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    If you are in a daily lineup, i cant make any sense of what your are saying and the reference of position eligibility seems irrelevant to me. ESPN doesnt force you to have only 2 pf. If you have 2 better pf than Turner then you can roster them as Pf and F. Then again, as mentioned before Turner is also a C so you have to have a better Center than Turner as well. Then again, you got 3 utility spots, that means you have to have a pg a sg and a sf better than Turner and 3 others more. So you actually have to have 9 better players than Turner (could only seem plausible in an 8 team league) and that is if every player in your roster plays every night. If you add the fact that every day you will have people not playing, then everything i have said so far is pointless and Turner is simply worth rostering every time in every format. Now if you are in a weekly lineup, position eligibility is not irrelevant and your post makes sense. You are saying that if you have about 8-9 better players than Turner in your roster (including a pf, a C and one more forward), you are set on blocks but you are thin on guards for example, then it makes sense to drop him for streaming. If this is indeed what you are saying i would still keep him tight and not even consider dropping. First of all, Turner is a big guy but he is giving you 3s with nice ft %. Also the fact that you are set on the block category doesnt mean you should get rid of him because i 100% guarantee you he will be claimed by all the other 7 owners in your league instantly. The one who gets him will probably be better than you in blocks now! Anyway, the funny thing its that all this conversation isnt about Turner at all. Its about a scenario with a team which has a specific build in a shallow league with specific settings stacked with big men. But you could argue the same thing for Milsap, Griffin and Whiteside, if the were the worst big man in your team does that make them expandables? The point is, that even in this scenario Turner remains undropable. Not "James Harden" undropable but "must own in all formats if healthy by all means" undropable. He is top 50 and you cant find top 50 in WW. Ok sometimes you can, but still, dont you ha a single player that is not top 50 in your team to drop instead?
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    no matter the drug or occasion, every late night slob squad gets pizza
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    Good lineup, good park, durable. It’s a good time to buy now. If he wouldn’t of been suspended for knocking Bautista out he would he would if played in 162 back to back seasons. That means something to me with everyone seemingly loving a trip to the 10 day DL last year. Not going to cost a ton. If luck evens out you got a .250, 30/15 guy for cheap. Just turned 24. He’s hardly reached the point of no return.
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    Still only 26, he is heavily involved in the passing game so that just means more receptions. This will most likely be his last year in Pitt but he is almost a lock for top 5 production baring injury.
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    I like Olson, and LOMO is probably as good as Hanley Keep Buehler, should be up June at worst
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    yes i did watch both of them play. not so much with johnson because he was hurt for most of the year. but i would compare henry's situation much to david johnsons. johnson didnt do much when he was sharing time his first year. the coaching staff was a little careful about putting johnson in as the full time rb. once they did he took off and was very sucessful. but the jury is still out on whether he can hold up for a full season? and now with a coaching change, qb change, and fitzy at the end of the road i am among the ones to call out whether johnson is ranked too high. i personally believe he is. i think it will all show this season. henry on the other hand is poised at exactly the place johnson was 2 years ago. so we'll see if henry becomes the next break out rb. i'm not saying for sure that henry has a better season then johnson, but there is a strong possibility for sure. the signs are all pointing to it and if you dont see it you are either blind to it or in denial of the facts as you seem to feel ok to lambaist me with. i dont believe that david johnson will be in the 5 at rb or the top 10 overall this year.
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    Wait... You think D. Henry will put up more points than David Johnson? You have watched these guys play right?
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    Definitely a bad trade for sure, but like you said you are in a cash league I have never played in one of those before. Send your commish a private email and bring up your concerns.
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    The current RB10 (PPR) is D. Freeman RB11 - M. Ingram RB12 - L. McCoy RB13 - D. Johnson RB14 - M. McCaffrey RB15 - D. Henry (40th overall) Out of that group, I’d take a chance on Henry over Duke. So you have a point. I don’t know how you’d get Henry before the 3rd round... I’d even be really uncomfortable going WR-WR-RB (Henry).
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    Not sure if they will but Billy Hamilton deserves, and should be in the 9th spot. He's a well below average hitter with the best wheels in the game.
