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    Sandy Alcantara coming up to start Fri v NYM.
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    Before anyone feels the need to continue trotting out the Jerry Rices and other successful NFL players who came from small schools, let me point out the inside joke to the uninitiated. You see, Darren Sproles attended Axe Elf's alma mater, THE Kansas State University. EMAW
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    The reality is, Sammy Watkins hasn't been put in a position to succeed, with Tyrod Taylor the Toadmaker as his QB (but people still think Josh Gordon is going to lead the league), and then the broken foot issue that plagued him a couple of seasons ago. With the Rams, he arrived late to the party, but he still got a share of the balls being spread around by Goff; it's not like he was forgotten entirely. Cooper Kupp was the team's leading receiver with 62/869/5, Gurley was 2nd with 64/788/6, Woods had 56/781/5, and Watkins carved out a red zone role to the tune of 39/593/8. Again, Watkins was the downfield threat, averaging 15.2 yards per catch; 1.2 more than the next-highest ypc average. Now his foot has shown it can get through a season healthy, and he's the #1 WR for a gunslinging QB whose strength is the deep ball. I'm not saying he's Saquon Barkley or anything, but I'm willing to give him a pass on his history to see what he can do now that he's in the best situation of his career, with four years experience under his belt.
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    1. Of course it matters. 2. He's not going to slug .550
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    As a Pats fan, the pick fascinated me. I didn't expect Bill to mess around with a RB so early, so it seems like he's committed to Michel. The strange thing to me is Michel is a known fumbler, and we've seen many running backs in NE lose their jobs over that very issue. There's a huge mystique around Patriot RBs, and how you can't trust them because its always a revolving door. Personally, I've always thought that was a very lazy excuse. Dion Lewis was amazing last year, as was Blount the year before. It usually takes Bill a few weeks to settle into his RB1, and the other backs always have a role (usually in the passing game, though sometimes stealing carries), but as whole the Patriots lead rusher is always a good bet to produce just based on red zone volume. Since 2012, New England has finished 1st, 2nd, 12th, 11th, 5th, and 6th in rushing touchdowns. Theres obviously a lot of scoring to go around in such a good offense. If Michel can get ahold of the staring job, which is quite likely, we could be looking at a Kamara-esque season. I wouldn't count on it, but he's easily the most talented rusher in the backfield, and Bill clearly wanted him or he wouldn't have used a first rounder on the kid. I think he's definitely worth a buy. If people want to stay away because he's a Patriots RB and that's too confusing for them, by all means. I will pounce.
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    We just get so used to his automatic starts that we forget he is human sometimes lol.
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    And normally I would be totally on board - but it's the Royals, and when they trade away Moose, Merrifield and potentially more? I just don't think the juice will be worth the squeeze here.
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    Even if DJ opts out of his contract the Clippers are right at the salary cap. Beverly has a $5 mil non guaranteed contract and Teodosic has only $2 mil guaranteed of his total $6.3 mil if he is waived by July 15. The last non guaranteed contract on the roster is C.J. Williams with 1.4$ mil so IF they release all of them they have 11$ mil for both Lebron and PG + the Bi-annual exception worth $3.4 mil . Good luck convincing them to take the most massive pay-cut of all times and play for a roster with no PG(remember they have to waive both Beverly and Teodosic and not resign Bradley).So to conclude there is no possible way for them to have the roster you proposed, even if they somehow dumped all of the $20 mil owed to Gallo... For reference, Lebron got $33.2 mil last year and PG got $19.3...
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    Replace Gortat with Harris and you have small ball lineup that can defend and score. This lineup matches really good with Warriors and Rockets. From basketball point of view Clippers make more sense than Lakers. I am not sure if this can happen money wise, but if I were LeBron I would definitely look at Clippers
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    He lives on my bench 3/4 of the season. I just trout him our when he starts warming up for his hot streaks. Otherwise he sits on my bench and watches JD show him how a fantasy stud should hit ... with consistency. I don't really understand how he is so streaky to the point of insanity. He seems like a sharp guy. Why is he the way he is?
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    God please move springer down in the lineup. So tired of the 0/5’s
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    LOL! Love the dog in him.
