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    What? 91 is alright through 5.2. if you can get out of 7 with like 105 that's a rock solid start. Not unusual at all. Just watched Kluber throw more than that the other night and he was in control the whole time
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    Scooter out of the lineup today
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    Let me guess...an arm?
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    Kind of reminding me of a current day David Segui offensively.
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    Lotta discussion about a lotta TEs, but no mention of Ed Dickson in these two pages. While I wouldn't suggest he's a pivotal part of the Seattle offense, and I wouldn't suggest Wilson is reliant on his TEs, we've certainly seen Wilson utilize TEs well, either as a safety valve or red zone target. Unlike other teams, there is little-to-no competition here (Nick Vannett); Luke Wilson is gone after 5 years, Jimmy Graham is gone after 3 years, Dickson is the clear #1. I'd suggest that Ed Dickson and his "free" price tag seems a solid late round draft pick for those spending all the early capital on RB/WR. Consider this carefully designed play:
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    This was my one my FAVORITE games as a kid. This was level 3..... NEVER beat it.... but I LOVED the characters! This might of been when I learned what the word frustrating really meant
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    Who cares what YOUR growing sense is? Your trading partner may have a different sense. Wake up and get those offers going if you need a bat. As a Harper owner, I would take Scherzer in a heartbeat! Not every owner understands the power of a great pitcher and you will get those owners. But all you need is one astute owner who gets it. The season is 2 months old. Don't wait, be active, and get what you need. You have a great asset. Take advantage of it.
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    On CBS your able to create a placeholder (Unlisted Player Add) using the players actual name/team in the interim until they are officially added to the official player database. Once added, you can simply add to the roster and drop the placeholder. Not sure if other platforms allow for the same, but it mitigates the above pain point if they do...especially in deeper leagues that have more depth within the minor league systems.
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    I would have to go with Soto personally.
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    There are a number of fantasy teams that load up on hitting & then try to pick up SP through WW. But when they don't get the SP/#'s they need to compete, they are willing to load bats for arms. Just have to try & find a couple of those teams in your league. Good luck!!
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    Talked about ad nauseam the last couple pages. Take a look, its a good read. Basic thoughts are Soto should NOT lose PT to Michael Taylor batting a scorching .215. But no one really knows what WAS will do.
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    Such an out of left field (yet accurate) comparison. How many people in the last decade have even had the name of David Segui cross their brains for any reason? I bet not many!
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    Lol. What? 52 and 112 ABs speak for themselves? Come on.
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    I certainly understand the hesitation, ajs723 ...fantasy football is a form of gambling, so sometimes you definitely gotta' take a risk Either way, beyond my personal intrigue, it will be interesting to see how the GB WRs shake out, and what becomes of Geronimo.
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    How does judge hitting a hr in front of him help birds counting stats? Smh
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    Guys I'll target as hopeful mid or late round keeper gold: Christian Kirk- if Fitz retires, and Rosen is good, this could be the start of a healthy young WR/QB combo. Robbie Anderson- He's still young, and if Darnold is good, he can establish himself as his go-to. I see the upside if he can keep his head on straight. Paul Richardson- if he slips late enough. I've loved his talent and always felt like in the right offense, he can be a volume player. Alex Smith should be there a while. Not sure if Washington's that offense, but he's going for dirt cheap right now, its worth a shot.. I think Doctson is the guy they really want to be the #1 outside target, but another year of struggle there and Richardson could take that brass ring. Corey Clement- good chance Ajayi and Sproles are out of his way soon. I wouldnt expect him to get alpha volume even without those guys, but he can catch, and he can score. Good enough for me. Martavis Bryant- I dont expect much in Oakland, but if can nab him as a reserve, he's worth the stash, he can find his way to a huge uptick next year. Braxton Berrios- a last pick of the draft guy, because NE and melanin deficiency means maybe he's 2019's Edelman
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    Oh this guy is hurt again?! Come on! Please don't be serious. Maybe building a team around this guy was not the best decision for me...
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    Rizzo -- easy call.
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    Good call. Forgot about 2016 no TD having Pitta year, but yes, you are correct. He was relevant. Minus that one year, there hasn't really been TE relevance since Pitta 2012 then and I guess that's what I was thinking of.
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    Crazy thing, was I remember it was way easier to hit HRs with him, even though the ONLY licensed player in the game was Griffey himself! (Who also had a nice HR ratio, but Buhner was THE beast for some reason in that game)
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    Eli looked worse than Dak last year. I expect both to rebound well this season.
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    Freddie is a no doubter stud, one of the players where his outlook thread should never exceed 3 pages
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    I would go for it.
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    I don't care if he's walked 58 times out of his 61 PA's. Only 2 HR's? #SotoPopOrBust Hey, it worked the last time I "complained" about the lack of HRs...
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    That has been the implication from reporters at least, so with the information we have, yeah it seems he didn't.
