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    Well if anybody deserves having success it's this kid.
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    some many games so far be like
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    It refers to the head, body, neck of the talus bone itself. I put em all since we don't know which one it is.
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    Batting 6th and starting at SS today. 4th start/appearance at SS as of today. (w/ 2 OF and 2 3B).
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    ANAHEIM -- Last season was a breakthrough for Angels pitching prospect Jaime Barria. After opening the year at Class A Advanced Inland Empire, the 21-year-old right-hander made a steep ascent through the farm system, earning a promotion to Double-A Mobile before finishing the season at Triple-A Salt Lake. Barria maintained his success even as he progressed through each level, logging a combined 2.80 ERA with a 1.07 WHIP over 141 2/3 innings. "I had the opportunity to face batters at Triple-A, and it was a little bit difficult," Barria said in Spanish during the Rookie Career Development Program in Leesburg, Va., last weekend. "Hopefully I'll be able to improve in 2018 and have more consistency and continue to develop." The next challenge for Barria seems likely to be the Majors, as he has emerged as one of the Angels' top pitching prospects in the upper Minors and was added to the club's 40-man roster in November. General manager Billy Eppler has also included Barria among his list of nine pitchers who he believes will contribute to the Angels' rotation in 2018. The club figures to get a closer look at Barria during Spring Training, as the Panama native received his first invitation to Major League camp. "I'm preparing myself physically and mentally for what's ahead, since they invited me to Major League camp," Barria said. "I know it's going to be a difficult challenge, but you have to face it and show up." Barria, who is ranked as the Angels' No. 9 prospect by MLB Pipeline, features a three-pitch mix, wielding a low-90s fastball with good life, a deceptive changeup and a curveball. He has already shown that his stuff can play against high levels of competition, as demonstrated by his successful appearance at the SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game in Miami last summer. Still, Barria said his goal for 2018 is to continue to refine his pitches, particularly his breaking ball. https://www.mlb.com/news/halos-righty-prospect-jaime-barria-on-the-rise/c-264594210
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    Happy Terehan Day everyone!
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    No individual metrics-- what I do even with peripherals borders a lot more on watching the game. Essentially I like to look at a pitcher's repertoire the most, see how the individual pitches are generating whiffs, and certain aspects of those pitches like, say, the velocity gaps for a FB to Change-Up. The thing about FIP and xFIP is that I don't think they're necessarily bad as statistics, but I don't think of them as ERA Replacers anymore, which is essentially what they are intended to be used as. Simply put, between FIP, xFIP, and SIERRA, some favor GBs more, some favor a lack of walks more, or an increase in strikeouts, but at the end of the day the point is that, each of these because of the formula they are created with are inherently biased towards more of a specific type of pitcher in a general sense, so like a Josh Tomlin who is a GREAT K/BB pitcher despite not being a great overall pitcher, will have a really strong xFIP consistently. So I guess the first part is that, any start with walks is just going to blow up a FIP/xFIP, so I guess the primary point here actually should be that what all your metrics are essentially pointing to is one thing, which is the walks, which sin't to say 5 walks in a game isn't a problem, but those five walks are REALLY going to influence an ERA predictor, and in a game where he was-- by most accounts as I have not seen myself-- virtually unhittable, he's not going to get a fair shake because there's just no feasible way to produce a good FIP and xFIP with 5 walks in one start. The final point here being, I don't like FIP and xFIP, but do like the components of what create them. So when I see a high FIP or xFIP, I never say "The FIP is high, and so I'm concerned," because the FIP is a conglomeration of a bunch of other stats, but I do ask myself, "Why is the FIP so high, what has caused it, and do I think it'll be a problem." And the walks certainly could be a problem moving forward, but the point of that FIP and xFIP data is to say "Reynaldo Lopez isn't this good, he's been lucky." And I don't think that's the fair statement. I do think that, projecting forward, you do want to see him limit the walks, and I think if he can't that could become a concern, but I don't think viewing what Reynaldo Lopez has done to date as a vision of luck-- which is, in essence, what those metrics are suggesting-- is fair. So that's essentially why I always knock FIP and xFIP and SIERRA. I like looking at the components of pitchers (repertoire) as well as the components of those ERA-advanced metrics individually (GB% / HR/FB% / BABIP / K/BB / etc. etc. etc.), and coming up with the conclusion of why a pitcher is being successful or why they might be thwarting their ERA metrics based on that.
