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    Fitz is a beast. But he's an old beast approaching a cliff that no one can predict. I have no qualms with taking/ranking Fitz ahead of Gordon. Doug Baldwin on the other hand... I'd rather watch Josh Gordon flame out, than to suffer a season of Doug Baldwin's mediocrity. His career best year only got him to 10th. (2015) The next year he scored less fantasy points, but because he finished higher (aka the field sucked) people wanted to pretend he was trending up with Wilson. (2016) Then in 2017 he takes another step backwards, fails to break 1,000 yards, has his lowest catch rate and reception totals in years, despite Russell Wilson having career highs in fantasy points, pass attempts, and Touchdowns. On top of that, Doug Baldwin is now being drafted HIGHER than he was last year, and you want to call it a discount? People in this thread want to talk about overratted WRs, then stop pointing the finger at Jarvis Landry and take a look at Doug Baldwin. Doug Baldwin finished 14th overall last year. These are his weekly finishes, weeks 1-16: 39th, 37th, 9th, 63rd, 47th, 5th, 26th, 4th, 22nd, 32nd, 81st, 24th, 18th, 105th, 18th. Doug Baldwin is a glorified DeSean Jackson, Mike Wallace, Torrey Smith, Ted Ginn Jr that somehow people have convinced themselves is different. 3 Great weeks that inflate his yearly totals, 8 weeks he destroys your team, and 4 weeks of whatever. *No Offense to D.Jax and Wallace who were actually legit in their prime. 10th WR off the board, and 26th player overall. Absolutely insane. And before someone even tries to make the claim, NO, 2017 was not an outlier, he's game logs for 2016 looked the exact same. In fact, you can find this exact warning label in his 2016 thread, where I explained ad nauseam to people that he didn't deserve to be drafted as the 11th WR off the board, 25th overall. 2018 is no different. He doesn't deserve to be drafted as the 10th WR off the board, 26th overall. He wasn't a value last year, I don't know how he could be considered a value this year. You are drastically overpaying, because one time 4 seasons ago, he had 14 TDs. Age effects everyone differently, but food for thought, Baldwin will be 30 years old at the start of this season. Do not be fooled by position by attrition.
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    Correa is ranked 62nd overall in standard 5x5 formats. That is without an adjustment for position scarcity (guys who hit like a stud OF or 1B are really hard to find at SS for example). 3 of 6 months into the season he's under performing his 'baseline' at the moment .. but there's still a lot of season left. Think 80 more games batting in the middle of one of the best lineups in baseball with a career .285/.360/.485 (wrc+ 135) line. If Correa being a few HR, hits, and RBI off pace 3 months into the season is the biggest problem your fantasy team is dealing with at the moment, then you are likely positioned extremely well in your league/and well on your way to winning the championship.
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    Borderline top 25? Carlos Correa is ranked 53rd among hitters on the standard scoring player rater. 84th overall.
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    A lot of the credit needs to go to the coaching staff as well. They completely turned him into a new hitter, and we've seen them do it with other guys like Chris Taylor and Justin Turner. He's a completely different hitter from his Oakland days.
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    Most recent Gore highlights...
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    In a dynasty league where a bad decision can hamstring you for years trading 2 players with unknown usage for 1 super-stud that you know is going to get monster volume seems like a no brainer to me.
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    I think you'll have to take McKinnon in the second round by the end of the summer if you want him.
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    That’s highway robbery. Yogurt >> celery sticks all day. At least throw in some blue cheese.
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    Yep, and it seems if all goes well, he'll slide back into the rotation at some point next week whenever it would be his "turn" after the rehab game. At least that's what the blurb (Andy being the source of that) made it seem like.
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    Seranthony with the bounce back 2 inning 3k 0 whip save lets goooo those are gold!
