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    Boy. Hope all of these homeruns hit off of non-fastballs still count....
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    Wait until he hits 20 HRs to make sure he's legit before you pick him up -Rotoworld
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    Sort RP by K's Scan top of list for best WHIP Win
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    If you owned him you wanted to move him. It’s easy to preach from the buy low side of this, that position wasn’t getting borderline zero production from their first round pick. I wanted to move him in my 16 teamer, just couldn’t sell as low as it would take to move him. I’m glad I didn’t, but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to. All I’m saying is that it’s easy to say I told you so when you aren’t watching 0-4s with 3 ks for 8 weeks.
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    Hector Rondon in again today for the save opp.
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    Guys with this plate discipline never seem to keep up good results for long. I didn't know he was one of these "million Ks with zero walks" type guys when drafting him or i would've avoided. He's worse than Rougned Odor for crying out loud. Ugh
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    I forgot about Clint Capela, who's now a RFA. If someone like Dallas offers him the max, Houston either loses him or they won't be able to sign LeBron. Or CP either. In the event Houston matches Capela, 97% of their cap space would be eaten up by just Harden, Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon, P.J. Tucker, and Capela. That would leave 3% of the salary cap available for LeBron James and Chris Paul. So, like $1.5M for each of them. They probably wouldn't be OK with that.
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    "Alderson has worried as recently as last season that promoting a top prospect when the team is in dire need could set that prospect up for failure -- since some would view him unfairly as a savior."
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    He would be an elite bullpen arm. I think that's the only way to a long-term MLB future for Stras. If he makes the transition soon, he has a chance to preserve his longevity in the majors. He won't though.
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    I've been on this forum for some time and you are the saltiest person i've run into. Lebron fans always say it's sad how people just hate and can't appreciate greatness. Exactly what you are doing here. We have never seen a team with such star talent play with so much fun and such selfless basketball yet you continue to spew your bull**** because they keep beating Lebron. Last finals KD averaged an incredible 35/8/5 with 1 stl and 1.6 blk per game. Including a massive shot to destroy the hopes of Cleveland and consistently performing better than Lebron down the stretch. This finals he averages 29/11/8 with 2.3 bpg and again performs incredible down the stretch. Both these finals he shot well over 50%. Even in his first finals matchup when his team shrunk like i've never seen he still managed to drop 31 PPG and shot 55%. KD is the best pure scorer in the league by a massive margin and a very good defender. He is an incredible player that would average 35 PPG with Lebron like usage. Yet you rather sit here and spew your crap because you are salty. KD is trash yet he keeps outplaying Lebron when the game is on the line. Funny. Game 1 if that is KD with a smaller defender on him he buries the game instead of passing. I'm not even a Warriors fan but it's hilarious to watch people get so butt hurt because the Warriors assembled a good team like literally anyone else would do.
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    They have arguably the worst farm system in baseball and little in the way of young position player talent to get excited about. Their best bet at becoming relevant again in the near future is trading deGrom. Don't think it's even debatable at this point.
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    I’ve always liked the Fangraphs’ top 50 trade value series and I would guess Torres will sneak into the top 20 this year. DeGrom was ranked 37th last year and while he loses another year of club control, he’s pitching unbelievably. He’ll probably be ranked around there again this year. It’s a realistic ask if you’re the Mets and it’s a pretty easy no if you’re the Yanks.
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    Rondon going to get a fair shot to run away with the role. With a 1.50 ERA and 1.86 FIP and nearly 11k/9 on the season with 80 career saves, he has both the talent and experience to run away with the job. In fact, you could say his experience & talent combined is above any others even in the entire trade market for closers, so why wouldn't Astros give Rondon the chance 1st. 1 time is chance 2 times is coincidence 3 times is concrete Thats 3 straight save opportunities he's converted We could be looking at a Top 10 closer ROS here guys
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    Can we just establish right now that Torres is more valuable the deGrom?
