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    Well, he should undoubtedly dominate all the Dominicans and Puerto Ricans.
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    Unless some sort of additional evidence comes out suggesting this injury was "faked", let's cease and desist on that line of discussion. Not only is it unproveable, but its is mostly irrelevant to Vlad's outlook.
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    Alonso gets compared to Rhys Hoskins a lot. Hoskins spent an entire year in AA at 23, then most of last season at AAA before coming up in August. Alonso's also cooled off a bit, with only 1 extra-base hit in his last 15 games. Nothing to worry about long-term, everybody slumps, but maybe he doesn't need to be rushed up to MLB right this second. I think he's a great dynasty hold but I've never really looked at him as much of a factor this year. Expecting him to skip AAA and leapfrog Smith (who was the higher rated of the two at the start of the year) seems a bit much.
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    People are scared that Arizona is "hot" recently in June because they beat up on the Marlins and had 3 games in Coors... they also played the cardinals, scoring 9 runs over a 3 game series, which is why I don't buy small samples for team hitting... at Colorado and Miami are some of the easiest matchups you can ask to throw runs up. If you are shy to start someone vs Arizona I don't see why you would bother owning them.
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    Francisco Mejia not in the lineup for AAA tonight. Stay tuned.
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    Mookie is back and hitting leadoff. Get him in your lineups people! https://twitter.com/Rotoworld_BB/status/1006265633313607682
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    Was seen talking to the trainer in between innings a couple times yesterday. Sounds like it was just a cramp, they were able to massage it out and he pitched through it. Just something to maybe keep an eye on.
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    The good news is if you owned both halves in yahoo you get TWO free roster spots!!
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    Throwing a 40 pitch bullpen session today. Threw a 35 pitch session Friday but wanted to throw two more and a live batting practice before rehabbing in the minors. According to ESPN, still on track to potentially return near the end of the month.
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    He never walks anyone. Next level control
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    What am I missing? Why are people afraid of Arizona? They're 29th out of 30 in OPS vs righties this year. Chase Field is 22nd in park factors this year. Of course, now that I've written that he'll get shelled.
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    never post about a pitcher doing well mid game Rotoworld Fantasy Baseball Rule #1 Also, use the gameday thread
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    Well there is one major flaw with your conspiracy theory- there is a 0% chance Vlad or Vlad’s agent would ever go along with this.
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    I agree, he is underrated. Speed is such a scarce commodity and he still offers something there. The PT situation and Braun's propensity to get hurt are the obvious concerns but he is a bad guy to move. Those two concerns are palpable to all and you'll never get in return what Braun has the potential to be.
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    I wouldn't draft any of them--even as a "prospect"--at this point of the preseason in any normal-sized league. By the way, who's Coby Cleaner? Dear Autocorrect, I am tired of all your shirt...
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    Wut You only rank guys by QS? That’s uh...not a great way to look at value. Caleb- 3.70 ERA, 10.83 K/9 Fiers- 4.01 ERA, 6.68 K/9 Kennedy- 5.76 ERA, 8.50 K/9 But...quality starts?
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    If anyone doubted whether or not he is the real deal I have a few eye popping stats about our boy Ross Stripling. Whatever quick metric you like to use to evaluate pitchers, after last night's start stripling ranks the following among starting pitchers in the mlb with at least 20 innings pitched. #1 K/BB #7 FIP #1 xFIP #1 SIERA #13 K/9 #2 BB/9 Pretty Acey
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    https://www.cleveland.com/tribe/index.ssf/2018/06/cleveland_indians_place_catche.html Yup . . . guy I traded him to just dropped him hours ago and now frozen for 3 days :banghead:
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    hand, herrera, familia, kela, etc are all closers on "non-competitive" teams, and all are obviously worth owning....
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    Please let him be healthy for ROS
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    Nay. Just thermonuclear war coming off of his bat.
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    I think that it maybe counts as a "tainted test" which is the same as a failed test in the eyes of the NFL. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. I for one do not hate the Patriots, it's almost impossible not to respect them, but man do I hate Julian Edelman. Have you ever heard this guy give an interview. Total douche.
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    More like is anyone NOT thinking of throwing him out today. It's Baltimore. The team with the worst winning record in all of baseball. If you don't pitch him against the wingless O's who DO you pitch him against?
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    He was left for dead on waivers in a dynasty league after the abysmal start, I recently added him after looking at this: By Month: March/April - 61.3 GB%, 21.5 FB%, 28.0 Hard Hit% May - 54.8 GB%, 30.1 FB%, 33.8 Hard Hit% June - 42.3 GB%, 46.2 FB%, 57.7 Hard Hit% Overall: 88.2% O-Contact% 91.8% Z-Contact% 5.3 SwStk% The numbers for June are SSS and he just finished a 3 game series @Col so take the %'s with a grain of salt but it certainly a good trend, maybe he figured something out? He has been much better vs LHP compared to RHP thus far but his .218 BABIP vs RHP should improve considering he has never had drastic splits. The plate discipline #'s are elite as far as contact goes, if he keeps hitting the ball in the air with some authority maybe Jeff Sullivan from FG's was onto something (see below, re-posting from page 1). https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/my-current-favorite-breakout-pick/
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    I play in a 16 team league and I gave up a while ago. Some other team picked him up and punted after a week. Until he shows some signs of life he is not rosterable. Next year I think I will do more homework to get guys on their walk year and avoid guys who just signed with a new team and switched leagues.
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    He wasnt healthy last preseason and he never quite got it going until well after people were trying to sell him as a bust. I expect him to be a solid wr2 this season with Smith as the QB
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    4th in the NL in RBI's, 10th in SB, 5th in Extra Base Hits, 4th in Homeruns, 8th in slugging... I understand the guy has had a bad week or two but how is he not rosterable? coming from the SS or 2B position I will take the production and the knowledge he is going to be somewhat inconsistent and streaky during an entire season.
