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    Because for the faults that Cutler has in real life football, for fantasy football he peppers his #1 with targets. He loves his big and fast WRs. He throws up many 50/50 balls. He doesn't care if he gets an INT or an incomplete pass. He loves gambling. For his faults, Cutler likes to throw deep and gives his receiver the chance for the big money ball. Tannehill was too apprehensive. Too poor of a QB. Too focused on the dink and dunk with Landry. Cutler is the type of QB to unleash the inner beast in Parker if there ever was one. If Cutler can't make Parker elite, Parker probably won't be an elite WR in the NFL imo.
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    This thread is becoming the worst on this sub. So sick of coming in here and reading about Kyle Rudolph. I don't own Rudolph, I own Engram. I don't care what Rudolph may produce, I care about what Engram will do. This is becoming a really dumb pissing contest. Lets stick to Engram talk. If you don't like him, why bother posting? It's simple, just keep playing Rudolph and stay in that thread. Anyway, with Odell expected to play this week, what are we expecting from Engram? Do we think he outproduced his line from last week? Charles Clay seems tantalizing but I don't want to lose the upside of Engram if I don't have to.
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    Wait you mean the guy who suffered a high ankle sprain might miss more than one week? How could we have possibly known this?!
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    Overreaction central in here. It's Week 2 for Gods sake. If he isn't producing by Week 6, he's a waste. Lewis always brings guys along slowly. Everyone settle down.
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    Dropping him right now is extremely premature and quite a knee jerk reaction. It is absolutely 100% impossible to know when he will be back right now. All this December talk is utter trash. How can you pinpoint any kind of recovery without even having a surgery yet and seeing how it goes? My suggestion is wait around 2 weeks. That won't kill you. I guarantee you that if in two weeks we hear that the recovery is going very well and he is on pace to return in week 10 you will put a hole in your screen for dropping him. If there is nothing in that time period and the only thing you hear is how the recovery is coming along slowly be my guest and drop him.
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    Like my wife says to me when I open up a greek yogurt and the excess on the lid gets on my finger and I scream. Over-reacting. It's 1 game. He's still a top 10 tight end for the rest of the year when healthy. It's 1 week. I'm expecting a minimum of 8 points in PPR with the possible TD to put him anywhere from 14-18 tomorrow.
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    you would rather have Gurley and his 2.0 vs Indy following a 3.1 season, Hyde and his never done anything, Martin and his world of inconsistency, Miller lol, and a 32 year old Marshawn over Gordon. you just have some serious hate
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    For the advocates of punting, would appreciate all your insight in preparation for our drafts. The season is just one month away and sharing punting strategies with seasoned posters is one of the best ways to prepare accordingly. I believe that first and foremost and believe that most will agree, that you shouldn't have a predetermined cat to punt coming into the draft. The safest way is to go BPA for the first two rounds and determine which cat is the best to punt from there. A few years back I was so intent and excited with the punt FT% build (first time to punt) and I picked Drummond as my first round pick (yes, massive LOL) and Jordan with the second and it unintentionally turned into a double punt with PTS. Needless to say I didn't win that league - did overachieve and reached the semis though, that was Draymond Green's mini breakout year. There also specific punting strategies that are easier to pull off such as punting assists or punting FT% while others are tricky and will cost you big time if you happen to neglect a particular cat during the draft - such as points in which you really have to watch your %s or you're screwed. Here are the players that I think would be ideal fits for a specific punting strategy if you are able to pick an excellent complement in the second: Giannis/Lebron/Cousins, punt FT% - haven't punted FT% in a long time but these three make for sensational building blocks for the strategy. Pairing Lebron or Cousins with Dray is particularly nasty which will leave you set in a multitude of categories already after the first two rounds, just make sure you watch the TOs. Whiteside is also another strong pairing in the second round but I would rather have Dray's versatility and just target Deandre/Drummond/Capela in the 3rd round and beyond. Gobert I believe will be a beast this year but he is ranked too high. Pairing Gobert with Dray is acceptable but you will be behind in points right off the bat and will have to play catchup so more often than not you will also be punting points in addition to FT%. For Giannis since you will be picking him most likely with a top 5 pick, Dray won't probably be there in the second. I'm looking to secure one of Deandre or Drummond and then go with Dragic (wont hurt you anywhere) or Blake (if you feel like gambling with his health) with your 2nd and 3rd round picks. You should then be in good shape with FG%, REB, PTS, BLKS, ASTS, TOs and STLs. 3s can be easily acquired later on in the draft. Further down the draft I'm targeting upside players like Simmons/Ball/Fultz, Elfrid Payton if you are starving for assists (underrated trip dub alert), Nerlens Noel for stocks, Randle for rebounds and a sprinkle of assists, etc. 1/1/1 studs such as James Johnson, Josh Richardson (exploded on the last month of the season last year, hopefully he will have big minutes), Taurean Prince, Mo Harkless and others. Thad Young is a nice fit as well if you need a player who steals but shoots a high FG%. Richaun Holmes as a late flier big man. I'd also take high FT% guys as punting is not about just taking guys who are bad in the category you are punting. First player that comes to mind is Gary Harris, that efficiency coupled with upside is something I'd want on my punt FT% team. Seth Curry is also a nice target due to his efficiency. Would tackle punting assists at a later time as I feel everyone knows the guys for that build. Kawhi, KAT, Brow and KD are the no brainer foundations for that build.