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    Except the Kike/Pederson platoon works exceptionally well while Kike can give days off around the lineup when they want to play him vs. a RHP. Piscotty is on fire, so hard to blame you there, but I'm content to roll out Joc against RHP and think the Dodgers will continue to be content with that as well.
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    I can help you two out. The last time Washington had a top 5 receiving group was when it included Art Monk and Ricky Sanders. With or without Reed in 2015 and 2016, the only people besides you who believe that group was top five are Daniel Snyder, Bruce Allen, and their immediate families. Not talking uncles, cousins and grandchildren.
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    my gf and ii came to visit NM for her job interview-we went to the ABQ game today and Hampson is extremely impressive watching in person-went 3 for 4 with a 2runHR today and is now up to .321 avg remember watching a young adam eaton in ari system @visalia and gotta say that hampson completely reminds me of him hitting wise-hampson actually seems to have a better hit tool then eaton in the minors but they are both grinders yet patient and I could only hope hampson stays healthy in the majors
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    I like Atlanta's offense to be better this year than last. Freeman isn't a sexy draft pick anymore, but he's still only 26, and barring injury, you can count on him for at least 1400+ total yards and between 8-12 TDs. Add in 40+ receptions in the pass game as well. I'm sure Atlanta's offense won't be the 2016 version, but I think they'll be better than 2017 which should give Freeman some additional scores.
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    This thread needs to be permanently shut down
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    Naaaaah. That's what people said last year when the Dodgers routinely had 7 arms for 5 rotation spots. Buehler was already going to have his innings managed, and now they'll just have an easy excuse to rotate him in and out. Rich Hill gonna Rich Hill, which means more openings as blisters come and go. Kershaw's no guarantee to stay healthy as we know... Some or all of them will likely see diminished workloads when healthy, but I don't see any of them spending a significant portion of the season in the bullpen.
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    How cute. You think the Dodgers will actually have 7 healthy starters all at the same time.
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    Ya but I'm willing to bet on career numbers. He'll come around.
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    I honestly have no idea what to think of this.
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    Haha, sure use the only example that benefits your side of the debate. Plenty of other examples were already laid out for you. Last year's RB class was an outlier. That doesn't happen every year.
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    Scherzer is the #1 SP IMO. Maybe try a 2 for 2 where you move Max and one of your lesser SP for Kluber or Sevy and either Hill or Paxton? Or if you want to move Thor, maybe try to get Snell and Paxton?
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    I would be OK with moving Thor for Snell
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    From the list provided: 1) at their respective ADPs, I'd draft a different player/position over MGordon (health/coaching/game plan concerns + 2 other RBs on the team that can catch the ball), and DCook (not yet a yr removed from ACL surgery)...every time. and 2) draft JMcKinnon 1-2 RDs later...if possible (2 RDs later would be pushing it with JMs current/rising ADP).
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    I don't feel good about throwing Anderson against anyway. I know people thnk "it's the Reds" but they've actually put a hurting on some pitchers. Scooter, Suarez, Votto, Peraza, and Schebler are all batting over .300 the last month. Winker is too, but not a regular. Duvall and Hamilton are batting close to that the last 2 weeks. I need to see another week out of Anderson before trusting him. So, by default, I'd be picking Montgomery. I don't think that's a bad play either. Cubs can beat Berrios, but MM may end up with a tough luck loss. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/705034-machado-for-bregman-and-nola-18-team-dynasty-whir/
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    Screw the Finals record... LeBron will never surpass Jordan for the simple fact that he put on a dissappearing act vs Mavericks in 2011. That will forever be a black stint on his legacy. I cant remeber Jordan having that awful of a performance as LeBron did in 2011.
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    He will get rocked next start
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    No one mentioned Matt Carpenter in this thread. Sad. So many smart people and no one pegged Matt -- 2nd in the league in OPS since 5/16 -- Carpenter as a good buy low. I wonder sometimes.
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    Bieber just ended the second with 2 Ks looking with two runners on. Buckling down and painting corners. 23 of 28 pitches strikes so far. Edit: Full disclosure, the K’s were Fowler and Wong, but still.
