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    Angel Hernandez continually amazes me by his ability to remain employed.
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    It's so difficult to judge because it depends on the parameters or definitions used to consider a success or failure. However, if you simply want some interesting reading, I would suggest a few articles: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/are-some-positions-riskier-to-pick-than-others-in-the-nfl-draft/ Chiefs bloggers tried and put their heads to the task.... https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2015/2/20/8072877/what-the-statistics-tell-us-about-the-draft-by-round Forbes does an overall analysis too..... https://www.forbes.com/sites/prishe/2015/05/22/tracking-nfl-draft-efficiency-how-contingent-is-success-to-draft-position/#36635a597495 SB Nation speculates about the difficulty of drafting WRs recently.... I thought this passage was interesting. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2018/4/24/17262172/2018-nfl-draft-wide-receiver-tight-end-projections-stats Again, there's nothing concrete other than drafting and selecting WRs continues to be one of the most difficult challenges in the NFL and still most are found in the first few rounds.... If you look specifically at GB and WRs drafted in the last 30 years that find themselves in the top 15 all-time in receptions on the Packers list, they're are 8 guys. Only 1, Donald Driver (7th round), wasn't a top 100 pick (Sharpe, Jordy, Freeman, Jennings, Jones, Cobb and Brooks). I don't really find this stat all that instructive but perhaps some might....
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    Only 1 game but he made several great defensive plays last night. Saved at least a run. Might be able to drop that defense is gonna cost him PT narrative soon?
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    Acuna's celebrated accelerated development, where he improved his performance at almost every level: R (17 yo) wRC+: 145 A (18) wRC+: 139 A+(19) wRC+: 135 AA (19) wRC+: 159 AAA (19) wRC+: 162 Vlad so far: R(17) wRC+: 122 A(18) wRC+: 151 A+(18) wRC+: 179 AA (19) wRC+: 185
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    The way he's raking, I wouldn't count him out just because his team doesn't have a game scheduled.
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    Daniel Murphy (knee) has rejoined the Nationals after completing his work in extended spring training. The Nats apparently have yet to decide whether they will send Murphy out on a rehab assignment next or go ahead and add him to the active roster. Activating him now seems like quite a push, but if they were that encouraged by how he looked in extended spring it could happen. The club should have more on Murphy's status later Monday. Source: Mark Zuckerman on Twi
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    It would be much cooler if Ozzie hit his HR with runners on.
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    If Ziegler gets traded, he's not going to another team to close games. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, for these known quantities, closing games doesn't matter much to a contender. No GM worth his salt is going to trade more for Brad F'ing Ziegler because of the SVs tally next to his name. Ziegler would be a GB specialist in any contender's pen, coming in to get a double play ball in a tight spot. Saves don't matter for a guy like him, or Soria, or Colome for that matter (though the latter is more likely to close in his new spot, provided he's pitching well). They need these guys to pitch well, regardless of where it is. If they're pitching well in the 7th or 8th vs the 9th, the buyer isn't going to care. However, for a guy like Barraclough, establishing himself as a closer would likely increase his value as a buyer now sees he can handle it. I wouldn't put it past Miami to sell both of them.
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    Never bench your studs. Ride or die with Morton for me.
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    I don’t own this guy anywhere so this rant has 0 ramifications to my team. This reasoning is what s*** managers do. Roberts trying to blame Bellinger for not taking third when .190 catcher he has playing second base whiffs and then his loser that nobody has ever heard of “lines” into DP to end inning. So he blames his only guy who’s hitting on the day to date and pulls him. Seems like perfect recipe to lose a 4-2 game. You really made a point Dave Roberts. The point should be that you continue to toss out horrific lineups on the regular. This benching was stupid. Proved zero, accomplished nothing. If I’m Cody Bellinger I’d be f***** irate.
