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    i drafted john wall 11th overall and i would re-tear my acl from excitement if some1 offered me anthony davis for him
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    This is never going to get old!!!!!!!!!!! NIIIICEEEE GARY!!!!!!!
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    Trade him for Evan Fournier and then google “Fournier” then click on images.
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    You really are just trolling at this point, right? You said they are bad as a team in rebounding, and when that got debunked, your excuse was they miss a lot of shots? What next, Lonzo cut his hair which makes him see better so he better be able to pass?
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    The Lakers are 4th in the league in rebounds per game.
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    Big local Blazers fan and I sold Nurk going to the home opener and watching him (their 4th overall game of the season). Traded Nurk and Brandon Ingram for Myles Turner. I watch every game. He's just looked completely out of sync (somewhat obvious). I think losing all that mass this summer has affected his play, because he seems like he's trying to avoid contact and settles for awkward lay-ins and jumpers. He had two airballs from within about 15 feet last night against Memphis! He couldn't get anything done in the paint because Gasol was just a big body down there effecting shots. When he finally did make his first shot in the 3rd quarter (which was an awkward looking lay-in / hook shot thing that he was also fouled on) he threw his arms up and was like "finally!". He wants to be this tough, "bad-boy" center but he just gets tossed around now. He's going to get absolutely destroyed by Embiid on Wednesday.
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    It's because he was clearly attempting to pile on to the sarcasm in this thread. This is a "made you look" moment.
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    One of my favorite fantasy players. Efficiency gets me aroused
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    Got him in the 5th in all my leagues, and I'd do it again and again. Underrated stud.
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    I think they are pretty ok with using Collins liberally at the end of games even with foul trouble. I think they have a "if he fouls out, he fouls out" mentality. It's just when he falls into foul trouble early that they hold him back so they can unleash him at the end.....either way, I think his usage has been pretty consistent but obviously that goes up with the injuries around him.
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    It was an Ibaka like line, but damn, lose you an entire matchup because of one line in the first day of the week?
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    Well it is promising to me because when watching these guys in action I’m impressed. So.. 1) CMart was actually really good but had a few bad outings early on which made his ratio stats whacked out. His hair wasn’t great to say the least . 2) TJ is not anything like it used to be and many guys come back just as good maybe better. yes it’s a slight concern but more than likely will be good. 3) So Weaver pitched 13games , 10 of them were excellent. 3 poor. Il take that ratio every day 4) Flaherty needs more time, unfair to put him with Reyes and Weaver right now I agree on Wacha and Wainwright Yes Leake was traded, sorry bout that misinformation
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    Well, it’s been real fellas. Now I remember why I took a year off from fantasy hoops last year.
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    If the Spurs beat writer in San Antonio has to ask a doctor in NYC about what's going on, then nobody really knows what's going on with Kawhi. The reporter might as well have just copied and pasted stuff from WebMD because he has no inside info. Kawhi is AT LEAST 10 days out from whenever we get a real update in the future, because he still needs time to go through contact drills, 3 vs 3, and 5 vs 5. If you own Kawhi, just pretend that he doesn't exist and don't listen to the non-updates Pop gives or some random doctor who's never examined Kawhi. It'll make your suffering more bearable.
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    Except you didn't even state facts. They're 4th. http://stats.nba.com/teams/traditional/?sort=REB&dir=-1
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    Somebody call the Oladipo-po, this guy is robbing everyone out there.
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    He was on my bench last night... Gave Ingles a final shot before benching him indefinitely. This is me watching him beasting out:
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    He just went in round 9, pick 110 in the Pitcherlist.com staff mock draft. Fangraphs has him around 117 in their mocks. I own him in a 10 team keep 7 but I'll have to throw him back unfortunately. Keeping 5 bats, deGrom, and Severino. I will be trying to get Castillo with my 3rd or 4th pick in that draft.
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    I texted Popovich he said it's not looking good and he already traded Kawhi from his fantasy team
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    He seems to think that if you're not a great shooter by NBA standards you're not a good bball player. Which is pretty amusing imo.
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    Jokic would be so much better without damn murray in the lineup. The ball literally stops in murrays hands. Dude doesn't cut and rather forces shots. Thank goodness Jokic is uber talented
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    Daaaaaaaamn. What a line. Could've shot the ball better but that's just nitpicking. Only 1 turnover and 12/14 from the line.
