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    Ozzie leaving the month of April
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    Makes me think you aren't watching Ender play. .375 in past 12 games w/ 10 R and 8 SB. I personally think the GM is just shuffling the deck to get Acuna into that 2 hole without bruising Albies ego. Snitker didn't sound committal at all. "don’t know how long we’ll go with that"... "in some situations it might be the way to go". IMO, Ender is the obvious choice for leadoff and Albies has enough power to bat cleanup & mgmt just doesn't want to s--- on Albies like "Acuna's here, you got to move down kid". Should settle out in the next few days but as an Acuna and Ender owner I do hope Ender doesn't get sent down to 9 for long.
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    There are a lot of dumb teams though. Bills traded up to take Allen when Rosen was available. Giants who need QB took RB. A flat earther isn't alone in their evaluation that the earth is flat, but just because dummies have company doesn't make them not dummies.
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    I would rank the above Pivetta Stratton --Here I think is the first tier. Both these players I believe have pretty confident floors and also some level of ceiling. Smith Lopez --Smith in particular has an insanely high ceiling with the K/9, so depending on league context he could shoot to #1. I'm not completely sold on his floor though. Want to see him play more with my own eyes and with more scrutiny while viewing. Lucchesi --Get a bit rougher here. I think I'd take the youth and upside of Lucchesi and his odd Churve. Mikolas Gonzales --I've been keeping an eye on Gonzales since day 1. That said-- there's not a lot of Ks there. I don't think there will be a bunch of swing-and-miss. Marco's learning how to pitch and I'm honestly pretty impressed with the strides he's made in the last few days. But Marco probably even tops out as someone who is more of a real life than fantasy pitcher. Mikolas doesn't have a ton of K upside either, but plays in a better league and division, and I would probably prefer him to Gonzales.
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    He's a 6th rd pick. Special teams is the only way he'll make an NFL roster...just like Antonio Brown did as a rookie.
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    Funny, I see just the opposite. Excellent timing a vision to run between the tackles. What he needs to add is strength so he doesn't go down from arm tackles
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    Rob Biertempfel‏Verified account @RobBiertempfel 14s15 seconds ago More Nick Kingham is traveling with #Pirates to Washington tonight and not going back to Indy. No word yet on what this means for rotation and/or bullpen.
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    Absolutely drilled it. But Drury microwaved a burrito without burning down the stadium earlier, so Andujar will still be sent down soon.
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    The location is starting to grow on me a bit. Look no further then my vikes last year, who gave a fairly similar contract to Lat murray that cleveland gave to hyde - only to draft a high second round rookie in cook and start him. Murray was dealing with some ankle issues, so the comparison has its flaws - but i see no reason for any loyalty to hyde in this situation. With a potential out next year, theyll probably want to see what chubb can give them. And i fully believe chubb is the superior athlete. Ive always thought the threat of a mobile qb like tyrod helps the run game, or a rookie qb adapting to the game also tend to lead to more running. Decent oline to. My initial reaction was rough, i mean - it is cleveland after all. But im starting to get hopeful in a dynasty situation. Think in redraft like you said - hell either end up a great value as a later pick, or you dont pick him if its too pricey.
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    After Barkley, I am thinking that RoJo may have one of the best opportunities to make a rookie impact in 2018. With only Barber, Rodgers and Sims to overcome, Jones has a great chance to seize significant 3 down snaps right out of the chute. Grabbing Jones so high also speaks volumes for how the TB FO/CS feel about the incumbents. Finally, recency bias could cause TB's offense to be undervalued. Thoughts?
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    Tough break for a good kid
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    It's a fair offer. Especially if they could use a bat like Cesar. Worse case they can reject or counter. I'm also hoping Whit gets going. Good luck!
