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    Ronaldo Hernandez, C TB Hernandez is a player that I really, really like. I think you'll see him shoot up prospect lists at the end of the year. Hit .332 at 19 in the Appy league last year, with pop (22 doubles and 5 HR in just over 200 AB), and by all reports that I've read, scouts believe the hit tool is real. He's also a very good catcher and likely to stay behind the plate long term-throwing out some ridiculous number of runners last year (couldn't find the stat). I know Sickels,BA are all really high on him, and he's one that you've got to get either now....or soon.
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    Dallas is spinning it's wheels. Beasley, Switzer, and Hurns are redundant. At least Deonte Thompson brings a unique skill set as a deep threat. But so did Butler and they didn't use him because they were playing... ...Twill who's contract last year was dumb as #$%##.
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    ^^ I also believe that we are in the process of a..........."rebuild". The only thing that would trump that notion is the fact that they went out and made Solder the highest paid Offensive Lineman in the league. Now, that I had a day to think about it and I take the emotion out of it, here are my thoughts on why we may be in store for a full fledged rebuild: With the cap projected to hover around 190 million in 2019, the Giants were projected to have anywhere between 45-55 million in available cap space BEFORE the release of JPP. JPP's cap hit would have been nearly $20 million next year and nearly 20 million in 2020 so Gettleman just got a huge savings here. Vernon also has a huge cap hit over the next two years so there is a great chance that he will be traded/released before the draft next season. Going to my favorite QB in the league, I hate to say this, but Manning has another contract that the Giants can shed and save a ton of cap space in 2019. Literally, the Giants could be hovering around 100 million in cap space to buy whomever they want in free agency in 2019. I really think they are sincere in keeping Manning this season, but ONLY as a mentor for Rosen or Darnold. I thought they wanted Manning because they were a few pieces away from making a run at the Super Bowl, rather, now I believe that he will only be a true bridge to his eventual successor. Depending on how they draft in 2018 and 2019 and how well they do in free agency, the Giants could possibly be young and competitive in 2019. Essentially, right now I see a rebuild around Rosen or Darnold with OBJ, Shephard, Engram and Collins as the centerpieces. I'm mixed about this approach. There are no long term guarantees whereas I thought they had a chance for a legitimate run the next two years with the vets. But from a Gettleman standpoint, he is not just a GM for 2 years, I can see him looking at the 5-10 year picture. I also believe that Webb is NOT the answer or should I say as a new GM, HC and OC, would you want to pin your livelihood on a guy that you never drafted. I think this JPP move was not the sign that they are not going Chubb, I think they are going QB and starting a rebuild. Thoughts? *Disclaimer: I hope that I am wrong and they get Barkley
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    Just read something hilarious- The 1-15 Browns in 2016 were led by McCown, Crowell, and Pryor, and now the Jets have all three.
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    opposite field on a 97 MPH FB in. Damn
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    Except this was a total fluke that can happen to any pitcher at any time.
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    Cardinals Center Fielder Says Past Vision Problems Are 'Squared Away' "You have to stay healthy and you have to be on the field every day to help the team, and I realized the importance of that last season," Pham says. MARCH 23, 2018 - 9:09 AM JUPITER, Fla (KMOX) - Tommy Pham's offseason has been well documented through his Instagram with high-intensity speed training. But more important than his first-to-third time, is probably his vision. His rare keratoconus diagnosis plagued him his entire career, until a risky surgery in 2011and new contact lenses in 2016 helped him have a breakout 2017 performance for the Cardinals. "You have to stay healthy and you have to be on the field every day to help the team, and I realized the importance of that last season," Pham says. "So I'm definitely doing everything I can to make sure I stay on the field every day." He now has doctors in multiple states, he says, and an optometrist in St. Louis. "I would say this, by game one everything will be squared away," Pham says.
