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    I looked around this thread and I saw full on panicking , over reactions and black pills . Patience is a virtue, gents.
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    But foreal. I benched kanter pretty much for warren tonight. He repays me by going 5/5 and concussing TJ. What a stand up guy.
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    You might be new around fantasy basketball, but as just a heads up - he won't be averaging that. Things like block rate percentage, per 36s and raw stats are fluky in very small sample sizes. What is not fluky is historical data and trends. Across almost 60 seasons since they've started tracking blocks as a statistic, the highest number averaged by anyone 6'4 or under that qualifies is Wade, at 1.3 blocks per game 5 years ago. There's been somewhere around the realm of slightly under 10,000 NBA players since then. Something like .5 - .6 is far more likely.
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    I think Noel holds himself in high regard, this was his quote when with Sixers- “I think I'm too good to be playing eight minutes. That's crazy. Need to figure this sh&t out." Knowing what he and the Mavs went through in the offseason, I think it's safe to say that right now, it's a free for all situation for both Mavs and Noel. There is no love and he wouldn't even consider re-signing with the Mavs unless Cuban really begs him. Noel himself should take some blame for this situation when he turned down $70mil/4 years offer from the Mavs. Messy situation ATM.
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    more like Nerlens No (i'll see myself out...)
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    would help if you watched the games and not just the box scores.....but even the box score will show you he fouled out.
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    Kyle Kuzma will replace Larry Nance in the starting lineup for the Lakers tonight.
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    This guy is very overrated fantasy-wise
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    I keep getting stupid 3 for 1 offers from a huge hawks and collins fan. He thinks I don't know he wants me to drop collins lol. I'll dangle a trade at him eventually rights as he is breaking out and the fandom is too much for him to bear and he will over pay dramatically hehehe
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    lol , you know you are the best when you are on a 50pt game and no buzz here
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    So what is your argument here? One game he was passive all night. OKay! He is a rookie. I don't see the Jamal Murray, Jaylen Brown, Ben Simmons, Josh Jackson threads blowing up like this and they have equally had bad or questionable games. One game. Let's chill here, I know you trying to get your post count up and everything but this is ridiculous.
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    Muscala unlikely to play Sunday. Seems like Collins might get the start...
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    I can bet my farm he wont be doing 1.5blk. At best 1.0blk, and that is already very impressive.
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    I predict he'll miss tomorrow but be back Monday.
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    Even when he played a lot he wasnt great for fantasy. I figure his upside and skills arent that great, and the league figured that out as well, which is why theres been a lack of offers before. Now nobody really gains nything from trading for him and theyre waiting for a buyout. I think his role with most teams will be rather limited, even if he gets a chance to start.
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    This doesn't confirm anything, but it's something in the meantime.
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    FG% is 39% ... and he is only shooting 1,5FT so far. He is just not hot yet . Should those normalise to carreer averages his points will bump at 19+ . Just a slow start
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    That deep bomb was cold blooded. His Jimmy is like Vietnamese silk
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    I just ww him for Collins, i know both have up and downs, but im feeling Collins going upwards and Chriss going down. And if Chriss goes up again i think i can grab him from ww
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    Ingles. The guy is a poorman's Ariza and getting better. Also, it seems like his minutes are more consistent than Mitchell's. The rookie will have his ups and downs too, such as terrible fg% with tons of shots taken.
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    so far so good, bought low. (hopefully not jinx it)
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    Last four games, Mitchell is #20th overall, #18th per36 according to BBM. Pick. Him. Back. Up
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    yeah, I'd be jumping on that Sigh . Carlisle clearly hates the dude
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    I'm in league with 20 teams and I took him in 7th round. He's a GEM!
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    Dude fouled out. got about 12 minutes in the first half
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    It would be amazing if they just slid Lamb to sf when Batum is back, guy is so darn good.
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    I can't think of any reason why he would look up to LeBron...just can't quite put my finger on it.
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    feels like ive seen this movie before
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    STOCKS, career high in minutes and nearly a double double
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    Stud 2 steals 4 blocks, game still going on!
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    Dipo is so much fun to own haha. I'm a fan!
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    Oh for f***s sake not the head again.
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    Amen Brother. My 1 team is punting Rebs, Blocks (surprisingly 2-0 so far getting owned this week though and likely will most), TO's and somewhat FG (1-1 so far and shooting lights out this week looking like 2-1) and on busy days I rather he play SF or F as he doesn't sniff my PG, SG, G, Util, Util radar on a full slate.