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    Since when did Aaron Boone all of a sudden become a guru of baseball? The Yankees are doing really good, but he's a brand new manager, and who knows how much of it is the fact that the Yankees are just this good. Maybe Boone is a really good manager and deserves a lot of credit, but bowing down to the mighty Aaron Boone as if he's a god when you have statistics to back up the fact that certain players have no business batting higher than players that have superior statistics. Nobody is saying they know more than Aaron Boone. We are just pointing out the fact that there are players like Andujar batting really low in the lineup behind players that aren't even hitting .200. No matter how good Aaron Boone is or isn't, you can't deny that your worst hitters should be hitting as low as possible most of the time. In the end, this seems to have blown way out of proportion. My post a couple of days ago seems to have been one of the main things that sparked this whole discussion, but at the time my intention was only to point out the fact that it might help his counting stats if he moved up in a little bit in the lineup. This whole thinking we're better than Aaron Boone just kind of came out of nowhere.
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    The Browns look like they are trying to emulate the Patriots approach to the RB position, making Cleveland's RBs Fantasy Kryptonite.
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    Bummer Well I'm still going to start him in my weekly. Half a week of Mookie is better than a full week of replacement level.
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    I think that's an old school GM way of thinking....Gs are armed with too much data to subscribe to this valuation method.
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    Sure, I'll take a stab. It's obviously a long season and Teoscar's production could dry up at any point, but I'm of the opinion this is a legit breakout, as long as he continues playing everyday. For me personally, here are the OF's I could see being more valuable over him, and he does come in right at #20 (Note: These are FantasyPros' ranks, not mine...I just cut out the guys I thought Teoscar could finish better than...personally, there are a few more on this list (like Marte) who I'd still prefer Teoscar over instead since my league is a deep keeper): 1 Mike Trout (LAA - CF) 2 Mookie Betts (BOS - RF) 3 Charlie Blackmon (COL - CF) 4 Bryce Harper (WSH - RF) 5 Giancarlo Stanton (NYY - RF) 6 J.D. Martinez (BOS - RF) 7 Aaron Judge (NYY - RF) 8 George Springer (HOU - CF,RF) 10 Christian Yelich (MIL - CF) 11 Andrew Benintendi (BOS - LF,CF) 12 Starling Marte (PIT - LF,CF) 13 Justin Upton (LAA - LF) 15 Rhys Hoskins (PHI - 1B,LF) 17 Khris Davis (OAK - LF,DH) 18 A.J. Pollock (ARI - CF) 21 Lorenzo Cain (MIL - CF) 39 Ronald Acuna (ATL - CF) 45 Kyle Schwarber (CHC - LF) 61 Mitch Haniger (SEA - RF) 123 Teoscar Hernandez (TOR - LF)
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    1) Both Richards and Kingham are solid options that should be picked up. Only issue with Kingham is will he be sent back down? If you were looking for a drop for either. I'd go with McCarthy. 2) Swanson is looking like he's finally tapping into the potential we all know he's got. Thanks, best of luck
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    I would. The upside is immense and I don't think the Packers will waste their time with a 53, so you'll know right away if they think he can grow or not. If they do, again, the Upside is immense. FTP.
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    Kinsler yeah, but I would rather have Treinen if I had to choose based on pure value going forward http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/701628-need-2-matt-davidson-longoria-or-miguel-andujar/
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    I'd be trying to buy everywhere, even in a redraft. He still has the speed and now one position to focus on for a while. Sure he'll K too much, but even in his slump he's making hard contact.
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    It would help if you can post which players you primarily use for each position (except SP of course). That way, you can analyze which bench players you can replace or change. I usually try to keep the batters to a minimum. Your goal should be to fill all those P and RP spots everyday with a RP that will either give you holds or saves and an occasional win. You can also find a RP (eligibility: SP, RP) that you can slot into the SP spot who can provide you more holds/wins (there are very few of these, Seth Lugo, Brad Peacock for instance). And then you can keep enough SPs that you can compete with on a weekly basis. Hope this helps. Perhaps someone else has a different/better opinion...
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    Not sure about this. Dude looks primed to break out. He started last year, got injured, and is doing the same this year. I'm not selling unless I'm getting a top 40 player in return, because I think Bench Heat has a seriously realistic chance of ending there.
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    Windy city & cheese head
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    He will have his usually game of ruining our ratios to start the week but providing a solid K total.
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    See if you can deal Kinsler for MadBum. Put MadBum on DL. Pick up a SP. I'd definitely keep Kinsler over anyone you listed. Try to deal him to a team with a weak 2B.
