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    It was a tag up play on a medium distance fly ball. Looked like the third base coach told him to hold and he took off like a maniac anyways. Was out by 8 feet.
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    Heard he has a blister on his neck...
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    If your league counts pitching stats, yeah.
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    From Rotowire: Paddack was moved up to Double-A San Antonio on Thursday, Dennis Lin of The Athletic reports. Spin: Paddack cruised through the High-A level, posting a 2.24 ERA and 0.90 WHIP over 10 starts with Lake Elsinore. In just 52.1 innings, he racked up a remarkable 83:4 K:BB after missing the entire 2017 season due to Tommy John surgery he underwent in August of 2016. Look for him to remain with San Antonio for the rest of this season.
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    To understand his usage you have to understand Kapler. Good luck... hahaha
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    He now has a 144 wRC+. That's 17th among all hitters and 7th among all OF.
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    Agree. Stop with the wannabe Joey Votto act and launch some balls into the stands.
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    Must be great screwing grandpa joe over in your friends and family league
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    Wow dude you must be really close to the guy to know so much about how he thinks and his state of mind, lol.
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    These topics are always fun to look back on to see just how wrong you were. Mine were pretty funny in hindsight last year. I'll give it another go for this year... Arizona Cardinals: David Johnson gets hurt and Chase Edmonds finishes top 12 in RB fantasy points (ppr) Atlanta Falcons: Julio Jones breaks his career high in touchdown receptions (10, 2012) Baltimore Ravens: Kenneth Dixon emerges as the best RB on the team and is an every week starter by season's end Buffalo Bills: Kelvin Benjamin has 10-plus TDs, all thrown to him by Josh Allen Carolina Panthers: DJ Moore has more fantasy points than Devin Funchess Chicago Bears: Allen Robinson fails to reach 1,000 yards but finishes with 10-plus TDs Cincinnati Bengals: Tyler Eifert actually stays healthy for a whole season Cleveland Browns: Powered by an explosive offense led by Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, Hyde/Chubb/Duke, and David Njoku, Tyrod Taylor sets career highs in passing yards, TDs, and passer rating. Baker Mayfield does not see the field Dallas Cowboys: Michael Gallup leads all Cowboys WRs in fantasy points and finishes as a WR2 Denver Broncos: Royce Freeman has over 1,000 yards rushing and at least 8 TDs Detroit Lions: Luke Willson emerges as a TE1 in fantasy Green Bay Packers: Geronimo Allison emerges as the No. 2 behind Adams. Jimmy Graham scores fewer than 8 TDs. Houston Texans: Watson fails to finish the season once again and is labeled the next RG3 Indianapolis Colts: Jack Doyle finishes as a TE1 despite the presence of Eric Enron Jacksonville Jaguars: DJ Chark beats out Moncrief, Westbrook, Lee, and Cole as the best fantasy WR on the Jags Kansas City Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes leads the AFC in rushing yards and TDs by a QB Miami Dolphins: Frank Gore leads the team in rushing yards and touchdowns Minnesota Vikings: Stefon Diggs scores more fantasy points than Adam Thielen New England Patriots: Tom Brady wins league MVP...again. Rex Burkhead finishes in the top 15 for RBs. New Orleans Saints: Cam Meredith and Michael Thomas each go over 1,000 yards receiving with at least 5 TDs apiece New York Giants: Odell Beckham Jr. has his best statistical season yet and finishes as overall WR1 New York Jets: Quincy Enunwa has more fantasy points than Robby Anderson and T. Pryor Oakland Raiders: Jordy Nelson has more fantasy points than Amari Cooper Philadelphia Eagles: Nick Foles is traded at the deadline to a team that suffers an injury at QB Pittsburgh Steelers: Leveon Bell has his best statistical season yet and finishes as overall RB1 San Diego Chargers: Keenan Allen sets career highs in receptions, yards, and TDs San Francisco 49ers: Jerick McKinnon finishes top 10 among RBs in ppr Seattle Seahawks: Brandon Marshall leads Seattle in TD receptions St. Louis Rams: Cooper Kupp has more fantasy points than Robert Woods and Brandin Cooks (ppr) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ronald Jones wins rookie of the year Tennessee Titans: Dion Lewis gets hurt by Week 7 and Derrick Henry is an RB1 from Week 8 on Washington Redskins: Chris Thompson has more fantasy points than Guice
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    With LeBron's arrival, low percentage, lack of 3 pointers, (potentially) bad knee and possibility of tensions with the team (link below) he is on my "Do Not Draft" list if he is with Lakers to start the season. Thoughts? https://www.silverscreenandroll.com/2018/7/4/17534986/lakers-rumors-lonzo-ball-injury-torn-meniscus-surgery “I don’t think the Lakers wanted anyone to know, and I think there is a belief around there that that information was put out there from around Ball’s sphere to keep from getting traded, because if teams knew he was having knee surgery they’re not trading for him. I think there was concern there that he might be put in a deal.”
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    Go Nola, Richards, Bauer, Hill, etc. https://rotogrinders.com/weather/mlb http://www.baseballpress.com/lineups Happy Nola day, gents.
