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    11 steals if you count my heart, love you baby
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    Patriots “fans” complaining about officiating is about as ridiculous as it gets
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    It sounds like Kemba and either Dwight/Nic might be dealt at the trade deadline.... What are peoples thoughts on stashing? Minutes are the issue...if development is the priority are Lamb and Bacon on the menu?
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    Yeah, since they are trying to get his conditioning up they should have played him more even though they were up big. This kind of semi regression is similar to what IT is dealing with. The first couple game they look great because they have fresh legs, then they slump a bit because their legs get a little wear and tear and they aren’t used to it. IT is just now starting to come out of it, I’m sure Lavine won’t be far behind.
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    Pats are getting screwed ... the refs are deciding this game
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    Me neither, although Fantasy MIP is in Oladipo's pocket
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    That garbage PI call last drive looms huge. Swapped field position and set up that easy drive... Classic patriots squirreling out of a bad situation
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    Fellow football fan...I'd like to see the Pats lose 59-3.
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    Seriously after this 2 plus month sample I don’t know how any team that trades for or signs Lou next year can bring him off the bench. I don’t even care if he is an undersized 2, he’s a top scorer in this league when given minutes with a featured role. It would be criminal if he is again stuck in a 20 min bench role thus year or beyond. At this point he should have shaken his 6th man label and be a starter playing big. Min going forward. He has singlehandly kept the Clippers in the playoff hunt for 2 months averaging 28 points per and 6 dimes with great efficiency.
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    Trade deadline stashes: * George Hill * Montrezl Harrell * Nerlens Noel * Willy Hernangomez * Bobby Portis * Ekpe Udoh * Bam Adebayo * Malik Monk / Jeremy Lamb / Michael Carter-Williams? Potential players who might move as sell highs to other suitors based off performance: * Lou Williams * Michael Beasley * Shabazz Napier * Bismack Biyombo
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    Might be the fact that JV isn’t very good
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    batum shutdown/trade is the only reason why im still holding. plus no desirable FA in our wire.
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    Youre one of those guys who refers to his favorite team as “we”, aren’t you?
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    The NFL ad rates and viewership ratings are safe they get to spend the next couple of weeks hyping up the overhyped Patriots and make gobs of money selling another historic game and this SB they will immediately bronze Bradys game jersey and have it guarded by the National Guard to prevent theft.
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    The AFC is like the east in the NBA. Conference is a joke minus the Patriots. MIN defense won't do stupid s--- like the Jaguars defense. They're actually an elite defense that didn't play in one of the worst divisions in the history of the game.
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    Can we use the same rock the patriots “fans” crawled out of 10 years ago?
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    100 penalty yards to 10 ... but yes, keep crying about the refs.
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    Back to must own status glad I scooped him before the streak started.
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    Only player on the entire team without a rebound. A guy averaging over 11 boards a game recently. Crazy!
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    Jaguars have 5 penalties for 62 yards Pats have 1 for 10 yards I don't remember that 1 penalty so maybe the score keeper just added that one in there to keep the suspicion down.
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    That pass interference call was indefensible. It's not like it was close. You can't call a 40 yard (or whatever it was) penalty on that play. That call could have easily changed who wins this game.
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    Barry Church is a vet, when he was growing up that’s how football was played before all this concussion stuff. In todays NFL you cant do that but this is The biggest game of his career and he’s just going on instinct trying to make a play, nothing dirty about it.
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    Kyle Anderson ( 25% ), Wayne Ellington ( 38% ), and Bogdan Bogdanovic ( 45% ) are still grossly under-owned in Yahoo Leagues.
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    I think there can be a great discussion regarding athletes and how they deal with life after living in the spotlight for 10+ years. I don't think anyone in here is stupid enough to come in and be like "Doc was a total dick for using drugs".
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    I'm in the group of people who are actually trying to get an update on the injury.
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    i own both carrol and prince too....dread brothers. i alternate dreading having them each week when one is slumping.
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    This is impossible. He is so good i m gonna cry lol
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    hide yo gurl/wife, he gon' steal them too!
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    he is not scrub,he always perform well when given minutes(FG%+assist+stl)
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    Now that's more like it. Welcome back, m'Lord
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    There has been a fair amount of discussion in the local media about his role once he comes back from his elbow injury. As good as Sabonis appears to be playing, if you watch Pacer games regularly, you will realize while Sabonis is a more aggressive rebounder and a better scorer in the paint, the Pacers have serious defensive deficiencies when he is on the floor. Last night's game against the Lakers is a prime example. There was no one available to defend the rim and keep the Lakers from cutting into the lane for easy layups. Big Al and Sabonis weren't going to be the guys. Myles offers more than blocks on the defensive end. He alters twice as many shots as he blocks and deters guys from driving into the lane to begin with. Actually, Myles is not as good of a man defender as he is a help defender. If things continue down the current path (inconsistent play), the Pacers will probably look to start both Myles and Sabonis, for different reasons. Sabonis because he is a more aggressive rebounder and can retrieve errant shots from Collison and Bogdanovic early in the game. This will help prolong possessions and provide opportunities for easy put backs. Turner to close off the rim from attack. Collison and Bogdanovic couldn't defend their own grandmothers Someone has to be behind them in the paint to cut off the easy shots at the rim. Thad Young is the likely candidate to move to the bench. It really doesn't matter because he will still get his minutes and they don't run any offensive sets for him anyway. He is best in transition. As for why Turner didn't "blow up" when Victor was out. The answer was simple. Look at who was running the offense - Collison, Lance and Cory Joseph. There was no offensive flow with those guys. They are fine in transition but horrible in the half court. Myles is not going to take opponents off the dribble and has limited post moves. However, in the right situation, he can be quite effective. As to why doesn't he get more rebounds, the answer is simple. On the defensive end, he blocks out and guards pick up the rebounds. I do believe he needs to work on improving offensive rebounding. He has a very similar skill set to Porzingis. The difference is usage and opportunity. That said, I still think Porzingis has a higher ceiling and the ability to develop along similar lines to Dirk Nowitzki. I believe Myles' ceiling is less clear because his development is behind Porzingis'. Porzingis benefited from structured coaching in Europe. Myles is a product of today's AAU system and one season in college. Unfortunately, the Pacers organization is not known for development of big men. I know they have guys (e.g., Kevin McHale) come in and work with him. However, they really miss Mel Daniels. If Turner's floor is a top 50 ranking and ceiling is around top 20, that is a pretty solid player in real life and fantasy. I would say not to get caught up in the rankings but rather what he adds to your team and team build. If you don't like him, then drop him, trade him, bench him but stop wasting time complaining about him on a fantasy message board. That says more about you than him.
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    I'd stay away from Fulmer, especially in roto leagues. It's hard for me to trust guys like him and Gerrit Cole who throw 95+ MPH heat with good off-speed stuff yet try to pitch to contact and nibble as if they're Jamie Moyer or Kyle Loshe. Drafting Fulmer in roto is basically tanking on K's and Wins while hoping he'll help out your ratios which is not a guarantee. I'd rather gamble on somebody with better upside lIke Luis Castillo. Drafting guys like Fulmer are what win you 4th place.