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    Me neither, although Fantasy MIP is in Oladipo's pocket
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    Might be the fact that JV isn’t very good
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    I'm in the group of people who are actually trying to get an update on the injury.
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    fantasy basketball info on this site is a joke and this statement sums it up perfectly every single thread i read, the sky is falling. drop top 50 player, ect...
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    Now that's more like it. Welcome back, m'Lord
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    There has been a fair amount of discussion in the local media about his role once he comes back from his elbow injury. As good as Sabonis appears to be playing, if you watch Pacer games regularly, you will realize while Sabonis is a more aggressive rebounder and a better scorer in the paint, the Pacers have serious defensive deficiencies when he is on the floor. Last night's game against the Lakers is a prime example. There was no one available to defend the rim and keep the Lakers from cutting into the lane for easy layups. Big Al and Sabonis weren't going to be the guys. Myles offers more than blocks on the defensive end. He alters twice as many shots as he blocks and deters guys from driving into the lane to begin with. Actually, Myles is not as good of a man defender as he is a help defender. If things continue down the current path (inconsistent play), the Pacers will probably look to start both Myles and Sabonis, for different reasons. Sabonis because he is a more aggressive rebounder and can retrieve errant shots from Collison and Bogdanovic early in the game. This will help prolong possessions and provide opportunities for easy put backs. Turner to close off the rim from attack. Collison and Bogdanovic couldn't defend their own grandmothers Someone has to be behind them in the paint to cut off the easy shots at the rim. Thad Young is the likely candidate to move to the bench. It really doesn't matter because he will still get his minutes and they don't run any offensive sets for him anyway. He is best in transition. As for why Turner didn't "blow up" when Victor was out. The answer was simple. Look at who was running the offense - Collison, Lance and Cory Joseph. There was no offensive flow with those guys. They are fine in transition but horrible in the half court. Myles is not going to take opponents off the dribble and has limited post moves. However, in the right situation, he can be quite effective. As to why doesn't he get more rebounds, the answer is simple. On the defensive end, he blocks out and guards pick up the rebounds. I do believe he needs to work on improving offensive rebounding. He has a very similar skill set to Porzingis. The difference is usage and opportunity. That said, I still think Porzingis has a higher ceiling and the ability to develop along similar lines to Dirk Nowitzki. I believe Myles' ceiling is less clear because his development is behind Porzingis'. Porzingis benefited from structured coaching in Europe. Myles is a product of today's AAU system and one season in college. Unfortunately, the Pacers organization is not known for development of big men. I know they have guys (e.g., Kevin McHale) come in and work with him. However, they really miss Mel Daniels. If Turner's floor is a top 50 ranking and ceiling is around top 20, that is a pretty solid player in real life and fantasy. I would say not to get caught up in the rankings but rather what he adds to your team and team build. If you don't like him, then drop him, trade him, bench him but stop wasting time complaining about him on a fantasy message board. That says more about you than him.
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    I'd stay away from Fulmer, especially in roto leagues. It's hard for me to trust guys like him and Gerrit Cole who throw 95+ MPH heat with good off-speed stuff yet try to pitch to contact and nibble as if they're Jamie Moyer or Kyle Loshe. Drafting Fulmer in roto is basically tanking on K's and Wins while hoping he'll help out your ratios which is not a guarantee. I'd rather gamble on somebody with better upside lIke Luis Castillo. Drafting guys like Fulmer are what win you 4th place.
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    Yeah I love Gary and he's been fantastic but Oladipo has just been on another level.
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    First awesome game since I got him. 40-7-5 with 5 3's and only one turnover on great percentages. Looks like that day of rest helped him out
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    He's been a top 15 player according to Yahoo the past 2 weeks. I knew I was getting a steal in the 7th round, but I didn't expect him to be this good. My team wouldn't be where it is without him! I think he's a contender for Fantasy MIP. Who here thought they would get 2nd round value from this guy? Not me.
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    Yes, let’s dismiss the conclusions of Titans fans. They probably don’t even watch their games.
