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    You're a self-admitted Celtics fan, which means you hate the Lakers. There's nothing wrong with that; the two fan bases have been hating each others' teams for 60 years. But this is a fantasy forum, and criticizing Ball constantly because of the team he plays for and posting stuff like this doesn't help us here: BBM just released their Summer League fantasy rankings and Ball is #1 overall. It will be shocking if he doesn't win SL MVP. Tatum is an afterthought.
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    @dobrienajc #Braves' Freeman has 10 RBIs in past 5 games, 3 homers in past 4 games and .400 average (12-for-30) in 7 games since return from DL. Nice small sample size coming off the DL. No rust. He did slide into first base on a pick off attempt at one point and seemed to be shaking that left hand/wrist a good bit. Hopefully not related to his previous injury.
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    The fact that you can even be considered for a suspension after a proven false allegation is a disgrace and the NFL should be embarrassed, if it even had any dignity left.
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    exactly. the NFL is not focused on being fair and equitable. The NFL chooses the players and issues the want to make statements on.
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    don't really care what your gender is bro
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    I think the diff between Julio and AB boils down to this, no one argues AB is the best WR in terms of consistently high production however everyone knows if Julio ever played 100% healthy for every game and the offense fed him he would be an unstoppable monster with an insane ceiling. Julio fans are waiting every season for this to happen; the 300yd 1 td game he had would be more of the norm than the exception. A key diff between julio and AB aside from health and physciality is Big ben finds AB in the end zone whereas Matty Ice doesnt do the same with Julio. I think Ben is just better than ryan at getting his top wr the ball in narrow windows; he makes some sick throws where u wouldnt expect.
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    Or Wilson, Stafford, Dak, Cam, Ryan, Winston, Tyrod, Ben, Luck, Mariota, Carr,...
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    he's basically the best player ever
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    All misses are not the same. If when a player misses, he misses usually back rim or in-and-out style, then that's an encouraging sign that he's a good shooter (small sample sizes could mean that a normally made shot became a "good" miss). I don't know what the official term is, but it's definitely a thing. For example, when Curry misses, it will almost never be way off. When Roberson shoots it, even if he has all day to setup, he shoots plenty of air balls, bricks, and off the side of the backboard misses. Those misses can tell you a lot. This is not to compare Lonzo to Curry or anything like that - the point is it's encouraging that at least when he is missing, he's not way off - with the exception of those couple of fatigued/forced threes he took that I mentioned earlier. Only thing I could find on this topic was an old article by Charlie Rosen where he said: source: http://www.espn.com/page2/s/rosen/030515.html Again, misses can tell you more about a player's shooting ability than makes because makes go in - whether they are swishes, rim ins, or whatever. But when you miss, you can miss in a wide variety of ways. When you're dealing with short sample sizes like 3 or 4 games in this case, a normally made shot could easily become a "good" miss just like a bad shot could be made. Over time it evens out and we have a clear picture of the player's shooting ability. I think at the very least Lonzo will be able to make open 3s at a good rate just based on what I've seen from him (type of shots he takes, types of misses, distance, etc.). It's why the Rondo comparison makes no sense. The only people making that comparison are the ones who are looking at the numbers, and not watching the game.
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    Id like to say more but you guys are hitting it on the head. Just some stability on that oline will go a big way. Both remmers and reiff have generally stayed healthy recently in their careers. A week to prepare, no chemistry or knowledge of the system, played exceptionally well, bad oline made him dump off more but when he had time he delivered accurate strikes all over the field. Took a beating and kept getting up. I was doubtful and skeptical when the vikes first traded for him..now i think they made a good choice. Toughness, poise, team first, has all the arm talent in the world, can make every throw. Then they still get dalvin cook in the 2nd. Growing chemistry with diggs theilen and rudolph. Treadwell apparently making strides. Strong defense to keep games in reach. If given time in the pocket, bradford will surprise alot of people.
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    This kid continues to rake. With another homer tonight. He now has 25 hits in 19 games since his promo to AA including 4 HR 15 rbi's. .325 AVG with an ,839 OPS Including his High A stats this year 83 games 20 HR ....57 RBI ...327 AVG.. with a .929 OPS
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    This sounds spoken like someone who has never owned him before. He always has stretches where he looks elite, but then bombs. Usually a top-5 QB during the first half of the year and then plummets dramatically -- happened in 2014, 2015, 2016 but 2017 is going to be different? He's pretty much unstartable against KC and DEN every season. He's a value at his ADP -- especially in leagues that minimize penalties for INTs, but relying on him as your only QB is asking to be disappointed.
