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    It's a standard position to say that a young player can't repeat an exceptional season. It is often true. If you said that about every good rookie you'd likely be right about 65% of the time. Bellinger exceeded most of the small sample size arguments. MLB has complete video and the analytics departments know his tendencies. Despite this, he successfully beat the shift, lowered is K% in the 2nd half, raised his walk rate, had a fairly steady babip right about league average, and he doesn't even have a L/R split. I'd bid with confidence.
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    He's a borderline first round selection. Outstanding hitter.
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    I've watched a decent amount of Clippers games this year and it's pretty easy to tell they desperately need that spot up shooter. Can't wait to see the pairing of Milos and Gallo, I think they'll both benefit big time from each other.
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    Heisman has nothing to do with NFL success. With a line of 4 future NFL first round draft picks, a future top 10 draft pick receiver, another reliable receiver that fell in the draft because of concussions, retiring before preseason even began, a certain Hesiman winner from the SEC made defenses look silly, constantly gutting them for long runs and breaking tackles like no tomorrow. And no, I'm not talking about Henry. That player had a remarkably short NFL career, partially because he wasn't a special talent anymore (and some serious character issues). Compared to NFL talent, Henry is subpar in short area acceleration and agility. Compared to college talent, he was a top 5 guy at his position at worst (and played with a Tide O-line in front of him). As to next year, Bell, Gurley, Elliot, and DJ enter the season healthy. Barring a half year negotiation holdout from Bell, Henry will be hard pressed to break into the top 5 with Hunt, Cook, Fournette, Kamara/Ingram, Barkley, Michel, and Guice all fairly forseeably in the running. In PPR, McCaffrey gets added to the list as well. Until I see evidence of Henry being more than an A+ plodder on the majority of his plays, the hype has driven his price way too high. Sure, you can jump in paying a premium and hope everything goes just right, but that's not the way I like to draft. If he goes after all of the names above (possibly dependent on where Michel/Guice land), I'll take a shot. I know most of my league mates think he's subpar, so maybe I will own him. But I'm not taking him off the board in round 2. There's too many other options I feel better about.
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    Can possibly be moved? In some twisted world, he’s moved to NOLA to replace Boogie in the Twin Tower lineup. One of the focal points on offense with all the minutes he can handle... I wish.
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    Yeah, his walk totals, OBP and overall performance are totally the reason that the Reds struggle...youve figured it out! Its not that atrocious pitching situation (29th in the majors in ERA, 28th in IP, 29th in QS) that couldn't keep a solid offense (14th in runs, 10th in OPS, 13th in OBP ) in games. Its not even worth coming in here with arguments like that. It reflects so poorly on knowledge and understanding that its not even funny.
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    Maybe its just me but a guy with a 162 game avg of 98 runs, 29 HR , 94 RBI and a .313 avg seems pretty valuable to me regardless of format. And as has been alluded to before those walks provide a direct link to more runs, they dont have value only in OBP or BB formats. I mean overall its a guy whos worst OPS in a year that hes played anything remotely resembling a full slate was .926. Absent a massive injury which no one here can predict with anything resembling accuracy hes one of the safest plays in fantasy. Regardless of format.
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    Mostly because he’s an average defender who might have to come off third eventually and he was injured for most of last season. That and guys around 50-150 are pretty interchangeable. hes a much better fantasy than real life prospect. I would think he would make all Fantasy top 100s.
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    Agreed, being worried about him is like being worried if the sun is gonna come up. The guy is a hitting savant, its funny to watch him do what he does early in the year and try something new and then inevitably end the year with a .300+ line and a ridiculous OBP.
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    Hell of a coincidence. Just did the same for mine...