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    Exactly. Moving him would be one thing plus others but asking for both of them plus others is a non starter
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    No contending team trades 2 guys off their current roster
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    For the MEts to trade DeGrom it would need to be a bonanza of young players in the majors and prospect...Yankees would literally be one of the few teams who could meet such a price and still be in good shape to win it all.....While it doesnt make sense to not do business just because they are the Yankees I can see them pushing for more than the average club for PR reasons.....If I were the Mets I'd want something like Torres, Andujar and a mid level prospect - to get it done - the Yanks would still be in great shape to win it all - plus have a cheap ace through 2020 - win/win.
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    Boringly good? Seems to have underwhelmed compared to many top 3 round picks. Rockies awful O has done him no favours though, clearly pitchers are avoiding him far more this year.
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    The AJ discussion isn’t necessarily wholly relevant to a Vlad discussion. We have people who seem to believe the injury is a fabrication. A large part of AJ’s complaint was about if they kept him on an injured status too long, but another part was centered on “where” the injury happens. Regardless, this is all hypothetical and silly. I see no reason to believe the Jays are going to do this, and I see no reason that Vlad would take it lying down if it did.
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    What other leagues even have service time as a consideration? What are you even talking about at this point? You're asking questions with no answers to nobody in particular in a thinly-veiled attempt to trash the Blue Jays organization for something they're not even guilty of.
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    I can't think of a case, because I think we've entered tinfoil hat conspiracy land of things that don't really happen. So I'm not really sure what we're supposed to be discussing with you asking for a "precedent" for something that would be outrageous, burn basically every possible bridge with an athlete/agent as well as future talent and probably be illegal. Service time manipulation sucks, but I also don't see any basis for claiming that the Jays are the kind of organization that makes up medical data to get out of paying a player. This isn't the Mets and the Wilpons, or some other dumbass org.
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    This dude breaks fangraphs
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    Gordon isn't doing JACK. This is a running team first second and third downs. Also Landry will be a drain on him all season. Please stop all of the unwarranted hype in this thread.
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    This is on the back of his baseball card.
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    He’s been pretty great in relief so far this year and I believe this was his 2nd start since May 31st. His fip(2.62) and xfip(3.12) are low, as is his Siera(3.04), each good for about top 20 of pitchers with a min. 30ip. He Displays an average 10% swstr% and very solid 19.5% k-bb. However his 87% LOB% and BABIP(.239) seem a little unsustainable. He seems to be finding success with his fastball and curveball, fangraphs showing these pitches values at 6.1 and 5.7 runs above average, respectively. I remember last year or maybe 2 years ago hearing his Curve had one of the best spin rates in the league.. actually according to baseballsavant he is 3rd in avg curve spin rate at 3097 rpm over the last 2 years (min. 200results). He also has thrown his curve 31% of the time this year! Now Looking at xstats: Min of 150 PA: 12th in xwOBA 19th in xBA 28th in xSLG He is currently outperforming each of these but nonetheless he is in the top tier or two here. After his 6 SO innings with 8ks, 0BBs and just 2 hits against NYY, I am definitely taking a flier. Good add for SP needy teams at the least. Anyone have any idea as to his status in the rotation? Any chance he stays in after syndergaard returns? Vargas and Wheeler don’t seem to deserve to stay. Kind of excited to see where this goes, maybe he breaks out this year maybe he does the same as prior years: Solid few starts and then falls apart.
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    He's got some pop, he'll hit HRs--esp these juiced mlb balls. Just strokes line drives all over the field too. Great eye and plan at the plate and does not K much either. My worry is they pinch hit for him when a lefty came in, really hope they don't run a strict platoon, because he can hit lefties fine. I believe they have 3 south paws on tap this week.
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    *peeks in, hears crickets* So, this dude is en fuego and has been for awhile now. He went 3-3 off Scherzer today (4-4 on the day) and he's approaching top 10 SS territory in my league. An absolute savior WW pickup. Tip of the cap.
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    Wait until he hits 20 HRs to make sure he's legit before you pick him up -Rotoworld
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    I forgot about Clint Capela, who's now a RFA. If someone like Dallas offers him the max, Houston either loses him or they won't be able to sign LeBron. Or CP either. In the event Houston matches Capela, 97% of their cap space would be eaten up by just Harden, Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon, P.J. Tucker, and Capela. That would leave 3% of the salary cap available for LeBron James and Chris Paul. So, like $1.5M for each of them. They probably wouldn't be OK with that.
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    Robbie Ray's been thrown out a few times by a few people, myself included. It makes a lot of sense. I think Smith has more control but less Swing-and-Miss. And I like that Caleb throws a change. Yeah can't complain about 1.125 WHIP, 0.00 ERA, and 5 Ks in 5.1 IP with a W. It's incredibly fortunate he's been able to nab 5 wins already this season with this team. Hopefully that can continue. He's missing less bats now than he was at the beginning of the season. But, to me the important thing is that, despite throwing more balls in the strike zone, and despite hitters making more contact, his secondary offerings still aren't getting hit hard.
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    dmb3684's definition of troll: a person who refuses to type that everything is great in New England and all their players are great and All-Pros from 1-53. My definition: someone who sidetracks the discussion with personal attacks. I am here to talk about Julian Edelman, or the lack thereof.
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    Well then I guess Pivetta, Foltynewicz, Arrieta, and Quintana should all be dropped as well if they are owned, because they didn't "easily handle" them. And hell Newcomb is WW fodder as well because he gave up 4 runs to the lowly Reds.