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    Some players have chicks in every city, Pham has optometrists
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    Kemp's cooled down a little in ST (2 for his last 20), but he's still hitting a respectable .283. Even more interesting is in the last two games, since Turner has been injured, Kemp has batted 3rd and 4th and started in LF. Pederson is still batting a craptastic .170, Toles has been coming off the bench the last few games, and Kike has seen time at both 2B and SS, presumably to get used to infield work. This might not necessarily mean anything, but if teams are starting to settle into their Opening Day lineups and try out different combinations, it is looking like Kemp has a upper hand on the starting LF job. Especially now with the Turner injury, as that is drawing Forsythe from 2B to 3B, and pulling Kike Hernandez into the IF as a utility guy. If I had to guess based on recent evidence, I'd say they open the season with Kemp in LF, Toles the primary backup OFer, and Joc in AAA. And if Kemp ends up hitting 3rd or 4th (or even 5th) in this lineup, wedged somewhere around Taylor-Seager-Bellinger-Puig, you have to think he will have some decent fantasy value.
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    Mother, Conditions at the facility seem to me to be poor but morale is rising as Spring Training continues. The doctors don't tell me much but I remain hopeful of keeping my arm after all, and be ready for Opening Day. The same may not be said with regard to poor Yoenis. He spends his time whittling a hook he believes will let him hold a bat even if the hand is lost. They let us open several windows yesterday, and I was able to empty my own chamber pot into the culvert nearby. Enclosed is a photograph taken of the team after yesterday's game. As always, please send baseballs, as we have run out again here in Port St. Lucie. Your humble son, Michael
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    All good if you have every manager sitting in front of a pc all day. Not good if you don't.
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    Ronaldo Hernandez, C TB Hernandez is a player that I really, really like. I think you'll see him shoot up prospect lists at the end of the year. Hit .332 at 19 in the Appy league last year, with pop (22 doubles and 5 HR in just over 200 AB), and by all reports that I've read, scouts believe the hit tool is real. He's also a very good catcher and likely to stay behind the plate long term-throwing out some ridiculous number of runners last year (couldn't find the stat). I know Sickels,BA are all really high on him, and he's one that you've got to get either now....or soon.
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    Oppo Taco off of Felipe Rivero!
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    I understand technology but I don't think those electricians, laborers, firemen, cops etc. have the luxury of checking their smartphone as much as the rest of the white collar world. Even I would be pissed if i lost out on a guy because my train was in the tunnel when injury news dropped. Why not just keep it even for everyone and do FAAB waivers, you can even do it everyday if you want.
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    Dallas is spinning it's wheels. Beasley, Switzer, and Hurns are redundant. At least Deonte Thompson brings a unique skill set as a deep threat. But so did Butler and they didn't use him because they were playing... ...Twill who's contract last year was dumb as #$%##.
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    ^^ I also believe that we are in the process of a..........."rebuild". The only thing that would trump that notion is the fact that they went out and made Solder the highest paid Offensive Lineman in the league. Now, that I had a day to think about it and I take the emotion out of it, here are my thoughts on why we may be in store for a full fledged rebuild: With the cap projected to hover around 190 million in 2019, the Giants were projected to have anywhere between 45-55 million in available cap space BEFORE the release of JPP. JPP's cap hit would have been nearly $20 million next year and nearly 20 million in 2020 so Gettleman just got a huge savings here. Vernon also has a huge cap hit over the next two years so there is a great chance that he will be traded/released before the draft next season. Going to my favorite QB in the league, I hate to say this, but Manning has another contract that the Giants can shed and save a ton of cap space in 2019. Literally, the Giants could be hovering around 100 million in cap space to buy whomever they want in free agency in 2019. I really think they are sincere in keeping Manning this season, but ONLY as a mentor for Rosen or Darnold. I thought they wanted Manning because they were a few pieces away from making a run at the Super Bowl, rather, now I believe that he will only be a true bridge to his eventual successor. Depending on how they draft in 2018 and 2019 and how well they do in free agency, the Giants could possibly be young and competitive in 2019. Essentially, right now I see a rebuild around Rosen or Darnold with OBJ, Shephard, Engram and Collins as the centerpieces. I'm mixed about this approach. There are no long term guarantees whereas I thought they had a chance for a legitimate run the next two years with the vets. But from a Gettleman standpoint, he is not just a GM for 2 years, I can see him looking at the 5-10 year picture. I also believe that Webb is NOT the answer or should I say as a new GM, HC and OC, would you want to pin your livelihood on a guy that you never drafted. I think this JPP move was not the sign that they are not going Chubb, I think they are going QB and starting a rebuild. Thoughts? *Disclaimer: I hope that I am wrong and they get Barkley
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    I had read a tweet saying he's got a better feel for the curve ball this spring and is throwing that much more effectively. I've been grabbing him in nearly the last round of mocks. At that point, why not, right?