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    I was a big fan of Faria last year and got to watch most of his starts before he went down with an injury. He ended up coming out of the bullpen for pretty much the rest of the year after he returned from the DL though with mixed results. He K'd 84 in 86 innings, so just about a K per inning, and had 31 walks. Coming up through the minors he put up some phenomenal control and put away numbers that you love seeing out of a young arm. I think there is no way he doesn't get a spot in the rotation unless he really blows up in the spring or something. I would expect him to outperform his Steamer projections and be around where he finished last year. Maybe around a 3.5 ERA and 1.22 whip. I was always impressed with his fastball command and his slider + change up offspeed pitches to put away hitters and keep them off balance.
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    i mean how can u expect him to not get in foul trouble against the offensive juggernaut that is the magic?
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    Thanks. One of the things Yahoo users liked is that it usually opened more than a little ahead of the other platforms. Way to screw up, Yahoo.
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    I've learned to avoid paying attention to if a player is "injury prone" all together. I was also told Gronk, Hyde, Jeffery, Bell, Shady, Bryant, Allen, and others were injury prone. No one said DJ, ODB, and Rodgers are injury prone now did they? Injuries are almost all luck.
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    I would be more worried about some of the plate discipline numbers if the corresponding column was "MLB average for rookies at 20 years old" instead of "MLB average." No shade at Garlando at all, those numbers are valuable intel, just for me, I would not weigh them that heavily given his age and experience level. Just being in the majors at 20 and not sucking portends good things imo.
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    should stick to driving instead of taking contested jumpers
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    Yep that would be quite impressive and probably a bit on the high side if he doesn't get his launch angle and average FB distance up a bit. Shaw is an interesting comparison for ADP purposes and they hold their own against each other when you go through the various categories like Avg EV, B/PA etc. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/statcast_leaderboard?year=2017&abs=100&player_type=resp_batter_id This kid is a moderate risk as a keep even given that ADP thusfar though unless you're in a very deep or AL only format. TBBT do you think he sticks at 3B this year? I know Xander also had some early defensive struggles in his career but was super happy they stuck with him at short.
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    If you want to call your team the New Jersey Giants, I will not argue against it...they've earned it.
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    Haha, looking back at the 2017 thread... At least last year he waited til March 31 for "Any other Votto owners panicking a bit? He just had his worst Spring ever, by far, and in the offseason said he was much more focused on defense (not hitting) unlike in years past. I am worried." Fast forward to April 11: "What the hell is going on this year? Votto is swinging at everything he sees" and 5 other similar play by play calls when he had a few bad games messing with mechanics over the next couple days. Votto then plays like a stone cold stud and he didn't say a word for like 6 weeks til JV had a couple bad games so it's right back to the boards on May 28 to chip in that he's "really struggling now". Once he goes back to crushing all the posts are about how 34 is old and compiling numbers is the only way to prove a player is Hall worthy. No comments about him being an AMAZING fantasy asset... He has a bad week in July and it's right back to "This clown has no idea what he's doing up at the dish right now." followed by another period of Joey taking the league by storm til a couple bad games in August and he give the sage advice that "If your trade deadline hasn't passed, I would at least consider dealing." and one last jab about how "ice cold" he is before disappearing the rest of the season while Joey had a great final month. I just don't get it DoTheRoar... why do you hate Joey Votto so much? Did he do something to personally offend you? Does he need to put up Bondsian numbers to meet your expectations? If you don't like that he has cold stretches and you think he is a H2H liability why not just come out and say that? No one is going to strongly disagree and you can just stop wasting your time talking trash about an amazing player. The bottom line is that Votto is elite in standard roto, slightly less valuable in H2H and a god in OBP/OPS leagues. What more is there to say?
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    I dont disagree with most of what you said but cant you agree that Sean Peyton held Ingram back until the last couple of seasons?
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    4.6 ypc during that time. I think you just dont prefer a back like Henry, a bruising back who has an elusiveness rating of 21.4 who can pound a defense for 30 touches a game and can do serious damage in the 4th quarter. You seem like a devontae freeman or alvin kamara kind of guy. Quicker burst, lateral quickness, great pass catcher who can do a lot of damage on 15-18 touches a week. I think both styles can result in great fantasy production. Henry has talent and so does Mariota, Henry can run a hurry up offense, he wont have to be subbed out like people assume.