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    His confident in shooting seems way lost and his big usage comes along with some TOs. That being said, i hate to bench players at the end of the week to avoid the risk of losing %s and TOs
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    Kinda like what TJ Yeldon does for Fournette. Cool fan website though. I googled the author Lleyton Steinmann and came up with a 15 year old freshman in high school in california.
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    A wise man is able to discern between good and evil, and he knows how to respond to and deal with a situation. He is discreet and realistic, with power to make plans. He makes the most out of life. He never drop the Lord ” David Pawson
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    I really dont know,totally uneccesary pushoff when Olynyk already fumbled the ball. That inbounds play before was equally bad (30 seconds and they were +5)
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    Still bounced back in the 2nd half and salvaged his night with a nice 22 and 10
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    Think we can all agree LT was special. I mean in his special season as a Rb he scored 33 tds. Been playing fantasy for 20 plus years and never saw anthing like him. A RB that outscored all QB's in fantasy. As for Gurley he was amazing last year but just like every other great season you have to expect some regression. Just like with Charles four years ago he had a amazing finish. Won many people championships then the next year crapped out in playoffs. You can't always expect a player to perform like in years past. Would still take the guy at number 1.
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    I think newly acquired Jason Martin is also on the 40-man.
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    WR's are the biggest strutting peacocks in the NFL and i'm not sure why given how dependent they are on QB performance. Exhibit A was Diggs making the game winning TD to beat the saints strutting around as if he did something exceptional when the fact is the defender committed an unforced error and whiffed on the tackle. There are a handful of big play wr's who literally have the talent to change games and the rest are serviceable and more than sufficient given the NFL today likes to depend on the high percentage short passing game. I think it's better to spend the money on smart defensive players who can make a big impact. There never seems to be enough of them.
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    Logged in just to post this. Disappointed someone beat me to it. Even more disappointed it wasn't Marty Funkhouser.
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    A guy having great talent, starting, almost no threat to his minutes, and with just a short term injury pretty much is the definition of "undroppable". My point is that all of the dudes you listed are all on the "undroppable" list already, and won't be available in any competitive leagues to pick up for Turner. Also, Millsap has a long term injury that brings him back to playing just before fantasy playoffs, and Kawhi's been out almost the entire season. Turner has been putting up decent value all season long, just much worse than his expected value. Turner is nowhere near the same as the other two. As I said previously, you can't drop Turner unless new info comes out that his injury is serious enough like Milksop's, where he won't be returning until like fantasy playoffs.
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    this was my first statement about lafluer........not sure if he would make a move laterally, since he already is a OC for the rams. why do the same with the titans? i stated that it would have to be the head job and that i wasnt sure if he was ready for that with just 1 year with mcvay at the positrion? where does any of this say i dont know what i'm talking about? please clarify if you choose to nail someone to the wall and contradict what they say.
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    where would you get from this statement that i have no idea what i'm talking about? i believe , if i understand what a troll is......someone who comes on these threads to contradict what others say and to start arguments based on the idea of just plain nothing.......i guess we just found a troll
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    With Tyreek Hill, many have speculated as to how he will do with Patrick Mahomes (presumably) the Chiefs #1 QB in 2018. Now there isn't a lot to go on for Mahomes, but in Week 17 against the Broncos, he had to face a solid defense on the road. How did that go? Well, he got them to a 24-10 lead, despite playing with a bunch of backups. The Chiefs put their 3rd stringer in with the game presumably in hand...but Tyler Bray fumbled, blew the lead, and Denver tied it up at 24-24. So Mahomes came back in and promptly led the Chiefs on a game-winning drive. I watched all of Mahomes' snaps and thought this article had a good summary of how he performed (including gifs and clips of his top throws)... https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2018/1/1/16837486/the-top-5-patrick-mahomes-wow-plays-in-his-first-chiefs-start In addition, this was what PFF recently had to say about Mahomes, where they ranked him as the #7 QB that is 25 years or younger: There may be no greater nexus of potential in the NFL right now than Mahomes. We are dealing with incredibly small sample sizes, but everything we have seen from him at the NFL level has been impressive. He was PFF’s top-graded QB overall in the preseason, ending those games with a grade of 81.5, and his one start during the regular season showed spectacular throws. Mahomes may never play within the confines of an offensive structure for too long, but he is a born playmaker, and can pull that off with frightening regularity seemingly with no regard to the level of competition he is facing. With Alex Smith’s time in Kansas City likely coming to a close, next year should be the dawn of some major excitement within that offense.
