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    Did I ever tell you guys about the time I traded josh Norman for Zeke and the right to f--- my friends hot gf? Just another genius move made whatever tf my username is on here
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    Where is CGXOP? Scrubbing the crime scene of evidence at Janoris Jenkins place?
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    Torn between a couple fliers. Cameron Meredith, WR NO @PackersFan1979 OTC @Br0kenB on deck
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    He has essentially been Jose Abreu at pick 280 or whatever
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    Here's the list of pitchers that you sit El Magnifico against:
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    I sure hope he gets better medical help then his players have gotten and wish him well.
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    Great streaming option next start against Oakland per Rotoworld for those in leagues with dead people and toddlers.
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    +1 here. Why do people have to be so cynical? Or why does everything have to be a means to an end. It is always fun to watch records get broken.
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    Another name for you guys today, Edgar Arredondo of the Texas Rangers organization. He's a 21-year-old pitcher that just got promoted to AA after dominating the Carolina League (A+) as youngest pitchers in the league (3rd youngest overall among pitchers with at least 50 IP). He was an international amateur signing out of Mexico in 2013 after becoming the youngest player to debut in the storied history of the Mexican League when he pitched for Quintana Roo at the age of 15. Despite that, he seems to be flying under the radar as he's not yet been considered among the top 30 prospects in the Rangers system by any publication which makes him a prime candidate for you all you all to potentially pick him up for free before the hype catches up. At advanced-A ball on the season, Arredondo has posted a 2.88 ERA with 68 strikeouts against just 11 walks in 59.1 innings pitched. That's a 10.31 K/9, a 1.67 BB/9 which is a very impressive combination of swing and miss stuff and control. His 2.93 FIP and 2.79 xFIP both rank top 5 in the Carolina League and suggest that he his performance to date has been legit rather than luck based. His 13.5% swinging-strike is well above-average (for reference, MLB average this year is currently 10.7%) and ranks 13th best in the Carolina League. He was named to the Carolina All-star Game and did well there too. Remember that he's doing all of this while being one of the youngest pitchers in the entire league! Regarding his scouting report, he reportedly throws a fastball that now sits 91-94mph and he locates it well all around the zone, he also has a mid 70's curveball that he uses as his out pitch along with a slider that he introduced in the 2nd half of last year. In addition, he also throws a changeup and I've heard that it's been the biggest growth for him as it has progressed from a fringey offering to a real plus weapon. That gives him a 4 pitch repertoire and along with above-average to plus command and you have the look of a very interesting SP prospect that most people haven't even heard of. Here's a nice example of him working outside to set up the inside pitch for the K: He is now at AA after receiving a promotion after the Carolina League All-star game, and had his start last Friday where he went 5 innings, giving up just 1 hit and 2 ERs, and striking out 3 against 2 walks. I think he's a very interesting prospect in deeper dynasty leagues that is showing a lot of interesting skills and he should be on more radars than he is!
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    I thought you shall not pass?
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    I’m thankful I play in a roto league and his end of year stats will hopefully be real good. May and especially April were brutal. Loving the June production!! I’m still dubious that I will get my return of investment, but the draft being a complete dud is long gone now. Keep it going.
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    Sandy Alcantara coming up to start Fri v NYM.
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    Before anyone feels the need to continue trotting out the Jerry Rices and other successful NFL players who came from small schools, let me point out the inside joke to the uninitiated. You see, Darren Sproles attended Axe Elf's alma mater, THE Kansas State University. EMAW
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    The reality is, Sammy Watkins hasn't been put in a position to succeed, with Tyrod Taylor the Toadmaker as his QB (but people still think Josh Gordon is going to lead the league), and then the broken foot issue that plagued him a couple of seasons ago. With the Rams, he arrived late to the party, but he still got a share of the balls being spread around by Goff; it's not like he was forgotten entirely. Cooper Kupp was the team's leading receiver with 62/869/5, Gurley was 2nd with 64/788/6, Woods had 56/781/5, and Watkins carved out a red zone role to the tune of 39/593/8. Again, Watkins was the downfield threat, averaging 15.2 yards per catch; 1.2 more than the next-highest ypc average. Now his foot has shown it can get through a season healthy, and he's the #1 WR for a gunslinging QB whose strength is the deep ball. I'm not saying he's Saquon Barkley or anything, but I'm willing to give him a pass on his history to see what he can do now that he's in the best situation of his career, with four years experience under his belt.
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    Really? Not in the least? Can’t even conceive it as a potential problem?
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    The problem was determining who the lead back was during Shanny's coaching career when TD was gone. But Shanny churned out RB1's every season with his scheme. More like don't invest high in a Broncos RB with the current/recent regime.
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/nfl/2018/3/2/17067790/john-kelly-rams-tennessee-rb “I think I run better routes than him (Kamara),” Kelly said at this year’s combine. “Tell him I said that.”
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    Man and I thought Axe Elf was annoying... You're the first poster to make me actually look for a 'mute poster' button. Congrats.