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    Got Cohen in standard for about 40% of FAAB. Next high bidder was at 25%. 4 other teams bid. Starting him over Rawls and Kerwynn. Best of all, Axe Elf says Cohen is nearly worthless. Let's go get it!!
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    Being traded... LOL Rotoworld never ceases to amaze me.
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    1st Rounder. 3rd year WR. Contract year. Focusing on conditioning, diet, and sleep. Coaches are praising him. Landry is in legal trouble and could be suspended. Jay Cutler is his QB. Checks all the boxes. God I need him to eat.
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    I've never heard of reaching for a kicker before as part of a RB strategy. "RB heavy," "zero RB," and now "elite kicker + RB." I must remember this for next year's draft.
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    He may not know based on his legal background or lack thereof, but my legal background says that Elliot is fine. Many here foolishly said that Judges rarely grant stays. Which is simply not true. Judge's grant stays all the time. It's just that most cases don't warrant a stay so they aren't requested very often. Once the stay is granted and judge holds that Elliott was "denied a fundamentally fair hearing by Henderson," you can bet every dollar that an appellate court won't overturn that ruling. Again, this is not a final ruling, it's merely a stay granted by a lower court Judge giving Elliot a right to play while the appeals process moves forward. The NFL is in no way harmed by the lower court ruling, because Elliot will simply serve his suspension next year if he loses on the appeal. I've been saying this for a while. Elliot owners are good to go, but if you find an owner that is a little nervous, feel free to buy Elliot at a reduced price.
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    Shepard wont be on the bench.. everyone has gone bonkers in this thread I have Engram on both of my teams watch every Giants game read anything Giants related.. Shepard is a security Blanket for Eli and a second round pick hes not going to be phased out lmfao... Engram will be productive I have no doubt about that but their will be some sort of rotation with certain personnel groupings depending on each game plan but I do think Engram will have his piece of the pie. But the notion that Shepard will be phased out is ridiculous..
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    Who cares? It doesn't matter what they do with their skill players if they can't block (and from training camp until the nationally broadcast showing last week it'd be shocking if they can block all season long). Ellison sucks. Engram can't block. They're either going to rely on Odell getting open in double coverage (and still have trouble blocking) if they play Ellison, or they'll put Ellison on the bench where he belongs, get Eli murdered for a week or two and then try to bring Engram back in to block, which he'll suck at, and Eli will get sacked 3-5 times per game anyway. It doesn't matter how many TEs they have on the field, and it doesn't matter who your skill players are if you can't get them the ball. The implication that Shepard will be on the bench is particularly ridiculous. The only way they're even going to be able to move the ball through the air before Eli gets massacred is on slants to Shepard. Stop being hypnotized by combine numbers and college highlights and use your brain. Teams that have terrible offensive lines have terrible offenses, especially when they're protecting a 36-year-old who has been immobile since he got into the league.
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    This isn't impressive for anybody in any game. This thread is ridiculous.
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    There might be 2 or 3 people on this board that follow the Lions closer than I do. Believe me, he has 0% chance of displacing AA. You're putting far too much stock in coach speak, a handful of good looking plays against scrubs in meaningless games, and a sample size of 6 carries in which his YPC was still only 3.7 (again, tallest midget is still a midget). Dwayne looks like he should be a good RB. His measurables will make you salivate. As a runner, though, hes the definition of JAG.
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    I see 3 potential outcomes for Wilson this week: 1. He has an awesome fantasy day 2. He has an average fantasy day 3. He has another terrible fantasy day Just put those 3 scenarios in a hat and pick one, because no amount of analysis will be helpful in any way.