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    All this positive talk about Carson from Pete Carroll is eerily similar to the way the coach talked about Thomas Rawls last year.
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    Wanna hear a crazy stat? In May -- yes all of May, 29 games -- the Mets got the following production out of clean-up / 4th spot in their lineup: .208/.286/.245 0 HR 3 RBI How is that even possible?
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    Well there is one major flaw with your conspiracy theory- there is a 0% chance Vlad or Vlad’s agent would ever go along with this.
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    The thing about JD is you know he won't have 6-10 game stretches withouut a homerun. His swing, and foul pole to foul pole power is just too sweet. Since May 1st, the longest he's gone without a home run is 3 days. Still, it's going to be tough to smash 61 in one season. He has 58 in his last 162 games.
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    Chaz Roe pitching in the 6th of a 3-3 game.
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    I don't mean to be rude, but how were you unaware of his Ks and BBs?
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    the hawks are a team that started a 3rd round rookie qb over their multi-year and mutli-million dollar fa qb because they thought he was better. this team also ran a 7th round rookie rb over a fa rb they paid $5.5 million dollars to join them as well as one of their own that had success with them in the past. they will play who they think is better. this gives carson a chance to legitimately compete with penny despite the lofty draft status imo. some sort of split is likely if both show well and this makes me wary of penny's high draft cost while making carson intriguing late
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    He still hasn't fully recovered from the shoulder injury. Michael Brantley took 2 years to recover from his shoulder issue and I think Conforto's was worse. I doubt Conforto will do much this season.
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    Team doctors probably not involved in this decision, so you're ok.
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    Just scooped up Rondon. If he runs away with the job then it’s a league winner. If not then we all just drop him in 2 weeks. No biggy, but the payoff is huge
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    That’s two more touchdowns than the Jets would score in 10 games, so I don’t see why everyone’s complaining...
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    The teaching is your job...
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    The biggest takeaway here is that he apparently calls Ken Giles, Kenny Lul
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    Owning this guy on a fantasy team is like owning natural erosion. He’ll make a big wave that’s fun occasionally but mostly it’s small dull ripples. Before you know it he’s been batting .180 for a month and your sand castle has been washed out to sea.
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    I think astros end up with Herrera. Maybe sooner than later. JMO
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    K rate down, average up to near .260. They got nothing left. They won’t be back.
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    2nd straight night with 2 HRs... This man is back with a vengeance!
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    Haters been quiet in here
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    He is. He’s incorporated a slider to go along with his disgusting sinker and now he’s getting strikeouts. He’s must own imo.
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    I think he's an early second round guy in either Philly or LA, and probably a mid-late second round guy in Houston or San Antonio as he'll get rested a lot more and will need to share the rock with Harden and CP3. Either way, I don't see him returning first round value again unless he for some reason stays with the Cavs and they fail to get a strong enough supporting cast again that can enable him to rest 5-8 games and not need to play 36 mpg. Loved owning him this season though.
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    Ok, this is just crazy analysis to me. Hitting is hard. Just taking a few months out and working on "adjusting for lift" and expecting it to be all sunshine and rainbows after... isn't how this usually works. For all we know, the swing never changed back at all, he just had some timing issues. Possibly he's getting worked differently now. Could be a million factors. Simply checking his statcast angle day by day isn't going to give the whole story. To really get the answer here you'd have to have video of every swing, plus be able to ask him what he was thinking/how feeling at those times. You know, like what his mlb hitting coach is doing daily.
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    I know Miami doesn't have any money, but we can put up some Lemonade stands. And we also have food stamps. P.S.: Who needs money anyways. Happiness is more important. We'll show you a whole lot of love again, LeBron.
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    I know it’s small sample and meaningless, but that 162 game average ???: .339/.431/1.002 114 runs /29 HR/76 RBI/ 10 SB (Side note my wife walked by and asked who I was typing heart eyes to. I told her it was a 19 year-old’s baseball stats. I think she wishes I was cheating on her).
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