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    38 hr 111 rbi .312 107 runs 1st round pick next year
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    A family illness? I'm done with this guy holding a spot on my team as far as fantasy,
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    Allen is the worst case scenario imo. If Denver wants a big arm just trade back and take Jackson. We need players who can start week 1 and make an impact
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    Eno touting Jharel Cotton as a #2 when all the scouts saw a back-end 5 type of guy. Burnt me a little bit.
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    5th metacarpal or “pinky knuckle”. For most pitchers that don’t heavily feature a change up (and Bum throws his change less than 10% of the time) it’s not going to be that big of an issue. Almost no stress is placed on that finger to begin with, it’s almost like breaking your pinky toe but still being able to walk. The major issue here is the just the missed time that will hurt those in roto leagues the most but if we’re talking H2H I’d be even more likely to jump on him at that later ADP.
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    I'm expecting a bouceback to 85% of what he used to be.
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    I love this guy. He has thrown 200+ innings for three straight seasons. 2017: 11.15 K/9 2.69 BB/9 1.21 HR/9 3.40 FIP 3.35 xFIP 3.44 SIERA Yeah, he gives up too many homers, but the rest of his numbers are fantastic. If he truly does get traded to the Astros, we are looking at a top 10 SP, possibly top 7. Tropicana Field is more of a pitcher's park than Minute Maid Park, but he should finally be able to win more games than he loses. I'm just hoping he gets traded to a team that can actually score some runs, I don't know who it is. I would love to have this guy as my SP2 in 2018.
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    Yeah, time to finally snap out of it and pull the plug. Should've done it ages ago. A damn shame really with the consistency he has shown...
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    Depends on who's slipped and whether or not you like taking pitching early. It's a bit of a reach but considering where you're drafting if you don't take him there you don't get him. I took him as early as I did because no one else really excited me.
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    although im high on him....yes, i think its a little high
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    No, it's his job is to take pressure off of the role players. He's a so called "franchise WR" making 16 million. He has to man up and catch the ball. How many big drops did he have? That's nobody's fault but his. You unload him and move on.
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    The only thing I would consider upgrading is outfield, but honestly it is not worth it for you to do anything. Your Offense is awesome and your pitching is stellar also. I feel that if you were to move a pitcher it would only hurt the overall strength of your team. If you were to make a trade for one of his outfielders you would find yourself in the same position as him after he traded Sale for Blackmon. Stay put you have a very solid all around team. Return the favor? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/698113-rate-my-team-whir/
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    Spring Training (15 GP / 40 AB) Andrew Benintendi .400 BA / 11 R / 3 HR / 10 RBI
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    Mr Grant says Colon & the Rangers are still talking about him coming back, even though he was released.
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    How the hell do you get Kershaw, Machado, Correa, Rizzo, Kluber in a non-keeper? Anyway, no. You’ve got 2 aces and your offense is already strong.
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    A late scratch today to go to the minor league fields and take as many at bats as possible. He's working hard at trying to get right. And he was doing about the same thing last spring.
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    His philosophy is that you can find stud RBs in the 2nd/3rd rds (ie McCoy) who are on cheaper contracts than 1st rd picks.
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    Although I don't like any of the QB's in this draft they need to address the position once and for all. I'm interested to see how it all plays out. I want to see Denver relevant again as much as you do. I've always respected them as a franchise.
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    They don't love Ajayi. His knees are shot. And Howie never had a reason to draft a first round RB. He always had other pressing needs. This is the first year year he can go best available or skill position.
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    I agree. I don't see any of these QB's as "franchise" quarterbacks. It just shows how desperate teams are. And if they are wrong it sets your franchise back years.
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    Are there any league minimums? As Schwagzer has mentioned, with your stat categories you can still just role will just RP only and leave your SP slots empty (or try to find guys listed as SP/RP that are actually relievers). Your team is very bat heavy, so this would allow you to do alright in the pitching battles and come out on top with your bats. Just as as a general rating of your team though, I actually like that you went bat heavy (which I weird because i’m usually a pitchers first kind of guy). But your cats are setup so that if you load up on hitters, specifically power hitters, you’ll win. CG and SHO are going to be tough cats to win on a consistent basis, and then L and BB can be won by avoiding pitching, so you’re left with 10 batting cats vs 5 pitching cats. And of the 10 batting cats, 5 (HR, RBI, 2B, 3B, TB) are power hitting cats. And if you can get decent average power hitters (which I think you have), you can add H, AVG, and OPS. So you can really dominate the league with one style of player. Hope this helps!
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    They are going to. Only question is which guy do they prefer?
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    To be honest the more I look at your offense the more I like it... you have a lot of studs that should provide a lot of power. I love Acuna and Dahl on your bench. It was mostly your starting UTIL I wasn't thrilled about but you have so many other great hitters. If you can start 8 RP's with daily lineups then I would for sure punt SP's... they will only hurt you with losses, walks and higher ERA/WHIP. Each year there are fewer pitchers racking up CG / SHO's so I think most weeks those will be 0-0 ties.