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    With Gordon, the only question is can he stay sober. If he does that he’s an elite WR. Actually he was an elite WR while not sober so he might become the GOAT if sober for the rest of his career.
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    Anybody who plays In a league where the commish plays for free deserves to be kicked In the nuts
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    huzzah! i think we can finally agree on some things here. i completely agree you do have to take some gambles to win fantasy football. i just believe that you should take them in later rounds. also in dynasty, I tried to trade for him earlier this year because I do believe he will be a good fantasy asset this season. the point I want to make is that if whoever loves Derrick Henry would just preface it with, 'i know it's a risk, but i think Derrick Henry could get....' then I could respect that. what I don't like in these forums is when people say 'Player A will definitely get this....' especially without any data behind it (not saying you have said that definitively). You believe he is a gamble worth being taken in the 1st. I would say he is a gamble worth taking in the late 2nd, early 3rd. the rest of the forum members on here can make up their own mind
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    Yet everyone seems to love Inciarte 50 picks earlier.
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    He also projected Henry for a good year last year. It didn't happen. Now you can point out that the 'obstacle', DeMarco Murray, is now gone, but there are ALOT of questions he has about him. Let's start on those questions. 1st. Why couldn't he overtake DeMarco Murray, who was running on one leg last year? 2. Can he handle a full starter's workload as we have never seen him do it in the NFL. 3. Can he catch the ball well enough and frequently enough to have the upside for a 1st round pick? 4. Can he improve on his YPC this year, where he averaged 3.82 if you take away his one big run at the end of a game that had no meaning and 5. Will the Titans bring another HB in who will take some of his work? The problem is you seem to not mind questioning other player's question marks, but have written off all Derrick Henry's concerns just by saying 'I believe in his talent'. That's all well and good, but it's a bit too much fantasy for me, even for fantasy football. This doesn't even get to the debate about his talent, where I'm sure we will have differing thoughts. (i think he's an above average running back) Based off what I have seen and the questions that he has, I think Henry should be going back of 2nd round, beg of 3rd ATM. That's very respectable territory for someone who hasn't shown he can be the guy yet.
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    well then lets look at bell.....another year older in a grueling position. rothlisberger may decide to throw it 60 times a game. look at all his airel weapons. new offensive CO that seems to love the air game. granted he's the most seated, but his contract demands could start to weigh heavy on a very conservative pittsburg ownership and front office?
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    Eh I mean he is pretty much in the best situation outside of maybe Gurley, he has a clearly defined role on a good team with tons of weapons. You know he he essentially a lock for top 3 production each year baring injury. Everyone else in the top 5 rb's has some questions around them. DJ- totally new offense and coach. Also no idea who the starting QB will be. Zeke- Can always get suspended and Dak has some ? Fournette- Injuries and Bortles Hunt-Usage and Ware coming back
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    Justise Winslow (MIA) has been putting up steady numbers and he plays Mon., Wed., and Fri. which are the better streaming nights with not a lot of games.
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    The biggest difference here is the toll on the pen. People have talked about doing things like this before, usually it boils down to do you think the pen can handle it. Usually followed up by a we need to go to 26 man rosters argument. I'll be interested to see how this plays out
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    The numbers I put up are what I think his best case scenario are, and they still wouldn't put him in the top five. based off that, I wouldn't draft him in the first round, or even the beginning of the second. I think there is just too much opportunity cost loss if you do considering the upside. I think it's pretty clear that neither one of us will change the others mind. I would just caution everyone else out there to think for themselves on if they actually believe Henry deserves to be a 1st rounder and not just listen to a few people hyping him up. unless of course you are in my league, which if you are, please draft him in the 1st.
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    Yeah, not a lot of high end edge rushers available in FA with Ansah and Lawrence getting franchised. They'll have to get that in the draft.
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    Honestly, I would move Sanchez + Archer for Altuve.
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    i like switzers guts, but he just aint got that size that hollins has. maybe he takes over for beasly soon?
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    Good thing you are not an NBA talent scout.
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    This kid looks like a Kershaw clone.
