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    I think he proved last night he can......shoulder....the load
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    IMO Santana to Phillies is a terrible signing for the team, I don't get what they are thinking. They are supposed to be rebuilding but go sign (over pay) a 1B in his early 30s for a ridiculous $20 MM per year when they got a great young 1B in Hoskins, who instead they will force to play OF. Stupid move for them.
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    Rodgers goes down- "Oh no, gotta bench Adams." Rodgers returns- "Oh no, gotta bench Adams." Makes perfect sense...
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    Hope Chicago scores so Detroit has a reason to care.
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    Lets go Kareem! I believe in you! Chargers pass defense is strong so they will have to establish run....but you never know with fat Andy
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    Have you been sitting on that one for two weeks now? cause that's how long it's been since he's a had a bad game. Haters gunna hate
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    When Gobert missed time earlier this year Favors was the 19th ranked player in 9 cat and the 27th ranked player in 8 cat. So yeah, this is one of those instances where you run and don't walk to pick a guy up. You don't need to wait to find out how long Gobert is out because the upside of Favors' is worth taking the chance that Gobert only misses a couple games. I believe Snyder said that he passed the concussion protocol after last night's game.
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    Great game by Stauskas Levert's minutes are in danger. ....
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    I live in 20 minutes from the Stadium mate. Some rain and light wind is football weather and weather that Wilson is very well used to.
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    A center that provides elite stats minus the FG% all across the board and ppl still find a way to complain. Guess you can't please everyone.
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    his lead in yards and double tates tds would argue, but you are right this has always looked more like a 1A 1B situation Jones - 51 catches 885 yards 8 tds Tate - 79 catches 852 yards 4 tds Jones has looked like their WR1 more than tate this year tho if you ask me
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    I own both. I'm starting Perine. Why? Thompson, Kelley, and now Marshall are all on the IR. After Marshall went down last week, Perine saw 80% of the snap count. Washington had to go out and sign Kapri Bibbs just so Perine wouldn't be the only RB on the roster. He's in line to play 90% of the snaps this week. Granted, Arizona is a bad matchup for RBs. However, I don't see Arizona blowing out Washington or even winning the game. This means Perine will be running the ball early and often, as the game script should favor him immensely. It's about volume and scoring opportunities. He can go 20 carries for 60 yards and 3-4 receptions, and still have a floor of 10 or 11 points in PPR. Granted, I love Kerwynn's matchup this week. I really do. But I just can't bring myself to start him as we just don't know whether or not he will score a TD. In a hypothetical where neither scores, I'd rather have Perine and his floor, snap count, and volume. It's closer than #24 versus #37 though. I see both of these guys as top 20 options at RB.
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    That's not too bold now, is it? How about, Rhys Hoskins beats out Judge and Stanton as the HR Champion this year.
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    11 points, 3 three's and 2 steals and it's now the 4th quarter....
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    John Fox thinks he is Bill Belichick. And John Fox thinks Bennie Cunningham is James White. The second pair are much more alike than the first.
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    I think just the opposite actually. Nick Williams blows and you replace his disastrous on base ability with Santana. The fact that they just subtracted Freddy Galvis and Nick Williams from the everyday lineup on the same day is a huge boost to the lineup when you replace them with guys that can actually get on base in Santana and Crawford. Projected On Base % this year: Gone: Galvis (.294 ob%) and Williams (.300 ob%) Added: Crawford (.335 ob%) and Santana (.374 ob%) They won't get outbid on Harper or Machado because of this deal. They need to become respectable first so they have a shot at those guys. First time since the rebuild started that it appears like we are trying to win again. This year's free agency class isn't very good. You can't buy good players if there are no good players on the market. The length is what makes this deal work, improve the club and don't get sucked into any long-term commitments in the 5-6 year range. Yeah, I'd love JD and Darvish, but not at the price and years that they will go for. We aren't ready to compete until 2019. Make small improvements until next off-season when you try to make a splash or two.
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    WELL gonna need 70 yards and a td in second half from Howard. Cmon! Run the rock! You cannot pass!
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    Think Monty has to be the 5th guy as of now. If they do go out and get Cole, which to be really honest I'm not that excited about given how he wasn't all that great last year in NL, then you'd have to assume that Monty is the odd guy out. But supposing that they do go out and trade for Cole , Monty will have a ton of value as a 6th starter. CC will be 38 on knees that are duck taped together Gray and Tanaka also have had injury concerns. No one ever wants to predict injuries but in this case I'm more or less anticipating that one or more of these guy will miss time and in that Case Monty will be extremely valuable. And I do agree with you that he certainly deserves a spot in the rotation, but if they get Cole he's not guaranteed that spot. Which quite frankly sucks for him and isn't entirely fair but like I mentioned I still think he will have a pretty big role for this team even if he doesnt have that spot to begin the year.
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    Seems like there is a good chance he starts opening day now, I still think they should wait 2 weeks if they get more control.
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    Position scarcity. Who are you starting instead? Njoku or Marcedes Lewis? Most people don't have anything outside of absolute dice rolls on the wire. The probability of Kelce bucking the trend and having a big game is probably close to as statistically likely as one of these random waiver wire TEs actually doing anything at all.