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    Reid likes alot of misdirection and movement so it makes sense they move watkins around same as they moved kelce and hill around in the formation.
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    1578 all purpose yards by Cohen in his rookie season. 1836 all purpose yards in his rookie season by who .... none other than Tyreek Hill. "Coach Nagy has me lining up all over the formation." -- Tarik Cohen yesterday I'm not letting Cohen go, I'm gonna party rock with Kamara, JuJu, and Cohen. Tarik Cohen is about to blow.
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    Godley's delivery... Anyone you can only use at home, vs bottom 20 offenses, who still ***** all over your ratios.. is just not all that useful.
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    being an O's fan, I'm not a believer in Schoop this year. This team is toast. They're going to trade his best friend (Machado), plus who knows who else, and they have nothing to play for. If it was a contract year, then I would.. but all signs pointing down for me.
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    I wish I knew this list yesterday ?. Oh well I can live with sitting him vs Kluber in a game that was delayed to start wirh a risk of postponement. Loving the return on investment and it was mainly because of his passionate supporters in this thread. Thanks!!!
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    Whoop! WR Tyler Lockett 55 touches last year despite never being healthy and Graham/Richardson on the field. Those 2 are gone, Doug Baldwin is what he is, and a lot of targets are up for grabs for a big play threat who’s finally 100%.
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    Since I’m all alone on this one.... ....back to back games with HR. 12 now.
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    As a Pats fan, the pick fascinated me. I didn't expect Bill to mess around with a RB so early, so it seems like he's committed to Michel. The strange thing to me is Michel is a known fumbler, and we've seen many running backs in NE lose their jobs over that very issue. There's a huge mystique around Patriot RBs, and how you can't trust them because its always a revolving door. Personally, I've always thought that was a very lazy excuse. Dion Lewis was amazing last year, as was Blount the year before. It usually takes Bill a few weeks to settle into his RB1, and the other backs always have a role (usually in the passing game, though sometimes stealing carries), but as whole the Patriots lead rusher is always a good bet to produce just based on red zone volume. Since 2012, New England has finished 1st, 2nd, 12th, 11th, 5th, and 6th in rushing touchdowns. Theres obviously a lot of scoring to go around in such a good offense. If Michel can get ahold of the staring job, which is quite likely, we could be looking at a Kamara-esque season. I wouldn't count on it, but he's easily the most talented rusher in the backfield, and Bill clearly wanted him or he wouldn't have used a first rounder on the kid. I think he's definitely worth a buy. If people want to stay away because he's a Patriots RB and that's too confusing for them, by all means. I will pounce.
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    Off Klubes! Almost swung out of his cleats.
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    We just get so used to his automatic starts that we forget he is human sometimes lol.
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    By the way, Shane Greene has lost games on back-to-back nights. Both games were A's-Tigers, so I don't blame anyone for missing it.
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    Cle broadcast was saying he was trying to go down tunnel in between innings to watch film of mechanics but didn’t have time due to short top 2nd. He looked terrible and to me like he was off on release point.
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    I appreciate it - I agree that he came out of LF as an option and admit I didn’t understand it at first. I used to watch him regularly (due to his intriguing upside) and I felt like he had conditioning issues that prevented him from remaining effective into the middle innings. I think the appeal here is, maybe he follows the failed-starter-cum-effective reliever trajectory a la Davis, Betances, etc. I’m interested to see what he can do with the role.
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    Bilal Powell and Paul Richardson
  44. 2 points
    I thought Sandy looked bad in the most recent presser. Just seemed fatigued and old. Indeed, I hope Sandy gets well.
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    54×20 = $1080 loss. Did you file taxes as a charity in 2016, @Axe Elf?
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    Dude...you went 0-54 in 2016 and had just 2 wins in 2017. 0 and 54?! Bravo. That truly is an accomplishment.
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    Eesh, why the hostility man? We're talking about guys who hit in the bottom third of the order on a team leading the majors in scoring. Why should they feel like they need to just throw Tucker into the lineup? No, Marwin/Reddick/Marisnick haven't been setting the world on fire, but they also haven't been a huge liability either. Marwin is batting .286/.384/.492 the last 28 days. Not bad for a black hole. Reddick is batting .348/.380/.348 the last 28. No extra base hits but it's hard to complain when a guy is getting on base at a .380 clip. Reddick and Marwin have both been successful in the past. I do fully expect Tucker to be a better ballplayer than either of them ever were or will be, but why bench solid production now for potential production? I love Tucker, but you're acting like he's a shoe-in to be better than what they have now, and that's simply not the case. Tucker is going to get his shot soon enough. But they can't bench a competent ballplayer just to give him a shot, not when they are already the best offensive team in the majors. If they were fighting for contention, I could see going for that jolt, but they really don't need to do that right now. Why not wait to see if the offense goes stagnant before a call up. Why make changes to a team who is 7-3 their last 10, 16-6 this month. Why in the world would they want to go make a significant change to the team and offense when there is no reason whatsoever? Let him get his consistent at bats in the minors. These things have a tendency to work themselves out.
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