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    I’m going to name all my kids Gary at this rate... just does everything right!
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    Oh Sox fans - you are such a rare, rare breed... What have they done that's been masterful? Should I start? - They traded a young arm, with talent, that couldn't stay healthy for a struggling minor league first baseman with talent. That first baseman now is one of the top first baseman in the game and is on his way to a potential HOF career. - They drafted Kris Bryant - he was drafted at a place some felt was higher than he should have been but they still made the pick. - They traded Scott Feldman & Scott Clevinger for Jake Arrieta. Read that a second time, please. - They traded for Aroldis Chapman - that trade directly lead to a colossal cog in a WS championship that probably doesn't happen w/o that move. Granted, they gave up a lot in Torres but they also were very shrewd in being able to make that deal. - Oh! On the above point.. they won WS on the North Side. Something a General Manager has been unable to do for over a century. - They struck early in the trade for Addison Russell - well before the in-season trade market opened up in 2014 and utterly fleeced the Oakland A's. - They built the best minor league system in baseball, by far, in a short amount. - They have stewarded the Cubs to three consecutive NLCS appearances... ANY GM in baseball would love to have that fortune. - They were able to quickly strike and get one of the best managers in baseball when he had a very short window in which he was actually available. - The two players you mention in your original post Happ & Schwarber? Every single GM in baseball would be ecstatic with both on their roster, and 95% of the ML rosters both would be starters. Happ in his rookie year played multiple positions & hit 24 homers and drove in 68 in 364 Major League at-bats. Schwarber? You're basing your opinion off of a 1/2 season in which he was coming back from a torn ACL - his second half was very productive and this was coming off a season in which he was a key to a WS championship and the year prior (his rookie year) when he looked like one of the elite left handed power hitters in baseball. I'll stop here - I think I've more than proven my point.
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    Yep. Gary is absolutely my favorite low-key fantasy player. Dude does not get enough credit for what he does night in and night out.
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    Looks like the trade is almost a done deal. I really hope this improves Rubio's assists, aside from the Spanish connection. Kris Dunn only dished 4 assists per game during the month of November. That number skyrocketed to 8 assists per game during the month of December, the same time Mirotic came back. In fact, he had his first 10+ assist game on the day Mirotic came back. Of course, I'd be bummed if those assists came from Mitchell instead. I just picked up Rubio from the wire, so I hope this pays off.
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    I absolutely think he can keep up what he's doing. Jimmy was top 10 last year and looks the same this year. He's one of the best two way players in the game and IMO is an absolute superstar in real life and fantasy. Expect top 10 numbers moving forward, the only thing that can slow this man down is an injury.
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    there where few people that dropped donovan mitchell in that short span where he was off,well look how that one turned out. Collins just had 2 blocks other day in 8 minutes you cant tell me it hurts to have him rostered and be patient
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    I agree 100%. I don't have him this year, but it is beyond ridiculous to me that he can even be A: low-key at this point or B: disparaged and not get credit for his abilities. Because you would like to think any person on this forum would be someone who pays closer attention to basketball than the casual fantasy player. Any negative comments about him or lack of appreciation has to be due to him not being a household name yet in reality. Because I don't see how anyone can complain with what he does fantasy-wise. He hurts you nowhere, and this year along with the efficiency he brought before he has now become an elite steals guy too. And I noticed In ESPN too, it claims he is at 72.3% owned. How is that even possible?!?! I know there are some dormant leagues and in active leagues there can be a player or two that quit. But Tyreke for example is 90.7% owned and Donovan Mitchell is at 86.2%. How is Gary at 72.3%?????
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    Man I feel bad for those who traded Jimmy Bean Butler away in the first month of the season. He has been a top 10 player for like 2 months now.
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    Oh, okay then. I was talking for the players that drafted him in the first round and waited for him to deliver. They received zero value back.
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    He has been the #1 player according to FantasyPros since I've traded for him. Fantasy Basketball Player Rater Last 15 Days Stats View Available Players Week 13 Projections Rest of Season Projections Preseason Projections Last 7 Days Last 15 Days Last 30 Days This Season Last Season RANK PLAYER FG% FT% 3PM REB AST STL BLK PTS OVERALL 1 Jimmy Butler (MIN - SG,SF) 0.53 6.24 1.20 1.31 3.81 5.00 0.60 3.60 22.30
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    I find it pretty funny that a guy that has played 1 full injury free season in the majors is not jumping on a 5 for 150 deal.
