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    Are the 7 extra base hits in 35 ab’s not enough to keep you happy?
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    “Ronnie...Try not to hit balls 400+ feet over the fence. We really need you to drive the gaps a little more for singles and doubles” Brian Snitker
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    Book closed. 6 IP, 2 ER, 0 BB, 7 K’s, 20 swing and misses. Sell someone on the 9 hits allowed and try to buy low. A few were the biggest joke giggles end of bat swinging bunts. Still has work to do on fastball location, but that changeup is a swing and miss machine.
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    I know a lot of the numbers are out there on this guy right now. My favorite is the fact that he is 2nd in the league in whiffs on pitches that are in the strike zone. The only guy that is ahead of him is Max Scherzer... and that dude is okay. Besides that I looked at some of my favorite numbers when looking at pitchers. xBA (Batting Average) - .209 #13 SP Overall Only SP ahead of him: C. Martinez, Severino, Bauer, Porcello, Newcomb, Cueto, Sale, Corbin, DeGrom, Cole, Verlander, Scherzer xSLG (Slugging) - .421 #32 SP Overall Only SP ahead of him: Kluber, Happ, Cahill, Paxton, Godley , J. Gray, Manaea, Tanaka, Weaver, Maeda, Snell, Skaggs, Gio, Ohtani, Ryu, Berrios, Scherzer, Richards, Sale, Bauer, Ross, Tanaka, Syndergaard, Arrieta, Cole, Porcello, Nola, Verlander, Newcomb, Morton, Degrom xwOBA (Quality of contact) - .318 #37 SP Overall Only SP ahead of him: Richards, Folty, Kershaw, Carrasco, Paxton, J. Gray, Happ, Ohtani, Gio, Skaggs, Tanaka, Kluber, Snell, Boyd, Ross, Bauer, Manaea, Ryu, Tallion, Severino, McCullers, Arrieta, Ed. Rod, Berrios, Newcomb, Nola, Scherzer, Syndergaard, Cueto, Corbin, Wood, Morton, Cole, Porcello, Verlander I know this list is a lot of numbers and names. I am not trying to take a ton from this besides a few different things. First, he hasn't thrown all gems so far this season., so these numbers aren't only the last two beast starts, these are also including the ugly. Even with the inconsistency so far, his numbers have been far above average. Secondly, the names that are ahead of him are all heavily owned and consider top 30 starters. I always like seeing my guys in a group of other top guys of course. A lot of the guys ahead of him do not have the K potential Smith has. Long story short - as Tao and others have explained, if he can continue improving these numbers, and can keep his K/Whiff numbers anywhere in that ultra elite ballpark.... watch out. I am not calling for a Cy Young or anything. He is just one of my more fascinating guys because of the non prospect status, lack of hype and ugly team. I am just rooting for him to ball out because of all those factors. I like the underdog. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/expected_statistics?type=pitcher&year=2018&position=&team=&min=50
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    Maybe I should head over to the Nova thread and hope for some more information about your league and Smith.
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    This made my brain asplode.
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    I need to quit fantasy. A grown man should not be googling Mets beat writer twitter and hitting refresh every 20 seconds.
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    He has 20!!!! Swing and misses in 5 innings. That isn’t what I call broken.
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    I love H2H.... it is very exciting from every aspect. Checking the hitting categories how far you are ahead or behind. Can you catch up or should you concentrate on another category. i am always looking at my opponents pitching staff. I like too see how many starts will he get out of his aces. Is he a crazy about transactions, if he is it makes it a little harder to gauge what he might do over the course of the week. Maybe he is a guy who just modifies his roster.... . H2H is freaking so exciting it is the only way to play this game. Rotisserie is booooooooooooooooooooooring .
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    Might have to make my way up north soon! ?
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    I come into this thread and see a LOT of posts about how terrible Godley is doing. I check my team and see he already earned me a QS, has only allowed 1 run with a 1.50 ERA through six while giving me five K's. Sometimes I think of this thread as an alternate reality.
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    I'll take the excitement of checking my H2H match-up scores 50+ times each Sunday over the boring counting stats of Roto any day of the week. Twice on Sunday's.
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    I haven't heard for sure that he will be back on Saturday, but I think that is the plan. Also, I think it is kind of telling that Hunter Pence is playing games in AAA and has been playing down there all week, but they are leaving him down there for now, even being shorthanded, in the hopes of activating Williamson on Saturday. Pence has been told that he won't be brought back up to the club until after the 10 day road trip they are starting today, so they are leaving him down there for almost the max that you can on a rehab assignment. I think it's 20. I think that is a strong indication that the job is Mac's.
