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    I know it’s small sample and meaningless, but that 162 game average ???: .339/.431/1.002 114 runs /29 HR/76 RBI/ 10 SB (Side note my wife walked by and asked who I was typing heart eyes to. I told her it was a 19 year-old’s baseball stats. I think she wishes I was cheating on her).
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    Mr. magnifico, i come crawling back with head lowered in shame. Please forgive me???
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    Just watched Whitleys start on my flight. Looked unhittable tonight. 4 innings pitchesld, 1 hit, 0 er, 0 r, 5 Ks. Along with 3GO-1FO along with bunches of swinging strikes. All 4 pitches were working tonight. He only threw 51 pitches with 37 going for strikes. Amazing to see him mixing up all 4 pitches (FB, SL, CB, CH). His FB hit 98-99mph a few times but sat 96 with it. All of his pitches were all pluses tonight, did not show any rust and could easily have gone 7 innings with double digit Ks. Besides everyone whiffing air on his FB. His slider has a really nice bite on it and was wicked the few times he threw it. He also had about 3 swinging strikes on his curveball tonight. But it was his changeup (along with his fastball) that was really impressive. His CH was always his least best pitch. But if he has developed his changeup to what it wss tonight, he now has 4 plus pitches in his arsenal with 2 of them going as double plus (FB, CB). Too good for LOA.I say if he dominates a few more starts like he did AA last year, they'll be forced to promote him to AAA just for the challenge.
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    Another thing to keep in mind is that he's been RF throughout his MILB career and now in the majors he's mostly playing LF for obvious reasons
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    I still don't think Joc does enough to be a fantasy asset. Platoon players who club HRs are a freaking dime a dozen in today's landscape. Now if Joc had some position eligibility or could steal some bags, then I'd be interested.
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    I guess maybe there really is something to the ribs from the comebacker against the Rockies from 4 starts ago. Nothing serious it seems, but I just did a search and found a couple of articles from either late last night or earlier today. Basically, to sum them up, his velocity was down right before he was pulled. Walker said he was having trouble breathing and was in pain, but wanted to stay in. Obviously that didn't happen and wasn't going to. He was going to be taken for X-rays. They showed part of Dave Roberts' postgame press conference where he talked about Buehler, which is basically where I got that from, but the very end of the video he says that they took him for X-rays and the results were negative. I'm guessing that was edited in from later in the press conference? If any Dodgers fans on here could confirm that, it would be great. Anyways, I'll post the links to the two articles. For now, it still seems like it's nothing serious from what I gather. He had been getting treatment on his ribs ever since he got drilled, but last night seemed to be the first time anything ever popped up from it. Strange since it's been two and a half weeks and now four starts since then, but hopefully he'll be fine in the end. I guess the only true silver lining right now is it has nothing to do with his arm. http://www.latimes.com/sports/dodgers/la-sp-dodgers-braves-20180608-story.html https://dodgerblue.com/dodgers-news-walker-buehler-ribs-lingering-discomfort-hit-line-drive-comebacker/2018/06/09/
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    You're possibly welcome since I traded him while he was on the DL...
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    Metrics don't win fantasy leagues. He stinks
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    Theyll never understand us the way soto’s triple slash line understand us.
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    There's no way that Soto won't be playing every day. Taylor is not a real threat.
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    Greene with another awful outing for Detroit. In a tie game, he gave up one walk, two hits, and three earned runs. His era is now at 4.15 on the season. Jimenez pitched a clean eighth inning with two strikeouts. His era is now at 2.3 on the season.
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    The first mistake is trying to make any sense or logic out of what Alderson says.
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    Man, I need to keep it coming. At least for the next couple days, then you guys are on your own.
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    Dont put that evil out there lol
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    "Alderson has worried as recently as last season that promoting a top prospect when the team is in dire need could set that prospect up for failure -- since some would view him unfairly as a savior." this seems asinine to me. If you team is scuffling and needs a boost to get back on track and maybe salvage the season, then why not promote? If the prospect in question has any sort of self-worth he would see that his team values his skills and should be honored to try to get them back on track.
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    Blister....UCL Sprain..... Did the Angels get the Mets medical staff?
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    Is there anyway to know what’s going on with them? Roe is as likely to start a game as he is to close it out next. Kidding but not THAT kidding!
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    It's like witnessing the birth of your son. He's been more productive than Bryant.
