and as the most valuable handcuff in the competition, he could be the wildcard to give me an advantage. Speaking of wildcards, the nature of the league's format made Jared Cook a fairly straightforward selection in the third round. surprisingly enough, Aaron Rodgers has a much better QB rating with him as opposed to without him, and this could be indicative of a larger role going forward. In the absence of a steady run game, receivers bear the burden of moving the chains, making Cook a central figure while defenses focus their energies on stopping jordy Nelson and Davante adams. Last but not least, we're obviously banking on the Raidahs to pull an upset. Connor Cook turned in a competent performance against Denver, and while the playoffs may not be the ideal time to make your first full start, he has shown he belongs at this level. With two 1000 yard receivers to throw to, one can expect a decent fantasy performance. Not so for Jalen Richard, who is more of a peripheral player. However, he tends to flash each time he gets the ball and holds one of the league's highest elusive ratings...what better to unleash him than in the playoffs? Fingers crossed. Good luck to everyone, especially the packers and steelers, who I hope will be playing the Super Bowl
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    There is a great article breaking all of that down. It isn't really as bad as it looks on paper though. Aaron Rodgers has struggled since winning a SB progressing in the playoffs, but people continue to say he is the best QB in the NFL. It is a team sport. Coaching staff, front office, ownership, and the team all matter. Way too much blame and credit is given to the QB position. It is definitely the most important position on a team, but too much weight is given to it.
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    I'm sorry, I know there is no specific order for the way stats are supposed to be presented but that is just odd to me haha.
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    I am not a man who likes to deal with hyperbole. And I've also been on these forums religiously watching the baseball and football versions daily, regardless of the time of year. This is EASILY the most ridiculous thing I have ever read on any forum, fantasy website, etc. You could not come across more biased if you tried. You offer zero evidence for your baseless claims. And by all logical evidence your claims are insane. I award you zero points and may God have mercy on your soul.
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    Matt Ryan Tevin Coleman Thomas Rawls Malcolm Mitchell Michael Crabtree Anquan Boldin C.J. Fiedorowicz Nick Novak Texans D/ST Obviously I'll be rooting for the Falcons, but I was happy to get Rawls and Mitchell too, because I figure they both get at least two games. Once my roster started to fill out and the player pool thinned, I decided to take players from the same matchup. I had Rawls, so I took Boldin to be guaranteed 2 games from one. Same with Fiedorowicz/Crabtree....guaranteed 2 from one. And since Crabtree is the better player of those two, at least if Houston loses and I lose CJF, my kicker and defense, I'll be guaranteed a pretty good WR in Crabtree for Round 2. But really, gonna need Atlanta to play at least 2 games to have a shot here...
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    20 FGAs is a good thing. Please don't post of you're going to trade him... nobody cares
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    All aboard! Can't quit you C Mike
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    While I think there are a couple options I like more from a production standpoint, gotta ride that GB train a little and hope this guy hits - Geronimo Allison
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    Alex Colome is TB's closer unless they trade him and a number of teams would love to get their hands on him too. He could be one of the half dozen top closers in the league this year. No way does Boxberger become TB's closer again barring a trade of Colome. If Colome stays in TB, Colome is the closer. Period. (FYI Colome's numbers last year were 77K in 56.2 innings with a 1.91 ERA and a 1.02 WHIP. Colome is the stuff of which closers are made).
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    Anyone with a top 5 pick def had an advantage in this.
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    I can't be too critical, my strategy apparently has me hoping 2 NFC teams make it to the super bowl
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    Pred, you are gonna have the worst RBs in the history of fantasy competition.
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    Postives were the 185Ks in 168IP, the fact he was actually better at home (whaaaat?) , the 16K game. Negatives the 4.61ERA due to a few major blow ups. I think theres a lot to like and be optimistic about despite the home park. He throws gas, nasty slider, built like a horse. And should go late in drafts next year. As a late round rotation option, I'll gladly take a chance on him.
