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    He will be up like a week
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    hit a big DONG off the lefty Corbin (who has been stellar this season)....GOATforto is back. Run as fast as you can, push your grandmother out of the way and add him if he was dropped in your league.
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    People take player comparisons waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too literally. Just because one person says that some player reminds them of some other player does not mean these two players are inextricably linked for all-time and that one player will not be significantly better or worse than the other. Pro-tip: Player comparisons can be fun! They're also pretty much useless.
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    Buchholz is shutting out the Mets and Chen is shutting out the Braves. #baseball
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    I see this kid get the call and all I think is, “Hey, Toronto, we’re looking at you.
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    Byron Buxton might have something to say about that...
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    You basically made a point and then followed with the worst use of support I've seen on these forums. 12 team 35 man rosters....yea of course every team has a few guys that are cut-worthy for Soto. If you read the above posts, you'll note that we're not talking about these insanely-deep leagues. A 420-player league is vastly different from the standard 12-team 24-man league many play in.
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    At every level except high school, college, and the NFL...
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    19 or not, its a no brainer to pick him up in any size redraft IMO. No guts, no glory.
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    Smith isn't polished, and rookie WRs rarely seize the day. A 3rd was alot to invest in Smith, but the pick could be more about succession and immediate depth than a negative referendum on Meredith. Meredith has a very comfortable head start on Smith. If Meredith shows alot to the CS in OTAs and TC, his role should be quite secure. It is really up to him.
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    Glad he got those 8 games in AA to prove he's ready. This just seems a bit odd. But here we are...
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    This is going to be one of those billy burns type out of nowhere seasons that can win you sb. It’s starting to get ridiculous right now. 3 more hits hitting 390 with a 480 obp. And 7 sbs In 14 starts
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    Garcon is the undisputed leader of the WR corp. Hard to imagine a scenario where he won't be wildly successful with Shanahan designing and calling plays, and Jimmy G. executing them. At his 6th round price (FFC 12 team PPR), he is very undervalued.
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    He has 10 saves, tied for 5th best in the league, with 4 coming in the last 2 weeks, he's fine. It's not like there are many better options on the wire right now either.
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    This guy was 1 for 21 on the week. Thanks for your contributions!
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    My two teams are a combined 8/67 today. Like clockwork, on Sundays, when head to head matchups are being decided, my hitters collectively s--- the bed. Getting tiresome.
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    Zach Britton, bank it!
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    Hope he's on his way back, although he put up an oforto today. I hope he's going to continue making progress from here on out. When he's on he is amazing and those in LF/CF/RF/OF leagues his position eligibility is golden.
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    F************ this season best draft in a decade and every few days a new star drops. Now will have Khris Davis on DL joining Cespedes, Pollock, Miguel Cabrera and DJ LeMahieu. Literally can’t go a day without 3+ DNPs and the hits keep coming.
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    In all seriousness I don't think Eli is that bad. He's not that good either. They need to keep him clean and give him time.The problem is he can't move anymore. If pressured he's sure to do something stupid. He made way too many mistakes last season. As a veteran he should know better.
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    Agree. But stalling development by sitting them different than messing with development by “rushing too quickly,” which is often heard. If he sits often I agree, that’s bad.
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    The recent praise and salivating over his offensive prowess is great and all, but some attention needs to be turned to his absolutely terrible play at 1B. Before anyone comes at me with the "this is fantasy baseball, not real baseball" speech, I realize that. But eventually if Jose continues with his poor defensive play (and I mean there have been some REAL doozies), the club is going to have to consider some options and just how much they can tolerate in order to keep his bat in the lineup all of the time. If he doesn't make some progress or corrections, he may find himself with additional days of "rest." And that could in fact impact fantasy.