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    While undoubtedly useful when looking at aggregate risk of the group as a whole... I'll always refer to first hand reports on the radio and from your buddy Impreza who will be at Broncos camp at least once a week . Beauty of being your own boss
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    He is home against the horrid GB defense week 6, which makes him a perfect bye week fill-in for Wilson, Dak, Tyrod, and Dalton who have their byes that week. You could draft Tyrod and Bradford each after round 12 in a 12-team league and be set at QB, allowing you to load up on skill position players in the first 11-12 rounds. He should beast against the horrid Saints defense week 1, which means he won't be as easy to acquire week 2 as he is now.
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    The Players Union gave this power to Goodell. They'll have to take it back in the next CBA. The Josh Brown thing was disgusting. NFL security, yes NFL security, was called to their hotel room at the Pro Bowl and little happened. Just gross.
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    Fine accuracy into man coverage on intermediate routes. We'll find out if he's improved in this area in weeks 1 and 2 vs nyg and Denver.
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    A response is the same as being "triggered"? So I guess I "triggered" you with my "In Bill We Trust" post since you responded right after. Side Note: Triggered and Snowflake are the most played out buzz words used these days on the Internet.
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    Matt Ryan's touchdown rate doubled from 2015 to 2016. Repeating anywhere near his 2016 historic season stats just isn't realistic, even if Shanahan had stayed. Look at Cam Newton from 2015 to 2016, and he didn't even change his offensive coordinator. I'm sorry but I have a hard time believing that Matt Ryan has finally turned a corner in the 9th year of his career. At no point in Ryan's career has he ever been worth a 5th or 6th round pick in fantasy football until last year. Most overvalued QB of this season by far.
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    Just like last year, I see no reason to think that Crabtree will not be the higher scoring player and the better value. Nothing has changed in regards to the OAK offense that will make Crabtree decline and Cooper ascend. If anything, having a sustained rushing attack with Lynch and the addition of Cook could decrease both of their numbers. In 1 PPR leagues 2016: Crabtree - 229.6 total points - 15.3 AVG per week Cooper - 218.4 total points - 14.6 AVG per week Current Fantasyfootballcalculator.com ADP for 2017 in 1 PPR: Cooper 2.08 Crabtree 7.07 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Ouch cltubbs. Maybe you should have stayed away from this thread. 🤣
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    Is anyone going to be that short-sighted, in dynasty, to give you a discount over what will probably be a 4 game ban at the very most?
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    I would not have gone that far.
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    Shouldn't affect his production but it will affect his ADP slightly. There will always be some that will avoid him because of the suspension. Mostly likely only drop a spot or two. People in the 4-5 spots will rejoice.
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    Stafford's first 8 weeks aren't any easier... he's got Arizona, NYG, ATL and MIN in the first four games... you're really overestimating KC... it's kinda sad. If there's one team I'd bet the under on for season totals it would be the Chiefs... Giants have an ok secondary nothing too bad, Jags have two good corners but who is going to take on Henry and the third wide receiver, Pats... Rivers will be fine. Weeks 13-16 Rivers has Browns, Redskins, Chiefs and Jets. You pair Rivers with a QB like Tyrod or Dalton and you're golden.
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    I'll be heading to watch Bowie against Hartford on Wed. Very excited to see this kid
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    Dunno how you could trust him, he left the best job in the league for the Pats.
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    All true. And this is why he keeps getting drafted so highly despite two years of broken promises. That and the reality that there are so many Cowboys fans out there! I'll let someone else take the risk this year unless he drops to the 3rd round or later. Too many more reliable options in the first two rounds. Just my opinion.
