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    yo! up and running....i need like every position and not attached to anyone at this point....positions looking for for sure tight end wr and QB picks whatever send me something
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    Surprised to not find a thread on this guy. Corbin Burnes is a 6'3 205lb 22 year old right handed starting pitcher that was drafted in last year's draft class in the 4th round out of St. Mary's. Burnes has been absolutely dominating hitters all year at A+ leading the entire league in ERA before he was recently promoted to AA where he has hasn't slowed down putting up a line of: 3 GS 16.2IP 1W 1.08ERA 4H 19SO 4BB. His total line for the year is: LG LEVEL W L ERA G GS CG SHO SV SVO IP H R ER HR HB BB IBB SO AVG WHIP GO/AO Minors 2017 [-] - Minors 6 0 1.06 13 13 0 0 0 0 76.2 11 9 1 3 20 0 75 .166 0.82 1.45
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    I posted about him in the sleeper thread a while back and I've got him on my watchlist.
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    And another write up from about a year ago before last year's draft. Gives you a good description of his stuff and how his velocity has really progressed: https://d1baseball.com/features/breakout-prospect-st-marys-corbin-burnes/ Sorry for the triple post, but finding this stuff all after the fact.
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    Here's an article about his recent success which he attributes to a change in his delivery: https://www.milb.com/milb/news/corbin-burnes-dominates-in-first-double-a-win-for-biloxi-shuckers/c-236005398/t-185364810
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    evidence that Eloy is literally making commentators orgasm
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    Looking forward to another year.
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    Brendan Rodgers is a cyborg
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    Sounds good A Very Bad Man
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    In 2 years, Eloy will be the best player on that list...and that's coming from a guy that's driving the Happ train. Eloy is not just some run of the mill prospect...he's going to be a star that forces his way into the majors earlier than most thing. Im not sure everyone understands what kind of player we are dealing with here. I think he's going to be a top 20 fantasy player one day. I know that's bold but I have been super I impressed with Eloy all along. He's a stud.