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    Just read something hilarious- The 1-15 Browns in 2016 were led by McCown, Crowell, and Pryor, and now the Jets have all three.
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    opposite field on a 97 MPH FB in. Damn
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    They want to take a look at the 31 year old scrub. Lmao what a joke.
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    For this reason roto the only way to go.
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    The Disclaimer: Some of you will vehemently disagree with the below - while I'm curious as to the thoughts of others, these are my thoughts -- how I see things as they currently stand. They're just my opinion ... is what it is. Enjoy. Or don't. There is no try. (Also, please don't quote this whole thing. Quote snippets if you must.) The Rankings: Tier 1 1. Kenley Jansen 2. Craig Kimbrel The cream of the crop – guys with almost zero performance risk on good clubs with a long track record of dominance. They get you elite Ks, ratios, and SV totals. Tier 2 3. Aroldis Chapman 4. Roberto Ozuna 5. Cody Allen 6. Brad Hand 7. Felipe Rivero I think all these guys are very secure in the role, offer 40 save upside, and will generally offer the Ks and ratios you’re looking for at the position. Chapman could easily jump to the first tier again, as could Ozuna. I see Cody Allen as one of the safest closers outside of the top-3 with low performance risk and high job security. Hand and Rivero may get more Ks than Allen, and could post better ratios, but their relative newness to the role gives me a little more pause than with Allen. Hand signed a contract extension this offseason, so I think he’s pretty locked in. Rivero was awesome and should be again. You’re good with all these guys. Tier 3 8. Corey Knebel 9. Ken Giles 10. Raisel Iglesias 11. Edwin Diaz 12. Sean Doolittle 13. Brandon Morrow One could argue these guys belong in Tier 2 (and I’m sure many of you will argue that). I know I’m probably low man on Knebel, and it could be nothing at all. But, I learned my lesson last year with Edwin Diaz – walks can kill a closer, and Knebel walked nearly 5 per 9IP. That’s … scary to me. He strikes out a ton, which cures a lot of ills, but I feel safer about the guys ahead of him, so I draft accordingly. Giles also gives me a little pause – great year last year, but melted down in the playoffs. Devenski is really good, and it wouldn’t completely shock me to see Houston make a change if Giles struggles early. Iglesias is great – I feel very safe with him but don’t think he has quite the upside of Knebel or Giles in the K department. Diaz does have that upside, but again, walks. Doolittle and Morrow could really start Tier 4, but again that’s nitpicking. These are two veteran guys with great numbers last year on very good teams. There’s more health risk with those guys than performance risk, IMO. Tier 4 14. Wade Davis 15. Mark Melancon 16. Alex Colome 17. Kelvin Herrera 18. Brad Brach 19. Hector Neris These guys have the opportunity to really climb this list, but they all have something that makes me hesitate more than the guys ahead of them. For Davis, it’s Coors. I heard an interview with him yesterday saying every park is different, and pitchers have to adjust. OK, sure … but Coors. Melancon was one of the rocks of prior years, until his forearm issues last year. He says he’s healthy, he’s done this a long time, and the Giants are typically a team that generates a lot of opportunities. You probably don’t feel great drafting Melancon, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he rolled off 40 saves. Colome racked up 47 saves last year, but where’d the Ks go? 7.8 K/9 and an ERA that jumped more than a full run (more in line with his FIP from the prior years). The WHIP also wasn’t great, but at this point we’re looking for saves, and he should get them. The specter of a trade still lingers here, but I wouldn’t overreact too much given that he’s got another 2 years of arbitration. The Rays would be silly not to explore deals for Colome given they’re rebuilding, but they also don’t have to trade him with that much team control. Herrera, Brach, and Neris could go in any order, but I think this is how I’d draft them. Herrera was a dominant guy for 3 straight years and an all star in 2015 and 2016 as a setup man, and then the wheels kind of came off last year. He had an abnormally high HR rate, and dealt with a lot of injuries in the second half. If