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    Mikolas had 13 0-2 counts today (and 15 swinging strikes). League wide this year batters have an .829 OPS after starting an at bat up 1-0, vs a .605 OPS after starting a count 0-1. Even before today Mikolas led the majors in 1st pitch strikes. Just because he isn't racking up k's doesn't mean he's not making life tough on hitters. He's throwing the best pitch in baseball (strike one) more often than anyone. I feel like a broken record, but a guy getting ahead of hitters, with a minuscule walk rate, and 50%+ ground ball rate is extremely likely to be successful.
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    As if it were that simple. Professional athletes are routinely doing things that put stress on their bodies. Sometimes, the body reacts in ways that are uncomfortable or painful, but harmless. Other times, it can just be a little tweak or pop that barely registers as painful but ends up ending a season or even a career. Even with world-class training techniques and a fanatical devotion to strength and conditioning regimens, stuff happens that's unpredictable, and that a player has no frame of reference by which to judge whether it's something they can play through or not. If guys were shut down any time something on their body is barking, they'd basically never play. You don't listen to your body -- you listen to doctors and training staff. If they're wrong, then you get better ones. The idea that an individual can self-diagnose based on how they feel is simply not how modern medicine works.
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    Your inability to understand that not every player relevant in fantasy baseball is an absolute stud is beyond comprehension. Literally every single post of yours on this forum can be summer up as "this guy sucks".
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    We get it. You don’t like Lebron.
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    Sorry the homer was majestical enough for you if you don’t want it in your boxscore you can Venmo it to me.
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    This is such a dumb post. We care if a player is unlucky because it gives us insight into what we should do with guys going forward. We don't just look at the simple events that happened in a box-score, we look at how they happened and why they happened.
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    I save my worries for thermonuclear war, worldwide pandemics and my car passing inspection next month; not re-aggravations of every single ball player's injuries.
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    Ummm, not really. Even after today he has a 3.76 ERA and 1.16 WHIP, along with the K's....so again, you sound ridiculous. I don't even own this guy.
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    Own both Jank and Reyes. Padres need to have both in lineup. They both bring different things and are not competing against each other for PT imo. One is their player with the most speed and one their player with the most power. Would not want either to sit out.
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    There's that launch angle we've been waiting for https://www.mlb.com/video/martinezs-2-run-homer/c-2128492583
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    What? 91 is alright through 5.2. if you can get out of 7 with like 105 that's a rock solid start. Not unusual at all. Just watched Kluber throw more than that the other night and he was in control the whole time
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    Lol. Nope. I’d easily take Nimmo real or fantasy.
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    To throw in my two cents, I think I agree mostly with @duke of queens, just maybe not the way he's delivering the message. It does seem to me looking at last night's usage, as well as the usage over the past few outings, that Calloway is using Familia against the heart of the opposition's lineup. To be fair, it wasn't Alvarez-Gentry-Mancini, it was pitcher's slot who ended up being announced as Alvarez (their best bench bat, 8 HR in 102 AB), and Gentry was a pinch runner for Alvarez - so it was actually Alvarez-Mancini-Jones, with Machado and Schoop looming after that. Another factor, which I'm not sure if it crossed Calloway's mind at all, is that aside from the pitcher's slot (which you don't know for sure who will end up hitting), the Orioles have 5 power hitting righties in a row. Familia has pretty strong career splits in favor of RHB, while Gsellman exhibits reverse splits and is more effective against LHB than righties. Couple that with the fact that Familia hadn't pitched in 4 days, and they have the off-day the next day, I have to agree with duke's thought that Familia was planned to go 6 outs if all went well. Past usage also seems to show that anytime Familia is not pitching the 9th, it's because he's coming in to pitch to the heart of the order. May 30th vs ATL he pitched the 8th to Inciarte-Albies-Freeman. Not to mention he hasn't done anything to lose the job, and Gsellman hasn't done anything to win it. Familia's ERA, WHIP, and K-rate are all superior to Gsellman's. It's not a super clear situation, but to me it doesn't make a lot of logical sense that Gsellman would all of a sudden usurp Familia's position, unless Familia slept with Calloway's wife or something.
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    Scooter out of the lineup today
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    Would be awesome if this kid ends up being good.... think of the memes!
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    You say 5 years ago as if he's now 34 years old, he's 27 and looks to be in excellent shape. I'm willing to listen to several arguments why he may not crush it but the whole 5 years ago thing means nothing to me given he's a freak athlete in his prime.
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    Looking at the player rater. Number 13 on the year. 11 when you take out gallo and posey who are probably playing at other positions in fantasy. Seems like 1b is just very down in general unless you got Freeman. Big reason I waited on 1b in redraft is because of guys like Martinez. The position is pretty deep and since there are generally no steals available at first, the replacement level for the position is pretty good, especially when you consider guys who are getting everyday ab at first are usually there because they are decent offensive options. Martinez has benefitted in his player rater ranking because he hasn't missed many games. I don't think he's going to be a huge power guy, but I don't think it's impossible the home runs tick up with warmer weather.
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    That'll about do it for Justin Anderson's chances of taking over for Parker in the near future. Nearly blew the lead before Parker came in and saved the day.
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    ....I'm just sitting here wondering why he didn't let Ser try and finish the inning. The guy has been nails, just let him pitch.
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    Bro, have you ever actually played first base?
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    Chris, Thanks for bouncing back in here to share some insights - don’t be distracted by those who are unfamiliar with your contributions. Many here, myself included, have learned a lot from you. Please continue to drop in whenever time permits.
