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    Hopefully they give him an extra day of rest so it’s NYM instead of @COL
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    And at the same time, Joe Jimenez, the guy thought to be the future closer there, hasn't allowed an earned run all year.
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    I’ve seen his movie before. You won’t like the ending.
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    See Jose Martinez 2017 Outlook topic
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    He sucks. He’s got s*** stuff. I own him in 2 leagues and openly admit that. He’s got a decent leash, but I’m sure as heck this guy will lose his job as some point.
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    Yep both home dates with CLE and then DET again. No reason at this point not to roll him out for both imo.
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    Enjoy it until he hurts himself in two days.
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    Crowell I've never been impressed with. If you are referring to the rest of them, I will admit I didn't see much of McGuire etc. Drake, I suppose could be the starter. He was alright, in that one I gave CJ the edge based on his history etc. He was trapped in a similar situation with the way they used Williams. Fair enough.
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    Agree mostly- Miami and Jets are debatable but he would have at least a timeshare there. Hes neither elite or replacement level. Versatile and reliable.
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    Elite is a stretch I will admit. Saying he is replacement level fodder is insulting. Here is who he would be the starter for as of right now, with the current situations. NFC East Dallas Cowboys No New York Giants Yes Philadelphia Eagles No Washington Redskins Yes North Chicago Bears No Detroit Lions Yes Green Bay Packers Yes Minnesota Vikings No South Atlanta Falcons No Carolina Panthers Yes (McCaffery CoP back, this is debatable bc of McCaffery's role) New Orleans Saints No Tampa Bay Buccaneers Yes West Arizona Cardinals No Los Angeles Rams No San Francisco 49ers No (Though I like him more than McKinnon) Seattle Seahawks Yes AFC East Buffalo Bills No Miami Dolphins Yes New England Patriots Yes New York Jets Yes North Baltimore Ravens No Cincinnati Bengals No (though I like him better than what I've seen from Mixon) Cleveland Browns No (I like him more than Hyde) Pittsburgh Steelers No South Houston Texans Yes Indianapolis Colts Yes Jacksonville Jaguars No Tennessee Titans No West Denver Broncos Yes Kansas City Chiefs No Los Angeles Chargers No Oakland Raiders Yes 14 out of 32 teams he would be the starter right now. The only two teams in the league where he wouldn't instantly be the #2 would be NO and ATL. Replacement level fodder on most rosters is not accurate.
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    It's tough as you can go two ways and neither is the clear superior choice. I think it comes down to which situation feels more balanced, and for me I see too many potential question marks with your hitters to lose a guarantee like Votto. But I tend to value hitters over pitchers in fantasy and there are very, very few hitters like Votto.
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    That won't happen, at least not right away. My guess is he'll hit 8th or 9th tomorrow. 1. Gardner 2. Judge 3. Didi 4. Stanton 5. Sanchez 6. Hicks 7. Walker 8. Andujar/Gleyber 9. Andujar/Gleyber Although they are facing a LHP tomorrow so if Boone wanted to get Gardner a day and give Torres some protection right out of the gate.... it could happen. I just don't think it's that likely.
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    I noticed a lot of Turner similarities too. Leg kick, weight transfer, athletic bend in the knees, mammoth weight transfer as he swings (driven by that leg kick), and his hands pre-swing and then just driving right to the ball.
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    Drury has more serious issues at the moment than baseball. Having said that, if Andujar hits his way into the lineup full time going forward Drury can easily slide to 2b. Or Andujar to 1b possibly. #firstworldbaseballproblems
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    Just terrible terrible news... BTW: Hope you're good cmline!
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    After a string of starts at 3B, Torres has suddenly been playing at 2B the last couple of days. Maybe a sign that the Yankees are thinking about the Torres 2B/ Andujar 3B option.
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    Absolutely. PPR is all about volume, and Keenan = volume. The question is do you take Keenan over Julio? That’s also a yes. Last year they said they’d be targeting Julio more in the red zone... instead he ended up with less TDs.
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    Same, but mostly hoping he flashes a couple times so I can try to deal him. The problem is he's not going to line up for many wins, no matter how well he throws. If he cant get a win versus Fiers in DET, I dont know where else he can.
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    Yeah, way too early to make that free agent fantasy gold comparison yet. The kid needs to maintain some consistency for a nice stretch first. Montgomery making him look silly today on inside pitches and off-speed breaking stuff. Could be some scouting other teams employ going forward if Teoscar doesn't adjust.