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    If you look at him as a 4.21 ERA pitcher with a 9.4 K/9 and a 4.21 ERA in 124 career MLB innings instead of 2017 vs 2018, your perspective changes dramatically. If his April were to happen in the middle of last season, the story would likely be "rough patch" instead of questions about his career trajectory. 2017 2018 Career LOB% 80% 64% 74% SwStr% 12.6% 14.6% 13% O-Swing% 28% 32% 30% Z-Contact% 82% 80% 81% Contact % 73% 69% 72% IP 89.1 34.2 124.0 K/9 9.9 8.1 9.4 ERA 3.12 7.01 4.21 And despite this rough patch that is his 2018 campaign, he is getting more swinging strikes, more outside swings, less contact in the zone, and less contact overall. His LOB% should also continue to climb to the league average of 70%. This is not to say that there isn't justification for some concern. His velo has been down to 95-96 compared to last year when it was 98, although it did get back up to 97 in his start last night. Still, the increase in swinging strikes is promising, and makes me think his decreased K/9 has more to do with sequencing than lack of stuff. His change up, as we know, is lethal. I don't have the data on this, but maybe he's not using it as much as he should to finish off batters and instead relying on the fastball?
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    Only thing I'm really worry about is if he should take some time off to heal and that he's playing hurt. Matt Carpenter's 82 wrc+ doesn't play at first base, doesn't really play at third either. Martinez xwoba is 25th in all of baseball even with a slump. He's not striking out. I don't see much wrong outside of the fact that he isn't continuing his torid start.
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    Anyone who doesn’t think this is progress should find a new hobby. Still need one or two more QS before he starts imo.
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    yeah i plan to do this. including, like you say, a section on guys that have graudated from "speculative pickup that i'm probably gonna drop again the next time i see something shiny" to "clutch this prospect to my heart forever" status some of this week's notes: i forgot to mention in last week's post that i also picked up: * brett nicholas, C/1B SDP (AAA). old as heck but i've liked him for years as a hitter, if he ever gets a shot to play. but it's not encouraging though that hedges went on the DL and the padres called up raffy lopez instead of nicholas. probably just a 40-man roster based decision but still. but i'm holding nicholas for now anyway, just because he's a catcher and his slugging percentage is over .700 this week's add/drops: less of them. feel like my roster is getting really tight - there's a lot of guys out there i want but very few i want to drop and half of what i did do this week was relief pitchers, which is probably less relevant to this thread. picked up justin anderson, who might be the angels' closer already? maybe? they're probably talking about him over on the closer thread, i haven't looked yet. i grabbed him like 3 days ago when i saw that he throws 98 and had 2 holds already i also picked up ariel hernandez, who i'm just permanently a sucker for, after i saw that he's not walking many guys so far this year. also he got traded to the dodgers and i'm a dodger fan the only non-reliever i grabbed this week was: * jazz (jasrado) chisholm, SS ARI low-A - 20 years old, hitting a lot. was on the DL for a minute so he's not showing up on some of the qualified leaderboards for A-ball hitters, but when he does pop in he'll be near the top, and he's a shortstop guys i've dropped: * gilbert lara - not really hitting a lot * tony santillan - like jose suarez, still like him a lot but there are so many pitchers * rosell herrera - might regret this one but the fact that the reds have called him up to the majors but then aren't giving him much playing time seems like a bad sign as far as how they probably view him as a future utility guy / bench player rather than a real prospect. i still think they might be wrong and he might be pretty good if he gets a real shot, but who knows if or when he will, so there are probably better bets with my limited slots * picked up duane underwood jr after another good start and then dropped him after another bad one, just like i always do guys who are more or less locked in on my roster at this point, to where i'd hold them even through a month-long cold streak if they were to have one: * cavan biggio * calvin mitchell * josh james * tyler stephenson seby zavala is almost there but his K rate is still 30% which is a little disturbing. i like buddy reed a heck of a lot but i still have to admit if he stopped hitting for an extended period i'd probably start to doubt whether his adjustments really have staying power jose adolis garcia has been slumping so that's not great that's the news