he’s healthy, he could shoot right up this list. Same goes for Brach, who’s a fine reliever in his own right and has sole possession of a good role in Baltimore. I know Britton might come back mid-year, but that doesn’t mean he immediately takes Brach’s job (if he gets back at all). Neris also has potential, but his ratios aren’t elite and McCrackin seemed hesitant to actually commit to Neris in the past. There’s potential here, but there’s risk as well. Tier 5 20. Blake Treinen 21. Arodis Vizcaino 22. Cam Bedrosian 23. Jeurys Familia 24. Shane Greene 25. Fernando Rodney 26. Nate Jones I almost combined this tier with the last tier, but I found myself feeling much more comfortable with these guys. Treinen was solid for Oakland down the stretch, and enters camp with a what I view to be a lot of job security. Casilla wants the job, but Treinen is just better. Security is a wonderful thing in your lower tier closers. Vizcaino is pretty solid for an up and coming Braves squad. What gives me pause with him is the presence of AJ Minter, a strikeout beast with prior injury issues that may well be best managed with the predictable closer’s role. Viz may be a better fit for Atlanta coming out of the pen in the fireman role – and that’s what’s keeping me from pushing him higher. Bedrosian has never been doubted for his skills, just his finicky manager and health. He’s healthy now (let’s face it, any of these guys could get hurt) and has the role as he’s thoroughly outpitched Blake Parker this spring. I like Parker too, who did a great job for the Angels down the stretch, but Bedrosian could really run with this. Familia has had success before (and been a dominant guy, honestly), but he’s coming off of injury and a surgery that doesn't inspire a ton of confidence, has a new manager that hasn’t fully committed to him (says he’ll get “most” of the opportunities), and has several bullpen mates that either have done the job in the past or could flourish in the role (Ramos and Swarzak). It’s enough for me to avoid if possible. Shane Greene was actually pretty good last year, especially at home (36/13 K/BB with a 1.36 ERA and a 1.12 WHIP). On the road, he couldn’t find the strike zone with 21 BBs in 31.2 IP. If the road splits are just noise, he could be one of the surprise late closers that holds a job all year and pitches quite well (though another rebuilding club that would probably explore the trade market with him – but we can’t plan for those things now). Rodney’s here solely because of job security. He was signed to be the guy … that gets you leash, and the Twins are a good club. If he falters, Reed looms ready to take the role. I’m not super confident that Nate Jones will close for the White Sox, which is why he's in this spot on the list. He’s certainly waited his turn and been an effective guy for a long time, and I think he would do well if given the opportunity. Soria, on the other hand, was paid to do the job. Jones has had the better spring ... it's kind of a place your bets situation, but I slightly lean Jones right now. Tier 6 27. Brad Ziegler 28. Cardinals Closer 29. Rangers Closer 30. Dbacks Closer This tier isn’t really a place I want to play until the very late end game when everyone is throwing darts (and most of these guys are gone by then). I’ve never been one for Brad Ziegler, and there’s plenty of other options in that pen, including Barraclough and Steckenrider with way more K potential than Ziegler. He enters the year with the role (as far as I know), but I’m just not that interested. The next 3 teams could have guys jump a tier or two even, but they haven’t selected someone. Gun to my head, I think Gregerson starts the year with the role in STL, but Leone is very good and Llyons could make some noise as well. For the Rangers, it’s been discussed a lot the last few pages, but who really knows? Kela has the stuff, but I get the sense the team doesn’t love him and he’s banged up all the time it seems. Lincecum hovers in the minors, and there’s been smoke about him taking the role. Diekman is solid, but he’s a LHP (their best LHP if you consider Claudio the ground ball guy). Leclerc has the strikeout potential, but his control last year was really rough. It’s been better this spring, but who knows. One of them will emerge and probably be pretty valuable, but I have absolutely no idea which one. With the DBacks, it could be Bradley (who is probably a Tier 3 or Tier 4 guy with the role), but it could also be Boxberger or Hirano, and I’m not that confident in either of them.