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    Jack Flaherty's line in AAA on Sunday - 7 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 0 BB, 11 K Someone wants to get back to the majors.......
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    ''Remember that year 2018 that Marshon Brooks came out of nowhere to win some championships...'' LEGEND
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    The banter in this thread is almost as bad as Happ's plate discipline.
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    True. 6 Ks through 2 IP just not gonna cut it.
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    Even though I was dreaming he'd find a way into the lineup everyday, it's gone better than I actually expected. Didn't think he'd get starts at RF and SS. I don't see how anyone can complain so far.
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    If anyone is considering Alvarado as a speculative add with Colome scuffling, listen to this interview with Kevin Cash on 3/27. "He needs to be a big part for us. More than any pitcher that came up from Durham or wherever last year, he improved the most and continued to improve the most. He picked up where he left off in spring training. He was a better pitcher this spring than he was at any point last year and he threw pretty good at times. Big powerful guy, kind of a neutral as far as splits go because he throws so hard and has that wipeout curveball/slider. 98 from the left side, if you get that over the white, you'll be pretty successful. There's a guy up in New York who's done it for awhile and makes a lot of money doing it - Aroldis Chapman. I'm not comparing them but it's a similar mix." https://620wdae.iheart.com/featured/ronnie-and-tkras/content/2018-03-27-tampa-bay-rays-were-going-to-hit-more-hrs-than-the-media-thinks/
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    In my opinion, you guys are massively undervaluing Meredith. The guy produced at a high level with one of the worst quarterbacks in the league. In New Orleans, he'll be the number 2 receiver, catching passes from a hall of fame QB. You think, if healthy, he'll regress from what he did in Chicago?! Maybe this continues to be more of a rushing offense, but I feel like Brees will bounce back from only throwing 23 TD passes last year. I think Meredith, if his offer isn't matched, will be a steal.
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    If you’re going to sit him against the White Sox what is the point in keeping him?
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    You are embarrassing yourself.
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    Dude hit 6 home runs in 217 AB's last season but you think he's only capable of 10 in a full season? I can guarantee barring injury he hits more than 10 home runs in 2018.
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    Please don’t drop Hector Neris
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    Like, i agree the age thing isn't a big issue. But don't go watch this god awful movie for anything about realistic scouting. No. Save yourself those 2 hours. Go to fangraphs. Go get ice cream. Just don't go watch that movie lol
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    Very discouraging start. Was hoping to see something after a lot of positive reports in spring. Tough matchup but not going to sugar coat my analysis just because I own him. He looks like the identical guy as last year. Don’t see any reason for optimism. His success will be directly correlated to BABIP/defensive shift success. He doesn’t have an out pitch, his change up sucks. He’s the first cut I’m making for a better FA on my team.
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    I do think it’s fair to be a bit frustrated at this point. I think a few days off and a road trip will do him wonders, though.
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    Ya, but is Jack crafty and experienced enough to get through 4.2 Innings in the majors and hold a team to 6 hits and 3-5 runs like Waino?
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    GianKKKKKKKKKKKKarlo Stanton...amirite?!?
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    Xander Bogaerts is under going treatment today. He will be re-evaluated tomorrow if he will be heading to the DL. #Redsox I guess that would rule out something catostrophic?
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    i am sensing a home run tonight
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    Sergio Romo is not the Giants Romo of old. He's nearly a junkerballer. Guy throws like an 84mph fastball now. I guess he could guts and guile it out for some saves if given the chance... I'd rather have the Alvarado kid
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    There's no way to answer this question without delving into the specifics of your format. If you have daily vs. weekly transactions, it becomes a lot easier to carry a guy who sits 3x a week. If your format's deep enough (15+ teams, AL-only) then it probably doesn't makes as much of a difference because you're already forced in a lot of those leagues to roster part-time players. But there's just no comp for a guy who's shown this much ability in such a short sample. If part-time platoon bats had outbursts like this, they'd be playing every day. The reason they're part-time players is that we know they're not able to sustain that level. The reason Shohei Ohtani (Batter) is a part-time player is because he's out there slaying fools with his pitching prowess. You can't really make a comp here, and the batting sample just isn't big enough to draw any conclusions about his mixed-league viability if you're just getting him as a bat.
