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    Listened to Rush and now I have 19 bats and no pitching.
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    After being highly encouraged because of the astute content and advice..... joined Rotoworld Forums.
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    Listened to a guy in bench coach and traded kershaw for Curtis granderson, Pedro Alvarez and Brandon Wood
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    Pretty sure Jim "Jimmie" Johnson has already accomplished that feat for the Orioles and Braves.
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    my take on this - it sounds like his eyes haven't physically gotten any worse, he's just having lens issues. i think this is something he can get sorted out over time. he's done it multiple times before. but the possibility certainly exists that it could be a rough april. my approach to this would be to ride it out in leagues where you already have him. in leagues where you don't, it's fair to not draft him if you don't want to deal with this, but i'd also be kind of lurking waiting for him to have a rough april and for everyone to give up on him as a fluke, and then try to grab him cheap and hope he fixes things by a couple weeks after that
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    Seems like the power is coming. Something must have revealed itself for KLaw to do a 180 on him: From earlier this spring: Urias’ five doubles – “He’s hit every wall in the Cactus League,” manager Andy Green said – are tied for the major league lead this spring. In 17 plate appearances (13 at-bats), Urias has a .538/.647/.923 hitting line. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/padres/sd-sp-padres-tatis-urias-roster-minors-0304-story.html Last year: While Urías hit just three home runs in 2017, a closer examination revealed more than an elite contact hitter. According to Trackman data, he produced the farm system’s third-highest number of exit velocities of at least 95 mph. https://theathletic.com/282423/2018/03/22/lin-the-padres-unlikely-signing-of-luis-urias-is-paying-dividends/ (paid content)
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    Stroman used to be a huge strikeout pitcher when he primarily threw his 4 seamer in the minors, college and high school. He even talked about always wanting to strike out as many batters as possible when he was making his way up thru the minors. When he was drafted from d00k, even tho he was used mostly as a closer in college, the scouts were absolutely raving about his potential to be a very high strikeout starting pitcher in the majors. But he had problems keeping his pitch count down and not going deep into games. Then in July of 2014 he learned Roy Halladays sinker grip. And he basically mastered it overnight and became a pitch to contact groundball machine pitcher as a way to go deeper into games. Stroman has such a wide wicked array of pitches that once he learns how to use all his pitches plus use his 4 seam and 2 seam somewhat equally throughout starts, then we could see him averaging around or a little more then a K per inning with quite a few double digit K games. The problem is that in 2016 and early 2017 Stroman got addicted to throwing his sinker a lot and it ended up making him a one dimensional pitcher and that should never happen with his a deep arsenal like Stromans. Stroman has the nasty stuff to easily get 2 strikes on hitters . And he's got the wicked movement on his secondaries plus the late pop on his 4 seam to get that 3rd swinging/called strike. If he could focus on that when there aren't runners on base but then when a runner is on he could throw his sinker to contact to get those DPs, then Stroman will be an absolute gem. Its just him being able to find that perfect medium. But Stroman has the stuff to be a high K pitcher and had been one in the past.
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    "alleviated concerns about his 56.2 completion percentage at Wyoming" How exactly, with a choreographed throwing practice session?
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    cook------------curry has MCL sprain run,don't walk,GSW have 4 games next week
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    IAN happ could put up very George springer like numbers this year. He could very easily be a George Springer lite. With 2b eligibility. Lots of runs scored atop that lineup, pretty good power and i guarantee he’ll steal as many bases. mark it down springer 115 30 68. 9. .270 happ 110 25 68 12 .265
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    Straight truth. Of course, owning him in 3 of my dynasty leagues has nothing to do with my optimism about him...
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    38 hr 111 rbi .312 107 runs 1st round pick next year
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    FAAB waivers gives everyone a fair shot at every player. It also adds another steategic element to the game. Monitoring baseball injury and closer news 24/7 just so you can rush to the wire and add a player instantly is dumb when there are better alternatives available. You can still play matchups, just plan ahead a day.
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    I understand technology but I don't think those electricians, laborers, firemen, cops etc. have the luxury of checking their smartphone as much as the rest of the white collar world. Even I would be pissed if i lost out on a guy because my train was in the tunnel when injury news dropped. Why not just keep it even for everyone and do FAAB waivers, you can even do it everyday if you want.
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    His quad looks fine too. Wait, that might be Madison Bumgarner.
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    2018 starting rotation thread. Start it off with the Blue Jays:
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    Ah, Baltimore, where a .328 lifetime OBP is considered a standout skill.
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    A family illness? I'm done with this guy holding a spot on my team as far as fantasy,
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    Allen is the worst case scenario imo. If Denver wants a big arm just trade back and take Jackson. We need players who can start week 1 and make an impact
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    I once saw him recommend keeping Alcides Escobar over Chris Sale. This was not when the latter was a young up and comer. It was either last year or the year before, I don't recall.