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    Joe Williams tweet means he is an unstable and/or immature $ssholë. But we knew that...
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    He's been on fire lately! 3/3 his last game. Injury isn't serious apparently. This is the Ramos we drafted.
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    I would hold Myers unless you don't have a DL spot and have to make a move now. You aren't going to get much for him now so might as well wait until he regains some value and then try to trade him. I like Dahl's upside better than Deshields but with Cargo coming back I wouldn't be surprised if he gets sent back down. If it's not a keeper league and you need SBs it's not a bad move to swap them in my opinion.
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    I know we can't take away outings, but the only bad outings he had was at NYY (which is probably the worst matchup in all of baseball) and he had one poop first inning in his road debut at Philli. Pretty much nobody started him in that NYY game besides the Marlins, and he's not playing there again this year. He needs to limit his HR, right now they are looking not so great at 1.66/9. Hopefully the ballpark helps him, but he's allowed 2 in 3 games in Miami. The highest BAA against game he's had this season outside the Yankees game (.254) is .217.... that seems good. Coupled with the fact that he's allowed just 1 walk in his last 2 games. Seems really good.
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    I think for fantasy purposes you could argue this is not a perfect spot. Some people were hoping this guy would have a legitimate pathway to touches. Buried behind a stud RB pretty much makes him untouchable unless your into handcuffs. Are you thinking that he eats into gurleys workload? Or do you just like the grab from a team perspective?
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    For those in OBP leagues, Turner has now run his BB% to 13.8%. This is a big increase from his 6.7% mark last year. SB+OBP is already where you want it, and once the hits start falling I think you will get your money's worth.
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    Anyone else have a team that collapses every Sunday? I went back over my weeks, I haven't had an adequate Sunday since the 2nd week of July last year.
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    Well, this will be the last year I draft this cupcake. So sick of him.
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    Hopefully some consistent PT at one position will really get him going again. Surely this JP injury can only be good news for King's outlook.
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    Id love to see kingery get a few straight weeks at 1 position to settle in to 1 spot for a rookie has to help settle his nerves.
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    The article says his first day ELIGIBLE to return is may 25th since he was placed on 60 day DL. It’s almost May 1st, he hasn’t even played catch yet. After he starts playing catch he has to build arm strength up, go on rehab assignment etc. He isn’t coming back in May.
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    Ozuna was dropped? Get him quickly. I would rather have Ozuna than half your team. You could drop any of Conforto, Smoak, Nunez, Jmart, Richards, Pomeranz, or Gallo.
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    So with the first pick they take a QB that more closely resembles the disaster they drafted a few years ago than anyone ever. They proceed to pass on a guy in arguably the second most important position and one that was a flat out stud for the second best corner in the draft and then in the second round proceed to draft a running back when they have a ton of other needs and when they already picked up a very good running back. Cleveland "Making every other organization feel less s---y about themselves"
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    Far enough. I'm not convinced Chubb isn't the best back period when all is said and done. But for draft purposes in a vacuum I had Penny #2. Michel and Chubb both had medical issues and Guice and Jones are worthless as pass catchers so far.
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    big whoop ... who doesn't K Davis
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    And only 31 K’s on the year.
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    Pivetta's hot start can be traced to a number of improvements in his curveball, The Athletic Philadelphia reports. The curve has improved in just about every way possible. It's now dropping by 10 inches after dropping just 5.7 inches last year. Its horizontal movement is up from 3.3 inches to 6.3 inches. Pivetta's now throwing it at 80 mph after it averaged 77 mph in the first half of 2017. The changes stem from a change in grip after he decided to copy the spiked grip used by teammate Aaron Nola. Pivetta has also quieted his hands during his windup, which has helped not just the curve but also his overall command, and he's now walking just 3.6 percent of the batters he faces. Pivetta's 2.57 ERA seems at first glance easy to dismiss as a small-sample fluke after his 6.02 ERA last year, but changes in the curve seem to be driving a legitimately improved performance from the young righty, and his 2.28 FIP backs up the idea that he's deserved his excellent results