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    Sucks to play in those hyper competitive 2 category leagues I guess. Really man, there are no dings in Vottos armor. 35 yo is the only even slightly negative to the profile. You buy Votto and you know exactly what you are going to get as seasons end.
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    Agree.... If your league is really competitive..you have to put some pennies concerning some guys with high upside..like Portis, Noel, Chriss... the trade deadline will change some roster and the Suns needs to play their young guys... Bender plays the last 4-5 games without Chriss and show nothing.. Chriss will have no competition and my only concerns is HIS mentality ...the minutes will be there and we just have to ???
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    Almost seems as if we are reaching a consensus as the top 8 seem to be set. With Forrest Whitley being the new consensus best pitching prospect in baseball non-Ohtani. Thoughts: Hays at 23 (don't mind it, but I'm a bit more hesitant given plate discipline concerns). Soto at 29 (aggressive due to lack of PT, but I agree with it) Luzardo at 60 (I like him, just needs to build innings). Dislike: Chance Adams at 75. Seems like a bullpen arm and the Yanks know it. Matt Manning at 55, Pint at 100. Great they both throw high 90s like everyone else these days and have no clue where its going. Sounds a lot like Yadier Alvarez who didn't make the list and has had more success at higher levels in the past. Kolby Allard at 58. They might be right, just the velocity concerns worry me. Law had him at 87-88 mph. That doesn't do much for me. Pavin Smith at 91. Power better come.
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    . <--- the point i was making O <--- your head
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    agreed. and it's the main reason why I tend to avoid basic 5x5 leagues. It's hard to ignore something as critical as OBP.....leagues that count is are simply more fun/interesting, IMO, as it (along with many other non-traditional categories) forces fantasy players to have a deeper understanding of players' strengths and weaknesses.
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    In my opinion, if Landry stays with Miami, he should be drafted as a top 10 WR. If he leaves Miami, it depends on the team he goes to. But I still think he'd be valuable. I think because Landry historically hasn't scored a lot of TD's (just 13 in 3 seasons prior to 2017) and gets a low average per catch, he continues to fall under the radar. People keep thinking Devante Parker will outshine him, because he looks like he should be a great WR and was a 1st round pick. Going into my 2017 auction ($200 budget), I was able to snag him for only $9...which ended up being the #23 most expensive WR in our draft. Now auctions can be tricky, depending on where players are nominated...but there's no reason Landry should have effectively been rated as the 23rd-best WR for 2017. My prediction is that even if he stays in Miami, he still will end up around the 15th--17th ranked WR in drafts.
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    I'm saying he is. Historically, one more great year and two really good ones seems likely. But his trade value is very very high right now. It will be much lower next off season.
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    Those stats are better than I expected, granted, we are talking about the ten best ever at that age. I would still be trading him if I owned him... and would use these stats to show my trade partner how good he will he for at least three years. ? Thanks for the stats, looking forward to the next three years.
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    I would bet on one more big year. can you get that list for when they are 31, and for when they are 32?
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    Ah the Thad we know & love 36mins too
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    I'm not saying this to be contrarian, but he turns 30 in July. If I owned him in dynasty I would be trading him. I think he has one more top year (maybe), and will then fade to WR2/WR3 status over the following 2 years. That said I would take him with a first next year in redraft depending on who else was available.
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    There's got to be a better way for Vince to lose $100 million
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    Gallinari will be 5th option on offense behind 1) Blake, 2) Lou 3) Rivers 4) Deandre
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    Just please don't turn into Juan Gonzalez, lol.
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    I do not expect those averages but he was almost out of the league and apparently refocused his life and was desperate to get back. He definitely looks like a completely different player in terms of confidence.
