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    1.04 - Kerryon Johnson, RB, Detroit Lions Measurables: 6'0" 213 lbs Patience and power, I just love to watch his tape. The Lions are dead serious about establishing the run and the new regime hand picked their guy when they could've had others. Rocky road to 3-down bell-cow status but I think he will get there. Oh how I would love to own the first Lions 1,000 yard rusher since Bush in 2013, second since Kevin Jones in 2004. I think this is the one. @petekrum OTB
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    This Angels situation is a mess. Really annoyed by it because that’s a good club and someone’s going to get a bunch of saves.
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    1.02 - Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin Measurables: 5'11" 214lbs, 10.49 100m dash (2x state champ) Productivity: If you you break Adrian Peterson's records, you're fine by me. Tape: Size-speed-power, vision and tackle breaking, and coaches working to expand his role in the pass-game this year. Lock it in. @JHM_13 OTB
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    There's obviously a lot to analyze about why they called him up, how long he'll stay, what he'll produce, yada yada. But not be a total romantic idealist here, and not to discount that analysis at all, but this just seems like something to enjoy. Isn't this just awesome? We get to watch a 19 year old stud bat very soon. Maybe he'll be sent down fairly quick. Or maybe he'll just amble along at near waiver wire level. Or maybe we all just actually picked up the next closest player to challenge Mike Trout. Who knows? But this is so exciting.
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    Is it a risk though, or is that something GMs burn in our brains because they’re not calling up prospects for financial reasons? I don’t really get the “messing with his development” aspect. If he struggles, he goes back down and knows exactly what he needs to work on. If his skillset AND mindset are elite, he’s going to succeed long term regardless. If they’re not, he won’t, regardless. I don’t buy the “harm his development” narrative that is pushed by teams. Maybe a SP working on a 3rd pitch? Sure. But not an elite bat.
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    Juan Soto is the first MLB player to have been born after the following debuted in the Majors: - The D-backs - The (Devil) Rays - Adrian Beltre
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    Breaking news: During the time everyone has been arguing over whether Soto is worth a pickup in their league, someone has already added him to their roster. You snooze you lose when top prospects are called up.
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    Kapler actually helps. Imagine if he was on the giants. He wouldn’t close until he was much older, acquired a little bit of a gut, and hairline began receeding.
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    1.03 David Montgomery @Lord_Varys
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    what's the deal with all the vent posts in here? 2 pages of nothing but worthless drivel .. anybody with a brain knows that Buxton is not returning an ROI on his draft cost right now .. this forum should be a place to discuss objectively buxton's outlook (yes he is performing poorly -- why? are there indicators of a turn around? how much merit should we put in his second half breakout last year? etc. etc.) .. not be a flood of 1 liners calling him a bum/clown/choke artist/etc. These type of comments add no value whatsoever -- there are other places on this board for 'venting'.
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    Comparing the hype for a kid born in and playing baseball in Las Vegas and a 16 year old kid from Santo Domingo just seems like a fruitless exercise. Soto was hailed as one of the best international prospects in the year he signed. His star has only risen steadily and quickly since then. So what does Harper's hype matter when the "forecasts" love Soto now too?
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    He will be up like a week
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    I'll kick us off now. Penny, RB SEA @Lord_Varys
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    Steven Matz, slump buster. Thanks buddy.
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    Did the Marlins get a secret signal from management to blow this game
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    Please be advised that argument and discussion of a racial or political nature is not permitted in the Forums, per the Code of Conduct. For obvious reasons, including how this thread went off the rails when it came up. Please insure as members that you omit any such line of argument or discussion from your posts in the future. Further, petty back and forth and name calling is another issue that is not permitted. If there are issues that members feel need to be dealt with, there is a report function for a reason. Please make sure we all conduct ourselves in a manner which keeps productive and courteous discussion possible. Thanks, and happy posting.
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    He needs to start peeing on his hand. Worked for Moises Alou, worked for Taillon. Don’t be afraid of a little piss Rich.
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    Looks to possibly be back on Tuesday according to Giants reporter: Kerry Crowley‏ @KO_Crowley FollowFollow @KO_Crowley More Kerry Crowley Retweeted Giant Potential I would expect Mac Williamson to be in the clubhouse in Houston on Tuesday. No reason to keep him down at this point.
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    Signs of life from big Willie, 3-4, 2B and HR, hitting .342 with 2BB/3Ks over the last 10 games. Hopefully a call-up is near.
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    if people are willing to roster Billy Hamilton, this guy is a HOF player
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    He's a definite hold in 30+ team, CF only, sub-.200 leagues. Probably cant find anything better to stash on your last bench spot in those.
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    Hit a bomb. .800 OPS, hasn’t even got hot yet bomb off a lefty. Let’s see how he does not being the primary threat in the lineup every night now
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    Possibly Soto. Wow.. trying like crazy to get more confirmation. But wow.
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    I believe a few starts ago someone in the pivetta thread said something like "it's clear this guy has no business being a pitcher, it would be clear if you watched today's start like I did " He's had a good and excellent start since. Sometimes pitchers don't have it on a day. I have no shares of this guy, just find this sort of "drop him he's a bum" after one start not helpful to anyone really.
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    pretty much every pitcher thread besides the super elite guys is like this. It's sad and very unueseful that pitchers get evaluated off one start.
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    hit a big DONG off the lefty Corbin (who has been stellar this season)....GOATforto is back. Run as fast as you can, push your grandmother out of the way and add him if he was dropped in your league.
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    Made it around the bases! ?
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    Trick answer-- Did I watch his start today? No. Did I watch some tape on his previous starts today? Yup. And I really like what I see. More detail is probably necessary, but the essential point is that he's trying to do his best Charlie Morton impression. Maybe he just turns back into a pumpkin but he's not "getting Lucky" or anything like that. He seems to be executing really well and really legitimately.
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    Paul O’Neil was pretty good
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    This might be what we'd like to believe but do we really think the brewers wont play thames or braun? I'm fearing an annoying platoon which is why I haven't added him yet
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    Byron Buxton might have something to say about that...
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    Not in the lineup today. Womp womp. Not surprising though. Travel, get in the dugout, get the feel.
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    He did it again! Bingo bango bongo, I wanna see these moon shots going out of AT&T next week.
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    I benched him tonight for the first time this season. You're welcome.