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    The most important thing to do when punting a category is to identify how you are actually going to WIN categories. For example, you know if you go with any of the punt FT% big men that you are probably going to win FG%, REB, BLK and lose FT%. So what you really need to focus on is winning points, threes, assists, steals. I see all too often teams with Deandre Jordan AND Drummond AND Howard who overdraft rebounds by quite a large margin and don't end up hitting their targets in other areas. So Curry does make an excellent punt FT% target as he is excellent in all of the categories you typically lack in that build and he's not such a high volume FT% shooter that you are destroying his value when you punt FT%. Another good one for punt FT% is CP3.
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    The run at the 50 second mark, he squeaks through the tiniest of cracks. He's 5 6 .... If you're playing LB, you might not see him till he comes through some small a** crease. Cohen's running style is patient like Bell's in a way, and he's excellent at seeing really small creases to contort his 180 pound body through. Everyone says he's way to small, but 180 pounds on a 5 6 frame is pretty solid in my opinion. If he gets the angle on the second level when cutting through the hole, that means third level, and third level means a house call is on the horizon. This is going to be fun as hell. I love fantasy football.
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    That's the knock on Cohen - good speed for 70 yards but then he hits the wall. LOL. Seriously though, this guy's highlights are incredibly fun to watch. I don't know how it's going to translate to fantasy production going forward (though I took the plunge in my main league as the upside is intriguing) but this guy is a human highlight reel joystick.
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    Cutler made Marshall and Jeffrey top ten WR ANNUALLY! Case closed.
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    Fascinating. How about let's consider this and actually put context to these stats. Two years ago when he was pretty bad during 2015 he had Matt Cassel and Kellen Moore throwing to him. Cassel was pathetic. He was throwing below 50% and under 150 yards consistently. This is equivalent to the Michael Vick argument to justify how Antonio Brown performs with someone not named Ben. It is lazy and lacks any context. Cassel was Michael Vick terrible if not worse. Last year with Dak over the second half of the season when he came back from injury he was on pace for well over 1,000 yards and double digit TDs. This is without having a chance to gel with the QB for an entire off-season. Your analysis is very lazy at best. Data cannot be presented without any context otherwise it tends to mislead. The reason you have to go back to 2014 is because he has been hurt and had to play with the worst QB situation in the NFL by far two years ago. If you want to make an argument that he is injury prone and a risk your argument will hold some water. As it is, there is a huge hole in your bucket.
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    Starting HIll is always the most painful option in any scenario. Like going home from the bar with a whale. It should never have to come to that.
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    It isn't the stats of Cutler vs. Tannehill. So look beyond the boxscore dude. It is about the QB style of playing. Short and simple, Cutler is a gunslinger. Tannehill is not.
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    I'll admit he looked quick and ran some crisp routes, but people tossing around words like 'game-changer' and 'elite' and saying he could single-handedly win your week based off of one 4-44 game? Come on guys, where do you think we are, the rotoworld forums? Ah, wait...
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    People weren't joking though some guy that was clearly a newbie looking for help stumbled in here and was told to drop rudolph so he could roster engram. I said that that is terrible advice and gave some reasons why. Then everyone jumped at me for discussing realistically instead of the blind hype bs that makes up this thread.
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    I think we're forgetting just how impressive Rawls looked when he was healthy. IF, and this is a big IF-- he is 100%, he is head and shoulders about the others in terms of talent. Proven talent. In my opinion, the only thing to fear here is inability to remain on the field.
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    Heywards 5'11" vs Parkers 6'4" with nutty hops.. Cutler is going to chuck that thing to him high and deep.
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    At this point in the season, every bench should have a few players with extreme upside. They may be worthless right now, but in most leagues you don't need these bench spots for your weekly lineups. Henry's upside is RB1. A significant injury to Murray makes him an elite player. There's few waiver players with his upside right now. Every situation isn't the same and I know injuries and bye weeks can change everything. However, for most of us we should have room for this upside at this point in the season. Henry is an ideal upside player. If you need to cut him later for byes or severe injury depletion that's fine, but most teams can afford his bench spot right now, and he's an ideal candidate for that high upside spot on a team's bench.