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    Dude, Pomphrey is like 160 pounds....there's no comparison there physically. Pomphrey was never going to be a lead back in the NFL sadly, despite how slick he is. Penny just put up over 2,000 yards and strung together 4 200+ yard games to end the season. They're not wrong about special teams either, as he took several to the house. I highly implore you to watch his highlights from last year, he jumps off the screen.
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    My top 3 barkley Guice Michel guice and Michel are neck and neck. Depends on landing spot I’m avoiding Chubb. Doesn’t catch passes though no one did at UGA. And I don’t think he’s the same guy since the injury.
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    Lmao dude is like how Vince Carter was when we first traded type domination over us. Haha
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    Those projections posted earlier are beyond awful. In no universe is Curry going to avg 23 pts and play 27 minutes. Stop comparing Butler to Curry. This is ridiculous. We get it. You have Butler and you want to tell yourself and convince others that you won the trade. The fact still remains you sold low on Curry and lost the trade. But when you continue to peddle this idea that Butler is somehow not injury prone to justify why you'd rather have him over Curry is reveals obvious bias. I am not calling you out. You can enjoy your Butler without the need to incessantly talk down Curry every single page while doing mental gymnastics to say your guy is better.
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    Well, except for the part where he went 10/13 on the basepaths in the majors. Paul Goldschmidt never stole 10 in the minors, but I don't hear anyone saying he's not a SB threat. Every scouting report I read about Bellinger when he was in the minors suggested he had double-digit SB potential -- not that he had blazing foot speed, but that he had enough speed to go along with his base-running technique to swipe a non-trivial number of bags.
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    He's an end of the bench guy though, so if there is someone hot out there who can replicate a new hot streak and has untapped upside it's not a bad idea to move on - for example Alec Burks. Don't get too tied down to bench production, it's fleeting. Bench guys tend to be as inconsistent as they come (whether it's Rozier before, Valentine now, or Burks potentially upon Hood / Johnson's return). What you're looking for is to try and strike pickup-bench production gold (Will Barton, Donovan Mitchell, Jaylen Brown, Dedmon, Dinwiddie, Tyreke Evans, Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb etc.), Burks could be that guy. Say if you don't make this move now, Valentine ends up sucking from here on out and having to compete with Nwaba / Holiday for minutes, LaVine will only compound the issue. Then Burks goes off on somebody else's team and keeps it going until the wheels fall off, you'll regret that you didn't make a transition when you had the chance. What's concerning is Valentine's dips in consistency, and if you look at the gamelog this is an issue for the entire month already. He'll string together 4 games of low - end lines, bust out for 2-3 big ones, and do it all over again. I can stand the low PPG if you're doing it elsewhere, but he doesn't always bring it. Nwaba's return only muddles things. I think you can certainly make the case for him as a hold, but don't be surprised if you aren't getting those juicy popcorn stats now as he goes down almost 10 mpg, and likely goes down an additional 2-4-6 mpg (if not more) upon LaVine's return. This guy wasn't really on the radar when Nwaba was healthy, that's another thing to consider. Watching the last few games prior to Nwaba's return, I thought Denzel's defense was a lot better than it actually is. However, a lot of teams are attacking him and he doesn't have the athleticism to contest the shots so he just lets them score around the rim and can't really do anything about it (Denver game is a perfect example, they got him in a switch a few times and he struggled around the rim). Fantasy is an ever-changing thing, we can't cling to value. Perception has to change instantly due to the volatility. Yes, we need to keep an objective "big picture" in mind with any player, but the circumstances can change instantly, and so we have to adapt and change our minds (when it's fitting) or risk losing out on better assets. The question then becomes when do you pull the trigger? And is it the right time to do so? That's something everyone answers differently, which is why we're all here looking at the overall consensus, at times you go against the grain with your instinct, and other times its warranted to listen to what others have to say (for example I was massively proven wrong on Mitchell).
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    3 fouls in 3mins! Yup this guy went back to sucking dick
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    OBP ? SLG ? and ? OPS ? are ? not ? stats ? relevant ? to ? standard ? fantasy ? baseball.
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