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    Ghostface is not fun this year. He's too consistent. It was more fun for people to talk about him when he would go 25 points 10 rebounds one game and 25 mins 10 points next game
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    Maybe he wants Lin to get more blocks?
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    1. FouLLine (CST) 2. Countseth (PT - west coast) 3. lipitorkid (PST) 4. Fuzzy_Slippers 5. taoball 6. CoreyInDaHouse 7. colepenhagen (PST) 8. @bluejaysin2030 9. @fawkes_mulder 10. @TrueShoe 11. TheBoatmen (EST) 12.
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    Make it official: MATT MOORE I'd totally be up for joining a league next year.
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    she had six this year, two of which were money leagues. she's fairly experienced and has been playing for just a few years less than me. she was in an espn board one for like 3-4 years that slowly became a partial family league for me as i brought her and my brothers in as replacements over the years. i am sure she would like to play in one with the folks here
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    They both had Vinatieri for 6 seasons. One won 3 rings, the other won 1.
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    Wow guess that wasn't so short. Goes so quickly on a phone lol.
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    from your mouth to the football gods ears lets this be, please.
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    Well now that the last two picks are certain positions, the other WR I was considering over Allison was DeVante Parker in addition to Marvin Jones Jr. But for the same reason, already having Landry I did not want to be guaranteed to lose 2 WRs in one game if either of those teams lose.
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    I do think im a little off GB as much as the rest of you. But the wild card to super bowl factor is huge. I just think ATL has a powerful offense that could match GB in a shootout, and dallas plays a ball control type of game, keeping GBs offense off the field, which maybe be there best defense. GBs secondary is horrible so i dont doubt anyone could consistently score In AFC the steelers are really the only team that could run the table to me, but im much bigger fans of KC and NE, as most of you are im sure. Hoping that the texans can overcome the raiders and i can at least get two games out of them. But im happy to at least have a few peices out of NE and KC. Gonna feels pretty straight forward but.. Championship prediction: ATL vs DAL NE vs KC Super bowl: DAL vs NE
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    A lot of people shy away from injury prone guys. I love injury prone guys cause when they aren't injured you're getting great production at a value..... And when they do get injured I get to finally make the pick up off the waiver wire I've been eyeballing for a week now. I've yet to be in a league where I felt I had enough roster spots. So DL guys make decisions easier for me as I find that over half my drops end up getting picked up within a couple of weeks if not right away.
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    From watching the game, you know he is a great fit next to Giannis and Parker. Reason why is because those guys do multiple roles throughout the game and Brogdon is asked to adjust on the fly to being a ball handler, being a cutter, or a floor spacer. He has the physique and mental poise to do all three and change his role on the fly. They can sub in Terry/Delly or Snell (yuck) into the lineup and it would be seemless. I would bet on a good ROS outlook. They won 3 straight with Brogdon and is 6th in the conference. With that monster Giannis, they look like the dark horse in East.