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    Having this guy in the roster provides a calming influence that covers all injuries and promising-yet-underperforming players like a blanket and makes everything look better. Kudos, Garry.
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    True. Really depends on league size. I'm in a 14 teamer so the wire is bleak for me.
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    Still can’t believe this marshmallow hurt himself trying to be cool on an open dunk.
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    haha, just read through some of the posts and yea, some people were ridiculous, but thats commonplace in these forums.... can only speak for myself and was of the thinking that if he got 20 minute + he could be serviceable....as you clearly did as well...when it became obvious that he was not going to play, it was time to move on.... Can we now shut this thread down lol ?
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    Fair to say Steph and KD should not be taken in top 5 of drafts next season? To me, I would rather have a worse player, say a guy that finishes like 8th, than Steph or KD if every game you have to worry about rest with fake injuries. I didn't realize it would get this bad when earlier in season I traded Towns for KD in a package - kicking myself for it now because at least KAT plays every game. Steph's previous injury must have been somewhat real since he sat out for quite a while but i think this slip during practice is fake news
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    As bad as your RBs are I’d keep the 2 and 3 and grab Guice and one of Chubb, Michel, Jones, or Penny depending on where they land. You don’t have a legit RB on your roster, you need to come out of this draft with two.
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    I agree. -knocks on wood- but I actually bought a Butler jersey last night... he has me too attached to this T-Wolves team.. Lol
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    Yup I expect him to be at 30 minutes by the end of the year with stats like 9 points 6 rebounds with nothing else.
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    Its crazy because I understand Jordan Bell's situation completely. GS is a championship team with veterans ahead of him that they are more comfortable and trust more playing. They are gunning for another championship so it is understandable. But Atlanta is going nowhere and shouldn't mind losing games. I love John Collins, but he is not an Embiid type difference maker where he is going to single handily make you win a bunch of games like that so playing him won't screw the tank up. Even if they are playing dudes they are showcasing for trades, that should not stop them from making sure Collins gets at least 25 minutes consistently if not outright starting at this point in the season period. He should be their priority because honestly he has the most upside by far of anyone on their team and if their coaching staff and front office doesn't already know that, then they shouldn't be in this profession.
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    I'm holding, Don't call me an "Okafor Truther," but I still harbor some hope that he plays himself into better condition and gets more minutes towards the end of the year. If you're doing well in your league (and I am), you can afford to be a bit patient here.
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    since jimmy is ballin i can now tell you that you did terrible trade with curry..but we all do mistakes and if JB continues with this it isnt a total ripoff
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    his 2016 AA line is pretty worn at this point which was one of the main reasons I was so high on him heading into 2017. Even in an injury riddled 2017 he still doubled at a decent clip, walk and K rates ok. I think a Yelich comp is still reasonable given their lines at the same level when Meadows was a year younger (21 vs 22). I think he'll be one of those guys where spring training will tell a lot. I haven't seen a lot of articles about him. Also worth noting, I haven't been able to move him for half of what I paid for him pre-2017. Shows how much his stock has taken a hit. Value too low to trade with his potential; I imagine a lot of Meadows owners are in the same boat.
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    Upset but encouraged...we got to be happy that he atleast took 20 shots instead of 3..they will fall he shoots 57% career..I think he's going to beast soon
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    Its KDs turn now. Im waiting for some news like, "he caught a flu on the practice, someone did not closed the main door" Logan Murdock will confirm.
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    I think it's the mutual followers between Mirotic and the guy who took a screenshot of it. Either that, or the "top following" on his list. I checked, and he recently followed only Mitchell and The Salt Lake Tribune. I figured he should be following Rubio a long time ago, since they are both from the Spanish national team.
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    Already ruled out for thursday. I am getting seriously worried..
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    Just plz don't have any more 7 TO games... lol
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    its pretty outrageous kcp fg% volume is still better than wall, gasol, kemba, lillard, melo, hood ect. anyways i got a good chuckle when i read it
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    Jokic, Ariza and Dunn lost me FG for the year today..
