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    Do you really believe this? Are you blinded by a poor average? Belt has been a much better player in real life than for fantasy. Yes, if you are judging solely on fantasy counting numbers, he will leave you disappointed. If you are judging on actual real world value, he's been a very valuable player. He is above average as a defender and as a hitter. He gets on base and gets a ton of extra-base hits. That doesn't help in fantasy a whole lot though. His value should be based on a great eye at the plate and balls that are doubles and triples instead of homers because of his home park. If you play in a league that has BB, OBP or (2+3) as a category though, this guy is hidden treasure. He has a career OBP of .361, almost 100 points higher than his career average and way higher than the league average. I'll take the higher OBP, EVERY SINGLE TIME over a guy that hits .290 with a .340 OBP. Fantasy players want the guy that hits .290. The average OBP across baseball last season was .324. His average SLG% is .468. League wide it was .406 last season. In almost every way, he is a well above average player in every single category, even for a first baseman. That is why he has accumulated 20 fWAR over his 8 seasons as a Giant. This was as a first basemen, so that tells you that he is very valuable, even at a premium hitting position. It would be much higher if he didn't miss so much time with the concussions. The major league average $ amount spent per 1 WAR last season was over $10 million dollars. So a player able to accumulate 20 WAR in his career is a pretty amazing player. The easy math on that is $200 million in value (no I don't want to figure out year by year, but it would still be exceptionally high). I know that some people don't like WAR. It's still the best measure we have for trying to gauge production across the league or across a position though. A guy like Belt is exactly why people use it. Using your "James Loney" example, Loney only accumulated 7.0 fWAR in 10 years in the bigs. Belt has been 3 times more valuable in less time in the bigs. Sorry that you don't see that. Even if you don't use WAR as a metric and look at other traditional metrics, he is above most of the league in everything except HR and average. That is the problem. Fantasy players and the casual fan use those two categories more than any other to measure a player and that shouldn't be how it's done. They are held captive by the traditional box score. This guy is so much better than that because he helps in ways that the casual fan doesn't see. His ability to get on base, his elite defense, his great arm, his extra base hits, and his ability to get 20-30 pitches out of a starter during most games. A lot of that stuff doesn't show up in the box score, but it helps teams win games. He has single-handedly destroyed some starters this season with his AB's, forcing 35-40 pitch innings because his at-bats always seem to go so long. Don't be the fan that doesn't notice this stuff. Belt gets enough crap from the casual Giants fans that have no idea what they are watching.
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    Soto definitely wouldn't be afraid to promise 2 HRs
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    I tried my best. Here you go.
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    Andujar hasn't had a day off since being called up lol.
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    Kawhi was top 15 in WS/48, top 20 in VORP. TD was still top 10 in Def Win Shares. Spurs had 5 players in top 50 in PER. They had 8 guys in the top 80 in WS/48 playing over .140 ball. The Spurs were much deeper and much better that year. Wade was a shadow of himself and had hit the wall.... They were playing a game a level above everyone that year.... the beautiful game.
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    Seeing as you have basically all starters, I go to this thread to figure out who’s pitching in a given day
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    I always love the attempt to hide your BC question in these threads. *?? Need some help ranking the free agents in my league. ? ? “So, how are we ranking this random group of guys I’m just putting together?”
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    For comparison purposes Alex Rodriguez at 19: .232/.264/.408 48 Games Mike Trout at 19: .220/.281/.390 40 Games Bryce Harper at 19: .270/.340/.477 139 Games Adrian Beltre at 19: .215/.278/.369 77 Games Justin Upton at 19: .221/.283/.364 43 Games Not trying to derail this hype train as I picked him up.... BUT unless he is Bryce Harper, his first taste at the majors is probably expected to be a tough one. All of these players had pretty good seasons the next year which would help lead their careers. For the most part, we might want to temper our expectations and see what happens. That being said, I hope the kid smashes 15 home runs this year and goes crazy and defies all expectations. But theres a reason not that many 19 year olds have been called up.
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    Sure enough, a little power binge has occurred and here are Benintendi's current pace stats: 107 Runs, 17 HR, 100 RBI, 27 SB, .285/.367/.477 Hard to find fault with anything in that stat line, regardless of format or where you drafted him. And he didn't hit his 2nd homer of the season until May 9th... Ranked 29th overall in my mixed league (standard 5 cat), 15th overall in my AL Only (uses OPS as the 6th category and NSB instead of SB), and 27th overall in my other mixed league (uses OBP instead of average).