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    Ya I agree. The Red Wings and Tigers of recent past represent unique exceptions to the standard economics of pro sports. Players no longer accept a discount to play for the Wings, and the Tigers aren't owned by a guy that's dying. They've had to join the herd, and don't really know how now
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    My understanding it more the push from the Owner to win now. You think the Owner was gonna be okay letting Miggy/VMart/Verlander walk? Pretty sure Boras went over his head to get Fielder to sign and he correctly swapped Fielder for Kinsler before Price fell off for good. The one time Dave was allowed to trade away vets for future he got you Michael Fulmer before his swan song. Wasn't perfect, but I think the future was doomed no matter who the GM was under last years of Ilitch Dave started in 2002. The team that made the playoffs 4 straight years was built off his de-sign and trades from his assets. Dave did a lot more good than people want to admit.
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    I was being sarcastic. I'm an Eagles fan. Eli has been done for 3-5 years
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    should be a fun team... to stream against
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    Philly can't feed that many guys. Ertz is the wr1
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    I'd do this. Anderson almost certainly won't repeat exactly, but I think his ERA splits the difference between ES and MS, while offering a projected lower WHIP. ES's low ERA last year are not supported by his underlying stats, and he's 35... While a little older than Hanley, Miggy could put up an OPS between .850-.900, hit 25+ HRs, which is definitely an upgrade to Hanley.
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    now henry is going to put up bell numbers lol
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    I am more concerned about what kind of pizza does he like? Those are huge pepperoni and can't tell if those are mushrooms or anchovies ? " Tryna' get you to sleep wit some ..." (finish the sentence) Maybe that's what Odell said to Josh Norman that set him off.
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    If anybody is concerned about not being able to find my rankings/projections, they can feel free to PM or email me at cjfreelfantasy@gmail.com and I will ensure that you get them.
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    I just want to say he is an inspiration. As someone who played QB in high school, he made me a firm believer that I could get off my couch and play at the level of a starting QB in the NFL.
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    Five rebounds, 1.0 steals, and .6 blocks is not strictly points. I don't know why he still has this reputation.
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    ^How about any format where a guy outside the top 25 PFs and top 75 overall is droppable? The point isn't that he should be on waivers in every single league. But the argument that he is absolutely undroppable in every circumstance and every league is obviously laughable at this point.
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    Of course it is hyperbole because higher than 80 grade power doesn't exist on paper.
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    I would keep all of your productive SPs given draft capital premium placed by your league. That being said these are my choices.... Kluber , Martinez, Hill, Inglesias, Correa and Betts.
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    your homerun assessment is.... lacking, maybe? when a player jumps between multiple levels in a season, you can't hold it against him for not having a larger total of homeruns in any one level. i took his total PA from each season combined, divided by combined HR per respective season, and threw it in this ugly a** graph below to show how often he hit homeruns throughout his career (i.e., on average how many plate appearances did it take to hit a single homerun each year). just eyeballing it, it looks like a player who's growing into their power and trending upward (downward as it happens to be on the chart, a smaller number means more HR). raw numbers if you're into that sort of thing: year - HR / PA 2006 - 1 / 216 2007 - 2 / 303 2008 - 18 / 438 2009 - 8 / 380 2010 - 6 / 425 2011 - 5 / 166 2012 - 1 / 43 2013 - 7 / 301 2014 - 10 / 392 2015 - 11 / 369 2016 - 12 / 328 2017 - 27 / 636 the BABIP part of your statement is questionable, also. since 2013, over 10 different samples sizes (different levels/leagues), he's averaged a BABIP of .355. sure, the .370 from 2017 probably isn't going to be his normal, but you didn't really say why you think it will drop. it's pretty close to what his normal has been over the past five seasons, why do you think it should be terribly different in 2018? especially for a groundball guy with speed.. i completely agree with your concern over the GB rate.. it helps with the BABIP, but we're in the launch angle revolution where we want balls up! i would like to see his contact% go up, but it's not terrible at 80%, as you stated. league average was 77.5% in 2017, so he's better than average. he was #66 overall in the MLB last season, around guys like hosmer, shaw, k.seager, yelich, machado, etc. the whole eyesight thing is another interesting wrinkle... did it really turn him into a stud? who knows? i'm not convinced that he's the next mookie betts, but a poor man's mookie would be okay by me.