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    I like the WWE flop the Patriots player took trying to draw a flag.
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    If you are trying to punt blocks in what universe would you have drafted/traded for Myles Turner?
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    Pitcherlist has Keuchel and Price going after him. I'd rather have both of them. I do like Fulmer's BB/9 and HR/9, but I'd like to see him elevate his K%.
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    Wow, some people actually believe he is a drop. Damn i would like to play in your leagues.
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    LOL just read that. Nut in her eye? Bones stole Crazy Eyez Killa's move.
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    Based on ADPs... Grab him up
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    Being both a LeVert and Dinwiddie owner, I will be paying close attention to what happens to both of them. Personally I do believe DLo won’t hurt either ones value because I think Atkinson understands their worth to the team and I don’t think he will cut their minutes or that they will be less effective as a result of DLo. It should help their effeciency having him out there. But I also could be wrong and it absolutely is a possiblity that one or both lose value because of his usage. The fast paced environment helps so that is why I am optimistic about both. So it will be interesting to see how it plays out on the court and who exactly on the team loses the minutes that will be going to DLo.
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    Didi Gregorius is coming off a career-best year where he hit .287/.318/.478 with 25 HRs and 3 SBs in 570 PAs, which was good for a 107 wRC+ and ranked Gregorius as 13th best SS and 116th overall on the ESPN player rater. Gregorius supported that line with a poor 4.4 BB% and a great 12.3 K%. A quick look at his BAPIP actually shows that it was lower than the previous two seasons, in theory, that would give hope that he can maybe even achieve a higher Batting Average in the future but let's take a look at his batted ball data and see why that likely won't be the case. In 2016, Gregorius changed his launch angle in an attempt to hit for more flyballs and hopefully more power. Last year in 2017, Gregorius went even further, upping his launch angle and hitting even more flyballs (career-high 43.8%) while subsequently cutting his groundballs (career-low 36.2%). That shift to more airborne contact plus a much more pull-happy approach to contact (career-high 40.3 Pull%) led to Gregorius achieving a new level in power output. Now, the increased flyball rate and the pull-happy approach to contact will likely lead to a further drop in BAPIP next year because flyballs have a higher chance of turning into outs compared to groundballs generally, especially when your power isn't elite. This leads me to my next point about Gregorius, and that is that he doesn't hit the ball hard...at all really. In fact, his 23.1 Hard Contact% ranked as the 5th worst in all of baseball last year. The only guys who were behind him were Ender Inciarte, Cesar Hernandez, Jose Peraza, Dee Gordon, and Billy Hamilton. Not exactly the ideal company to be in for a guy looking to hit for power. Note that a 30% Hard Contact% is low for a power hitter...so Gregorius' 23.1% kinda baffles me. This is supported by a well below average 84.47 MLB average exit velocity (MLB average 87.32) and a well below average 375.55 ft average HR distance (MLB average is 400.52 ft). Those numbers don't support a 25 HR hitter at all, and makes me wonder what his real power ceiling is. I even looked to see if he was taking advantage of Yankee Stadium's short porch, but he actually hit better on the road with more power (12 HRs at home with an 81 wRC+, 13 HRs on the road with a 133 wRC+). I guess Gregorius is just a case of hitting lots of flyballs and having JUST enough to get them over the fence. Also, I want to note that Gregorius hits a ton of soft contact, in fact, his 24.4 soft contact% was the 7th worst in baseball among qualified hitters. I think the reason for that can be explained by his plate discipline numbers. Let's take a look at Didi Gregorius' plate discipline numbers: His out-of-zone swing% was 40.8% MLB average is 30%His zone swing % was 81.3% MLB average is 65%His overall swing % was 58.2% MLB average is 46%His out-of-zone contact % was 69.1% MLB average is 66%His zone contact% was 88% MLB average is 87%His overall contact rate was 80.4% MLB average is 80%His % of pitches seen inside the strike-zone was 42.9% MLB average is 45%His swinging-strike% was 11.4% MLB average is 9.5% As you can see, Gregorius is an extremely aggressive