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    If he gets 500 AB the man will be the biggest steal of the draft
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    Criminally undervalued this year. BUY BUY BUY
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    I always watch pitchers closely who pitch in the Cal league. And San Diego quite possibly has the 3 best so far in 2017. Coming into 2017 I was already very very high on Cal Quantrill. And Eric Lauer was someone I knew that had really good command of his arsenal. But Joey Luchessi was someone I had no idea about going into the 2016 draft. And I gotta admit even tho I believe Quantrill will end up the best of the bunch, Luchessi is looking like a future frontline starter, with a great ability to get swings'n'misses while 50% of contact made against him results in groundballs. I wouldnt be surprised if he ends up the best of the 3 tho. So far Luchessi has put up these numbers: 6 GS, 1.09 ERA, 0.88 WHIP, 3.23 FIP 33.1 INN, 4 ER, 19 H, .160 AVG, 2 HR, 41/10 K/BB, 11.18 K/9, 49% GB%, 1.12 GO/AO Here's his 2017 MLB.com Scouting Report: SD-SP Joey Luchessi 6'5/203/23 Drafted 2016*Rd.4 Pitching Grades: Fastball: 60 | Curveball: 55 | Changeup: 55 | Control: 55 | Overall: 50 The Padres made Lucchesi the highest-drafted player ever out of Southeast Missouri in 2016, taking the senior -- who went undrafted following his junior season -- in the fourth round after he went 10-5 with a 2.19 ERA and a Division I-leading 149 strikeouts. He signed for $100,000 and then dominated in his pro debut, posting a 56-to-3 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 42 innings and finishing the season in full-season ball. Lucchesi's stuff ticked up as a senior and has continued to improve as a professional. He uses his 6-foot-5, 204-pound frame to create angle with his fastball, scraping 96 mph and sitting 92-94 with late movement. His breaking ball is a swing-and-miss offering, thrown with top-to-bottom action and a good pace, and he also has advanced feel for a changeup, with both pitches receiving above-average grades from scouts. He attacks hitters on both sides of the plate, showing present command of his entire arsenal. Lucchesi knows how to disrupt hitters' timing with his deceptive delivery, though it does give some evaluators pause in projecting him as a starter. He has the durability needed to stick in the rotation, with stuff that potentially could play up in short bursts out of the bullpen. Either way, Lucchesi is a candidate to move quickly through the Minors.
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    1st place gets $800, 2nd $400, 3rd $200, 4th $100. Email me at jb8605lsu@yahoo.com if you want one of the openings. http://games.espn.com/flb/leagueoffice?leagueId=79809&seasonId=2018
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    38 hr 111 rbi .312 107 runs 1st round pick next year
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    One thing that is great with this game we love .... we can decide what rules to play with. You like FAAB others don’t. I don’t believe in even. I been playing this game for 15+ years with daily waivers ....it is how I believe this game should be played. I am the person who has lost on a player numerous times. I don’t even have a smart phone I own a flip top phone.
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    Kirk played scared last season no doubt about that, but Minnesota didn’t give him all that guaranteed money to go out there and give his best Kyle Orton impression.
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    "OK we really need to account for Hurns at all times and make sure he isn't the one that beats us" said no defensive coordinator ever. Actually on the bright side he could maybe be the best WR on the team so there's that. For real though -- not too expensive and could maybe just be succession planning. It's just fun to pile on the Cowboys. Don't mind me.
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    This is almost as odd as Zay Jones. Who pushes a paraplegic? I'm hoping it was just some kind of crowd surge accident, maybe more negligent behavior than violent? Lord help me though, I do have to ask.........why was a 66 year old paraplegic responsible for CROWD CONTROL? That of course doesn't excuse assault, but......I'm just struggling to picture this.
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    Just think that the Bucs were not as bad as their results showed. Even with minimal changes, I would have concluded (right or wrong) that their numbers would improve. That said, I agree with those who believe that meaningful improvements are being made this off season. The one question I have is Koetter. After his inaugural season, I really thought he was one of the better offensive minds around. Last season shook my confidence some. I am truly interested to know whether others believe that he belongs in the same discussion with McVay, Shanahan, McDaniels and some of the other proven offensive coaches around the league. That is a very important data point for me.