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    In this one, I thought maybe 3-4 of the fly balls out of 7 total fly outs were almost automatic straight up pop outs (SS, 2 CF, maybe 1 to RF too, can't recall exactly). Also got 2 little league dribblers (P & 1B). I almost get the impression that he is a plus contact manager in addition to the plus plus strikeout ability because hitters just can't pick him up or square him up. Let's investigate further by looking at every starting pitcher to pitch 20 innings this year: -In his 22.2 MLB innings: Soft: 20% (55/186) Medium: 52.5% (13/186) Hard: 27.5% (8/186) Fly Ball %: 48.7% (176/186; of course Verlander is last) IFFB%: 15.8% (18/186) -Other stats including Minors: Hits: 2017-AA = 38hits/63 innings; 2018-AAA = 16hits/32.1 innings (Away only); and 2018-MLB = 7hits/22 innings) K/9: 2017-AA-12.86 K/9; 2018-AAA-12.81; and 2018-MLB 13.90 HR: 2017-AA-2HR in 63.2innings, 2018-1hr in 22.2 MLB innings and 2018-AAA- 1hr in 59 innings (it came during his 26.2 innings at Colorado Springs (6.5k ft, Coors 5.2k ft)). -So we got a much shorter, more athletic Carter Capps that no one can pick up based on how he limits hits, prevents hard contact and his ability to miss bats. Misses bats by throwing a darting fastball (with lots of extension) all over the zone, but especially high which helps setup his curveball that he was burying yesterday. I don't know what to expect going forward, but I'll bet it takes the NL (sit vs WSH) until next year to figure him out.
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    Joe Biagini got a hold today and now has a 2.00 era since June 17, with 6 appearances in the past 10 days and 2 holds total; seems to be righting the ship and I think the results should lead to continued high-leverage usage. Thoughts?
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    This is just not his year, I could see him being a late round steal next year though, similar to getting Severino for free last year after an awful sophomore year.
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    He’s either joking or had his head bashed one too many times by an Ent.
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    Sandy Alcantara coming up to start Fri v NYM.
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    The reality is, Sammy Watkins hasn't been put in a position to succeed, with Tyrod Taylor the Toadmaker as his QB (but people still think Josh Gordon is going to lead the league), and then the broken foot issue that plagued him a couple of seasons ago. With the Rams, he arrived late to the party, but he still got a share of the balls being spread around by Goff; it's not like he was forgotten entirely. Cooper Kupp was the team's leading receiver with 62/869/5, Gurley was 2nd with 64/788/6, Woods had 56/781/5, and Watkins carved out a red zone role to the tune of 39/593/8. Again, Watkins was the downfield threat, averaging 15.2 yards per catch; 1.2 more than the next-highest ypc average. Now his foot has shown it can get through a season healthy, and he's the #1 WR for a gunslinging QB whose strength is the deep ball. I'm not saying he's Saquon Barkley or anything, but I'm willing to give him a pass on his history to see what he can do now that he's in the best situation of his career, with four years experience under his belt.
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    FWIW it was his shortest MLB outing. So we can definitely chalk this up to an outlier.
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    I love how they dismissed the Solder/Hernandez additions as nothing while talking about Pugh like they just let Larry Allen go. Couldn’t read much more.
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    It's not all about prospect rankings. The Yankees are high on him internally... they put him on the 40-man this winter to avoid the possibility of losing him in the Rule 5 draft. No small compliment given his injury history. All you have to do is look at the guys he leapfrogged to get this opportunity to know how much the Yankees love him. Most notably Justus Sheffield who's a top 25-30 prospect in MiLB.
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    It's just you bud. Godspeed.
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    Cook easily, Melvin and Fournette as well. His floor in PPR will be as high as anyone not named Gurley, Barkley, Zeke or DJ.