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    I still don't think Joc does enough to be a fantasy asset. Platoon players who club HRs are a freaking dime a dozen in today's landscape. Now if Joc had some position eligibility or could steal some bags, then I'd be interested.
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    I guess maybe there really is something to the ribs from the comebacker against the Rockies from 4 starts ago. Nothing serious it seems, but I just did a search and found a couple of articles from either late last night or earlier today. Basically, to sum them up, his velocity was down right before he was pulled. Walker said he was having trouble breathing and was in pain, but wanted to stay in. Obviously that didn't happen and wasn't going to. He was going to be taken for X-rays. They showed part of Dave Roberts' postgame press conference where he talked about Buehler, which is basically where I got that from, but the very end of the video he says that they took him for X-rays and the results were negative. I'm guessing that was edited in from later in the press conference? If any Dodgers fans on here could confirm that, it would be great. Anyways, I'll post the links to the two articles. For now, it still seems like it's nothing serious from what I gather. He had been getting treatment on his ribs ever since he got drilled, but last night seemed to be the first time anything ever popped up from it. Strange since it's been two and a half weeks and now four starts since then, but hopefully he'll be fine in the end. I guess the only true silver lining right now is it has nothing to do with his arm. http://www.latimes.com/sports/dodgers/la-sp-dodgers-braves-20180608-story.html https://dodgerblue.com/dodgers-news-walker-buehler-ribs-lingering-discomfort-hit-line-drive-comebacker/2018/06/09/
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    Theyll never understand us the way soto’s triple slash line understand us.
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    The first mistake is trying to make any sense or logic out of what Alderson says.
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    That's a silly opinion...... He amongst the handful of players to be considered top 5 players. He's easily the best of his generation and far better player than Malone, Barkley and the Admiral, who are all-time greats. If you want to delineate between someone like Jordan or KAJ and Lebron because of their championships, okay. There's at least a suitable argument but don't marginalize Lebron's amazing talent.
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    I don't even have Soto fever - but I think I need a gif like this, for Juan Soto, with the words 'Soto shot first!'
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    Jay Bruce especially. He is responsible for all of the runs. Couldnt throw Tanaka out at home and couldnt get his fat a$$ back to catch the ball that bounced over for a hr.
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    Also wanted to add re: Houston, I guess as kind of a counter-argument to my own pro-trade argument above, is that once they get to the playoffs they likely aren't using their full rotation either. Cole and Verlander are obviously locks to keep starting, and after that you have to think Keuchel likely too just because of his history/status on the team. Morton has been nails, and McCullers would likely be on the outside looking in if the playoffs started today. So basically add McCullers (or Morton or whomever you think is odd man out) to that bullpen as well in the playoffs, and you have another guy that could have closer-stuff back there. Scary.
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    He couldn't hold Bryant's jock (only saying this cause I have him for one more day).
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    Heaven forbid a professional athlete be required to briskly jog a few hundred feet. Disaster strikes. Kidding (sort of) Actually can we just blame the Mets for choosing to employ A-Gon? His error allowed Tanaka to reach base. In all seriousness though hopefully its just the minimum stint and nothing else comes out of it. Doesn't sound too bad. It sucks that it cut short what probably would have been his best start this year.
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    I know Miami doesn't have any money, but we can put up some Lemonade stands. And we also have food stamps. P.S.: Who needs money anyways. Happiness is more important. We'll show you a whole lot of love again, LeBron.
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    I've been on this forum for some time and you are the saltiest person i've run into. Lebron fans always say it's sad how people just hate and can't appreciate greatness. Exactly what you are doing here. We have never seen a team with such star talent play with so much fun and such selfless basketball yet you continue to spew your bull**** because they keep beating Lebron. Last finals KD averaged an incredible 35/8/5 with 1 stl and 1.6 blk per game. Including a massive shot to destroy the hopes of Cleveland and consistently performing better than Lebron down the stretch. This finals he averages 29/11/8 with 2.3 bpg and again performs incredible down the stretch. Both these finals he shot well over 50%. Even in his first finals matchup when his team shrunk like i've never seen he still managed to drop 31 PPG and shot 55%. KD is the best pure scorer in the league by a massive margin and a very good defender. He is an incredible player that would average 35 PPG with Lebron like usage. Yet you rather sit here and spew your crap because you are salty. KD is trash yet he keeps outplaying Lebron when the game is on the line. Funny. Game 1 if that is KD with a smaller defender on him he buries the game instead of passing. I'm not even a Warriors fan but it's hilarious to watch people get so butt hurt because the Warriors assembled a good team like literally anyone else would do.