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    While that may be true. The proven number one indicator for pitching injuries are tied to decreased velocity. That’s why they are always spoken about as they should be. This us is especially true for a guy like Box.
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    In most leagues, Jordan Howard was either an RB1 or a few points away as a high end RB2 last year on a terrible team, with a poor, predictable offense and defenses selling out to stop Jordan Howard. In 2018, the team should be better overall, have a better coach, the offense will have more weapons and be much less predictable. Unless something significant changes, Howard should be a lock to finish as an RB1 in 2018.
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    I'm a big Carson fan and was heartbroken in watching him get hurt. Still, his vision is not there yet---it's developing---and Gilbert (see links below) does a great job at analyzing when Carson had vision, and when he did not: https://www.fieldgulls.com/2018/4/3/17191036/seattle-seahawks-2017-rushing-review-chris-carson-week-1-green-bay-packers https://www.fieldgulls.com/2018/4/6/17204872/seattle-seahawks-chris-carson-rushing-week-2-san-francisco-49ers-ifedi-odhiambo-graham-bowman These are recent (this week), and we can expect more insights along this vein. Beyond Seattle's acquisitions, Carson's outlook is highly dependent on recovery from a compound (dual) injury including high ankle sprain with torn ligaments + fracture below the knee. This is not a cut-and-dry recovery, and he may or may not return to 100% ever.
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    Contact% is down, SwStr% up, K% up, BB% down... it's early, but not the start you wanted to see from a guy who was one of the biggest disappointments in the sport a year ago.
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    Is there anyone the Giants haven’t met with? New York Giants Patrick Afriyie, DE, Colgate (WOR) Jordan Aikens, TE, Central Florida (WOR) Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming (COM) Ryan Anderson, P, Rutgers (LOC) Michael Badgley, K, Miami (PRI) Jerome Baker, OLB, Ohio State (PRO) Saquon Barkley^, RB, Penn State (COM, PRI) Mike Boone, RB, Cincinnati (PRO) Devonte Boyd, WR, UNLV (EW) Jeremiah Briscoe, QB, Sam Houston State (EW) Jason Cabinda, OLB, Penn State (EW) Alex Cappa, OT, Humboldt State (COM) Jermaine Carter, OLB, Maryland (PRO) Bradley Chubb^, DE, N.C. State (WOR, PRI) Jordan Chunn, RB, Troy (EW) Regis Cibasu, WR, University of Montreal (EW) Austin Corbett, OT/C, Nevada (COM) Curtis Cothran, DT, Penn State (PRO) Anthony Coyle, OT, Fordham (LOC) Tyrell Crosby, OT, Oregon (COM) Sam Darnold^, QB, USC (COM, PRO) Duke Dawson, CB, Florida (SR) Steven Dunbar, WR, Houston (EW) Chase Edmonds^, RB, Fordham (PRO, COM, LOC) Brandon Facyson, CB, Virginia Tech (EW) Minkah Fitzpatrick, S, Alabama (COM) Poona Ford, DT, Texas (EW) Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State (LOC) Shaquem Griffin, OLB, Central Florida (COM) Derrius Guice, RB, LSU (PRO) Heath Harding, CB, Miami (Ohio) (EW) Desmond Harrison, OT, West Georgia (COM) Taylor Hearn, G, Clemson (COM) Quadree Henderson, WR, Pittsburgh (WOR) Will Hernandez^, G, UTEP (COM, PRI) Nyheim Hines, RB, N.C. State (COM) Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville (COM) Kerryon Johnson, RB, Auburn (COM) Trey Johnson, CB, Villanova (PRO) Justin Jones^, DT, N.C. State (COM, PRO) Ronald Jones II, RB, USC (COM) Kameron Kelly, CB, San Diego State (SR) Keith Kirkwood, WR, Temple (LOC) Tanner Lee, QB, Nebraska (SR%) Darius Leonard, OLB/ILB, South Carolina State (PRI) Phillip Lindsay, RB, Colorado (EW) Baker Mayfield^, QB, Oklahoma (PRI, COM, WOR, PRO) Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA (COM) Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame (COM) Cody O'Connell, G, Washington State (EW) Chukwuma Okorafor, OT, Western Michigan (COM) Brian O'Neill, OT, Pittsburgh (COM) D.J. Palmore, ILB, Navy (EW) Brandon Parker, OT, North Carolina A&T (PRI) Rashaad Penny^, RB, San Diego State (COM, PRI) Billy Price, G/C, Ohio State (COM) Jacob Pugh, 3-4OLB/OLB, Florida State (EW) Kyle Queiro, FS, Northwestern (WOR) Scott Quessenberry, G/C, UCLA (COM) Stephen Roberts, S, Auburn (PRO) Josh Rosen^, QB, UCLA (COM, WOR, PRI) Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma State (PRO) Ryan Santoso, K, Minnesota (WOR) Greg Senat, OT, Wagner (EW) Brandon Shed, WR, Hobart (PRO) Roquan Smith, OLB/ILB, Georgia (COM) Ryan Smith, TE, Miami (Ohio) (PRO) Tre'Quan Smith, WR, Central Florida (PRI) Kentavius Street^, DE, N.C. State (PRO, PRI, WOR) Greg Stroman, CB, Virginia Tech (EW) Josh Sweat, DE/3-4OLB, Florida State (PRI) Jordan Thomas, CB, Oklahoma (EW) Matthew Thomas, ILB, Florida State (EW) Vita Vea, DT/3-4DE/NT, Washington (PRI) Akrum Wadley^, RB, Iowa (SR%, LOC) Mark Walton, RB, Miami (COM) Armani Watts, S, Texas A&M (SR) David Wells, TE, San Diego State (EW) Connor Williams, OT, Texas (COM) Ethan Wolf, TE, Tennessee (EW) Isaiah Wynn, OT/G/C, Georgia (COM) Read more at http://walterfootball.com/prospectMeetings/byteam#IejQ1yEiIyEYqR3P.99 SR - Senior Bowl meeting.EW - East-West Shrine meeting.COM - Combine meeting.INT - Interested.VINT - Very Interested.PRO - Pro Day or campus meeting/workout.LOC - Local visit. Prospect making a local visit.PRI - Private visit. Prospect making an official 30 visit.WOR - Private Workout. Members of an organization working out a player in private.STM - Some Type of Meeting. % - indicates more than one meeting at an event.^ - has met with team at more than one event.# - indicates meeting set up outside of the 2018 Senior Bowl or the 2018 East-West Shrine Game Read more at http://walterfootball.com/prospectMeetings/byteam#IejQ1yEiIyEYqR3P.99
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    You’re not allowed here if you’re gonna disrespect the man and not even spell his name right. How could I do that, my apologies Bryce.
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    looks to me like he took some drama lessons from Hanley during the off season
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    You’re not allowed here if you’re gonna disrespect the man and not even spell his name right.
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    if Oh is the Final Boss, then Ohtani is the Ultimate Weapon. I am glad he is living up the hype so far!
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    Maybe leagues could create a stat that rewards a reliever for coming into the game when his team has the lead, pitching well enough to maintain the lead before handing it off to another bullpen guy. Call it a hold instead of save, because they're holding things in place for the save.
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    I see your point, but there have been numerous players that have changed their swing and did it late in their careers. Jose Baustista, JD Martinez, Edwin Encarnacion, Josh Donaldson..... etc. Jose martinez was always a high contact hitter in the minors and then the Cardinals asked him to try to change his launch angle on his swing. Why can't this guy actually be breaking out. I get your point, but you are kind of ignoring other factors as to why he actually might be the pick up of the year.