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    Figured I'd start a thread on him now that he was promoted to AA. RHP Corbin Martin 6'3/22yrs/200lbs Drafted in 2017 2nd round at #56 overall from Texas A&M. Has a 4 pitch mix Fastball, Curveball, Slider and Changeup. Fastball: a plus pitch that he can pull back and throw up to 98-99mph but sits between 92-96mph in his starts. Struggles commanding it at times but this season seems to have solved his command issues with it. Anyone that watched him pitch at aTm knows that he seemed to always struggle with his command and control when starting but when he was relieving, he somehow was able to achieve better results in shorter bursts. The promotion to dubA should give a clearer picture on where he stands with it since he was clearly too advanced for HIA. Curveball: a plus offering that is more of power curve with a nice swooping break in it. When his curveball is on, its easily his best pitch along with his out pitch. Martin gets most of his punchouts from his power curve. He commands his curve better then all his other pitches. Slider: an above average offering that he still struggles to throw for strikes consistently. Has room for improvement but its still a 3rd quality pitch that continues to give him hope of sticking in the rotation. But he will have to continue improving it to prevent high walk rates as he moves up the ladder. Changeup: Until this season I was of the belief that he would scrap this pitch. But from reading certain quotes from Buies Creek coaches, Martin has improved his changeup by leaps and bounds this year and throwing it more led to some impressive performances this season. I don't know how many times he averages throwing it in games this year but if it's true that his changeup has become a very good pitch, then Martins ceiling has become much bigger. His changeup has always had nice depth to it and a late tumble, so it's not completely unrealistic to hear it's improved like crazy but it was easily his worst pitch in the past especially in college. Im a college baseball junkie and I watched Martin pitch many times in his few seasons and I think I've only seen him throw his changeup a handful of times. I can't say how amazing it would be if he could turn his CH into atleast an above average offering. Control and Command: Martin has always been criticised for inconsistent CC. Its the exact reason why he never remained in the aggies starting rotation permanently. But since he was drafted it's like something has clicked in his brain. The Astros didnt change anything dramatically in his windup/stretch mechanics except for some minor tweaks. That's why im very curious to see how it stands up in AA. There's no question Martin has amazing stuff and that he was too good for HIA but I want to see if the improvements to his CC were just a case of being too good for the competition. I'm always skeptical of college pitchers who struggled with command and control in school but then all of sudden click in the lower minors. I guess we'll find out pretty soon. If it is for real...Martin has the chance to be a high risk/high strikeout #2 SP. But since it's already proven that his stuff plays way up in relief along with his command and control...he could eventually end up a legit 9th inning closer.
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    Trevor Bauer thinks so
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    Yanks broadcast just had shots of Giles in the bullpen with a hoodie on rubbing his jaw. He looked more like an MMA fighter than a closer.
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    You guys do realize that people here play in leagues other than shallow mixed? I get being disappointed and fed up with Holland and Melancon but seriously advice to ignore until saves are accumulated is absurd in many leagues.
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    Late start announced. This sounds promising though.
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    Mets Medical Staff Spokesman: "After thoroughly looking at the leg ... uh ... arm ... we have determined it is still attached we think so he is good to go." In totally unrelated news a local hardware store owner who lives above his store said he was awaken late last night by a man demanding he re-open his store for a medical emergency. He identified himself as the NY Mets team doctor. After buying a whole case of duct tape the man quickly hurried away into the night.
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    That would be a bold prediction in itself!
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    Batting in the 3rd spot with the return of Donaldson in the first game of a DH. Smoak on paternity leave. Leads me to believe he's going to be hitting 3rd or 4th from here on out.
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    according to brooks, he averaged 94.8 on his cutter last night. highest one game average of the season. continuing to trend in the right direction. i'm still a believer.
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    How is Nova working out for you after tonight? Honestly how are you going to pass on a future possible ace for a waiver wire streamer? You got to ride the wave, not paddle behind it. What happens if you take a chance? If it doesn't work find another hot pitcher or retrieve Ivan the Terrible from the free agent pool where he probably will still be found floating belly up if you want him back again. When you pick up Caleb you aren't marrying him. You are having a nice little fling and it may well turn into a romance for the ages and you are the MEGA gainer. If not, cut him loose and no harm no foul as you pick up the next hot arm.
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    It's a 4 game cold streak. 4 freaking games. Maybe it is over but its too early to know that.
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    Mike Trout just hit the ball 524 ft. Previous distance leader Franchy with 489...