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    Oh, they're not going to be hamstrung by a $20 mil contract. They have almost no salary on the books right now after Galvis leaving. It was going to basically be Tommy Hunter, Pat Neshek, Odubel Herrera, and a bunch of league minimum deals. (We'll see what they do with Cesar.) The Phillies aren't the Pirates or the Royals -- they'll have plenty to get in on the Machado / Harper sweepstakes and add other pieces. The argument that Santana isn't a great fit for the team has merit. But his contract is fair value, and the team has the money and wants to show to other FAs that they're serious about building a contender. I can at least see the logic there.
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    The countdown begins until kickoff. Fingers crossed for a big game
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    of course im playing Freeman this week FML
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    Sure, compared to WRs who were drafted before him like Pryor, DeVante Parker, Amari Cooper, Sammy Watkins, Allen Robinson, OBJ, its not like a risky boom-bust, low floor WR who has also had some #1 overall WR ceilings early in the year, is a colossal bust. He mostly seems like a colossal bust because he briefly looked like a WR1, but he is what he was drafted at. A risky WR3 with occasional WR1 upside. He has worked o.k. in my flex as a risk, but who when he blows up pretty much seals the deal. Its not like he was drafted as a safe WR1. He was drafted as a middleish round high upside risk/gamble. That's what he is.
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    Pros prime time matchup heyward might not play Cons Alex Smith haha. Home/road splits simple for me. Hayward out. Tyreek in!!!
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    There are no fantasy rules that disallow me from discounting that when accessing future production LOL.
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    They aren't trolling you, they are probably trying to maximize ticket sales. Conspiracies aside, they are just dealing with the information they are dealt, and players/organizations are really fragile nowadays.
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    off topic,I really like to read @Lifschitz analysis and I'm enjoy it
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    Yes. You look at that frontcourt and they need stretch shooting. Wilson Chandler is always banged up and he's often undersized defensively having to take on bigger PF assignments, he's also really slow footed laterally and always lets guys blow by him. He's an SF playing PF by virtue of them needing stretch shooting to make their offense work. Mason Plumlee can only score around the rim - ditto for Faried (who I think is a strong trade candidate), and then Jokic is your main cog. Jokic has never had a proper 3 point snipeman who's also extremely mobile and can defend (and is learning how to defend) and can still hold his own on both ends in the post. Lyles can also attack players really well off the bounce when defenders are trying to run him off the 3 point line, he has nice spin moves and handles for a guy his size. He's the prototypical small ball 4-5 for today's NBA. I think he gets minutes at both positions moving forward, and he's done more than prove himself while Jokic was out. RW columns have recently been touting him as well, Dr A the other day said go get him.. not that his word is gold but out of all their writers he's the guy I respect the most and seems to always have very good assessments on guys outlooks. I'm all for him as a pick-up. I usually warn about some of the guys I tout that they may be fringe and can go back to being bad, I don't really get that vibe here looking at Lyles. I also have to remind myself of his upside and how he fits so nicely into a very very friendly offense. One more thing, Wilson Chandler is extremely fragile. I have no idea if Millsap will be back or not, he'd obviously be a cut candidate if that was the case, but it seems like that's a long ways off for now (at least a couple of months) - so his mid-term window looks pretty solid. For me - my favorite thing is per-minute producers with high upside off the bench (think Draymond behind David Lee). Last year I drafted Lyles late with the thought that he could cede Favors (and Favors was injury prone), but he really s--- the bed and had confidence issues. In this offense he fits perfectly and it looks like he really has worked hard on his body and his game, he has a lot of lean muscle now where as last year he looked a bit pudgy.
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    regret saying I wish I drafted Lillard instead
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    A superstar and franchise player should not only be able to put up numbers, but maybe even more important is he makes people around him better, who qualifies for that? Obvious ones are LBJ, Curry, Durant, others? Kawhi can do that, but people say it's because of the system, or at least LMA hates it! Harden- just ask Ryno, Eric Gordon, Ariza, Capela CP3, GIannis, Wall they do that too. Kyrie seeminlgy learning to do that too with his young guns Brown and Tatum. Going younger- Embiid and SImmons both do that. Westbrook is more in line with someone like Cousins. THey are good in filling up the stat sheet, but can they make their team mates better? Not even close. It's also not because he is a ball hog, Kobe was a ball hog but he made Lamar Odom better, Bynum, Pau. Shaq wanted the ball too, but look what he did for Dennis Scott, Horace Grant, Nick Anderson, then for AC Green, Glen Rice, Horry etc. Jordan too for countless of players. That's why RWB is great and all but if I were to build a team from scratch? he wouldn't be in my top 15 maybe not even top 20
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    LeJohn Ballins is Ballin. Those stocks
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    Let’s Talk About Eric Hosmer’s Defense
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    his bat was electric when he got called up. if i rememeber correctly he got 3 hits in his debut and then didnt really play much after his debut. but the ball was flying off his bat. hope they just go with him at 3B
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    Come on kid, my sister is 14-0 and seeking legend status in 14 banger. (Two wins away from perfection) I need at least thirty outta ya. Here is to hoping my statue still has some juice left in it.
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    I have Rodgers and am starting him over Cousins (duh). My opponent has Wilson. Advantage, my opponent.