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    i'm thinking his contemporaries are somewhere in the ballpark of cruz, springer, k.davis, and j.upton. obviously those guy have varying skill sets that make them a little bit different... more steals for upton and springer, while i think hoskins will have a better obp than davis. so they're not exact comps, but close. i think ADP will be a bit lower than those proven commodities, but somebody will probably reach. i honestly don't know where those guys are going, so i don't want to embarrass myself by guessing rounds or overall numbers. 275/350/500 with 30-35 HR and a few steals to boot.
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    Ajinca is not an expiring, he has 2 years left and Asik has 3 years left (he def picks up that option). They basically get rid of 2 dead weights for a good player so they have to attach a first rounder to do that. Also their GM needs to show results now, he doesn't care about draft and longterm prospects really. Now how does RJax fit to the Pelicans starting unit well they just have to use Rondo as the backup PG. Jrue was anyway destined for SG this year so they basically upgrade their starting backcourt and have a kind of solid option off the bench (Rondo). I don't say that's an ideal fit, but I can see them doing that. It's the Pelicans anyway, they have done much worse.
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    Reggie Jackson would have landed in New Orleans, and Phoenix would have received Detroit's 2019 first-round pick, New Orleans' 2018 first-round pick, Alexis Ajinca and Omer Asik. However, it now appears it's back to the drawing board for Phoenix. What more do these guys want????? 2 1st rounders for a guy your benching???? is it crazy to think they are turning down good offers just to spite bledsoe so he misses time? like they dont want to trade him too quickly so they can do their form of punishment on him by sitting him geez
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    They want to trade him in the worst possible way. They will have to eat some of his salary but they need to get the loin's share of it off their books. Trading him is their number one priority. I bolded the words in the quote above to point out one reason Judge over Stanton. One healthy year does not a career make. It's more an anomaly. Also Judge is younger and plays in a bandbox in an excellent line-up with Gary Sanchez having his back. We will have to wait to see where Stanton ends up. Could help him. But like if he ends up on the Giants -- and they are said to be the strongest front runner for him right now -- his stats will go down next year even in the remote chance he stays healthy for another season in a row.
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    I wish I had more info. What I do know is that the talks were far along enough that the Pistons thought it would get done this week. Speculation on my part based on what I heard and what's being reported now is that Suns decided they didnt want to take on Ajinka and Asik's contracts from New Orleans. IMO, Phoenix will find it difficult to do better than a 2018 and 2019 firsts. They are likely going to have to take back some sort of bad contract when trying to move a guy who makes $15 mil and clearly isnt going to play for you again.
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    Top 25 floor barring injury. He was ranked 25th last year. Entering his 3rd year as the center-piece of the team. Can't see him falling much lower than that in value. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he finishes top 15.
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    Guys like Harris win you leagues. His combination of efficiency and across the board production from his position is elite, and I believe he'll comfortably outperform his ADP this year as the newly formed Denver team gets used to each other on offense.
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    Helped guided the Cubs to their first world series in 108 years. That's masterful. He set forth a 5 year plan from the get-go and delivered on that promise. Masterful.
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    Why wouldn't Joey Cora want to "unite" with Joey Cora?
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    So are we calling this guy the 2nd best player on the Bucks yet?
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    Two things: 1. Never take fantasy sports "expert" advice as the bottom line. I've been playing fantasy sports for 7 years and still occasionally fall for this trap. For example, I played a DFS cash game last night and changed my lineup a bit after listening to a podcast. Had I went with my original picks from my own research I would have cashed out. These guys are generally wrong just as much as they are right. Use their opinions as reference only. 2. It depends on what you are looking for from Dedmon. I drafted him for FG%, boards, and blocks. He's admittedly been a little underwhelming in the FG% and blocks department but I expect that to change. His FT% and the threes have been a nice, unexpected surprise but would simply be icing on the cake if he continued his production there (I doubt he keeps up the FT%.) As far as points go, this will likely be his ceiling there unless he has a game where goes for 7/8 or something like that. You (hopefully) didn't draft him for the points though so these types of games will be rare. He's currently ranked 104 in 9-cat and if he maintains top 100 value on the season I will be satisfied. He's currently being pushed by John Collins but I honestly believe that Muscala or Ilyasova are the ones that are going to need to come off the bench, with Collins and Dedmon starting. They both can space the floor a bit, and John is quick enough to stick stretch fours IMO. It remains to be seen if coach Bud ever tries this out though, so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it.
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    This guy is the biggest headache for those who picked him up in mid-late rounds..This dude and Marques Chriss. I have both UGH. I'm going to ignore tonight's poor minutes...no way he gun get 16 mins w Lance out. I'm expecting mid 20s now. Cmon Coach Walton.
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    Its absolutely blasphemous that Walton has played this guy 15 minutes tonight with Nance injured. Unbelievable