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    I'm a total Castillo stan. I won't give up on his career but I'm about to give up on the season. It's time to drop you. Goodnight sweet prince
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    wow, that's tough. I mean that's a pretty fair return you're getting for Machado and you could use the SP help. I guess ideally I'd like to get a top 6 or 7 SP in return for Machado, but Nola isn't too far behind that and his arrow is definitely pointed up. Have you thrown out offers just to make sure you can't get someone like a Kluber, Scherzer or Sale or Severino? I just ask because like you said, you don't necessarily need Bregman. However, if you can't get one of those top aces in return, I'd probably still do the deal if I were you. thanks for help with mine.
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    This is exactly why I will never draft a QB in the first 3 rounds. I prefer to wait until about the 6th round before I start considering it.
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    Both of you made bad decisions. You offered him 2 picks and he rejected the 2 picks. This is fantasy football not real world football any 2 combination of sony-guice-penny-royce-chubb-ronald is worth more than barkley.
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    He was going to be my last ditch QB pick if I found myself on the bad side of a QB run.
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    Ok...let me rephrase. Don't draft the Bronco with the highest adp.
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    I like Pham in a keeper. I know hes cold now, but I really like his outlook.
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    I would pass. Pham has struggled the past month & with how Porcello has been pitching, think you could land a better bat for him. Thanks for mine & good luck!
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    Looks like he's coming up for a start this weekend against the Mets if anyone needs a starter...
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    Jesus Christ wtf is this man on
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    It’s like him and Scoicia have an ongoing competition as to who’s the most inept manager in town.
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    Night dano don't mind, morning dano will be disappointed
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    Trade can't come soon enough.
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    Gorkys!!! 5 career home runs and he has 10 this year already lol.
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    Back to hitting Big Macs, unfortunately for AAA Sacramento. Boo.
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    Keep Trout and find two other pieces from you're team to move for Stanton & JDM
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    Godley with pretty much a dud outing. I don't think he pitches past the 5th (90+ pitches so far in the 5th). 9 baserunners, 2 ER.
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    I would love that trade for you in a 12 teamer, but in a 10 teamer it is less obvious. In general it is better to have the standout talents in shallower formats, but Stanton and JDMart honestly seem like enough for me even then. I would pull the trigger.
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    K rate matters more than walk rate. Pitcher throws ball, Adell hits ball out of park. I don't want him to work counts for no reason. But the K rate needs to come down.
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    Who cares? I just think it would be cool for (basically) a rookie to break an MLB record.
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    Red Sox have nothing to trade but low minors players so they can't afford Beltre and they need another outfielder (JBJ is a disaster with a bat) and a middle infielder anyway, not a 3B. The trade rumor they have been discussing the last two days on Boston sports talk shows revolve around Oakland and involves sending a low end minor league guy for Mark Canha who is a good hitter against leftys which is where they have a major black hole. (He sucks against righties but the Sox are loaded vs righties already). He also plays all three outfield positions. He'd probably end up the majority of his time in a platoon with JBJ if they do that deal. Also while giving Billy Beane cheap bodies for his low minors they may try for Jed Lowrie since it doesn't look like Pedroia will be back this year and they need more than Nunez and Holt with one playing 2B and the other filling in otherwise over the infield. Right now they called up Lin who is good defensively but can't hit at all and made an error his first play up which messes with his good defense label. So they have a hole to fill there. Both Oakland players would cost them next to nothing since Lowrie's red hot start is way way over and neither he (age) nor Canha are in Oakland's future plans especially since Canha can't hit righties so Billy will take about anything for them to get them off the payroll. If it happens it would be very minor trades for fantasy players unless you have Canha on a 20 league team say or Lowrie on your bench in a 16 team league. Weird if it happens though since Jed Lowrie came up with the Sox originally.
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    He’s always been pretty streaky. I remember when he came up he was abysmal for two months, then the next month+ he single handedly willed teams into the playoffs.
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    Nick @ Pitcher's List said he's getting a nice bump this week. He was #18 last week. I'm guessing #12/13 this week.
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    Let's get back on topic guys...
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    Picked up him up off waivers, one man's trash = another man's treasure.
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    gonna be hard to do when he only scores 6 TDs
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    And just as you say that...he gets benched god knows why
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    Kluber looks like garbage tonight.