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    You don’t sell high on Ozzie Albies. Ozzie Albies sells low on you
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    His hard hit currently is 56.3%. Soft contact is 9.4%. His ISO is .244. He's hitting to all fields better than he ever has. He's also K'ing less this year. Buy buy buy buy
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    Harder to steal bases when you always end up past first.
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    Good message to the kid. Accountability to effort.
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    Great to see, but bad timing.. Jake Marisnick has been raking as of late. *Jake Marisnick raking is 3 hits within the last 7 games. If Houston liked what they saw before, they are surely drooling at this point.
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    Anyone saying that moving to 9th isn't a big deal is wrong. Period. It is DETRIMENTAL to his value. Now, if he adds 10-15 SBs more than even what I was projecting, he may still earn the pick. So dont' get me wrong and dont' sell. But you're taking a nose dive in Plate Appearances, which will undeniably have an effect on every counting stat. I won't comment on the managerial decision. I think he deserves to lead-off and I can't believe he's happy about it, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter all that matters is if it continues. If this seems to be the goal, then Ender will take a fairly sizable hit.
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    Ozzie leaving the month of April
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    “We have three really good pitching guys here,” Reds manager Jim Riggleman said. “Danny Darwin has had him in the past, Ted (Power) has had him the last year. (Derrin) Ebert has looked at a lot of film on him. They all agree that his arm angle has changed a little bit. His hand is maybe not getting on top of the ball like it needs to. What that does, is it causes the ball to flatten out instead of sink. Hitters love that when the ball moves (flat) across the plate instead of having some sink. It’s kind of running right into their barrel.” If the schedule allowed it, the Reds would skip Castillo. “We could even get him two bullpen sessions to get his arm angle to where we want, skipping a start,” Riggleman said. “His day to pitch is Wednesday. It would have been nice to let him take a step back and get two bullpen sessions with the coaches and get him straightened out.” Unless he’s overcompensating for an injury this is good news. Mechanical flaw is correctable in short order usually with good coaches who know how to correct it.
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    We have a loaded field this year. I could see about 30 RBs making a case for top 20 status. Really hard to rank once you get past the 2nd round. Here's my first crack, if I was drafting today. Tier 1: Zeke, Gurley, Bell, DJ. Superstars. Tier 2: Fournette, Barkley, Kamara, Gordon, Cook. Happy to be my RB1. Tier 3: Hunt, McKinnon, Mixon, Ingram, Howard, McCoy. RB1 prices, would prefer as my RB2. Tier 4: Michel, Henry, D Freeman, McCaffrey, Miller, Drake. Should suffice as RB2. Tier 5: Ajayi, Collilns, Jones, Williams, Penny, Guice, Mack. Good flexes. Tier 6: Kerryon, R Freeman, Chubb, Crowell, Martin. Hard to see a path to relevance this year. I'm lower on D Freeman. Offense has regressed and so has his volume. I'm lower on McCoy. The offense will suck and father time can strike at any moment. Who's starting in Oakland and Denver?
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    Can't believe this thread. It's a ball in play, move your arse. When you don't, and get called by the manager, own it. We wear caps and sleeves at this level, son.
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    Likely will be mid 90s as a starter. Scout report synopsis per Baseball America last year (link now broken). Lean, strong, rehabbed well from TJS. Touches 100, works 94-97. Electic, ++ fastball. Firm 86-92 mph slider—a wipeout pitch when it’s working—and an average changeup. 2 potential high-end pitches, Romero might have best raw stuff in org. Needs to polish command. Aggressive mindset on mound. I recommend perusing the often-forgotten MiLB threads (honestly my favorite part of the Roto forums)
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    You can't judge an action simply based on the results in hindsight. There is a difference between being at 2nd with no outs vs being at 3rd with no outs, regardless of what actually ended up transpiring. The next guy up could've homered and the results would've been moot, but as a manager you still have to correct bad habits. I don't think anyone is going to argue that Max Muncy improves your odds of winning over Cody Bellinger, but like I said, as a manager you have to pick your spots and set an example to him and the rest of the team.
