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    It's because he was clearly attempting to pile on to the sarcasm in this thread. This is a "made you look" moment.
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    Well it is promising to me because when watching these guys in action I’m impressed. So.. 1) CMart was actually really good but had a few bad outings early on which made his ratio stats whacked out. His hair wasn’t great to say the least . 2) TJ is not anything like it used to be and many guys come back just as good maybe better. yes it’s a slight concern but more than likely will be good. 3) So Weaver pitched 13games , 10 of them were excellent. 3 poor. Il take that ratio every day 4) Flaherty needs more time, unfair to put him with Reyes and Weaver right now I agree on Wacha and Wainwright Yes Leake was traded, sorry bout that misinformation
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    If the Spurs beat writer in San Antonio has to ask a doctor in NYC about what's going on, then nobody really knows what's going on with Kawhi. The reporter might as well have just copied and pasted stuff from WebMD because he has no inside info. Kawhi is AT LEAST 10 days out from whenever we get a real update in the future, because he still needs time to go through contact drills, 3 vs 3, and 5 vs 5. If you own Kawhi, just pretend that he doesn't exist and don't listen to the non-updates Pop gives or some random doctor who's never examined Kawhi. It'll make your suffering more bearable.
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    I don't understand how people continue to say things like this about JV. No, a team will not build around his skill set. He has major flaws on both ends of the court. The defensive side is even worse as I posted above, but offensively he has tunnel vision and that will always hold him back. The NBA is passing guys like him by. Slow footed big men who can't guard pick and roll are becoming less and less valuable, and a lot of the times they can be liabilities (like when they are giving up shots like the ones posted above against Beal). The problem with JV is that he's worse against the better teams who can exploit his terrible pick and roll defence. And therefore his minutes will always be capped when it matters most, regardless of what team he's on. You can't build around that.
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    This is like everything rotoworld wanted Josh Richardson to be
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    High key one of my favorite guys to own this year
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    Do you reckon JohnnyAppleAbortion would be able to post here if an IQ test was a prerequisite?
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    I second this. I've won my matchups since sending Russell to the bench. Fortunately I have Dinwiddie. I'm in no hurry for D-Lo to return. Dinwiddie is a better fantasy player.
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    As a Yankee fan I really like Monty. Whats not to love in a young, cost-controlled lefty? Although I do believe him to be a sort of better real life pitcher than as a fantasy commodity. His numbers were ok not great (xFIP 4.45) and I think he has the potential to be an above average starter. His K rate was somewhat pedestrian last year at 22% although I do believe its not all that crazy to anticipate a jump in K rate given his Swstr rate of 12.2%. The one blemish with him is that he does have a bit of a fly ball lean which everyone knows can be a bit troublesome in the AL East. I view him as a very quality streamer in friendly matchups and probably more of a back end guy in deep leagues. Though this value pretty much hinges on if they resign CC and if they are able to get Ohtani.
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    The newest resident of Drop City: Dion Waivers. 0/10 for 0 points
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    He has consistently proven to be inconsistent. Nothing new to see here. (Speaking as a current Henson owner).
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    Will be interesting to see how much work Mike gets tonight.
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    First 3 Picks in my main league Kawhi Cp3 Sapper RIP 2017/18 hahahah
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    Somethings to note. This isn't a fracture. That is good. This was not his shooting hand. Also 'good'. The bad? It looks like a 3-4 week (at best) recovery time, based on previous wrist related sports injury. He has basically 24/7 medical care and weekly checkups by doctors around the country. At this point, you pick up Faried and hope that the Nuggets keep starting him and play him 28 MPG.
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    http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yankees/hideki-matsui-expects-yankees-recruit-shohei-otani-article-1.3644743 Matsui to recruit Otani for Yanks @brockpapersizer @The Big Bat Theory do you think that,plus the fact Tanaka is a yankee helps him? meaning, do you think he WANTS to have a fellow Japanese player on his team or does he want all the Japanese attention for himself? i guess what im asking is does Tanaka and Matsui increase or decrease yankees chances
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    How's he compared to Gobert? I see a lot of people saying Gobert is still better but I feel like they're about equal with Capela potentially having higher upside playing with Harden and CP3.
