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    "Who the hell cares?" A person who can see that Hardaway Jr is a really good asset. He was able to show what his ceiling can be and backed it with stats.. Shows more than what your current input is in this discussion.
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    I’m going to name all my kids Gary at this rate... just does everything right!
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    Having this guy in the roster provides a calming influence that covers all injuries and promising-yet-underperforming players like a blanket and makes everything look better. Kudos, Garry.
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    He was the only player on the entire Warriors roster with a positive plus/minus ranking tonight (+6). Kerr is making a serious mistake not playing this guy more minutes.
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    Still can’t believe this marshmallow hurt himself trying to be cool on an open dunk.
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    haha, just read through some of the posts and yea, some people were ridiculous, but thats commonplace in these forums.... can only speak for myself and was of the thinking that if he got 20 minute + he could be serviceable....as you clearly did as well...when it became obvious that he was not going to play, it was time to move on.... Can we now shut this thread down lol ?
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    Fair to say Steph and KD should not be taken in top 5 of drafts next season? To me, I would rather have a worse player, say a guy that finishes like 8th, than Steph or KD if every game you have to worry about rest with fake injuries. I didn't realize it would get this bad when earlier in season I traded Towns for KD in a package - kicking myself for it now because at least KAT plays every game. Steph's previous injury must have been somewhat real since he sat out for quite a while but i think this slip during practice is fake news
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    As bad as your RBs are I’d keep the 2 and 3 and grab Guice and one of Chubb, Michel, Jones, or Penny depending on where they land. You don’t have a legit RB on your roster, you need to come out of this draft with two.
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    He's been killing it lately but yall think he can keep this up? I'm in a 12 team keeper league and someone offered me McCollum ($13) and Saric ($4) for Butler ($18). The end of my bench is weak so I would benefit from 2 quality players but not sure i wanna give up butler- especially if he keeps playing at this level.
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    Damn. Holding guys like Chriss through injuries is so annoying. You really don't want to drop because the upside but he is also not a sure thing where you have no hesitation holding tight. Ruling this far in advance puts games next week at risk of being missed as well.
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    I'm done after this post because well... its obvious you fall into the delusional White Sox fandom who hate the Cubs more than you love your team. No use in arguing with that type. 1) Give me a break on the Rizzo/Cashner discussion. Rizzo was a struggling first baseman that they traded for TWICE. Newsflash: They destroyed the Padres on that deal. 2) Kris Bryant has a 19.2 WAR, and a 6.1 WAR last year. in 452 major league games He won MVP in his first full season as a player as a 24 y/o. I believe the 19.2 WAR (I read this and cannot find the article) is in the top 10 all-time after the number of games he's played. You think this is a big year for Bryant & that he's "clearly lost his power stroke"? HA!!!!!!!!! And, no... a large majority of GM's felt the Cubs reached on taking Bryant where he did. You're wrong. 3) Got it - essentially your response means you have nothing at all to point to. You have no proof of steroids, and Arrieta won a Cy Young, lead the Cubs to multiple playoff appearances as their Ace & is about to cash in as a FA for two journeyman pitchers. 4) And they won a WS for a RP they otherwise wouldn't have won said WS for a PROSPECT. Every single GM in baseball would have done the same thing. 5) LOL@ the personal insult with zero proof that actually happened. The A's got fleeced in that deal. End of story. What has Russell done? 46 home runs as a shortstop in 1300 at-bats as a just turned 23 y/o? Yah... every single GM in baseball would love to have Russell on their team. 6) You do realize that the minor league system was "diminished" because Baez, Russell, Schwarber, Bryant, Hendricks, Happ etc. are on the ML level, right? 7) And your point? You get to the dance, you have a shot to win. They did that once. Again... every single team in baseball would loved to have made the LCS three years in a row. Theo Epstein has won three World Series (and the catalyst for another), three pennants, 9 playoff appearances and taken two charter franchises who had the longest drought in professional sports to championships. Please. ... anyway.... I'm done here. My point has been more than well made. Enjoy obsessing over the Cubs.
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    Yeah, if you drafted Kawhi in a roto league your team is essentially dead and buried.