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    Mother, The medicos continue to assure me that the tingling and numbness in my shoulder is part of the healing process and that anyway learning to shave and feed myself with my other arm will help with coordination. One of the players - I shan't name him - gave me this card. On your next trip into Manhattan perhaps you could make inquiries. This time instead of baseballs (the other teams have been giving us their old ones) please send orange thread and some needles. The NY on my hat is beginning to unravel. Humbly, Michael
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    Move to the bold predictions thread?
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    If the games are in Monterrey, that is northern Mexico, and only 1772 feet above sea level (Coors is roughly a mile above sea level). I think people are usually referring to Mexico City, Puebla, and even Guadalajara (7400, 7000, and 5100 feet above sea level respectively), which are much further south, when making those references.
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    Players this talented get an extremely long leash on my teams. Not even considering dropping.
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    Im thrilled that you can stop posting about LF eligibility now that he finally has it. Maybe we can get back tonsome acuna related info up in here
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    a guy with a career k-rate north of 10 k/9 and an ERA just above 4? both his fip and xfip are below 4 for his career... i'm betting a lot of folks took a gamble.
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    I don’t know what u just called me, but F U buddy
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    Breshad Perriman gives him a tight race until the end though.
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    Makes me think you aren't watching Ender play. .375 in past 12 games w/ 10 R and 8 SB. I personally think the GM is just shuffling the deck to get Acuna into that 2 hole without bruising Albies ego. Snitker didn't sound committal at all. "don’t know how long we’ll go with that"... "in some situations it might be the way to go". IMO, Ender is the obvious choice for leadoff and Albies has enough power to bat cleanup & mgmt just doesn't want to s--- on Albies like "Acuna's here, you got to move down kid". Should settle out in the next few days but as an Acuna and Ender owner I do hope Ender doesn't get sent down to 9 for long.
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    Being a competent switch hitter makes it even more difficult as in order to get inside the ball has to travel across the hitting zone.
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    Altuve has shown that it can be difficult to pitch to a 5’6” midget that has bat speed and enough power to put it in the 10th row. The strike zone is tiny, they crowd the plate, and then if you throw inside and catch any part of the plate they turn on it and make hard contact.
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    Not sure what the fuss is about. Bellinger is a young player that hit the scene running last year..easy to let all that get to your head. I'd rather have a manager who isn't afraid of his players than one who puts them on a pedestal. Apparently they've discussed Bellinger's work ethic before so it's not like Roberts just benched him out of the blue. This is the big leagues, not house league. He'll suit up next game and give it his all. I'd rather this than an injury, which we all thought was the case shortly before this.
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    There are a lot of dumb teams though. Bills traded up to take Allen when Rosen was available. Giants who need QB took RB. A flat earther isn't alone in their evaluation that the earth is flat, but just because dummies have company doesn't make them not dummies.
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    GM (Chris Grier) is safe. Ballage went #131.
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    He has a line of .316/.421/.544. His career line is .291/.343/.535. The counting stats just aren't there yet. Also, keep in mind he's only come to bat 24 times with runners in scoring position, with a .353 average in such at bats, walked in seven of them. There are a lot of players worth worrying about. Nolan Arenado isn't one of them.
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    I worked at a golf course 14 years ago that he played at, he was just as much a dick off the diamond to us as he was on the diamond. Guy has issues.
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    Because he has tantalized and teased for three years now, only to never really put it together. He has always had an elite fastball, throwing and easy 98, and was a fringe top-100 prospect coming out of the minors. "If only he could get his command together" he would be a star pitcher, the scouting reports read. Well, for the past two years he has had a respectable 3.0 BB/9, only to put up and ERA around 4.60 and WHIP around 1.40. Is this the year he *really* breaks out? Yeah, maybe, and in a deeper league he's a great back-end starter or bench stash. But for me, he's still in the category of "prove it for a full season" before I will believe that he has reached his #2 starter potential.
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    Zay Jones leads the league in receptions.
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