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    That's not a bad deal for Acuna to be honest. Rosario has looked good last year and a half and seems legit, Moncada can only get better, also Lance would be a nice add to your pitching staff. You potentially get an OF upgrade and likely an upgrade at 2B if Moncada takes another step forward, plus a good SP. Depends what you think or expect of Acuna, if you think he will be like Trout or a lower tier talent. He seems to have all the tools to be a stud once he ripens but it's hard to predict future output. As far as range of player to target, really depends what value the other owner puts on Acuna. If he think's he'll be Trout in a couple years or his sky high expectations maybe you could pull off something big. I'd aim as high as you can and let the owners work you down if they aren't willing to pay your asking price. Albies has been good, though some have mentioned his struggles stem from his upper cut swing and not being able to hit well or lay off of the high stuff. Who knows what kind of adjustments he makes, it's wait and see atm. I think long term I probably would go with Acuna between the two myself.
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    I just traded him last night.
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    Yikes. 2 thanks in about 5 minutes. That makes me feel even better....
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    Yup when u put it that way, i realize I'm definitely a piece of s---
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    Robbie Ray's been thrown out a few times by a few people, myself included. It makes a lot of sense. I think Smith has more control but less Swing-and-Miss. And I like that Caleb throws a change. Yeah can't complain about 1.125 WHIP, 0.00 ERA, and 5 Ks in 5.1 IP with a W. It's incredibly fortunate he's been able to nab 5 wins already this season with this team. Hopefully that can continue. He's missing less bats now than he was at the beginning of the season. But, to me the important thing is that, despite throwing more balls in the strike zone, and despite hitters making more contact, his secondary offerings still aren't getting hit hard.
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    He was in a pretty rough place/slump before he was hurt. Maybe some time off did him some good. Hopefully, he watched some of his recent AB’s with the hitting coach and worked on a few things. ?
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    I do not trust kershaw at all at this point. With pitchers it’s about innings rather than age and kershaw has pitched like 230 innings for 9years in a row before these back issues. I’m too lazy to check the exact number,but it’s a lot. If he comes back at all I envision a Felix Hernandez type drop off in the near future. Felix Hernandez is 32 years old! If I’m wrong, and he does a verlander thing I’m going to be wrong by letting someone else take the large gamble and my consolation prize will still be an all star.
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    I'm not too concerned about the broken bones; esp. a finger fracture that isn't that uncommon for a QB--but the knees are clearly a gamble. Maybe his style of play will lead to a career plagued by nagging knee injuries, and maybe now that both have been surgically repaired, they'll be stronger than they were before (I think the risk of tearing the same ACL a second time is about 5% overall). So yeah, that's the wager; if you have the intestinal fortitude to make it. I've just been pairing Watson with a cheap, reliable QB who has an early bye (like Matthew Stafford or Alex Smith) and hoping I get at least six or seven game-winning performances out of Watson before he goes down (if he's going to).
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    Not sure what you're referring to, so pasting the Carroll quote here: “What has really jumped out is Chris Carson. Chris has looked incredible the whole time, the entire offseason," Carroll said. "He hasn’t missed one snap of anything. He just looks so fit, he’s just so cut and quick and explosive and all that. He might be the guy, when you look at everybody, who jumps out in that regard." http://www.thenewstribune.com/sports/nfl/seattle-seahawks/article212793274.html I don't think anyone will dispute that it's Penny's job. That said, Carroll and all of Seattle is high on Chris Carson from last season; he's a likeable kid with a strong work ethic, despite not having the draft pedigree. He'll operate as the COP behind Penny, and in this limited role he'll have a chance to prove himself; I imagine he'll show bursts, but other than Best Ball cannot be seen as a reliable fantasy producer. Regarding Carson as a 'cuff, Penny does not have any lingering / significant injuries, so if Carson goes undrafted as a 'cuff in some leagues, no surprise; Penny is solid. Penny does have a ball placement issue, as he does not place the ball on the opposite side of would-be tacklers; this ball fondling must be modified. Placement could become a problem in the pros, where' he'll face the most aggressive athletes in the world. I imagine the Seahawks are working Penny's placement as I type, but if trouble arises and if Penny falters (e.g. ball security), and if Carson shines----and is fully recovered from two separate injuries from the same incident----Carroll will not hesitate to utilize a timeshare. Several ifs here, but I see the bigger Penny "if" has more to do with Seattle, because Penny's skills and his role are both solid: has Seattle's offensive line been modified sufficiently to create a viable rushing game? Read more here: http://www.thenewstribune.com/sports/nfl/seattle-seahawks/article212793274.html#storylink=cpy
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    Cavs will go back to being irrelevant again.