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    He's also averaged 4.3 dimes in the past two weeks. A lot of lobs to DJ I guess.
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    Don't expect sophomore slump for Olson Twitter Ads info and privacy Put that exit velocity, launch angle and direction together and the results could be grandiose. Just take a second to admire Oakland's longest home run last year, a 483-foot jack Olson hit in Philadelphia during his September binge. Olson's two-run homer00:29Sep. 15th, 2017 Lingering questions do remain. Olson certainly wasn't on a lot of radars after slashing .235/.335/.422 in a full year of Triple-A in 2016, which included a .167 average and .250 slugging mark against lefty pitchers. One also wonders if Olson's high strikeout rate (28.7 percent) could be exploited as big league pitchers adjust. But the lefty actually struck out less against southpaws than he did against righties last summer for Oakland, and a player who swings as hard as Olson is bound to sacrifice some contact. The good news is that Olson's overall 70.5 percent contact rate (defined here as fouls and balls put in play per swing) beginning Aug. 11 -- the day he took over Oakland's first base job for good -- was on par with what mashers like Martinez (68.8 percent) and Stanton (68.2 percent) put up over the entire season. The A's jettisoned two other slugging first basemen who broke out in 2017 (Yonder Alonso and Ryon Healy) after what they saw from Olson. If the sophomore can repeat even most of what he did last summer, Oakland could have a budding star on its hands.
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    Willie Calhoun is a guy that has gotten some sleeper love, and I'm fully on board with that as I've been a fan of Calhoun's skillset for a couple years now. There are questions about his playing time this year due to defensive limitations that make him a potential liability in the field. I do think the Rangers will find him plenty of at-bats because he's clearly ready for the Majors and could be one of their best hitters. Here is why I am all in on Calhoun: 1.) Amazing contact skills: His worst K rate in the minors at any stop was 15.9% in a 20 game sample at Advanced-A ball back in 2015. He has consistently struck out between 10-11% at every other stop in the minors and that is truly elite. He's a career .286/.348 minor league hitter, and hit .300/.355 last year. 2.) Power: Despite being 5 foot 8, the dude can mash! He hit 27 HRs in 2016 at AA and hit 30 HRs in 2017 split between the Dodgers and Rangers AAA teams, plus added one more in a late-season MLB call-up. Also, his ISO has been .215 or better in every stop in the minors except for a 15 game sample at A-ball back in 2015. He gets to his power by making lots of airborne contact as his flyball rate in 2017 was 45.7% in AAA along with being fairly pull-happy (has never had a Pull% below 45.6). 3.) He uses the opposite field: The last 2 years, he has consistently posted Opposite field contact rates of around 30% which is good for supporting a strong BAPIP and means that he can handle stuff on the outside edges of the strike zone and be productive even when pitchers are trying to stay away from his power. 4.) Has a good eye at the plate: He's not super patient or anything, but he had 44 walks versus 68 walks in 2017 across all stops. That's a very impressive 0.64 BB/K ratio in 2017. He's been even better throughout his minor league career as he has a career minor league rate of 0.74. 5.) He gets to hit in a great hitting ballpark: This is Globe Life Park and how it rates for left-handed batters. Data come from Rotogrinders.com and 1.00 is neutral Globe Life Park HR 1.04 Triples 1.32 Doubles 0.93 Singles 1.07 AVG 1.05 OBP 1.05 SLG 1.04 R 1.13 There's the upside of .280-.300 and 30 HRs for this dude in that ballpark! Steamer loves him entering 2018, projecting him to hit .277/.329/.484 with 24 HRs 3 SBs. Personally, I feel more comfortable projecting a little less on the batting average as I do think that line is pretty darn realistic. For 2018, I'm going to project him to hit .271/.326 with 25 HRs and 1 SB.
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    Nah, I think Rodgers is supposed to play 2B. Story looking so good he gets 2 threads, eh? I don't even think Mike Trout's thread has 2 pages yet.
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    One and only thing DRose and I have in common.
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