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    At least one RW columnist (Mike Gallagher) disagrees. I presume his statements were fact checked, If so, it is easy to see why the Nuggets continue to play like they are. "After they tied for first in the NBA for post-break offensive rating last year, the Nuggets offense looks like it’s back, but there was some concern earlier this year. For the first five games of the season, Denver ranked just 22nd in offensive rating and 25th in pace. However, the last dozen games they’ve basically flipped it, ranking third in the NBA for offensive rating and sixth in pace." "As you would expect, it’s been their starting unit that has really picked it up. Among the 33 NBA lineups to log at least 60 minutes over their team’s last 12 games, the Nuggets starting lineup ranks first with their 122.4 offensive rating. We all know Nikola Jokic is the main man, Paul Millsap has finally turned the corner and Wilson Chandler has been solid despite his very low usage rate, but the backcourt has been a nice story this season." "Jamal Murray has been the leading scorer for the Nuggets over this 12-game span with 17.0 points per game. He’s also done it in efficient fashion with his 63.1 true shooting percentage (TS%). Among the 53 players with at least 20 minutes per game and a usage rate of at least 25 over the last 12, only Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, LeBron James and James Harden have been more efficient. Good company right there".
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    Smart money is probably Yankees, twins, and Rangers who have the most ifa cap. Assuming ohtani goes to one the other two become favorite. What else would he base it on? If he wants to go to an organization great at developing talent I'd throw in Dodgers and Cardinals. Maybe he has a close friend from his homeland on some other team. I think the Rangers might make most sense if they don't get ohtani. Twins will gladly take him but they have a lot of infield prospects and Texas has a better hitters park, closer to his home land, I dunno. This is all a bunch of nonsense I'm speaking.
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    Ok and so how are the Lakers bad at rebounding if they are 5th? Regardless of the difference, wouldn't 5 out of 30 teams be good? And since they are 5th, doesn't Lonzo contribute to that? Oh that is right, Brook Lopez is on the team, and Lonzo is 6'6 the biggest point guard in all the land so he better get rebounds.
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    this is a bad take a) no one in the league is approaching princess rodgers ego territory 2) it seems like the only things russ cares about are winning football games and jesus, i have never got the impression that he is trying to stuff the stat sheet or achieve individual recognition. the circumstances currently are that he is responsible for 85% of their total offensive yardage. i can almost guarantee that he would love to have a competent running game to take some of the responsibility off of himself. he's doing it all himself. it's rare, ridiculous, and has the side effect of being fantasy gold.
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    Considering his size he's one of the worst finishers at the rim. He has no touch or finesse
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    o_O Where did you read this? This makes me happy if true!
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    I had 5 players I wanted to for sure draft this year and got them in almost every league by reaching: Capela, Oladipo, Gordon, Gaz Harris, and Warren Traded off the first 3 (I has a sad to do so, but I'm happy with the return), Warren is steadily increasing in value and I'll likely deal him around January before the Suns start playing Jackson more to see what they have with him. But Gaz, sweet sweet efficient shooting Gaz, nobody treats him fairly so he doesn't have accurate trade value IMO. Meaning I'll never have a reason to trade him. I know Fantasy shouldn't be ruled by favoritism and loyalty, but it's just so much more fun when you have guys you like on your squad (which is while I'll never drop John Collins). NIIIIICCCEEEE GARRRY
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    Your hate is laughable for Smith. He is a rook and 99 percent of them all struggle like this in the first year. Smith is being handed the keys to the Mavs offense and learning on the fly so growing pains and inconsistency is no surprise at all. Smith's upside is evident as we saw during the little 6 game stretch 3 games ago. Even with the garbage he is still putting up 14/4/5. Why you keep coming back to this thread to hate on him after you traded him is quite puzzling.