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    I am a brand new Bo Bichette owner in one of my ESPN dynasty leagues. It feels good #3 waiver claim For The Win.
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    Well suck!!! Sometimes weekly leagues are a pain
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    Honestly, if i'm betting between Nelson and Bryant....give me Nelson all day. At least he's a proven commodity, a smart player with a good attitude. Too many things can go wrong for Martavis Bryant on his path to success imo.
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    Soto Baggins might just find me a ring this year
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    Does anyone know why yet?!? It's been 2 minutes!!
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    Please repost this every time people make idiotic posts like that.
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    It was cowardly for a front office to try and make their team as good as possible within the rules outlined by the NBA? You dont think Phil Jackson wouldve loved to have Stockton on his team? Only difference is, back then players of that caliber would never team up like that. Lebron started this super team idea, now it comes back around full circle. Again stop blaming an organization for improving their team. This team only works because of how unselfish they are. I can respect them staying true to the way they play after all these years.
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    4ip 5k 0walks 1hit Is that good?
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    While it's always obviously nice to see an opposite field HR, we all should be thanking Hunter Pence for it since he flat out missed it. I thought I saw that when I first watched the video posted here, then I watched it on the Nationals' website with announcers and they confirmed what I thought I saw. Oh, wait, almost everybody else is busy doing the daily discussion of whether a player hitting .339 with an OPS of 1.002 will play everyday over bench fodder...
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    If youre thinking of dropping a guy like Sanchez, than you might as well not roster a Catcher at all.
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    El Magnifico Cafecito!!!!!!!!!
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    I'd like to see the platoon continue for now. Let him build that confidence back up crushing RHP. Maybe give him the occasional start against a LHP if they face 2 or 3 in a row, but I don;'t want to see this guy thrown into a lineup facing Bumgarner, Lester or Corbin.
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    coleman? last i heard the team was over him i can only assume you are just hating on gordon dropping that
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    With Duke now tied to the Browns in a new contract, with your league not being PPR, with Chubb and Hyde in Cleveland, with Rush telling you to keep him, all signs point towards trading for the pick. But consider asking for a little more, nothing crazy, just a dart throw player you like; in a 24-team league, good to have a little capital, and if you’re trading for the pick it should open a roster spot. Plenty of players who have potential but would need a stroke of luck to help the world to see their talent (Chris Carson? John Kelly? Joe Williams? Search the roster of your opponent... that said, I’d also take the trade straight up). Hope this helps.
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    They'll probably go back to a traditional 5 man rotation instead of 6.
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    I bet he smashes a home run in his first at bat tonight to get rid of these ideas that he could be sent down. It would be ludicrous to send him down after hitting .350 ... he should be up so he can maybe teach harper how to stop hitting .220
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    Lol. What? 52 and 112 ABs speak for themselves? Come on.
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    I would absolutely put Garcon ahead of Allison. I get the appeal of owning a piece of a Rodgers offense, but Garcon has proven he can do it, in a system and offense that should be great this year. As for Geronimo, late round dart throw in re-draft. Given the 4 WR available you laid out, I would def take him #2 after Garcon though.
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    Playoffs this year? I’ll take that bet anyday
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    It was a joke. I would agree though, If Saquon becomes a great pro, he'll probably look like a Tomlinson or Faulk.
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    This is the kind of start i was waiting for..time to sell.
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    Looks to me like he actually has very nice two seam movement on his fastball.
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    I don't think I can forgive the Seahawks for drafting Penny and not giving C Carson a shot. That kid was so great last year. Just worked so hard and looked so good with NOTHING to work with in terms of blocking. Why the Seahawks drafted an RB in round 1 rather than focusing on their O line is beyond me. Also, if I played for the Seahawks, it wouldn't make me feel great to see Carson overachieve the way he did last year and work so hard to come back before the end of the season and then watch the GM just cast him aside like that. Really liked Carson, solid RB and obviously a great story. Boo Seahawks. Bad on you.
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    Well if you can’t even read a boxscore or understand the rules regarding save situations I won’t get into the legal ramifications of assaulting women....or the suspensions around it. Spend your time learning boxscores and saves...much easier.
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    I've heard that too many times with pitchers.