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    The Broncos are my team, and Elway has done a piss poor job drafting the last few years. But there is hope, he has Kubiak in his corner this year. Here’s some food for thought for SI on the analytics of the QBs in this years draft. I’ve liked Mayfield for the Broncos. I didn’t want to go down the tall strong idiot route again... This article confirms what I thought. Mayfield game is accuracy & intelligence. Will that transfer to the NFL? No one knows, but I think it’s promising. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/03/22/baker-mayfield-advance-analytics-nfl-draft-oklahoma-pff
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    SP Strategy talk.. Is 2018 the year to target upside? Drafted yesterday and the SP's were flying off the board. Nearly all the SP 1's were gone by pick 31. For better or worse, I always draft value over need, meaning 5/6 of my first picks were hitters. I then drafted 5 upside SP's in rounds 7-12 (McCullers, Godley, Castillo, Weaver, Price). I initially hated my draft. But not so sure if it's such a bad way to approach SP's this year given the inflated pricing. You get great value at the top of the Draft in Hitters (I was able to get Bryant, Correa, Donaldson, Springer w/ top 4 picks). And for SP's, instead of paying for the guys who are already there (Top 15), pay for the guys who have a decent chance of getting there. If even 1-2 of them get there, it's a big win. Not the safest way to draft, but in terms of overall value throughout draft (Rounds 1-12), not a bad fall back (if pricing get out of hand w/ SP's at top).
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    It was fake that he got hit?
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    Knowing Thibs butler will probably get 40 min in his first game back ?
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    They should trade for James Shields. Please trade for James Shields. Sincerely, The White Sox
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    Eno touting Jharel Cotton as a #2 when all the scouts saw a back-end 5 type of guy. Burnt me a little bit.
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    Any post about Rush 2112 who literally haunts the Bench Coach forum deep at night with one sentence posts to get rid of all pitchers is a plus post for me. Also thanks to Welcome to My House for same too. Sad thing is I've seen new to the forums and new to fantasy baseball posters taking his advice seriously. They see he has like 50 billion posts here and think he is some fantasy baseball savant instead of a troll. Then they follow some of his advice about dumping pitching always and disaster ensues for them. He has probably turned more innocent people just getting started into fantasy baseball off to same than anyone else on planet earth.
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    Back in '09 I drafted Mark Reynolds in my highly competitive home league. We drafted earlier than usual and in the following three weeks I heard several comments that he wouldn't stick at third, could be platooned, or might just be a bench bat. Meanwhile in ST he committed 7-8 errors in in the next two weeks. I acted. A day or so before the season started I traded him for Jose Guillen. Of course Reynolds played all season at 3rd while going 44/24/.260 By some good fortune, I won on the final day of the season by a half point despite my preseason panicked foolishness.
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    Don't stare into the gaze......you will turn to stone. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice, shame on all of us......Chriss will just continue to pull this same act over and over and over and.......well.....you get the idea. Dont fall for it!!
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    5th metacarpal or “pinky knuckle”. For most pitchers that don’t heavily feature a change up (and Bum throws his change less than 10% of the time) it’s not going to be that big of an issue. Almost no stress is placed on that finger to begin with, it’s almost like breaking your pinky toe but still being able to walk. The major issue here is the just the missed time that will hurt those in roto leagues the most but if we’re talking H2H I’d be even more likely to jump on him at that later ADP.
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    Diekman clean inning. I want Bannister quotes and I WANT THEM NOW
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    That’s if EVERYTHING goes right, add another couple week minimum for rehab and then add a few minor league starts. don’t forget he just broke his throwing hand. he’s broken the 5th metacarpal bone. Much worse then breaking any of the other because a lot of the time it requires surgery, while the others typically don’t. The surgery itself is relatively quick and easy from the surgeons angle, he has to reduce the fracture and then basically take a dewalt drill and drive a pin down the shaft of the bone. Also this pin has to be taken out after a couple of weeks. He will most likely have to wear an ulnar gutter splint for awhile and then transition into a short arm cast after the pin is removed. Any time you break a bone in the hand there’s is always the possibility that the bone can grow back awkward/ not exactly how it was before. This could be a game changer for bum.
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    Even though the hype train can get out of hand sometimes, the thing is, maybe he's actually worth that now. His ADP started out so low because nobody knew what his role was going to be exactly, but now that we know, maybe his continued rise up in the drafts isn't outrageous.
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    Scott White constantly says maddeningly stupid things. He has to be one of the worst fantasy analysts out there, especially when it comes to any type of strategy. I can see lowering Goldy but not nearly that much, and not for the reason Scott White thinks.
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    Karns has had a nice spring, all the nicer considering he had thoracic outlet surgery last summer. 4 GS, 13.1 IP, 13 H, 3 ER, 6 BB, 18 K Twitter reports have had his fastball 92-94, touching 96. If he can stay healthy, he might be a deep league asset.
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    Mother, Conditions at the facility seem to me to be poor but morale is rising as Spring Training continues. The doctors don't tell me much but I remain hopeful of keeping my arm after all, and be ready for Opening Day. The same may not be said with regard to poor Yoenis. He spends his time whittling a hook he believes will let him hold a bat even if the hand is lost. They let us open several windows yesterday, and I was able to empty my own chamber pot into the culvert nearby. Enclosed is a photograph taken of the team after yesterday's game. As always, please send baseballs, as we have run out again here in Port St. Lucie. Your humble son, Michael
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    Seattle's running game should be better in 2018, simply because it literally could not have been worse in 2017.
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