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    and this is why I don't start fantasy drafts until at least a week before opening day
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    [ ease up on the CSB folks. You're not the only one who's feeling the pain today and your reaction probably isn't original.]
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    Yes I'd dump luck. I'd prefer wentz over luck anyway
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    He's really a triple double threat now.
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    Really hit rock bottom his line today... hmmmm...
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    He didn't exactly "crush" it in Seattle...6 HR in 132 AB. And outside of going ballistic in May, he really did nothing in any other month worth writing home about. He's definitely going to better lineup, but I need to see more than just 2017 to be totally on board or think he's more than a 25 HR bat. I'm not convinced he's more than a 25-28 HR bat at this point. I won't speak to his value in OPS or OBP leagues except that I don't get the excitement in OPS leagues...not enough to call him a star. I owned him last year, and his early season run was fun while it lasted, but I don't buy into him becoming a star or anything more than a solid 1B option.
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    An elite pass rusher is always more valuable than a DB.
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    Depends on how many holes on the line and the player. Generally speaking the big ten guys with pedigree have hit the ground running on the Oline (Decker, Ramscyk, the Titans RT, Elflien, Frederick, Feeney). Smith and Martin also shined out the gate for Dallas. Long way of saying that the team and player matter.
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    Cousins will help, but Shurmur departure will hurt. I'm kind of even on them. Worry that guys will be overvalued but we'll see. LAC getting a good OL back from injury, adding Pouncey, getting Mike Williams healthy, Ekeler is carving out a role and adding value, and Gates (hopefully) finally going away to make way for Henry... This offense looks primed to explode. No weaknesses anywhere as far as I'm concerned. Will they finally put it together for a year? Chicago was a 5 win team last year, despite: playing in the hardest conference and one of the hardest divisions; having an a**-clown head coach; starting Gumby for a few games, then a rookie; having the worst WR corps I think I have ever seen. Add Nagy (honestly don't know much about him, other than that he saved Kareem Hunt's fantasy season last year, so he has to at least be better than Fox0. Add Robinson, Gabriel, Burton, all great pass catchers. They could easily be 8-8 and it wouldn't surprise me at all. It's a good roster. Also--Jordan Howard was standard RB12 despite all of that crap. 1250 total yards and 9 TDs could easily become 1400 and 10, which is over 200 total points and rock solid RB1 performance. He's on my radar everywhere. Entire offense stock is rising.
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    Meh's draft day targets and/or bargains: Lance McCullers (surprised there isn't more buzz about his cutter and what he's doing this spring) Whit Merrifield (think he's legit and don't be surprised if he's dealt to a contender in July) Matt Davidson (yes, Matt Davidson. It's just spring training stats but he seems to be making some great adjustments) Matt Kemp (best shape of his life! and possible 4 or 5 hitter in Dodgers lineup) Carlos Gonzalez (getting this dude in 25th round of 12 teamers. He's batting cleanup in Colorado!) Byron Buxton (lots of buzz but think it's justified) Gregory Polanco (is this the year he finally stays healthy and breaks out?) Lewis Brinson (going way too late for his power/speed skills) Yasmani Grandal and Wilson Ramos are my catcher targets Alex Bregman (another buzz guy that I think is warranted) Jose Martinez (have to be patient with this guy if he gets full time at bats, look out) Kevin Kiermaier (nice power/speed combo going fairly late in drafts) Kenta Maeda (encouraged by his spring) Yu Darvish (love Tao's write up on this guy) Jean Segura (solid all around fantasy game in great spot in lineup) Miguel Sano (a little worried about the suspension possibility but if not, should be a stud) Ozzie Albies (another buzz guy) Lucas Giolito (velo up in spring and showing good command) Christian Yelich (who isn't hyping this guy?) George Springer (another Tao favorite that I buy into) Greg Bird (owned this guy all over the place last year but I can't quit him)
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    hey bro, sorry that the majority of your trades were rejected and a few of the owners had to beg you to stop re submitting the same offers over and over again...however...bailing on the league and leaving us a nasty little 'F' you...prob not the best practice in fantasy sports...I hope your league prospers...but you gotta understand...NO means NO. I didnt appreciate the way you were treated at all, but i understood the frustration as i myself would get 15 trade proposals a day...for the same thing. NO MEANS NO. Gluck in '18
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    Both leagues of 12 are full. I will be posting for a 3rd league tomorrow that will be apart of these 2. If ud like to get an invite to NXT...leave ur email...or Email me at 04joshbyers@gmail.com
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    Farewell to one of the most under rated and most steady and consistent relievers until injuries took their toll. I'm grateful to have had him on my teams a lot over the years.
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    This was years ago and it was injury reports, not specific fantasy advice per se, but I drafted Robb Nen over Gagne at closer. Gagne had a historic season and Nen never pitched in MLB again. EDIT: Oh yeah after Goldschmidt's first partial MLB season, I wanted to keep him, but all the reports said he just wasn't gonna end up being that good so I didn't keep him. Kept BJ Upton instead. D'oh!