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    A good showing vs SF on Friday: 4.1 IP, 4 H 1 ER, 0 BB, 6 K. For the spring, he has 1 walk and 20 strikeouts over 14.1 innings. Only 4 runs allowed (3 earned). Solidifying his status as an intriguing sleeper in deeper leagues.
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    Except this was a total fluke that can happen to any pitcher at any time.
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    You don't have to wait until day of to choose guys with good matchups. Look ahead and pick him up during previous waivers or FAAB. Shouldn't everyone always be looking ahead anyways?
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    Let me tell you about a guy named... P e y t o n B a r b e r http://www.buccaneers.com/news/article-smith/Peyton-Barber-Could-Start-in-2018/733cc34c-3570-4704-a893-f8a3fd87bfbd
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    IMO, i think you are too deeply dug in on his 2017 sample size as well without Zeke. You're also not taking much else into consideration for Dak and the Cowboys 2017 mediocre season(9-7). To lay it all at Dak's feet, as you have implied is completely inaccurate, esp if you watched the games and understand football. Sure, Dak showed plenty of concerns and was exposed at times. But he's also a fourth round draft pick that was thrusted into a starting role day one, by default. To think he wasn't going to take his lumps and regress in 2017 or at some point was simply dumb, TBH. Rodgers and even the departed Tony Romo were holding clip boards to this point in their career. I get to laughing pretty hard when fans around Dallas get disappointed that Dak isn't Tony Romo..........no s**T? They simply forget Tony didn't become a good QB overnight and he dang sure took his lumps. He was the water boy for years. I think with your hypothetical with Dak on the Jags, Dak could fair just fine with Fournette, those WR's and a top rated defense. That example is exactly the aspects of a team that help make a young, raw fourth round pick who can't yet make every throw look and play a bit better then maybe he's actually ready for. Go run the numbers when Dak and Zeke have played in games together.........my gut feeling is you're going to be a bit surprised. Hell maybe even shocked. Maybe even check out Dak's career record while you are taking a peek. "I think Dallas has a problem with Prescott at QB" I'd say the biggest problem in Dallas is the coaching staff. Im not convinced they are capable of helping just about anyone take the next step in this offense or this team. They continue to find ways to underachieve and they have zero ability to change or improve when times get tough. Be it in an individual game or the season. Dak by no stretch of the imagination is AROD, Wilson or Brady. Never will be. Not many are. But its been proven he doesn't have to be those guys. He simply needs to improve taking care of the football and keeping his mechanics in check when times get tough. i like Dak's overall body of work since 2016 and i think he can improve. Year 3 will be a big one for him, no question about it.
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    No way would I mention Pryor in the same sentence as Kenny Britt. Britt's prime was seven seasons ago. Pryor's prime could theoretically be now. And Pryor is an athletic marvel currently, whereas Britt only used to be. Dorial Green-Beckham is not even on an NFL roster...
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    Sorry to everyone following this thread for the email/alert. With opening day approaching I wanted to bump this thread though to remind people it existed. It was a pretty helpful tool last year to get the jump on prospect call ups, especially in redrafts where you can't exactly have every guy stashed away.
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    I believe both Winston, Evans, and Howard will be better, and that they will add an actual NFL RB.
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    Rick Hummel of Stl Post-Dispatch says it's "likely" Gregerson, who was "hobbling" with a mild hammy injury, would be placed on 10-day DL to start the season, fwiw. http://www.stltoday.com/sports/baseball/professional/cardinal-beat/munoz-pena-make-cards-team-gregerson-has-hamstring-injury/article_4c43a24c-826c-54d9-9226-7d9d5bdb5687.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=dlvr
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    Cardinals Center Fielder Says Past Vision Problems Are 'Squared Away' "You have to stay healthy and you have to be on the field every day to help the team, and I realized the importance of that last season," Pham says. MARCH 23, 2018 - 9:09 AM JUPITER, Fla (KMOX) - Tommy Pham's offseason has been well documented through his Instagram with high-intensity speed training. But more important than his first-to-third time, is probably his vision. His rare keratoconus diagnosis plagued him his entire career, until a risky surgery in 2011and new contact lenses in 2016 helped him have a breakout 2017 performance for the Cardinals. "You have to stay healthy and you have to be on the field every day to help the team, and I realized the importance of that last season," Pham says. "So I'm definitely doing everything I can to make sure I stay on the field every day." He now has doctors in multiple states, he says, and an optometrist in St. Louis. "I would say this, by game one everything will be squared away," Pham says.
