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    The track record definitely shows vets start over rookies, but there are special exceptions where a rookie's skill becomes undeniable and his progress and learning curve is so quick that it would be doing both he and the team in the short term and the long term a disservice - and I think this is one of those cases. We see instances like with Donovan Mitchell where Snyder saw how good this kid was in summer league that he had no choice but to play him big minutes. Let's face it, it's not only Bell's ceiling that's light years ahead of Pachulia's, it's also his floor. The only thing Bell has to clean up is some turnovers and learn how to cut down the immaturity (taunting), Kerr is hammering that home, so we're going to see less of that and more productive stat lines. Zaza has intangible skills that play well into what the Warriors do, his defensive IQ is pretty strong, he shuts down a lot of opposing Centers just with his girth and grit/toughness, he gets into guys and forces them into bad shots, he takes charges, and on offense his high post passing and screen setting is the same way they used Bogut which opens up their entire offense. But, that's not a skill that's necessarily required with the talent they have in the starting 5, Luis Scola was pretty good at some of those skills, and he was still a bench player for most of his career. Bell has many of these same skills and is a really good passer himself; before long Bell will be starting, and I think it will be far sooner than people think. One thing to mention in this past blowout is that it was actually KD, Draymond, and Klay getting worked time and again by Chandler - Jokic - Harris, Bell was one of the energetic constants. Say he finally is able to produce consistently in 20 minute stints - your floor is at least a double double guy with huge potential for assists / steals / blocks in a very short amount of time, and if he reaches a 25 - 30 min ceiling and becomes the starter - well then it's pretty much uncapped. As evidenced by his rankings, he had plenty of down games this month and he still tops out at 34 over the past 30 days, 56 over the past 14 days, and 26 over the last 7 days. I'm hanging on, even with some inconsistent lines as someone else mentioned at the end of the week it still comes out to a crazy average because he ends up giving you one game which can win you the whole week (whether it's his 8 or 5 assist games, or 4 block game, etc.). One of these days this guy is going to give a 5 x 5 type line. Lastly, he's now played 6 games in a row with 20+ minutes for the first time all season and did not disappoint in a single outing, Kerr said his minutes are growing, so we can have a bit more confidence moving forward that he's not just going to go back to 9 minutes anymore - and that is more important than whether he's starting or not. With this guy minutes = stats.
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    [ Some comments removed. If you're just here to troll on Christmas Eve, it might be a good time to re-evaluate the life decisions that led you to this point. ]
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    Most Total PPR Points Scored During Weeks 15-16, All-Time: 1. Todd Gurley (2017) - 94.6 2. Marshall Faulk (2000) - 89 3. Marshall Faulk (2001) - 87.7 4. Jamaal Charles (2013) - 84.9 5. Jerry Rice (1995) - 80
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    You know a player is good when someone posts in the Championship thread to complain about how good he is.
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    This is the other reason everyone hates the Patriots, unbearable overhype and relentless schill marketing on the sports channels. Someone please explain to In to me what Brady has done that is so great this season? Played competently on a great football team with the best coach ever? Gurley just threw down a game yesterday that invoked descriptions like "Not since Hershel Walker in 1985.." and "Not since Jamal Charles in 2013..." and "Only X number of running backs in NFL history..." What has Brady done? Carved up the putrid AFC East by throwing a 1/3 of his passss to Gronk? Brady hasn't had a game like Gurley all season. Brady as MVP over Gurley has to make you seriously question the integrity of the NFL. Especially when you throw the fact that the Patriots team owner is "one of the most powerful owners in the NFL!" whatever the hell that means.
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    Up 33 with my Hopkins vs his Bryant and Ertz. I can feel the champagne dripping down my forehead already. 2nd year in a row I'm going to beat the same opponent. Also 2nd year in a row I offered him an even split of the prize money and he said no lol.
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    Congratulations to all who drafted Gurley or traded for him. I thought 20 games in a row without 100 yards rushing - especially since he faced the 2016 Niners twice - was too big a red flag. Obviously not. I think it should be noted that adding a new center made a ginormous difference. Not the only difference or reason, but the Falcons went from garbage to the Super Bowl 2015/2016 by adding a new center and the Rams went from no running game to their RB becoming the NFL MVP. In both cases adding a new center wasn't the only factor but I think its clearly a big one. anyway, congratulations again to Gurley owners
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    Ad hominem, I never claimed to be a genius or that I was convinced I was one, so don't use that as a premise to discredit my "essay". The quality of the content is what matters, not the quantity. Also a strawman and an exaggerated one, I've never made a claim or "pretended" Vucevic is "the world's greatest facilitator".
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    Jimmy's contract extension with the 49ers
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    I want to thank all of the 'expert' fantasy bloggers and their followers who were telling owners to SELL GURLEY HIGH because after week 2 his ROS SCHEDULE IS TOO DIFFICULT and HE WONT WIN YOU'RE TEAM A TITLE IN THE PLAYOFFS. Predicting the outcome of a skills player vs defensive matchups in week 16 after the first 2 games of the season has to be the most irrational basis for analysis I have ever witnessed. All of these dudes follow the same mindless formula and process of picking the top 12 guys from last season and never tell you to sell them high. Same dudes who babbled all preseason about Gurleys YPC numbers from last season never looking at his change in situation. Guess what experts player don't produce their stats in a vacuum. Thank you!