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    QB - Eli Manning RB - Bell RB - Perkins WR - Sanu WR - Richardson TE - Bennett Flex - Tye D/ST - Giants K - Gostkowski i'll go into a little further detail than my previous post. i did alter my strat after missing on my top qb targets round 1. i wanted to avoid atl, dallas, hou, oak, miami, det, and kc players from the start. my wish was gb, ne, pitt, and seattle players as i like those teams for championship weekend. i passed wilson for bell because i like the steelers to at least play three games a bit better than the hawks and bell can pace qb scoring. once gb players became unrealistic i hedged my heart with g-strings as a replacement. i was not too thrilled with sanu as my top wr but i knew i would be facing tough choices by favoring the te/dst/k spots to stick with the plan. my wish was kearse and richardson at wr and barely missed (i had some hope of an eli/obj stack too but not to be). just looking for four games total from my wrs. i don't want the giants to win but if they do i will be sitting pretty in this at least and the cowgirls may be nervous as heck, especially if stubbs comes back for the divisional round. tye in the flex is meh but all options were and for the past few weeks he has been getting targets and fit the plan while taking an option away from the three teams still needing a te. good luck everyone
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    I first watch him play in Greek Div.2 League. He was centuries younger than his teammates, rough (he started playing basketball when he was about 14) but you could see the potential. I follow him from day one on the NBA and never doubted him for a sec, despite the huge time difference ( I live in Germany) and that also work and have 2 kids, I manage to watch most of the games live. I used to watch NBA a lot as a teenager in Greece (grew up with MJ, last couple of seasons of Bird, Pippen , Drexler, Malone and Stockton, Kemp and Payton, etc ), but due to studies, work, family and the time difference stopped following NBA closely. Giannis made me a fanatic about NBA again, and really the Bucks are a great fit for him (I don't think he would get the chances he got the first couple of years on another team, plus he is surrounded by genuinely good guys like Parker and Middleton, that much his mentality and not some a***** divas like the many out there). Once Middleton is back and hopefully they clean the Centers mess a bit. Then watch out for the Bucks for years to come. Current Giannis is like someone gave you the editor for NBA 2k and you made the 7ft PG/SG/SF/PF/C cheat player and he is just 22...
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    Over his last 30 games he's averaging 1.1 steals and 1.1 threes and overall 50% shooting. Sounds like you missed out on him so now you're just hating
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    McCanns leaving Yankee Stadium and doesn't have near the upside
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    I'd like that but I'm out of likes for the day apparently. lol rotoworld
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    Bucks win by Gianni's buzzer beater. Ana he did an almost FT line in game dunk :
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    8 assists and no turnovers. Is this kid a rookie? The shooting will come. A steal off the waiver wire. Also, if Middleton was healthy this pass happy lineup would be a nightmare in the East.
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    Deangelo williams garbage time TD vs the Dolphins and maybe bell gets caught DUI? We can only hope
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    I'm not judging any lineups with mine looking the way it is lol im banking on Big Ben a kicker and a DST to carry me
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    I feel like living up to your handle would require you to theorize that the blister from hell was, in fact, aliens amputating part of his finger for research and Hill's memory being wiped clean of the incident
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    Also, I have a theory here, pardon me if this is too much tinfoil for you. Just living up to my handle: The "blister from hell" that kept Rich Hill on the DL last year was a fake/exaggerated injury to handle his innings. This wouldn't be the first time that a team had gamed the DL system for ulterior motives. Dan Haren once famously said he was "put on the DL for being sh**ty." The Dodgers intended on keeping him fresh for the playoffs, and didn't want to run his innings too high, considering his journeyman history and the fact that he hadn't had a real starters workload in almost a decade. My league has 3 DL spots, I don't mind a phantom DL trip. In fact, I expect Rich Hill to go on the DL in 2017 with some unspecified ailment, probably in the summer, and he'll come back in late August to ramp up and be fresh for the playoffs. This is fine with me -- I'll have Rich Hill right when the fantasy playoffs start, and hopefully get uber high quality innings when they matter the most in h2h leagues.
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    Nurkic played better than Jokic. Probably should have gotten more minutes. Jokic was getting absolutely abused by Cousins on the other end. Aside from defense, which may continue to limit his playing time, my pessimism is almost gone with Jokic. Dude is just crazy skilled and basically turned a bad-to-meh performance into a damn good one in about a four minute stretch in the third with three dimes, a couple boards, five points, and a three. I still worry about Nurkic because he absolutely does deserve more playing time than he is getting because he is a really solid player. Malone seems to really base his rotations on the "hot hand" and there may be stretches where Nurkic looks really good and steals some time. But whereas my concern earlier this year was Nurkic rendering Jokic useless in fantasy, I think he may merely keep him from being elite. If Jokic keeps this up, I may finally be able to break up with Dwight at the end of the season after a difficult six year relationship in my dynasty league.