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    I just hope that Reyes can make it through all this and get totally healthy. This guy has gone through a lot. He did so much work to get over TJ and now this. So much recovery work to go through yet again. That's a tough long haul and it will be a real challenge to his inner fortitude. I'll be pulling for him all the way and certainly hope he can reach his full potential. It doesn't look good right now, but we're all going to find out a lot more about recovering from a lat injury and how big Reyes' heart is.
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    League, pitchers, stance, market pressure
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    Cardinals No. 8 prospect according to MLB filling in at SS for the injured DeJong. He's been mashing lately and just hit a walk off for his second bomb of the year. He's an aggressive hitter and "notoriously" difficult to strikeout but doesn't walk much. Looks like he has a power stroke, hits the ball hard and will be getting the everyday job at SS with hopefully a chance to run away with it. He also has some good speed for a 6'1, 200lb guy with 22 SB between AA-AAA last year in 112 games. Didn't even see a thread on him in the minor league threads. Any thoughts on Yairo? Picked him up to see where this train goes.
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    In a keeper league, definitely Bellinger. He is going to snap out of his funk soon. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/703908-juan-soto-or-ozzie-albies-whir/
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    I think they did not take any balls apart, and instead just asked Rawlings and took them af their word with no further investigation. Lol
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    Kaleb Cowart & Trevor Richards both getting promoted, the former today and the latter tomorrow.....Not overly exciting news but it still counts
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    I wouldn't say the talent level is the same. Arenado & JoeRam are roughly a wash, but I could see where someone would still value Arenado. And I could argue Correa is a significant upgrade over Rendon.
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    I know that K rates stabilize around 60 PA's, so to have a 1:1 K:BB ratio at age 19 is literally uncharted territory.
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    Traded for Hand yesterday. Today he pitches the 8th inning. Hilarious.
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    At the very least I’m taking this as a sign that teams think they’re past Super Two if Tampa is calling up one of their prospects! Take notice Toronto.
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    Ricky Seals Jones is my favorite sleeper at any position right now.
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    Other scrubs who have struck out 3 times in a game against the Orioles this season include Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Xander Bogaerts, Anthony Rendon, Nick Castellanos and Matt Davidson.
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    16 team H2H, I got Joey Votto, Jung Ho Kang I gave Chris Archer, Robbie Ray
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    Easier not to lose when you only take half as many shots. Brady ended the GOAT QB discussion when he brought NE from 10 down in the 4th vs the Legion of Boom in the SB.
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    I'll challenge it and I'm not a fan boy, I just use logic and reason. Hoodie didn't need Brady? Really? Come on. Hoodie's career record without Brady as his starting QB is 54-63, with only 1 playoff win. Before Brady started in week 3 of the 2001 season it was 41-57. That's 6-10, 7-9, 7-9, 11-5, 5-11 with the Browns in 5 seasons and 5-11 in his first season with the Partriots and 0-2 the second season before Brady actually started a game. Hoodie did go 10-5 without Brady in 2008 (Brady started and got hurt week 1), and 3-1 without Brady in 2016 during the suspension. To say he didn't need Brady is ridiculous, plain and simple. They needed each other. Hoodie wouldn't have 5 SB wins as a head coach without Brady, and Brady wouldn't have 5 without Hoodie. It's amazing how much people discount Brady even to this day, despite all he's accomplished, all because he has hoodie as a coach. Apparently any QB could have won those Super Bowls? Then why didn't they win the SB the year Brady was out? Why didn't they make the playoffs that year? As far as Peyton Manning is concerned. He also had alot more to work with on the offensive side of the ball as far as talent was concerned. Marshal Faulk, Edgerrin James, Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison to name a few. That's through most of his career. Those are Hall of Fame talents. Brady's had what Moss for a few seasons and Gronk? That are or will be in the Hall of Fame. Edelman and Welker were solid but they're not elite, hall of fame type talents. Brady never had an elite RB other than Corey Dillon but that was at the end of his career. For that matter he only got over 1000 yards in 1 of 3 seasons with the Patriots. Brady did have better defenses though so he had the advantage there, however Brady is more clutch on the big stage than Manning was so there's also that. Either way, like who you want to like and all but it's not as cut and dry as you'd like to make it seem.
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    Always better to regret starting than to regret benching for me.
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    Yikes. Guess Osuna has mechanics so bad it made him depressed
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    Meh, hard pass for me. Time to look elsewhere. K’s are nice but that’s about it.
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    He pitched a decent game but CeeSuck blew his W before recording an out. Aside from that I would categorize this outing as 'fair'. Got to love the Ks but he was very inefficient w/91 pitches through 5.2. Has no one to blame but himself for the blown save. If he'd been more efficient he'd likely have a W/QS.
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    Again, that has nothing to do with Dak as a real life QB.
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    Fantastic TE linked to a top NFL QB --- what's not to love? 700 yards, 10 TDs. Oh, wait, this isn't the Jimmy Graham thread?