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    Comparing players at their ADP is completely different than comparing them straight up.
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    He really doesn’t have that much leverage, does he? There are only a finite # of teams willing to give him even 75 cents on the dollar of his ask. With him coming off by far his best statistical year and a bumper crop of high end free agent competition next year, he can’t even pretend he’ll sign a one year deal if his demand isn’t met. I doubt Boras will let the highest and best possible offer slip away, but I am rooting for this being the year that the signing team wises up to bidding against itself
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    I just discussed this issue in a different thread, but Beasley's production is very likely to drop off once Hardaway comes back. Obviously, not because they play the same position (although they can both be considered SF's), but because the Knicks lack players that can create on their own. Hardaway was that guy earlier in the year until he got hurt at the end of November. If you look at Beasley's stats from before the injury to Hardaway and he was averaging a pathetic 7-3. Hardaway's last game was 11/29. Since that time, Beasley has averaged about 17-7. If you can find an owner who doesn't realize the correlation, I would try to unload him ASAP because Hardaway is close to a return and most people think of Hardaway as more of Guard and Beasley as more of a biggish SF or a PF.
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    some teams could be waiting on Martinez as to whether or not they go after other/different free agents. JD could be holding up other free agents. s--- or get off the pot man, others want to take a s---. .
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    The Sixers still don’t know when he is going to play? Seriously, this dude has the yips. Why don’t they just come out and say he has the yips instead of this whole shoulder charade. It’s a mental issue. The yips happens to athlete (particularly golfers and pitchers). It can get resolved. They should just admit that is what happened.
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    after 2 single digit scoring games....... thats a negative ghostrider
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    Upset but encouraged...we got to be happy that he atleast took 20 shots instead of 3..they will fall he shoots 57% career..I think he's going to beast soon
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    Come on guys, I think Kerr knows what he’s doing. Bell is a rookie at the end of the day in a stacked team, I think we’ll see him more towards the back end of the season since it makes sense to keep him fresh for when their all-stars are rested more. I’ve got to agree we are probably expecting a little much here. That being said, I also own him and hope he can string more 18-20min games together..Looking unlikely though, seems lost at times on the court. Here’s hoping!
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    Its KDs turn now. Im waiting for some news like, "he caught a flu on the practice, someone did not closed the main door" Logan Murdock will confirm.
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    I think it's the mutual followers between Mirotic and the guy who took a screenshot of it. Either that, or the "top following" on his list. I checked, and he recently followed only Mitchell and The Salt Lake Tribune. I figured he should be following Rubio a long time ago, since they are both from the Spanish national team.
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    Already ruled out for thursday. I am getting seriously worried..
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    Glad I dropped this guy at the beginning of the season when he was playing in the lower 20 minutes. Doesn't regret at all.
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    some of the shots missed was just from putbacks that missed . around 5 i think
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    Solid hold. Minutes are obviously frustrating, but I fully expect him to be unleashed post trade deadline. Not like you're gonna get value for him in a trade. Don't be impatient and drop talent, unless you are falling out of playoff contention.
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    Yea man. I get that Bud wants to lose games, but you don't sit your young potential studs to up your odds of losing. Your supposed to develop them not bench them. Can only imagine what Collins thinks of all this while he's rotting on the bench watching scrubs play over him
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    maybe Bud realized if he played Collins they would win, they are tanking of course so why do that. and here I am thinking i got the better end by trading away favors for him( before gobert came back and got injured again.). first few weeks yes, but now, smh
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    The blocks have been a pleasant surprise, as has the increased 3PM. Here's hoping for a huge second half of the season.
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    My punt ft team is in first place in my league precisely because Dwight is consistently putting up huge lines like these so I’m not sure what you are babbling about. Maybe posting on fantasy basketball forums is not for you.
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    I think there’s a correlation between his suckitude and having darkhole Dwight this year. He’s never been this bad for this long and can never seem to get in a flow with so many mouths to feed on that crappy team. I’m a diehard fan of his and will holdv til the wheels fall off
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    He's starting early this season i see.