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    yes, they had a nice winning streak after his arrival. unfortunately they lost 2 in a row. the Suns had to get rid of Bledsoe, the Bucks had to get rid of Monroe. simple as that, end of story. and about the 'future of the franchise' thing. yeah Malcolm is a decent young player who has a future in the league.. of course he won the ROY last year, but you seriously think he will likely become 'future of the franchise'? translation into fantasy terms, 'at least 3rd~4th round value' player? there was a reason he got drafted in the 2nd round, he has holes in his game and showed his weaknesses even when he was rolling hot. average-at-best athleticism, average-at-best perimeter defense against quicker guards, average ball handling, already 24 years of age etc. yeah he might have stepped up this year but that is an 'assumption'. Bledsoe is only 27 years old and Malcolm's ceiling doesn't likely touch that of Bledsoe's yeah you're right on the fact that the Bucks needed a center, but how the heck are they gonna get one using freakin' Monroe? If you're on the opposing end of the trade, would you want to give up a center while receiving Monroe? for what? and why would they want a shooter when they have Middleton. Bucks got a solid PG, maybe calling him a borderline all-star might be a stretch but someone will call him that. he is also going into his prime right now and the Bucks got him using only Monroe and a protected 1st round pick. I call that a 'bargain' I know that Brogdon owners are, and rightfully should be disappointed about the recent turn of events. But let's be real, Brogdon is no Bledsoe. and if he was actually that good, he should be doing good even with the restricted minutes and role he is getting. talent doesn't lie.
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    Ha yes please - or traded (note that he can’t be traded until 15th Dec) hello Cavs? Pure speculation but he’d fit in well there.
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    He's done well in all 4 games that Batum has played, plus he got injured and played limited in the last 2. I think he's an easy hold.
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    Why isn't he a consistent, perfectly rounded basketball player at twenty-one years old on the second night of a back-to-back while playing with a nagging injury? It just doesn't make any sense. I should have sold high this morning. Oh well, cutting him for Greg Monroe.
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    If it's 2 weeks, I'm packing it in for the season.
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    Anyone worried about his knees holding up rest of the season? I received an offer for Anthony Davis.
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    Yes but more mistakes won't do justice.
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    holy balls you guys are a bunch of overreacting ***** One bad FT game and he's drop city? He's a good source of rebounds and blocks and chips in with assists too. He's finally getting minutes. If he has a few more bad games with FT%, then drop him.
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    Imagine holding on to a net negative guy for over a month just to feel rewarded by this pedestrian line so far
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    Oh boy, seriously fantasy has done some serious damage. He is not close to Bledsoe and he is how much? 3 years younger? Big deal! And why do you think they are making him suffocate? They should remain a mediocre team with a losing record while they had the chance to get Bledsoe for FREE by giving up a player they didn't really want and a pick with huge protections on it? Don't you think fantasy is clouding your opinion?
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    Need some steals from Joe. Missed those 6-7 steals this week that he’s been good for.
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    But 56% for his career which is much more telling.
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    Cardinals want Colome. But will TB bite? Colome in the National League would be even more lights out than he has been in the American League. Also nice bump in stats for us fantasy owners if he moves to the NL.
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    OK, so I'm starting this less from a FBB perspective and more from a career perspective. The dude has a .305BA over 16 seasons, in which he's batted under .300 in his last 7... that's how good his first 9 seasons were. He'll be 38 when the season starts, and outside of 2013 he's been able to play 140+ games each year. Here are some numbers he's getting close to: 2000RBI: currently sitting 1918, 82 short. If he plays 140 games in 2018, he should get there. That would put him 5th all time. 700HR: Fat Albert has 614HR to his name, good enough for 7th. Ahead of him are some cheaters like Bonds and Rodriguez, so depending on how you view things he could be 5th (I count both of those losers). If he stays healthy and plays, say, 4 more years he could possibly hit 700. He did swat 31 in 2016 and 40 in 2015... last year was his lowest HR total (23) 2014. Anyone else hoping he has a couple of monster years? I'd love to this guy swat another 90HR over the next few years and enter that 700HR club. I feel like he's the forgotten man since he signed that contract and left the Cards. Also, for FBB purposes: If you can get him super late and want some RBI/HR, he's not a bad choice. He was pretty consistent with his HR totals month to month, and his RBI totals were decent enough. Good BB and K rates, but obviously that BA is a drain.
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