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    After reading this about your strikeout propensity, I dropped you in all leagues.
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    I played against Junis in high school and knew him, he lived in the small town right next to me, So this is really cool for me. I had picked him up in most of my leagues at the start of the year. He struck me out many times lol Great basketball player too. He was an absolute beast in high school. This kid is the real deal.
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    Not people asking again for this info for like the 10th time. Sorry, not saying you alone. But it amazes me how can someone play on a platform and not know it's requirements since each platform has it's own requirements? Each one also shows how many starts and/or appearances a player has as well as Baseball Reference's site. After tonight's game, 4 starts now at SS and 7 appearances. Figure it out for your particular platform.
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    From Rotoworld’s Saturday Daily Dose: Jeff Junis was impressive in Game 2 of the K.C.-Detroit double dip, allowing just two earned runs with four hits, a walk and four strikeouts over eight innings. He is still only worth a look in deeper AL-only leagues, but perhaps he is starting to come around. … Jeff! They called him Jeff! A deeper look in AL-Only!! Starting to come around? He has a 2.03 ERA through 26.2 innings!!!
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    A few years ago I went to one of the arcades with the kids. They had some pitching machines and batting cages there and I thought why not, I’ll try them. I was hitting the slow stuff well the decided to move up to the max, an 80mph pitching machine. I wasn’t getting ahold of it well, but was still putting a bat on it. That was me. Haven’t picked up a bat in like 10 years not in the best shape of my life me. I’m telling this cool story bro because that’s only a few mph slower than what Sergio Romo throws now.
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    Sounds like owners searching for some bench heat should take notice!
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    Basically you got his start to the exact numbers, good job
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    Let’s go. Now just waiting for our boy to come and tell everyone how bad his defense was tho.
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    Sounds like he’s ready to be a Panther.
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    Astros scored 10 runs yesterday, but Marisnick still got his K. Fisher 1-4 with a double, and a K. Tucker meanwhile showing signs of life: 3-6 with a double and 2 Rs scored - his first 3-hit game in AAA.
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    Hopefully they give him an extra day of rest so it’s NYM instead of @COL
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    Can't believe the Padres are letting Tyson Ross throw this many pitches... so shortsighted
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    Golden Sombrero. Welcome back Zunino, giving us owners what we want a little bit of feast and famine
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    And at the same time, Joe Jimenez, the guy thought to be the future closer there, hasn't allowed an earned run all year.
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    I’ve seen his movie before. You won’t like the ending.
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    Gleyber Torres has been pulled. Jack Curry (Yankees studio analyst) says it can't be a coincidence and he expects Gleyber Torres to be with the Yankees tomorrow.
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    Adam Eaton, meanwhile, hit in the cage and played catch on the field at Dodger Stadium this afternoon. Though he was eligible to come off the 10-day DL today, the bone bruise in the outfielder’s left ankle did not heal quickly enough to allow that. The Nationals do believe Eaton is close to returning, and the fact he made the trip to the West Coast with the club suggests they believe he’ll be playing within the week. “He’s getting pretty close,” Martinez said. “We’ll determine that once we get there.” http://www.masnsports.com/nationals-pastime/2018/04/nats-expect-rendon-back-this-weekend-eaton-during-road-trip.html The Nationals have 3 games @ SF before an off day and returning home, so sounds like the suggestion here is likely early this week.
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    It depends on your format of course, but bottom line (in small sample sizes) -- you've got an offseason swing change, a .318, 4 HR, .727 SLG spring, a .487/.600/1.026 triple slash to start the year in AAA (with 7-5 BB-K ratio), then a 434-foot, opposite field, 114.2 exit velocity home run in his second AB with the Giants. In 12-teamers with five OFs and 30 roster spots including bench, I've made him my 30th man everywhere, just in case.
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    Seven run hr today! Bank on it!
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    Yea just wait til this guy goes cold with a couple strikeouts a night. Ride him while you can.
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    The skills are real for Lucchesi, at least so far. 14 percent swinging strike rate is no joke. Rotographs is going to regret touting Chris Stratton and Kennedy with their crap 8.8 and 7 percent swinging strike rates over Lucchesi. Can't wait to watch him pitch again.
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    This is actually a really cool story, bro.
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    Well, of course he’s only worth a deep AL look now. He has Tyrod Taylor throwing to him now instead of Aaron Rodgers! Lazy blurb writers strike yet again..
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    Acuna needs to remember What About Bob and Baby Steps Baby Steps through the minors, baby steps into spring training, baby steps back into the minors, baby steps performing in the minors, baby steps into the Majors, MONSTER steps into fantasy relevance ***There are also some baby steps into elevators and buses and goldfish in jars aroujnd necks involved as well (which would make for an awesoome rally giveaway idea!)
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    In 2018 nobody should be using Yahoo for anything...
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    when your closer comes in in a non-save situation, just assume a blow-up/loss. happens every single time.
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    the guy now has 6 homers, a .300+ avg, and he'll likely have a ton of runs and at least around 15 steals. And people are complaining or talking about selling high? I'd ask for a lot cuz he seems like a baby Altuve to me.
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    Wacha's recent lack of command & diminished velocity, coupled with Waino's checkered injury history & durability concerns may organically provide ample opportunities for Reyes and Flaherty moving forward, in a traditional five man rotation. However another option, which has been tossed around, is St Louis expanding to a six man rotation which seemingly solves multiple pain points. Going six deep would allow for roster talent maximization (Reyes & Flaherty receiving major league innings), while also prolonging the durability of the current rotation members. I.E. Mikolas (Shorter Season In Japan), Wainwright (Sustained velocity questions over the long haul at age 37) & Wacha (Known to gas-out in latter part of the year) Makes no sense to continue to have ready-now talent like Flaherty & Reyes toil in minor leagues, or relegated to flip-flopping from the bullpen to the rotation (and vice versa), when they can use their starting pitcher depth as a decisive competitive advantage.
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    maybe he should pitch to phantom batters instead of real ones.
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    Gonna defend against this diva stuff with Marshall. He discovered he had borderline personality disorder years ago, maybe even in the Miami days, and got it treated. Hasn't had any issues since- was a clean player in Chicago and NYJ, and a productive one. Time may have caught up here, but lets not brand him with this diva nonsense. He's been exemplary since then, and is a staunch advocate for mental illness.