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    maybe Bud realized if he played Collins they would win, they are tanking of course so why do that. and here I am thinking i got the better end by trading away favors for him( before gobert came back and got injured again.). first few weeks yes, but now, smh
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    He's going to feast on this team for many seasons, got his position on lock. Clear path to breakout
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    I believe he is asserting that Willie's flesh is rather malleable, indicative of a lack of muscle which is traditionally firm to the touch.
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    He still wants to play, thats enough. The kids today earn too much money & they need time to spend them.
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    Hopefully we see some hope with more than 8 minutes tonight. He will be on my bench until I know it’s safe to put him back in again. Dropping him in Roto specifically would be a ridiculously stupid move. P.S. Hawks front office - No one wants Miles Plumlee. Playing him won’t help. He’s garbage. The league knows it and they know his contract. Sorry. You are stuck with him, but don’t punish John for that though. Play your future. Thanks Sincerely, An eager John Collins fantasy owner
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    Kinsler over Murphy seems like quite a stretch.
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    John Wall is returning to form again, 16 assists the other night, logging heavy minutes like he did before the injury, it's great being his owner right about now.
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    yea, a little crow may have been justified 2-3 weeks ago, when it was known he wasnt going to play...yet here you are, a month a 15 pages later still patting yourself on the back... bravo the Nets only having Allen and Zeller is precisely why we thought he'd get some run lol... Allen averaging 17 minutes a game.....whatever man, i just ifnd it funny you keep coming back to say the same thing over and over
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    What is ridiculous about pointing out that there have been stretches this season where TB has not been MVP-like when considering him for MVP? I agree with you, TG should get it. We both know that is not going to happen.
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    Same 40 WR's as listed above in the last post; here are catch percentages across their first 2 seasons: (26 active players in blue; 14 retired players in red) 1. Michael Thomas: 72.6% *******2. Tyreek Hill: 72.3%******* 3. Kenny Stills: 71.4% 4. Jarvis Landry: 69.8% 5. Stefon Diggs: 69.4% 6. Brandin Cooks: 69.2% 7t. Keenan Allen: 65.5% 7t. Percy Harvin: 65.5% 9. Marques Colston: 65.1% 10. Odell Beckham: 64.9% 11: Hakeem Nicks: 62.4% 12. Dez Bryant: 61.4% 13. Jeremy Maclin: 61.2% 14. DeVante Parker: 59.9% 15. Julio Jones: 59.6% 16. Amari Cooper: 59.2% 17. Terrell Owens: 59.0% 18. DeAndre Hopkins: 58.7% 19. Anquan Boldin: 58.4% 20. Marvin Harrison: 58.3% 21. Mike Wallace: 58.2% 22. AJ Green: 58.1% 23. Lee Evans: 57.8% 24. TY Hilton: 57.6% 25. Larry Fitzgerald: 57.5% 26t. Randy Moss: 57.1% 26t. Dwayne Bowe: 57.1% 28. Torry Holt: 56.8% 29. Andre Johnson: 56.4% 30. Sammy Watkins: 55.8% 31. Allen Robinson: 55.2% 32. Michael Crabtree: 55.1% 33. Ted Ginn: 54.9% 34. Darrell Jackson: 54.7% 35. Josh Gordon: 53.7% 36. Mike Evans: 52.6% 37. DeSean Jackson: 52.3% 38. Greg Jennings: 52.1% 39. Calvin Johnson: 51.9% 40. Torrey Smith: 48.3% So for these 40 WR's, who had significant roles in their first 2 NFL seasons, Tyreek Hill is one of just 3 to finish in the Top 10 across both catch percentage and touchdown/100 yard game percentage (the other two in the Top 10 for both categories are Odell Beckham and Marques Colston).
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    Bevaqua is Padres legend, hit HR to set up our only World Series win in game 2 vs the Tigers in 84, but whenever I hear the name Bevaqua, I cant get Lasorda's voice out of my head.
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    I'm going to give you guys a little bit of home team insight. Detroit switched offense this year from a pre-dominantly pick and roll offense to a motion offense. In a motion offense, the ball moves around a lot. Specifically with Detroit's offense, as part of the schemes, Drummond plays an important role in a lot of sets where they dump the ball to him, and let him facilitate from the high post. So the assists are here to stay, he should be getting better in that department as the season progresses.