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    Spin: Reyes has now racked up 31 whiffs over 16 innings in his rehab outings at three different levels of the Cardinals organization. The 23-year-old worked up to 93 pitches in Saturday's start, and he's scheduled for one final rehab appearance Thursday with Triple-A Memphis, Joe Trezza of MLB.com reports. Reyes will then be eligible to return from the disabled list May 28, when there's a chance he could immediately work into the starting rotation. Adam Wainwright (elbow) will still be sidelined at that point, while Carlos Martinez (lat) is likely out of action until early June. Consequently, Trezza reports that Reyes could usurp current fill-in John Gant or send either Luke Weaver or Jack Flaherty to the bullpen. Sat, May 19
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    Dude I just need 200-300 steals I'm not asking for that much
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    Not disagreeing with you as we do see that a lot, but there’s value in ranking these guys in speculative situations. Totally off the cuff: Clippard Ramos Parker Dominguez Anderson GAP Barraclough Fry Jiminez Rondon
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    The problem with Paul O’Neill was that he didn’t come thru for George since his 2nd HR (inside the park) was ruled a triple and an error. Without Kramer’s quick thinking, Mr. Steinbrenner wouldn’t have gotten his birthday card. This is why O’Neill sucks and shouldn’t be used for comps with surefire rookie superstuds.
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    youre right. its an easy over. dont know what i was thinking. i guess i just didnt wanna seem like a total fanboy
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    Greg Bird proceeded to hit a home run in his first at bat.
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    He took the 1st pitch on the outer third for a strike, took a high and in pitch for a ball, fouled off a fastball and swung over a decent looking change. I’m not sure that he “struck out spectacularly “ It sure didn’t cast any doubt as far as I’m concerned.
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    Polanco has been a buy low for the last 4 years. When do we finally accept the fact that his upside will never come to fruition.
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    Goldy (ugh),odor,bregman,domingo(ewww),miggy,dahl,maeda,luis castillo,weaver,kingery,villar......22 of 24 performing below pre season rankings (snell and hand)....12 points back of second last in roto. Even senzel ffs. Created an account on here just to complain.....rant done
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    Quick recap/summary since I wasn't able to post most of my picks here yesterday and explain them. 1.03 JHM - David Montgomery 1.12 JHM - Justin Shorter 2.03 JHM - Trey Sanders 2.05 JHM - DJ Uiagalelei2.06 JHM - Zachary Evans2.07 JHM - Julian Fleming2.08 JHM - Deebo Samuels2.09 JHM - Austin Mack 2.11 JHM - Trey Sermon 3.01 JHM - Demetris Robertson 3.03 JHM - Tarik Black David Montgomery became a pretty easy choice for me at 1.03. It was initially close between him and Swift but the more I studied up and watched Montgomery, he became the clear choice for me. He's got the size of a workhorse NFL back, a lot of talent, and is still learning the RB position. I expect him to have a big year and be drafted in the first 2 rounds next year. Justin Shorter - Speed and length. Hoping he get some time on the field this year with McSorely throwing to him. Trey Sanders - In hindsight, I should have waited on him and taken Master Teague knowing that he went the next pick and Sanders would not have. Former Alabama commit that re-opened. Likely to land at Florida, FSU, Georgia, or Alabama. DJ Uiagalelei - 6'5 240, as a sophomore in HS. Can make every throw on the field right now. I have no 2019 or 2020 picks, so grabbing him now. Zachary Evans - Rated similarly to Cam Akers and Najee Harris. Strong back with speed. I have no 2019 or 2020 picks, so grabbing him now. Julian Fleming - Having him and Justin Shorter on my future roster is exciting. The kid has a ton of talent. I have no 2019 or 2020 picks, so grabbing him now. Deebo Samuels - Injured last year with a broken leg but was on his way to a huge season. Should come back well this year. Austin Mack - Next great OSU WR? I sure hope so. Trey Sermon - Solid freshman campaign. Obviously the backup to Anderson right now, his breakout should come next year. Demetris Robertson - Missed last year due to injury. Was the top WR prospect from his class coming into college. Caught 50 balls for 750+ yds and 7 TDs as a freshman. Tarik Black - Yet another guy that was injured last year with a broken foot. Had won the starting job over the higher rated Peoples-Jones before breaking his foot. Had 11 catches for 150 yards and a TD. Should have a great year with Shea Patterson throwing to him.
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    Scout ... Take all that rambling nonsense and edit it down a couple of times before pressing send. You sound completely drunk.
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    Because Francona figured it'd be a good idea to run Allen into the ground twice in a season that isn't even 2 months old yet?
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    Look at that he Belt-ed another one. Locked in. Dude just hit 5 bombs at home. Not on the road, but at home.
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    Where did I say he was leading the MLB in homers? Stop being so dense.
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    422 foot oppo field homer according to stat cast.
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    Id like to open it up asap. It will reward the owners who have done their homework and allow us to fill out our rosters so we can make trades if need be.