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    ^ All of this. Plus, THJ has proven to be a difference-maker. Why wouldn't you be excited to get a potential top 40 guy back mid-season? That's awesome help on the way.
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    Plugged him in. He should put up a respectable line against the G-League Clippers even in limited action.
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    Matt Velazquez @Matt_Velazquez In pregame Jason Kidd mentioned the team has pegged Jabari Parker’s return for — generally speaking — the week before the All-Star break. First time anyone has pinpointed it that I’ve heard.
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    All that is spot on. Also do not underestimate the human psyche and/or flakiness of pitchers. Some pitchers just plain feel more comfortable therefore more confident in certain parks. One of the main reasons David Price said he signed with Boston originally was because he felt the greatest comfort level there as a pitcher even though that would seem to run counter to common sense. But he insisted that the mound felt higher and closer to home plate therefore he felt more dominate there. It wasn't and it turned out he wasn't but that was more due to pressure of being the ace. He actually was more dominate but it was back when he was still with TB where he indeed put up his best stats at Fenway then any other park but as a visiting pitcher. So never ever under estimate the intangibles in life.
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    This is pretty unfair imo. Who knows why you're comparing him to Oladipo. Sure, Justin Holiday just made himself plenty of money on the Bulls. However, Turner is a winning basketball player. A lot of us saw him playing with confidence last year and expected a 20-year-old to take a leap forward. Whether it's because of the concussion, or Oladipo, or what have you, that hasn't happened so far. But Turner is a defender first and foremost, and more of his shots were of the deep 2 variety than any other last season. More than a center took at the rim. He's a modern center, and a freaky athlete, out there to lock it up on defense, stretch the floor (and score 14 a night, and hopefully 20+ at some point), and to overall complement a star player, or 2 on a contender. He's not some chucker, so no, this is not an ideal situation for him to be showcased because he's not a shot creator and never has been. Fortunately for him, Collison has been awesome offensively and the whole team relies on Turner alone (and Oladipo) basically to anchor the entire defense, otherwise his counting stats would be even worse than they have been.
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    I was offered Brolo and Rjax. I said NO. Stay away you vultures, he's my disappointment to keep. But only because I need blocks haha
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    yea, a little crow may have been justified 2-3 weeks ago, when it was known he wasnt going to play...yet here you are, a month a 15 pages later still patting yourself on the back... bravo the Nets only having Allen and Zeller is precisely why we thought he'd get some run lol... Allen averaging 17 minutes a game.....whatever man, i just ifnd it funny you keep coming back to say the same thing over and over
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    I often have guys I want because they're just "my type of players." Conversely, there are guys that just aren't "my type of players." I can't really explain it very well, but for instance, for whatever reason, Daniel Murphy just isn't my guy. I just have no desire to have him on my team, and his price would have to drop so low for me to grab him, that it's never even close to a plausible option for me. Then there are guys who I'll go a few extra bucks for (or a couple rounds before their ADP), like in years past were often guys like Kyle Seager (fortunately I didn't have any of him last year) or Elvis Andrus. Guys who are consistent, have skills, hit in AL ballparks, and have some room for upside. I know this is more of a "high floor" strategy, but that's often my method. I always feel like the highest ceilings are young SP who are either unproven or often-injured. One year they're gonna be healthy and outperform their auction cost by $20.
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    FWIW I dont think Brady is even the Pats MVP.
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    Tyrone Wallace sounds like a 6’10 250 pound banger inside not a guard.
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    I'm going to give you guys a little bit of home team insight. Detroit switched offense this year from a pre-dominantly pick and roll offense to a motion offense. In a motion offense, the ball moves around a lot. Specifically with Detroit's offense, as part of the schemes, Drummond plays an important role in a lot of sets where they dump the ball to him, and let him facilitate from the high post. So the assists are here to stay, he should be getting better in that department as the season progresses.
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    Not being in yahoo database makes him a next year target. On one hand u can't get in early and on the other hand well u better have a very high early pick especially if otani does not come over. Reminds me of Eloy last year u knew he was going to blow up early on. But having to wait a year made sure everybody else knew it also.
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    this is why i have him on my punt FG team
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    All this excitement and banter over this dude... Lmao.