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    Apparently this was seen on McCullers' shoe today:
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    Anyone seen Felipe Vazquez recently?
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    You should never listen to players. They almost always try to hide injuries and want to play through anything. It is for the medical staff, front office and coaching staff to put the brakes on in these situations and err on the side of caution at the very least. Almost every team in baseball does just that. Except the Mets. They never do that and their once stellar pitching rotation has paid for it time after time after time. That is why you always see this push back every time they clear a guy to play when you know every other team in baseball would sit him for one start at the very least. The Mets are NOT like any other team in baseball when it comes to injuries and their players suffer because of it.
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    I've had it with the Midwest and its weather. Only East and West coast players for me next year.
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    Kluber's mom is gonna kill you. Just saying.
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    He is going to 'try' to start!? Unreal. Once again, the Mets are really the worst organization in baseball when it comes to handling medical issues. Why would you even risk him starting or throwing even at this point? Give him a week, at least, and do another MRI to see if there is any on-going swelling/inflammation. But PLEASE DO NOT LET HIM THROW AT ALL for at least a week. Ugh.
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    There is a 0% chance this ends well.
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    check him out on this home run. It gives a good look of how the ball jumps off his bat. In this era, I wouldn't be surprised to see him be an annual 16-18ish homer guy, with outlier years that reach or eclipse 20. No disrespect to the aforementioned Joe Panik, but I think Urias will be a far more prolific hitter. To me the best-case scenario is Altuve mixed with Dustin Pedroia. A top-5 fantasy second baseman who is a threat to his .320 any year, with gobs of runs, a decent amount of RBI, and roughly 15-15 power/speed stats, although 15 might be high on the speed. The only thing keeping Urias' prospect stock somewhat suppressed is that his headliner tool is hitting, which isn't as sexy as power or speed or a blazing fastball. Maybe in a sense he is the Mike Soroka of hitting prospects: doesn't necessarily flash at first glance, but has the skills and makeup to be a very good Major Leaguer for a long time.
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    I think you're being a little panicky. All signs point to a better average. He's had some rain outs and bad weather games. He won't get there but he's on pace for 43 home runs at the moment. He's tied for 14th in the league in home runs.
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    Juan Soto in A ball this year (16 games): .373/.486/.814. 14 BB, 13 K Juan Soto in A+ so far this year (8 games): .344/.475/.656. 8 BB, 2 K Juan Soto combined minor league numbers this year (24 games) .363/.482/.758. 22 B, 15 K. You just don't see numbers like these at age 19. I think he's the 2nd best hitting prospect in the minors right now, behind only Vlad Jr.
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    BEAST MODE!! .359/.474/.590 (1.064 OPS) in 22 games (78 ABs) since his 0-for-15 start to the season.
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    Not true. He was at 5IP with 11Ks and 60 pitches. He started to lose it a little bit and they started fouling off pitches. That Lucroy atbat in the 7th added 8 or 9 pitches. If he had a clean 7th, he could have gone into the 8th with only 93 pitches and maybe made it through. He was incredibly efficient tonight.
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    Buy low no more. Unbelievable tonight.
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    I mean, I keep seeing this and don't understand why everyone keeps bringing up the Reds splits this year versus lefties. Teams face a lefty starter once or twice a week. We have one month under the books. You are citing an extremely small sample size. It's useless information, aka noise. Far better, what did the Reds do last year with basically the same lineup? They were below average and had a WRC+ of 91, which is good for 20/30 teams. This makes sense as Votto, Schebler, Gennett and Winker (not in last years stats) are all lefties. This also includes Cozart (a righty) who is also no longer with the team and had a great year. Caleb Smith has to worry about navigating Suarez and Duvall basically. With that said, Smith doesn't have much data on his home/road splits, and I'm unsure how drastic his home/road splits will be. It should obviously favor his home park because of the dimensions, but some pitchers really struggle on the road and we don't have enough data to come to any conclusion in this area.
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    If this is true and the Mets coaches and/or training staff let him try to pitch through a hyperextended pitching elbow they truly are the most dysfunctional organization in all of sports when it comes to managing their players’ injuries.
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    A few hits have been complete jokers. Still his fastball getting too much middle of plate. 5 of 6 Ks swinging on his changeup. His changeup is filthy today. This doesn’t look like a guy who’s far off from going on a nice run.
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    Dave just shoot me a message if you need any other advice. Maybe hit me up with a “like” or smiley face if you approve...