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    Last year was an outlier due to him being in a contract year and hitting in a hitter‘s park. Even experts said that his numbers in Arizona were unsustainable, so it’s silly to bring them up as an indicator of future performance. Steamer expects .287/.357/.556 going forward with 24 home runs, 74 RBI, and 61 runs. That‘s good but consider that right now he’s hitting .339/.392/.649. In other words a lot of lengthy cold streaks ahead. He’s a DH because he’s a poor defender and Boston have 3 good defensive OF’s, not to keep him healthy. Will it keep him healthier though? Maybe but he still gets to play the field sometimes and injury prone players tend to find ways to get injured no matter what.
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    The mean Stat line to win is higher in shallow leagues. There is a higher expectation. They're is actually greater opportunity cost taking Soto. He has a higher threshold to cross to be profitable.. As the WW truly may have guys on the verge of breakouts that you let your opposition get your hands while you go after Soto. You arent after just "good" players in those leagues. You need really good/great player/production Deeper leagues, there really isn't anyone that can match his upside and the mean stat line is lower. So its a no brainier.
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    Go Juan Soto! No pitchers, so I'll be watching that game then.
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    A lot more back and forth here than I expected. What I don’t get is this idea of “risk” I just don’t see what the risk is here. This isn’t an Acuna situation where you had to draft him early then hope he was called up in a timely manner and that he actually performed according to his pedigree. The risk here is cutting a player who MAY have an impact for someone who could have an equal or greater impact. For those in leagues with FAAB the risk is obviously somewhat greater as you could overspend your FAAB and limit options down the stretch. That said in those leagues you get to measure your own risk tolerance and bid accordingly. I play in a relatively deep / competitive league - 12 teams, 35 man rosters. I can tell you just about every team has 1-2 guys who are cut worthy at any point. Almost always when cuts happen the cut player is not added again. So if you pick Soto up and he doesn’t pan out drop him and pick up the guy you had rostered before or someone better. In shallower leagues where the replacement level is higher there is even LESS risk as the player pool is deeper. If Soto doesn’t work out you can drop him for Senzel, Calhoun, Tucker or Adames when they get the call. I just don’t see the downside here...
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    You play the odds. When you make generalizations like "not all of them have the talent Soto has", you're betting to an extent that he actually reaches that potential to the extent that his fantasy return is higher than whatever talent you already rostered. Otherwise, what's the point of adding if he's just going to return the same or lesser value? The odds that Soto reaches that level this year is a lot slimmer than warrants a "no reason not to add, he's better than your worst player" posts.
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    34% strikeout rate. That's a killer in points leagues. There are some positives, though. wRC+ - 115 Soft% - 16.3% Hard% - 50% He's hitting the ball extremely hard, but he's also hitting it on the ground a lot. His HR/FB% is sitting at 26.1%, which is crazy. If he can get the ball in the air more often, he should hit even more taters.
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    Hopefully he's made the closer. You need somone that can handle that job and he's the right man for it on the Phils. Added him on nearly all my teams.
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    It's absolutely a fair statement to say that Soto right now is further along than Acuna was last year at this time. But we can't necessarily conclude from that Soto will continue to be ahead of Acuna's pace. Again - Soto's total lack of experience in the advanced levels of the minors (8 games above A+... that's it!!) makes him much more of a wild card than Acuna was coming into this year, who already showed dominance in AA and AAA.