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    I'm going to throw out a random prediction for the two players for the rest of the season. I'm not sure which one would perform better in your points league format. Gordon: Games = 100 HR = 2 SB = 36 Runs = 65 RBI = 20 Hits = 116 BB = 16 2B = 15 3B = 2 AVG. = .290 OBP. = .330 Donaldson: Games = 100 HR = 22 SB = 2 Runs = 60 RBI = 65 Hits = 106 BB = 46 2B = 20 3B = 1 AVG. = .265 OBP. = .380
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    I haven't activated him yet. Seems a bit rusty... Maybe this second half will be his usual big first half... I hope.
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    Damnit, I wanted that high schooler who doesn't even graduate until next year and hasn't even committed to a team yet.
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    With respect to Dirk Cotter's offensive philosophy: Vertical chunk plays, but we know, just as you imply, they want to mash, wear 'em down, force the defense to tighten. Then crack the shell or exploit the void just beneath it. Those 7-step drops are time-intensive, who do they have that can step in front of Winston and stone a blitzer? I think that guy is Peyton Barber. When they want to grind, that's him too. So is short yardage & goal line. RT posted a good article about stagnating RB salaries, the focus of which then switches to Ronald Jones. Several plays from the Oregon game below are highlighted. The author contends that despite his size Jones is a RB they can use down near the goal. Perhaps so, but the play he highlights to support this contention speaks more to his pad level & vision, the lack thereof. Scroll ahead 24 sec into the video, with USC at the Oregon 3 yd line. On this TD run they have Jones set 6 yds deep, which is a better play for him, imo. But there's unanticipated penetration and the DLman makes contact at about the 5-yd line. Everybody knows that in football, low man wins. You freeze the play at the point of contact & you tell me who's low here? Who wins!? Jones' pad level, that won't do, I'm sorry! He's knocked back 3 yds & fortunate to shake free. With respect to his vision, on the replay you can see he should be recognizing the penetration before he even takes the handoff. When I was reviewing his tape on two long runs there's a defender downfield, guys he should be seeing that come in & upend him. On one he's practically knocked head over heels. After watching Jones for myself, I believe concerns regarding his physicality, pad level, vision & ability to pass protect are legitimate. That said: Explosive running plays and that they really need to do something about their abysmal YAC are two needs that Ronald Jones is likely there to fill. Again, I think Jones is utilized much differently than he was at SC. He's likely named their starter but owners could be disappointed believing he's going assume the traditional workload of a featured RB.
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    I think that Aguilar is a really good hitter...very underrated. The situation is allowing him to get some ABs now and that's huge. He can't defend well anywhere, but it was nice to see him get some reps at 3B the other day. If he could get some regular ABs and be 1B/3B eligible then he could really be valuable.
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    I'm in a weekly and rolling him out. Upside outweighs one *possible* meh outing. If he is as good as his stuff can be tonight, watch out!
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    Curious what you see in Musgrove that would want you to drop any of your promising pitchers. He has never shown much while a relief pitcher or a starter in Houston other than a few decent games. I have a feeling that you can wait until he pitches a game or 2 without anyone reaching for him, and if you lose him, I wouldn't lose any sleep. Keep your guys.
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    Not even up-to-date bro! Where is the Ranger hat?! Lol.
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    He was given the 70 grade speed from home to first, so he definitely has the speed to steal a good amount of bases. He has only stolen 9 in 133 minor league games and been caught 5 times. I think he could develop into a solid sb threat, but right now I don’t see him attempting too many in the majors. Down the road we could see 15-20 simply because he has the raw speed to do it and once he’s hitting .350 in the majors at age 22 he’ll want another challenge.
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    if you had him in your lineup the last couple of weeks, he's been very helpful and probably a top five producer, regardless of format. i'm not certain what the significance of 20 HR is..
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    For the sake of Jesus Christ, indeed. Well said, sir...
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    Lolz. Point flew RIGHT OVER your head.
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    A: .252/.343/.443, 580 ABs, 89 R, 27 HR, 93 RBI B: .260/.323/.538, 608 ABs, 103 R, 44 HR, 126 RBI A is Aaron Judge's career AAA numbers, B is Tyler O'Neill's. Obviously this means absolutely nothing, but I find it kind of amusing.
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    OBVIOUSLY they know about him TODAY. His callup was on CNN earlier, lol. EVERYBODY knows about him now. OBVIOUSLY.
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    2SB per week adds up to about 50 for the season. How many were you expecting? I think he's going to have at least a 20/50 season. How high were your expectations?
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    What? Thats a bit of an overreaction.
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    So I wonder if Scioscia let’s this ride for a while with Anderson in the 8th and Parker in the 9th? Who the hell knows anymore?
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    That’s common vernacular and was a given IMO. When people say “the league” it’s the specific league. If he meant all of MLB, he would’ve said “leading the majors.” ??‍♂️ Off track and not a big deal.
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    Leading the league. As in the National League.
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    Vazquez really gets his money’s worth when he blows up good lord.
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    This well done piece is worth a read: https://www.pewterreport.com/cover-3-running-name-bucs-draftee-jones-carries-ball-legacy/