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    Hold. Your team looks great on paper and it’s suffering from slow starts and injuries. Mine is too. your OF will look so much better when Eaton comes back, plus you have Schoop to plug into the UTL spot. I would wait for everyone to get healthy and start rolling. Then trade one of your 2B (maybe package an arm or an OF) and upgrade at SS. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/700921-zimmerman-worth-the-5-waiver-whir/
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    Go... offense! It can't be much worse than what I experienced yesterday...
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    Don't think any NFL GM agrees with you, but I respect your opinion, we'll see if Dorsey, or another GM agrees with you?
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    Early returns indicate: Buy and pray for lotto winner in 12 tm+ 5OF. Reworked his swing -- anything can happen e.g. Bautista, Turner, Zobrist, J.D. Martinez, Kingery, etc.
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    If you read and understand my post, I wrote that Snead is 3rd or 4th most talented WR on the Ravens in 2018. I would put Snead firmly behind Crabtree and a healthy John Brown. If Perriman can get his head on straight, he is also quite a bit more talented than Snead.
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    You are not making much sense. Who is "they?" Why should we care? CJ Anderson is a powerfully built featured back type who happens to also be a very good receiver and pass blocker. Chris Thompson is a slightly built 3rd down back. Even when Thompson was tearing it up in 2017 and the other Washington backs were struggling mightily, Gruden still knew better than to expand Thompson's role beyond that.
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    With that said, I still think it's the most overrated qb trait once you get above a certain threshold.
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    Not anything like Chris Thompson. For a litany of reasons. It’s almost like you’re grasping for straws here....
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    If anyone is like an wondering why mlbfarm has not updated the last couple of days. It has moved. https://www.mlb.com/prospects/stats
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    I think his WHIP more than makes up for lack of K's at this point. I don't want him changing a thing.
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    Plenty more where that comes from. Let’s just hope he runs into 25-30 bombs along the way.
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    Remember earlier in this thread when I called him a batting title contender? I'm still gonna stick with that bold prediction.
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    Kind of a bummer, but that would still be well ahead of what was expected, so I'll still take it.
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    Nice debut for Gurriel so far.
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    Oh boy, it was less than a month ago when I was extreme for taking the over on 400 PA
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    I am interested! New to forum. High school baseball coach... let me know
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    Fantasypros rankings are beyond worthless. Both will be serviceable QB2s with QB1 upside.
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    I see that Boone is planning to hold a defensive workout tomorrow - that’s concerning for Andujar’s prospects of playing regularly. They’re stressing run prevention at the moment.
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    Yeah, he was closer to the top just a few days ago, but some people have surpassed him. 13.4% is not a good mark regardless. That would put him at 20th overall in 2017, and that IFFB rate would be #1 overall last year. This isn't just a one time thing either he has a history of carrying that type of infield fly ball rate in the minors 20% at AAA and 17% in AA. I'm a owner and want him to succeed, but I'm expecting a lower BA. He hits the ball hard, hits a lot of LD, and has speed so that helps drive a solid BABIP at least. Hopefully he improves over the course of the year in those departments.
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    CV throws the ball away after charging a soft grounder and cost the Padres 2 runs in the first. Again, my office literally looks into Petco Park and I watch 150+ Padre games per year, so I’d like nothing more than to find a 30 HR 3B seemingly out of nowhere. Hell - it’s probably the most shallow position in the whole organization, with their best prospect just arriving in High A. But this is getting old, fast.
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    Padre homer here and also a Villanueva owner. He has too much pedigree (was highly thought of in 2 organizations) and good minor league performance to simpy write off as a Tuffy Rhodes clone. At the same time, he's an absolute butcher at 3B. I watch virtually every Padre game and I've been surprised at how bad he's been as some of the early scouting reports (low minors) suggested he was adequate at worst, and possibly a plus defender. Alas, that was in his early 20s and it's clear to me that the defense instincts aren't there. I bring this up because as soon as he cools off, he becomes a liability, and with Urias probably in San Diego by early May, Spangenberg/Asuaje are both superior defenders at 3B and won't have a place to play. That said, I'm along for the ride, and if that bat is 25-30 HRs, perhaps Andy Green is willing to sacrifice defense since he'll have plus defenders at the other 3 infield spots.
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    i fully expect him to get exposed but if you are churning the bottom of your roster there's nothing to lose. this is the time of year to be aggressive.
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