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    Now Tatis looking like he might be a 30/30 type potential, if he sticks at SS yummy
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    Minnesota has one of the most underrated receiver corps in the NFL. Diggs has 100 reception upside, Thielen had almost 1,000 yards last season on only 92 targets, and Rudolph was a steady top 5 TE all year. Cook adds yet another dimension to the passing game. Bradford came into the offense with no offseason preparation (one week before the season started) and ended up with a 20/5 TD/INT ratio. He also seems to have shaken the injury bug that plagued him for a few years there. This is the year to have a piece of the Vikings offense. Diggs is probably priority #1, then Cook. Bradford is a nice late round pick that nobody is really paying attention to thus far.
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    He's a mortal lock to finish top 15 WR as long as he stayed unsuspended and Ben stays healthy. Some IFs involved but big upside
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    Are you serious? You can't be serious!!! *In my John McEnroe's voice. Bradford will be Top 5 QB!
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    You have the benefit at looking at stats, the Braves organization has the benefit of stats and scouts and coaches watching this kid every day. Whether he is ready to play in the majors is still a very open question. Whether he is capable of developing better at AAA vs AA is really a non-issue. The kid is a player. Perhaps they think Acuna is simply ready for AAA based on their analysis. Not all decisions are made based purely on numbers. Acuna started the year at A ball and only hit .287. They "rushed" him up to AA and he batted .326. Was that a mistake? They then rushed him up to AAA and he hit a HR in his first game. Maybe he will slump or maybe the kid can flat out play and they know it from what they've seen of the kid, day in and day out. There is really no clear harm to moving him up to AAA in my mind. Everything else we're discussing (about calling him up to the majors) is just speculation. As for your initial point, I agree. It would make no sense to rush him up only to send him back down to avoid super 2.
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    Brady falls off a cliff a few games into the season, but Belichick can't bench him in favor of Garoppolo for political reasons. Gronk, Cooks, and Edelman all wind up being overdrafted as the Pats finish 8-8.
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    The NFL's focus here is to demonstrate an "intolerance" for domestic violence or anything that is even remotely associated with it... Hypocrisy to say the least when guys like Tyreek Hill and Joe Mixon are being pumped up as the next big things. I understand their events were in the past, but they still happened and memories for this kind of thing are long.
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    just pick up Bilal off the WW around week 8
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    I ain't the commish.. But I'm guessing some sort of discipline will occur - from some sources.
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    These forums are great. They are getting me interested in all sorts of players that I would have passed on before. They have me wanting injury risks (Gronk & Sammy Watkins), players playing out of position (Ty Montgomery), players I thought were scrubs (Pierre Garçon) wimps (Christian McCaffrey and Donnel Pumphrey) and guys that I'd paid little attention to otherwise because I didn't really think they would continue to be the impact players they were last year(s) (Jamison Crowder, DT, & Crabtree). Now I like everybody! Well except Dwayne Allen. Everyone seems to agree that he sucks.
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    My problem with owning him is he gets hot early season putting up points and then his performance is streaky back half of season points wise but truth is if i'm not getting brady-brees-rodgers i will readily snap up rivers and another high ceiling qb like tyrod and use them as a tandem throughout the season
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    C'mon, you made a dumb statement, and he called you out on it. Just move along instead of bringing more attention to it, haha. I'll bite on DT in the third round, as the upside is there, but I don't feel there's a firm floor on his value. That offense is still shaky and run under a questionable QB (whoever that may be).
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    One week!!!!! Is everyone confirmed? let's do this!!!
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    I'm starting to see more and more people mentioning DT and I don't like it. I'm hoping he stays undervalued.
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    For that upside he's worth watching for a couple weeks to see if he's a significant part of their plans. Then I'll drop him, then CJA will get hurt, then Charles'll take on a bigger role and I'll be kicking myself. For the insane amount of talent, an 11th isn't much to burn to learn.
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    Yes, I am. Comparing a 29 year old Maclin to a 36/37 year old SSS is completely reasonable.
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    Hahahaha! Good one. Go ask Max Scherzer. He can fill you in.
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    1-4 in his High A debut with a HR off Dane Dunning. Tough not to be excited about him at this point. Looking like he could start next year in AA. MILB.com had a piece on him today. https://www.milb.com/milb/news/toolshed-houston-astros-yordan-alvarez-taking-off/c-238251184/t-185364810
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    Ya , I think that may be the silver lining for prosise: o line sucks, which RB is the greatest asset in a situation where run blocking is sub par.
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    Actions speak louder than words. When the game is on the line, Carr prefers Crabtree, especially in the RZ.