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    Jon Jay - OF - Diamondbacks Royals traded OF Jon Jay to the Diamondbacks for LHP Gabe Speier and RHP Elvis Luciano. Jay was signed to a one-year deal by the Royals prior to the 2018 season, and the veteran outfielder performed well for Kansas City; hitting .307/.367/.374 with a homer and three stolen bases in his 59 games. He should get a chance to play regularly for Arizona -- especially when you consider the dearth of injuries to their outfielders -- hitting near the top of the lineup against right-handed pitchers. The deal should help his fantasy prospectus, and certainly won't hurt it. This one is me being a vocabulary nerd, but that's not what dearth means.
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    Lat injuries are what I call a Greased Pig injury. Rotator Cuffs are stronger, so the failure point has shifted to a different point in the kinetic chain. Most often that's the Lat either up in the shoulder or in the lower/mid back (ala Kershaw). When Lats start getting stronger, the failure point will shift somewhere else, likely the Biceps and its tendons.
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    I’ve been waiting for a game of this nature. Let me have this. ?
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    Jeez. Whiners. You don’t know what bad pitching is apparently. Must be nice.
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    Jesus you make it sound like Jankowski is some elite player. He isn't and never has been.
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    Interesting. Andujar gets hot, gets his wRC+ over 130, gets his OPS over .870, hits a grandslam, and all the Andujaters suddenly disappear.
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    OMG that’s amazing. Could you tell us more? What about the rest of your team?
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    Can someone point me to the threads with the perfect pitchers? I need some of those guys. Apparently the Pivetta critics have them all.
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    He’s in the discussion for the best value in all of fantasy right now. 1) he’s set to be an outside starting WR with ARod 2) almost every time he’s filled in for Adams or Jordy he’s produced 3) the starting outside WRs for ARod almost always put up WR2-3 numbers 4) his only competition are 3 Day 3 rookies
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    Right? Why is everyone saying “oh that was years ago” as if he’s 300 pounds now and is missing a hand. If anything he’s in better shape and didn’t forget how to catch a ball. RR may be a concern but that will easily come back to him, as shown last season. Only legitimate risk with gordon is the refs allowing dbs to hold him all game, like the packers did
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    Let me guess...an arm?
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    Inefficient??? He only gave up 2 hits and a walk entering the 6th inning. He pitched an awesome game other than putting 2 on in the 6th. Would of easily got out of the jam with 1 more out to go if it wasn’t for Maddon’s Impatience.
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    LOL...... I assume this is tongue in cheek. Lebron is like the Borg. He comes in, assimilates everyone to his whims, exhausts assets, moves on when he's used all the natural resources and leaves a barren landscape behind. Who's next? Philly? Houston? LA? LOL.
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    I bet OBJ would like that.
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    Might not be coming. Most homers he ever hit in a full season in all his years in the minors was 16. I think the 14 in half a season teased some people. I think he is a .290 with 15-20 Home run type guy. I can easily see a league where that is tough to own and a league where getting that guy for next to nothing is a huge bargain (like mine where he has been my one and only 1b all year)
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    Sure has trade value. I traded brad miller for him a month ago!
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    He's back! 14 for his last 40. Plenty of opportunities hitting leadoff in front of Trout & Upton. Kinsler is underrated for sure.
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    Original Nintendo was harsh. That game was virtually impossible to beat because there were points you had no idea what the hell you were supposed to do. You were also 8 years old at the time.
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    Here is a list of the top teenage hitters to reach the major leagues over the last 40 years: Name PAs AVG OBP SLG BB% K% wOBA wRC+ Juan Soto 61 .346 .443 .538 14.8 14.8 .419 172 Bryce Harper 597 .270 .340 .477 9.4 20.1 .352 121 Edgar Renteria 471 .309 .358 .399 7 14.4 .338 106 Ken Griffey Jr. 506 .264 .329 .420 8.7 16.4 .333 106 Manny Machado 202 .262 .294 .445 4.5 18.8 .317 98 Gary Sheffield 89 .238 .295 .400 7.9 7.9 .313 95 Melvin Upton Jr. 177 .258 .324 .409 8.5 26 .320 91 Mike Trout 135 .220 .281 .390 6.7 22.2 .296 87 Andrew Jones 113 .217 .265 .443 6.2 25.7 .303 79 Adrian Beltre 214 .215 .278 .369 6.5 17.3 .287 75 Ivan Rodriguez 288 .264 .276 .354 1.7 14.6 .282 73 Alex Rodriguez 208 .224 .257 .352 4.3 29.8 .268 54 Justin Upton 152 .221 .283 .364 7.2 24.3 .274 53 Small sample size yes, but still super impressive debut to date for Juan Soto as he's in a clear class of his own against some mighty competition.
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    The contract is insanely good. In fact, I think it's a GREAT deal for Philly, the team If Kingery is great, then he left millions on the table. Phillie has elite player for pennies If Kingery is average, he still left something on the table. Phillie can use money saved to improve situation elsewhere If Kingery sucks, so they took a small gamble flier, they could easily move that deal in 2 years or so, because inflation will kick in and the contract will have even more value and some team would be more than happy to take a shot at reclamation and Phillie can cut their losses. Saying this is a bad contract from standpoint of the Phillies organization is simply showing a total lack of economics. If anything Kingery may have screwed up. Yea, if he is so horrific he can't even stick in the majors then he ended up making the right move. He can go play beer leagues and live off the 16 million or whatever it is take home he will have gotten from Philly.
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    Excellent in depth piece on the evolution of Jalen Beeks. He attacks north-south with a riding FB at the letters (low 90s touching 95) and a 12-6 curve. He has a tight cutter for righties and a bit slower and loopier one to K lefties. He no longer needs the 10-4 slider. He also has developed a four seam change. I think he's got potential as a 3-4 rotation arm after review. High baseball IQ. https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/redsox/2018/06/06/the-remaking-jalen-beeks-has-landed-him-majors/Rfmid0vbjvqMUGbAIzJcaO/story.html