hitter, swinging way more than league average both outside and inside the zone. He also makes more contact than the league average both inside and outside the zone, and the outside the zone contact is particularly troublesome as that likely is the reason for the high soft contact%. Opposing pitchers look to exploit that against him as he sees far fewer pitches inside the strike zone than the league average. Overall, he's a curious case as a hitter because he is a bigger shortstop at 6 foot 3, 205 lbs, and his counting stats look excellent, but under the hood, there seems to be a disconnect. To me, he carries a fair bit of risk in repeating what he did last year for a number of reasons. He is really really aggressive (4.4 BB% was the 9th lowest walk rate in the majors last year), he doesn't impact the ball hard, and his batted ball profile doesn't support a high batting average. As a result, I personally have a hard time seeing a lot of value in selecting Didi Gregorius at his current ADP (NFBC ADP has him at 113). For this year, I'm going to project .272/.313, with 20 HRs and 2 SBs. That same sort of fantasy value can be found in a safer package at a much lower cost in Zack Cozart.
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    Seriously? He averaged 7 points a game on under 30% shooting until late December last year (25+ games). Do you just make stuff up?
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    I'm rooting for him and always like guys that are willing to make a big change to continue their career. I bet he's higher, than most would expect, on some lists next year.
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    Very interesting player and situation. I thought I'd check up on his thread after seeing he did not place in the Pipeline top 10 catchers. As far as fantasy goes, I'd have him in the top 5 of prospect catchers. He finished up last year on a nice heater (in AA). His numbers across HighA and AA were generally quite positive--esp considering where his career was and that he spent a great majority of last year in a pitchers park/league (.835 OPS in FSL). 2017- .267/.328/.480 with 19 HR Plate discipline remains a sore spot, but it wasn't in unacceptable range (esp for catchers) 26BB with 106K It has also been reported that his defense was solid and got better enough throughout the year for him to be thought of as a guy who could catch in the majors--even if it would never be considered a plus. Bottom line is he has a pedigree and got his career back on track. ATL has 2 good vet catchers on the roster but he could certainly get a little MLB experience this year and establish himself as the catcher of the future for ATL. In what looks to be a very up and coming line-up/team and nice park for his power. I think he's an underrated asset in deep dynasty leagues.
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    I'm so confused about what's going on with this offense. Jokic's stats aside what happened to the ball flying around the court and people cutting everywhere so I can see Jokic make the passes that shot him to stardom last year and made us think this was poor mans Golden State? I'm getting annoyed watching the Nuggets because I'm tired of watching Jokic do a dribble hand off every play. The bulls are more exciting to watch these days. Outside of writing "Coach Malone's fault", as a die hard bball fan it is mind boggling to see an offense get worse when there haven't been any personnel changes (Millsap doesn't even count at this point). Check out the point difference below for January it is a HUGE drop. This post probably deserves in the vent and rant thread but the way they're playing is directly impacting Jokic. 2017-2018: 102 PPG/ 23.9 assists/ 45% shooting 2016-2017 : 116.6 PPG/ 27.6 assists / 49% shooting
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    It seems to me like he's flying under the radar a bit. He's being looked at as a top 20 SP but when healthy, his performance the last 2 years is basically top 10. Maybe that's what happens when you don't pitch 200 IP. Basically everything about him is elite besides health. The K% went up last year from 22.9% to 28.3%. BB% went up slightly but not much (4.7% to 6.7%). HIs FIP for 2017 was still below 3.00 (2.61). He doesn't give up a ton of homers, he has great velocity, good control, and swing and miss stuff (12.5 SwStr%). If one argues that drafting Kershaw is worth it for just 170 IP then sign me up for 140 IP of James Paxton, especially at his price.
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    Josh Richardson: A Case Study in the Benefits of Patience
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    Playing through personal issues. Gary Harris...
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