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    Right. Someone in every league out there is going to be looking at their team in the middle rounds and realizing they need a quick fix for their steals deficit and jumps him 5+ rounds over his ADP, which is counting a lot of drafts from before he got the leadoff gig. Even if you think he's a true talent 180-200 guy, you're unlikely to find a better source of SBs that late, so go get him. I took him at 136 -- granted, dynasty league, so the calculus is a bit different for a 25 year-old, but still, don't worry so much about ADP in the middle rounds or you're not going to get anyone you like.
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    It's a decent roster with some good choices. -Bryant at 31 -Turner at 10 Those seem like definite choices. How long can you keep a player? I think I'd rather have Buxton at 1, and either Conforto at 10 or Moncada at 5, then use the savings in the draft.
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    Agreed, plus there will likely be a rookie QB in town. Pryor's ADP would have to be low for me to consider him. I'm not as concerned about Enunwa or Anderson until i see the preseason (and what Anderson's charges amount to).
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    Judge leading off today but guess who's batting 3rd for the Yankees splitting up Stanton/Sanchez? ?
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    Nick Pratto is their long term answer at 1B, and OHearn is the holdover. This guy, who I must admit I've never heard of (and frankly we all should have with his numbers last year), is certainly a bit interesting. Track record has shown that there's a hit tool there-he's flashed some power (although PCL numbers need to be taken with a grain of salt). Still, he's shown some pop not only in the past couple of years, but this winter and this spring. As others have said, the BB% is very alarming....and while the strikeout rate isn't overly high, the fact that he's shown no ability to draw a walk at any level....isn't promising.
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    A player can only have QO placed on them once so next year he will be good.
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    Looks like he's going to be batting 2nd every day and is OPSing >900 so far this spring. That is all.
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    Way under the radar. I'm all over him. He's not Sale or Scherzer and he's never going to be, but he's as safe and consistent as you're going to find, and that is extremely important when it comes to fantasy. This guy is awesome.
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    Terrelle Pryor Mike Wallace Theo Riddick
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    I hate the fit here. Anderson, Kearse, Enunwa, Pryor. Anderson leads in targets while he's playing, and Kearse already has a good rapport with McCown, he'll get his. Anderson might not even get suspended, and if he does, what if its two games? Not much value add for Pryor in that, and we may not even see anything done before the season starts.
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    Was he going up against tough defense again
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    Are you drinking a white russian? your avatar lol McCullers a lock Taylor/Carpenter a toss up
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    The Grizz are an embarrassment.
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    His slash line doesn't resemble a leadoff guy, .250s/.320s/.840s ... best strength is OPS ISO well over .200 last year. K rate approaching 30% HR:SB ratio nearly 3:1 SB success rate in 60%s Are any of those screaming "I'm a leadoff guy" to you?
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    Since your already keeping Kershaw, i know its a tough call, but for me, i have to take JD here. In that lineup and park the production is going to be elite. Id take that sure thing over Noah, who i also love, but just would keep the elite bat over him
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    The NBA has ruined fantasy playoffs...
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    Depends on how many holes on the line and the player. Generally speaking the big ten guys with pedigree have hit the ground running on the Oline (Decker, Ramscyk, the Titans RT, Elflien, Frederick, Feeney). Smith and Martin also shined out the gate for Dallas. Long way of saying that the team and player matter.
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    The problem with closing is what happens when there are save opps in back to back games? Or 3 in 4 days? In a traditional closer role you pretty much need to be ready to go every night if needed. The best way to control his innings is just use him in setup and you can avoid back to backs when you want.
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    I think this is a time will tell situation. Its very easy to assume Gore takes the backseat in this pairing, but I dont think I trust Gase enough to bet on it. Gore, for his age, is pretty damn durable too. Hopefully Gore is 2nd string and Drake really gets a 2/3 timeshare here, but who knows what'll actually happen
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    Goldschmidt, Myers. Maybe Bellinger. Maybe Desmond. Certainly a rarity though, Braun has the ability to give you fairly unique stats at 1B.