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    That's a silly opinion...... He amongst the handful of players to be considered top 5 players. He's easily the best of his generation and far better player than Malone, Barkley and the Admiral, who are all-time greats. If you want to delineate between someone like Jordan or KAJ and Lebron because of their championships, okay. There's at least a suitable argument but don't marginalize Lebron's amazing talent.
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    This may be correct but today wasn't good evidence imo. He was cruising into the 6th. Had two strikes on Braun and catchers interference put him on. Then fatigue hit and hit hard. Bad walk and he should have been pulled. Instead after a visit idiot Kapler leaves him in... and he promptly hit a batter. Then idiot Kapler pulls him and puts in garcia instead of Siranthony... who gives up a grand slam scoring all 3 inherited runners.
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    I always laugh at that meme. I mean I guess for the common or dumb fan, it makes sense but it's hilariously ignorant. Allen was almost 36 by the time the playoffs came around the next year. KG was 35. Both were in steep declination. Pierce was 33 so he still had a little in the tank but that team really had a tight window of 2 years and they had almost no salary cap room. It's a false equivalency fallacy for the ignorant..... Within 2 years, Allen had joined Lebron in Miami as a bench piece and the Celtics were a .500 team who were one and done in a terrible East. There was no future in Boston and frankly, he couldn't get the talent he needed there if he wasn't going to sign for the minimum (something he wasn't willing to do).... Miami with 2 other All-Stars in their prime (Wade on back end but still in his prime) was a much better choice than playing with 3 old guys past theirs...
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    So far, Soto may be the single most impressive rookie I've seen in my 25 years of baseball fandom. SSS and all, but holy hell, I just haven't seen this maturity of approach before.
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    Nothing about Smith's start yesterday. He wasn't very efficient, but he did pitch 5.1 scoreless innings and get his 5th win. He's still holding up as a nice FA find to bolster the back end of our pitching staffs.
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    Murphy homered last night, and I also found this little blurb: Murphy began his rehab assignment on May 26. Per rules, position players’ assignments can last no longer than 20 days, meaning Murphy’s will have to end by June 14. Washington can activate him by then or keep him on the 10-day disabled list after the date.
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    Easy sit for me today but it's going to be exciting to see how he looks.
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    Easier said than done. Swing change is the new buzz word, but it usually takes a long time for a change to permanently stick. Joey Bats didn't game his high leg kick for over a year of practice.
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    KD winning a championship is like losing your virginity to a prostitute.
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    Most dominant team since the early Celtics
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    Exactly. Not just saving bullets. They wouldn't have come out to check on him if that was the case. Nor would they have taken him out at 71 pitches with how much they've had to use their bullpen of late. Didn't really notice much of anything with him while he was in the dugout. Still watching the game right now if only to see if there's any word on him before the game ends.
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    They beat LeBron without KD, your "dynasty" will always have a disgraceful, cowardly act associated with it. They'll never achieve the 3-peat which will be pure justice.
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    All this dude does is hit
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    What's the "track record" exactly? Pitchers from Japan get injured exactly how you'd expect pitchers to get injured from the USA, DR, Cuba or anywhere else, at probably almost the exact same rate.
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    Yeah this guy needs a middle name because there can only be one Jose Fernandez.
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    Legit still makes me sad to think about it. What a horrible loss of life and talent.
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    oh gosh I thought it was MIA Jose Fernandez. #toosoon?
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    I have to give credit to Pedro Martinez. Early this week they did a video package on MLB Tonight of Ohtani and he said something is clearly wrong with him. He's pretty good if anyone has watched him as analyst.
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    See - told you guys to get Gsellman! <<Shameless plug of getting one right due to zero of the factors at play when recommendation was made>>
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    Evils Mets doctors are starting to infiltrate all MLB teams. God help us all.......
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    Also wanted to add re: Houston, I guess as kind of a counter-argument to my own pro-trade argument above, is that once they get to the playoffs they likely aren't using their full rotation either. Cole and Verlander are obviously locks to keep starting, and after that you have to think Keuchel likely too just because of his history/status on the team. Morton has been nails, and McCullers would likely be on the outside looking in if the playoffs started today. So basically add McCullers (or Morton or whomever you think is odd man out) to that bullpen as well in the playoffs, and you have another guy that could have closer-stuff back there. Scary.
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    BB% - 14.8% K% - 14.8%
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