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    He graded out as number 1 RB in pass protection for week 1, something he was trying to improve on after last season... Ty Montgomery, Packers (at Falcons) — Montgomery isn’t exactly a sleeper, but he’s a value at his current price point. He led all NFL running backs in snaps, playing over 90 percent of them, and he rated out as Pro Football Focus’ top running back in pass protection, which was the biggest concern for him coming into this year. Having that type of secure role on a high-powered offense in a potential shootout with the Falcons makes for a great play this week. The best part about Montgomery is he’s game script proof, given his pass receiving ability. (FD: $6500; DK: $5800)
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    Luck is by far one of the most valuable people in entire the NFL, you guys are nuts if you think there is any way the Colts trade him.
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    Good news guys, I found him! You just have to scroll down. Since Tarik has the cool nickname "The human joystick" maybe we could call McCaffrey "Scroll Down". I don't want to jump to any conclusions though, it's only been once game. By next week we might be nicknaming McCaffrey "Next Page".
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    OBJs comments change nothing. It's just him acting like the little b*tch diva that he always is. He's now inflating the timeline so that when he comes back "early" he looks like a tough guy. If he's not out there Monday, he'll play in Week 3. 4-6 week timeframe just as originally thought.
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    I think I'm sitting him. Thursday night, pitiful O line, QB that utterly sucks when things break down, tough D line coming at him, stubborn dolt for a coach. Rolling w Hooper, because I'm liking the vibes. Full disclosure I'm in a league that forces me by rule to carry. 2TEs so I don't have to drop, nor would I drop. Fuller disclosure I may change my mind at the last second. Fullest disclosure, the chances of me hating myself in the morning no matter what I do are about 80%
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    I don't think anyone did this.
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    Would think the game script to favor Decker and DWalker, if anything because I don't see Decker gaining separation on the perimeter. If the Titans do press Decker / Walker, and it's working, might be a slow week for CDavis.
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    I drafted HH this year, since he was one of the darling preseason upside TE's. But after watching MNF, for the first time in a long time it seems Rivers has healthy pass catchers. Keenan, Tyrell, Benjamin all looked crisp. Throw in a very undervalued and underrated Gordon (he looked great last week) I think HH takes a backseat this year on this offense. I'm questioning whether or not I made the right move in dropping him but such is FF life. Best of luck to those that are holding.
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    All depends on game script... Also don't expect Cohen to be exceeding 5-7 runs a game he will get the bulk of his FP off receptions.. This is a Sproles type role not a featured back. That being said he will be consistent with the 10-15 point fantasy weeks and the occasional explosions when he takes a pass or a run to the house like this week. That being said the Bears have no viable WR's literally the worst in the league both of these guys should be productive. It's unfortunate Howard likely wont be the early second round value he was projected at but will still be highly productive and a safe RB..
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    Heyward allowed one touchdown all of last year. One. And had seven picks. He'll shadow Parker all game. It's a terrible matchup.
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    Henry may do nothing this year if Murray has a great and productive healthy season. Sure, that could happen...but: 1. I think a Murray injury at some point in the season is not unlikely. 2. For dynasty/keeper formats, Henry brings value (possibly very high value depending on league structure), so that would be more of a definite exception. 3. Henry had some stand alone value the last half of last season (11-12 touches per game the last seven games that translated to 56 yards/game and 5 TD's). It is likely that he will be more involved this year than last, so he should be a flex option in 12 team leagues at some point even if he doesn't get the "start". 4. If he gets a chance to start (through injury, poor performance, etc.), I expect him to be a top 10 RB. 5. Even if you don't believe any of this, there are other managers who do...therefore Henry will provide you with trade value (particularly to the team with Murray, and if you're the team with Murray then you better not drop him).
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    A review of Watkins's game logs shows some eye-popping performances (with bad QBs often) against top pass defenses (2014 Denver: #1 vs. the pass in YPA, Watkins went 7 for 127; 2015 Kansas City: #4 by same metric, Watkins went 6 for 158 and 2 TDs), top corners (including Revis (Watkins: 11 for 136), X. Rhodes (Watkins: 9 for 122 and 2 TDs), etc. "Shutdown" corners are often "slowdown" corners. They slow guys down but top guys can still get theirs. Top WRs did fine against Washington last year. Brown 8/126/2, Odell 7/121, Pryor 5/46/1, Wallace 7/63, Jordan Matthews 3/75 & 8/79, Marvin Jones 4/94, AJ Green 9/121, Stefon Diggs 13/164, Dez 5/72, Fitz 10/78, Meredith 9/135/1, etc. Granted some of these guys are slot guys who were able to get away from Norman. But there are numbers for the taking there.