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    He’s an expendable bruiser that can pass, make free throws and rebound who also doesn’t need the ball in his hands. Zaza doesn’t play that many minutes anyway. I think holding off Bell from the starting lineup has a lot more to do with usage concerns as it’s already quite crowded touchwise with Curry, Klay, KD and Dray. I don’t mind bringing Bell off the bench where he can get more opportunities and touches with 2 starters / 2 role players, I would just like to see him get minutes as it’s more likely that their death line up (4 all stars + iggy) closes games. If Bell can consistently start stretching out the floor and hit a three, I feel like he would’ve been starting from the get go. Atleast they have the option to throw him in there over maybe iggy against big line ups like LA / Pau or AD / Cuz to close games. If you factor in rest days and how many blow out games (more than half their sched) the Warriors still play, he has every opportunity to earn atleast 20 mpg RoS over the likes of Javale (who is just a rim protector / lob threat) or David West (Old)
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    Cowboys will return back to where they belong 8-8
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    Patriots legend Jimmy G
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    Dak is garbage and sucks the life out of this team with his indecisiveness and terrible play.
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    NFL and fantasy MVP! Thank you Mr. Gurley, Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 !!!
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    Rosen is going to stay in college for the next 10 years until the Browns finally don’t finish in last place.
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    come on JuJu daddy needs this moneyyyy
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    What do you expect from a rookie in a clutch situation surrounded by stars and sharpshooters. Natural for the kid to be a little gun shy. After he took that 3 pointer I'm sure Durant Draymond encouraged him to continue to stay aggressive. So it'll be about continuing to take the shots given to him and building confidence. And lastly, I hope this doesn't kill Zaza's All Star chances..
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    Brady is the most overrated player in NFL history That team won games with Brisset and made the playoffs with 10+ wins with Cassel Brady being the 2017 MVP would be a joke - it should be Gurley, unanimously
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    Anthony Slater @anthonyVslater · Still guessing Bell over Zaza starting lineup decision is a 1-game thing. Cavaliers start small. Bell guards Love, Zaza gets crack at Tristan Thompson off bench. But maybe C spot becomes matchup based moving forward as Bell tries to wrestle it away full time.
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    Lets not kid ourselves if you drafted Todd Gurley (I did) I had no idea Todd was going to dominate like what we seen. I took a chance on draft day, and really after the draft I was worried I might have made a mistake drafting Gurley, but Todd proved I was a genius. Everything pointed Todd was trending downward. His 2016 campaign was dismal. What brought all this together for Todd Gurley? Could it have been Sean McVay, the emergence of Jarod Goff the revamp offensive line or could it have been the new set of WR's?
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    Patriots are going to be kicking themselves for the next 20 years
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    Down 6.5 in .5 PT PPR. Got Nuk and Agholor to go and he is done. Already drinking in celebration!
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    Holy cow I won on the Fournetter check down!
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    I could not disagree with this statement more, in fact I think I disagree with this more than any statement made here dating back to when PuzzBetereson and I went back and forth on whether Barton is a legit talent or not. Gordon's skill isn't as a post up player, it's as a mismatch tweener. When they switch on picks he can attack the smaller matchup in the post, when they switch him with a big he can take him outside and drive on him to the basket using his handles and quickness, when he's running down court he can pull up for a 3 and go shoot down quick to the corner and let Payton make a pass up court to him for a corner 3 or take the ball all the way himself coast to coast. He also works excellent in tandem with Vucevic because Vuc has excellent vision and soft hands, so Gordon cuts baseline and gets a lot of open looks from Vuc and also as I stated above when Vuc gets doubled because of his great post ability then he can pass it out to Gordon for 3's. Gordon's been wavering between 40% - 50% all year on his 3 point shooting, and hits 2+ 3's, and he still has a very respectable FG% (between 48% - 50% all year). Getting him more in the post takes away from one of his best fantasy assets (3 point shooting), and his FG% won't climb as much as you think because he's not a player who's a great post-up threat, he has a decent baby hook and he can power his way in, but it doesn't work as well when you're trying to do it consistently against guys your size.. you're basically saying that we should take away from the strengths that have made him a breakout player just so he can go in the post more. The argument you're making reminds me of those Shaq and Barkley type rhetoric arguments 'BIG MEN SHOULD BE IN THE POST, STOP THIS NONSENSE ON THE PERIMETER!', except they conveniently look the other way when Dirk is draining pick and pop 3's on their way to a championship. It's an oldschool mentality, and Gordon's skill-set features much better as an all-around scorer, not a banger.
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    but draymond is his constant. he's his champion. you gotta play bell with draymond instead of bell with scrubs off the bench. its clear theres a dynamic duo forming and the chemistry is undeniable with those two. unless iggy wants to be his best friend and dish him easy basket layups and dunk finishes.
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    It only makes sense in the 2017 Derrick Henry fantasy year for Murray to finally go down week 16 when nobody cares anymore. Henry will likely go for 24-140 next week just to rub it in.
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    maaan what a ride. Guy singlehandedly won me my league. Kind of sad that its over...
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    He signed an extension for next year already, no way he retires after the season he put up with garbage QBs. Out performs Dez every year, gets picked 3 rounds later every year.
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    Becausw Bill Bell wanted to trade Brady or explore it at least and Kraft wouldn’t let him. So Bill proceeded to trade Jacoby Brissett and Jimmy G. for practicly nothing. A giant fu to Kraft.
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    if I learned anything this season, I learned that getting started early on off season research on players and just as important the coaching changes as well as organizational moves makes a big difference. looking at what player X did last season and his projections without understanding the coaching and organizationl situations won't help u make good draft choices
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    Too many over thinkers... In the off-season, all season long... Even on days after a dominating performance. Gurley can never win the heart and minds of the naysayers... But to the owners who believed all season, we were rewarded with a trophy today SINGLEHANDEDLY by Gurley. If this season has taught me anything, go with your gut and your intuition, don't have others totally dictate your lineups. PONZA88 OUT!
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    Dipo is good but he really is just a poor mans version of Dion Waiters.
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