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    Cousins will help, but Shurmur departure will hurt. I'm kind of even on them. Worry that guys will be overvalued but we'll see. LAC getting a good OL back from injury, adding Pouncey, getting Mike Williams healthy, Ekeler is carving out a role and adding value, and Gates (hopefully) finally going away to make way for Henry... This offense looks primed to explode. No weaknesses anywhere as far as I'm concerned. Will they finally put it together for a year? Chicago was a 5 win team last year, despite: playing in the hardest conference and one of the hardest divisions; having an a**-clown head coach; starting Gumby for a few games, then a rookie; having the worst WR corps I think I have ever seen. Add Nagy (honestly don't know much about him, other than that he saved Kareem Hunt's fantasy season last year, so he has to at least be better than Fox0. Add Robinson, Gabriel, Burton, all great pass catchers. They could easily be 8-8 and it wouldn't surprise me at all. It's a good roster. Also--Jordan Howard was standard RB12 despite all of that crap. 1250 total yards and 9 TDs could easily become 1400 and 10, which is over 200 total points and rock solid RB1 performance. He's on my radar everywhere. Entire offense stock is rising.
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    Meh's draft day targets and/or bargains: Lance McCullers (surprised there isn't more buzz about his cutter and what he's doing this spring) Whit Merrifield (think he's legit and don't be surprised if he's dealt to a contender in July) Matt Davidson (yes, Matt Davidson. It's just spring training stats but he seems to be making some great adjustments) Matt Kemp (best shape of his life! and possible 4 or 5 hitter in Dodgers lineup) Carlos Gonzalez (getting this dude in 25th round of 12 teamers. He's batting cleanup in Colorado!) Byron Buxton (lots of buzz but think it's justified) Gregory Polanco (is this the year he finally stays healthy and breaks out?) Lewis Brinson (going way too late for his power/speed skills) Yasmani Grandal and Wilson Ramos are my catcher targets Alex Bregman (another buzz guy that I think is warranted) Jose Martinez (have to be patient with this guy if he gets full time at bats, look out) Kevin Kiermaier (nice power/speed combo going fairly late in drafts) Kenta Maeda (encouraged by his spring) Yu Darvish (love Tao's write up on this guy) Jean Segura (solid all around fantasy game in great spot in lineup) Miguel Sano (a little worried about the suspension possibility but if not, should be a stud) Ozzie Albies (another buzz guy) Lucas Giolito (velo up in spring and showing good command) Christian Yelich (who isn't hyping this guy?) George Springer (another Tao favorite that I buy into) Greg Bird (owned this guy all over the place last year but I can't quit him)
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    Source? Anyone else picking up len for next two games?
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    Yes, I read the post. And yes, I read the article. Perhaps what you fail to realize is this is not an attack on you, but rather the writer of the article. This 'whisper' has no basis other than mere speculation. Yes, the Nats have been taking a slow/cautious approach, which is why they are saying he is not going to be ready opening day. The rest is just complete speculation. And lastly, I don't know how you can say I took 'offence'. If providing a logical post without any ranting is now taking offence to something, then I guess we disagree on the definition.
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    Ok spring training stats are meaningless but in this case we can see that despite the surgery/weight gain Sano still has the same immense power upside. That ceiling is worth investing in with a top 100 pick for sure. The list of guys who could have a power explosion akin to Judge/Stanton ‘17 is extremely short: Sano, Harper, that is pretty much the list. Chris Davis isn’t one of those guys anymore, and the sample size is too small for Hoskins and Olson. My sense is that MLB will be wringing its hands indefinitely on how to handle this “investigation”, it is just too politically dicey no matter which side they come down on, so they’ll never say anything and hope the public forgets, exactly how the Addy Russell situation was handled (as I predicted a few pages back)
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    Without knowing the name of the player or your league format, sounds like a worthwhile drop.
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    Nah, it must be something else.
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    He is a top30 player next season. Easily.
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    Just reinforces the randomness of injuries. I took him as the safe pick instead of Syndergaard in my last draft purely because of injury concerns for the latter.