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    9.96 K/9 and 3.47 FIP. Very good numbers. Crazy splits stats right now though. He has a 1.86 FIP and 12.86 K/9 against LHBs! He has always been bad against LHBs. I think the Astros have absolutely optimized his pitch mix against LHBs. His curveball shape has change and he's back dooring a cutter. More 4SM up and in from what I've seen. I don't know why he's struggling against RHBs right now with a FIP over 5.00 and a BABIP over .400. I think they need to look at what he's using against RHBs. Gattis should never call a change against a RHB. I've seen some bad pitch selection hurt him on 0-2 counts. The main point is that if his gains against LHB are for real then he could be an ace.
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    Brutal first inning, but he showed a lot of poise by recovering and going on to pitch 7 innings and get 12 punchouts and getting the W in the process. I'm hoping those final 6 innings from tonight's game along with the strikeouts give him a nice confidence boost going forward.
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