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    He's batted 2nd in at least the last two spring games he's played ( didn't go back further). Also rosterresource has him 2nd. Obviously this does't not make it set in stone but seems like there's a reasonable chance he does... https://www.rosterresource.com/mlb-detroit-tigers
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    As an owner of both ? Glad Pearson probably won't face Vlad in the bigs! Vlad is special. Pujols/Miggy type upside with hopefully the year to year dominant consistency they provided.
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    Hell, maybe he doesn’t even hit the DL at all. Im sure that would upset a lot of the doctors here.
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    As I hear all the time from my coworkers with 4 year old girls, He clearly has physical talent. Multiple teams have said no thanks. There's something that makes that physical talent not realizable.
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    If he gets 500 AB the man will be the biggest steal of the draft
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    Criminally undervalued this year. BUY BUY BUY
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    I’d trust the Mets opinion on medical issues more than mine. Especially sports related injuries. They could be the worst in the majors but Im assuming they are actual doctors who went to medical school.... I didn’t.
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    I love Marcus Stroman, the dude is exactly the type of pitcher that can thrive pitching in the AL East. His 2017 was very solid, he posted a 3.09 ERA with a 7.34 K/9, 2.78 BB/9, and a 0.94 HR/9. Those rate stats are solid but not elite, and that's a big part of why his FIP (3.90) and xFIP (3.59) are higher than his ERA. What makes Stroman a favorite of mine though, is his combination of elite ground-ball rate (62.1% which was 2nd highest in baseball after Dallas Keuchel among those with at least 110 innings) + underrated stuff (multiple pitches with above-average swinging strike rates means he could get more K’s if he wants to) + an ability to limit HRs (0.94 HR/9 was tied for 24th best in the majors among those with at least 110 innings pitched) + he doesn’t kill himself with walks. Let’s take a deeper look at Stroman underneath the hood. Looking at Marcus Stroman’s stuff, you have to start with his Sinking Fastball which is his best pitch and he threw it 62% of the time in 2017. Stroman's 93 MPH sinking fastball generated an absurd 71% ground ball rate last year. That 71% groundball rate on the pitch is truly pushing the limits of extreme as it had the 2nd highest groundball rate of any starting pitcher’s sinker, only Dallas Keuchel had a higher rate (77%). Despite not missing many bats (5.4% swinging strike rate), hitters struggled to hit it for power and overall the pitch was worth 10.7 runs above average and that was the 7th best in baseball. Next up is the Slider which he threw about 20% of the time in 2017, and it’s another great pitch. Stroman added over an inch of horizontal movement to his slider last year, and it resulted in a career-high 20.4% swinging strike rate and a 45.7% o-swing rate. Opponents only mustered a .192 average off the slider, and that led to the pitch being worth 8.1 runs above average and that was 23rd best in baseball among those with at least 110 innings pitched. Stroman's slider is one of the better sliders in the game and should remain that way in 2018. Next up is the curveball which he threw about 7% of the time last year. It was another plus pitch for him last year despite very curiously losing his feel for it. His swinging-strike rate on the pitch fell from 15.7% in 2016 (Fangraphs article had a Jose Fernandez comp on it at one point) to 8.5% in 2017. He threw it about half as often in 2017 as a result. Still though, the curve generated a crazy low 5.6% line drive rate and held opponents to a very impressive .120/.154/.240 line. All told, it was worth 2 runs above-average and that ranked in a tie for 40th best in baseball among those with at least 110 innings pitched. Remember that there is the upside for more too if he can get those swinging-strikes back! Next up is his Changeup which he threw about 6% of the time and again was another plus pitch for him. He got a lot of whiffs on it (12.9% swinging-strike rate), he got lots of groundballs on it (58.6% Ground-ball rate), and held opponents to a .167 batting average. It’s a very good pitch and was worth 2.3 runs above-average which ranked in a tie for 29th best in baseball among those with at least 110 innings pitched. Finally, the last up is his cutter which was his only pitch with a negative value (-2.5 runs above-average). Good news is, he doesn’t throw it very often (just 4% of the time) and it does generate whiffs (14.8 swinging-strike rate). The downside is it gets hit hard as opponents hit .300 against it with a .650 slugging%. I would expect to see little of this pitch again in 2018. Let’s