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    He has to take those shots because if he passes out Evan and Vuc will never let him see the ball
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    5x5roto, 2 catchers MI CI 5 OF and U. 9 Pitchers.....
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    Vote OLA for All Star. Im starting this early 29/9/5/7/2
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    lol he salvages the line in the last 5 minutes of the game.. going from 8 points all the way to 17/9 in a 2 minute span.. GIVE HIM THE GOD DAMN BALL
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    This is like everything rotoworld wanted Josh Richardson to be
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    yeah sometimes the ball just doesn't go down but this is why he's elite..produces elsewhere
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    Stashed him for tonight. He sucks, I’ll drop. If you’re in a Yahoo league, you can drop a scrub bench guy for him. Could catch lightning in a bottle here or nothing at all. Either way it won’t cost you anything.
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    High key one of my favorite guys to own this year
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    Do you reckon JohnnyAppleAbortion would be able to post here if an IQ test was a prerequisite?
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    I was top in FT% and 2nd lowest TO's last week in our league!
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    I second this. I've won my matchups since sending Russell to the bench. Fortunately I have Dinwiddie. I'm in no hurry for D-Lo to return. Dinwiddie is a better fantasy player.
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    As a Yankee fan I really like Monty. Whats not to love in a young, cost-controlled lefty? Although I do believe him to be a sort of better real life pitcher than as a fantasy commodity. His numbers were ok not great (xFIP 4.45) and I think he has the potential to be an above average starter. His K rate was somewhat pedestrian last year at 22% although I do believe its not all that crazy to anticipate a jump in K rate given his Swstr rate of 12.2%. The one blemish with him is that he does have a bit of a fly ball lean which everyone knows can be a bit troublesome in the AL East. I view him as a very quality streamer in friendly matchups and probably more of a back end guy in deep leagues. Though this value pretty much hinges on if they resign CC and if they are able to get Ohtani.
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    At least his absence will help owners cut down on their TO's and increase their FT% haha
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    I also picked him back up in my 12 man after dropping him this past weekend for a streamer. Was glad that no one took a flier on him when he was getting 5000+ adds on a Sunday and had a Phoenix game slate the same night, and mildly surprised as well. Once my move cap for the week cleared at 3 am I was all over him. If you erase his early season slump when he was receiving sporadic minutes off the bench, over the past 14 days he's ranked 104, in the last 7 days he's ranked 64 based on average stats. In the last week particularly he's bumped his FG% all the way up to 44% on 11 attempts, in the last 2 weeks he's at just a hair under 40%, so he's not a complete killer there (say for example like a Justin Holiday who's taking a ton of volume and only shooting 34%). He's also elite at 3's, he can swing the cat for anybody, but as a bonus unlike say a Kyle Korver, he's sprinkling in a lot of rebounds/assists for the SG position. I wish he got some more FTA because he can definitely be a help there as well. He's a low TO guy on top of having a lot of assists/rebounds out of that position. So right now he's about a 5-6 cat guy (cheap source of points, 3's, boards, assists, average at steals, TO), with his negative being FG (which has been on the uptick as of late). I think he's a great end-of-the-bench guy. I'll be holding for a while unless he completely ***** the bed this week (which I highly doubt with a decent 4 game slate), even past the return of LaVine and see how it shakes out. I watched a few Chicago games (even when they were down big), and every time he came in the game they would bounce right back in terms of energy and scoring. He would actually have them competing by the 2nd half even when he came in to a 20 point deficit. Hoiberg just spoke about his leadership and needing to get him in the starting unit based on that, so I think that bodes well for him to receive a ton of minutes even after LaVine's return, I'd say Holiday is more in danger of losing minutes than Valentine is, he's been pretty horrible shooting the ball all year and receiving as many attempts as a superstar talent. There are many SGs out there who just aren't difference makers in the rebounding/assist categories, and yet are completely over-valued based on their namesake. Having a bench pick up be a difference maker for you in boards/assists (compounding on both of your PG and big man stats) is a great asset considering how good of a 3 point shooter this guy is. I say enjoy the ride, I think a lot of nice lines are coming.
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    Wiggins, Butler and Teague have been rubbish ball dominators all season. Towns was arguably the best post all star break player in all of fantasy. Thibs' inability to run his offense through his best player makes no sense no matter what way you look at it
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    Once again, leave a queue with the person before you if you know you will be away from the forum for an extended period of time. There shouldn't be more than a few hours between selections.
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    Imagine holding on to a net negative guy for over a month just to feel rewarded by this pedestrian line so far