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    He's been back for less than 2 weeks. You'd be crazy to drop if you value a closer. His saves may go down but he's till going to get them and give you good ratios. Better than the alternatives on the Angels and Phillies etc
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    "Hill (blister) likely headed to disabled list" It seems like we have found the space/time continuum. It was contained in Rich's lily soft hands, because I could have read this 7-8 yrs ago or so,
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    well they do need OF'ers
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    Not being called up, yet. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseball/whitesox/ct-spt-white-sox-michael-kopech-carson-fulmer-20180519-story.html
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    I'm not asking you to flip I'm asking you to defend your stance. The Bears were in almost every game they played in last year. They lost to the Falcons by 6 (Howard dropped the go-ahead on the Goalline), the Vikings by 3, the Saints by 8, the Packers by 7, the Lions by 3, and the 49ers by 1. That's 6 One-Score Losses. They only truly had three poor performances as a team all season, v. Tampa (loss by 22), @ GB (loss by 21), and @ Philly (loss by 28). So I just don't at all understand your take that a team, losing zero key personnel, and adding through draft and Free Agency numerous quality players, and a team that is one of the younger in all of football, is going to suddenly be significantly worse than last year. That doesn't make sense to me. And you're fine having your opinion. But for one, I do not take it kindly when I get dismissed by your "Well you sound like a fan." Again, no offense meant, but you haven't named one member of our defensive personnel that youv'e been knocking-- which again makes me say: I may be a fan, but that means I know the roster and talent here far better than you do. I've never talked the Bears up in my life. WHY NOW? Last year I said they were going to go 5-11 or 6-10, but they would be far more competitive on a week-to-week basis than most thought because of an underrated defense. I was absolutely right in every aspect of the team. This year they've added a ton of talent, gotten rid of a poor CS, brought in a CS that, on paper, is utterly phenomenal. But again, my point isn't that you have to change your opinion. I don't care if you change your opinion or not. But defend it. Why am I wrong about anything I have said? What's bad about the defense? Where are the flaws? What don't you like about the personnel? Why do you think that a team that is gaining more and more steam as a sleeper is going to not just fail to live up to expectations, but get so significantly worse that a team that looked absolutely respectable for the first time in years on a week-to-week basis is going to collapse. So we can both have our opinions. I'd just like you to give me one word as to why you don't think this defense is talented. A single word.
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    Well you're being the exact polar opposite of those ST hypers. As a rookie, in just 364 AB's he was top 10 in homers, top 15 in RBI's and top 25 in runs scored at 2B. He also hit .253. I understand that his peripherals suggested that he shouldn't have hit .253 and it should've been lower. But at the same time, he was a rookie heading into his second season. Even before the big ST many were expecting at least a small step forward. His main issue, and an issue most people knew about going into the season seems to be playing time. He wasn't being drafted for his average or speed. At 2B and with the ability to plug him in at OF if needed, there's no way he's a last round flier. There were worst players going inside the top 200.
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    If anything this start is encouraging. He didnt have his best stuff or really anything close to it. He at least got thru 5 without blowing up. Thats progress for a young SP. If this was April, he probably implodes and gives up 6+ runs.
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    Murphy’s coming back and Rendon will get hot. I just don’t think that this is a strong enough return for Harper.
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    I said it best- after the two dominant starts he wouldn’t do much. He’s pretty average
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    I guess the larger point seems to be you writing a long-winded post and not really knowing what you’re talking about? Literally nobody I’ve ever seen “talks about this guy being the greatest.” It’s widely accepted that Mike Trout is the greatest player in baseball. That’s not really up for debate. As for the contract....what? You know Mike Trout renegotiated a few years back to stay with LAA, right? I mean, Trout would be getting $500M on the open market if he were to go to free agency. But he chose not to. So Bryce will likely get $400M and be the highest paid player in the league (likely). But unless you’re spending time in the Greinke thread posting about his contract, I’m not sure your point. This is how signing free agents and contracts and free markets work.
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    DO NOT sell low. This is a very bad stretch for a guy in a bad mechanical funk. He’s A solid week away from an .850+ ops. Arizona had some bad matchups, and they got more on horizon. From May 13th on he has a very nice stretch with some awful pitching teams. Buy low where you can, it’s frustrating dealing with a horrible slump like this from a first rounder but this guy is a professional. He’s got a great track record, his walk rate is still very good. He’ll start feasting again soon. Go get yourself a share.
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    Thus f'n guy has the weakest hands in history. Wtf, have your lady break out the moisturizer already. Maybe he has early onset leprosy, next year a finger is just going to fall off.