take a look at Stroman’s plate discipline numbers: - Stroman’s Swinging-Strike% was 10%. Among all pitchers who pitched at least 110 innings, that ranked in a tie for 56th best in baseball with Jeff Samardzija and Kyle Gibson, and ranked ahead of names like Drew Pomeranz, Gerrit Cole, and Jose Berrios. - Stroman’s overall contact rate was 77.6%. Among all pitchers who pitched at least 110 innings, that ranked in a tie for 49th best in the majors with Drew Pomeranz. That was ahead of names like Justin Verlander, Gerrit Cole, and Trevor Bauer. - Stroman's Zone-Contact rate was 89.1% among all pitchers who pitched at least 110 innings, that ranked 94th best in baseball. That looks a little concerning at first glance, but remember that he’s a guy that is pitching to contact and generating lots of groundball outs. The only notable names that he’s ahead of are German Marquez, Jameson Taillon, Lance McCullers, and Alex Cobb. - Stroman's out-of-zone Contact rate was 57.2%. Among all pitchers who pitched at least 110 innings, that ranked in a tie for 22nd best in baseball with Patrick Corbin and was ahead of names like Zack Greinke, Carlos Martinez, and Aaron Nola. The plate discipline numbers are decent, but not great. Remember again though, that Stroman is a guy that is pitching to contact for efficiency and getting tons of groundball outs. He has the potential to improve these numbers further with a return of the swing-strikes on his curveball, and if he decides to focus more on getting more K’s which he’s capable of given his stuff. Overall, I think he’s a very safe #2/3 SP for fantasy, and the upside to be pretty special in the realm of Dallas Keuchel who won a Cy Young a couple years ago. Stroman is just entering his prime now, he goes deep in games which puts him in positions to earn lots of W’s and QS’. He has proven his durability with 2 consecutive 200+ inning seasons. And the stuff is there to take a step forward. I think he’s a pretty good value at his current ADP (NFBC ADP of 125). For 2018, I will project a 3.37 ERA with a 1.27 WHIP, 169 K’s, and 14 Wins in 200 innings.
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    Kirk played scared last season no doubt about that, but Minnesota didn’t give him all that guaranteed money to go out there and give his best Kyle Orton impression.
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    In private leagues, you can set so that it is the same day. Depends on what the commissioner chooses. The Pro or Public leagues are next day.
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    No worries, I was just being playful. :cheers:
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    I think Dallas has a problem with Prescott as QB. I agree with some previous commenters that he was exposed last year. You look at the talent around Brady, Rodgers, Russell Wilson, etc. They don't get a free pass for an entire seasons when their running back misses 6 games. I think people are in too deep on his rookie season hype to re-assess his actual value. To the common fan Dak is a franchise QB, and Blake Bortles is trash. I don't think they are very different players, and I'm certain Dak Prescott isn't 2 minutes away from a Superbowl if he is QB'ing that Jags team last year.
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    FWIW Adam Schefter yesterday: Go to the 0:38 mark. Schefter: "During February, the Bucs were talking to the Rams about trading for Robert Quinn. That deal didn't get done so they sought out another pass rushing alternative in terms of the Giants, who in the words of one GM from another team today said that they are in the rebuild mode here trying to tear it down. Those were the words that were used: tear it down." Don't shoot the messenger. Not like Schefter hasn't been wrong before, so who knows. Take it FWIW.
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    it drives me nts when he turns and runs backwards 20yds to avoid the rush and buy time for his wr's
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    A good in depth look at all the reasons I've been pimping him all off season (and much of the end of last season) Edwin F'n Mahnifico
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    Source? Anyone else picking up len for next two games?
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    Yes, I read the post. And yes, I read the article. Perhaps what you fail to realize is this is not an attack on you, but rather the writer of the article. This 'whisper' has no basis other than mere speculation. Yes, the Nats have been taking a slow/cautious approach, which is why they are saying he is not going to be ready opening day. The rest is just complete speculation. And lastly, I don't know how you can say I took 'offence'. If providing a logical post without any ranting is now taking offence to something, then I guess we disagree on the definition.
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    He doesn't. Silver needs to step in.
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