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    I never understood why some people always blame the manager I blame the players. They did not do there jobs.
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    Many of these are not bold, I recognize that, but I did a prediction for each team. Ones I thought were truly bold are in bold. Pats - Chris Hogan ends up a top 18 WR Jets - Sam Darnold takes over in the 5th Game, and proceeds to put up top 12 numbers the final three quarters of the season. Dolphins - Kenyan Drake is the only player on the team to finish in the top 25 at his position. Bills - Lesean McCoy plays less than 8 games, and finishes outside the top 30 Steelers - Antonio Brown sets the NFL receptions record as Ben freelances way more without Haley around. Bengals - After a sub-par first half of the season with Joe Mixon, the Bengals rely more on 26 yr old Giovanni Bernard who becomes a top 12 PPR back in the 2nd half. Browns - Josh Gordon regains form for 70-1,300-10 to finish as a top 10 WR Ravens - Able to hold off Lamar Jackson all season with 11 wins, Joe Flacco puts up career highs with 4,400 yds and 28 TD. Titans - Corey Davis hype train smashes into a wall as he finishes outside the top 40 WR while Rishard Matthews again is the most reliable/consistent option. Jaguars - overconfident from the surprise 2017, they fail to break .500, with Marquise Lee being the only player to exceed his statistical ranking from prior year. Colts - Andrew Luck regains form and finishes as a top 7 QB option under the tutelage of Frank Reich Texans - Deshaun Watson doesn't miss a beat, and leads the Texans to the #1 Seed in the AFC, and the #1 QB ranking. Raiders - Derek Carr establishes career highs in both yards (4,400) and TD (34) while the Raiders support three different 1,000 yard WR. Chiefs - Pat Mahomes does his best Jay Cutler mixing jaw dropping ability with head scratching inconsistency en route to an 18th overall finish and 8-8 record. Broncos - After a 2-0 start, a Case Keenum injury sends the team into immediate free-fall with a 4-12 record, and little value from the entire team for fantasy purposes. Chargers - Melvin Gordon and the Chargers finally put an injury free season together, and he ends up the #1 RB in all of fantasy. Redskins - Alex Smith leads the Redskins to the Division Title, and he leads Jamison Crowder to career highs of 80-1,120-8 Cowboys - with quite possibly the worst passing game in the NFL, the Cowboys are unable to mask Dak Prescott and finish 6-10 while he is outside the top 25 QB. Eagles - Zack Ertz finishes as #1 TE. But losing OC Reich, and oozing Hubris, they fail to make the playoffs as Wentz stats look closer to 2016 than 2017. Giants - Riding the back of rookie Saquon Barkley, the Giants return to the playoffs, while Sterling Shepard (due to OBJ injury/holdout) is the most productive WR. Vikings - Kyle Rudolph will be a top 4 TE Bears - Tarik Cohen ends the season top 12 in PPR at RB Lions - Kenny Golloday will be impossible to hold back, as he leads the Lions in Receiving Yards Packers - the #1 seed in the NFC, but shocked in the Divisional Round as their inability to stretch the field is exposed. Ty Williams finishes highest ranked RB. Saints - Fail to make the playoffs, but Brees still throws for 40 TD for the first time since 2012. Panthers - Cam Newton transitions into a pure pocket passer and rushes for a career low in attempts, yards, and TD while leading the Panthers to Division Title. Falcons - Julio Jones contract issues linger as he puts up his worst receptions and yards since 2013. Bucs - Dirk Koetter is fired after Week 7, when the Bucs go 0-6 with a loss to the Browns. Lost season for everyone except Mike Evans who finishes top 5 as WR. 49'ers - Jimmy Garoppolo wins league MVP in year 2 of Shanahan's system, similar to Matt Ryan. George Kittle ends season in top 10 TE. Seahawks - Chris Carson regains lead dog status after his ability is impossible to deny despite rookie threat Rashaad Penny. Rams - Brandin Cooks finishes outside the top 50 WR, as he resumes Sammy Watkins enigmatic decoy role. Cardinals - on the clock for the 1st pick in the draft in 2019, going 2-14. Rosen takes over in week 5, and finishes with more INT than TD.
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    A lot? Those numbers are pretty low, if anything. 100 would be shockingly low. 120 sounds about right. I think 120-130 is about what I'd expect. Here are players who stayed healthy and had around 100 targets last year. Jimmy Graham -95 Nelson Agholor - 95 Mohamed Sanu -96 Alvin Kamara - 101 Jermaine Kearse -102 Kenny Stills - 105 Marvin Jones - 107 What do all of these guys have in common? None were the target leader for their teams. ARob will clearly be the #1 target on the Bears. *Not to mention guys like Diggs, Crabtree, Parker, Sanders, etc who were on pace for well over 100 targets. Hell, Kendall Wright had 91 targets last season with the Bears. If ARob simply inherits his target share, he'll already be over 100 targets based on the increase in volume alone.
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    Thanks. I looked over your query but I have nothing to offer - I have no to little knowledge of college players until NFL draft time.
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    12 team 6 spot ESPN ADP +/- 2 spots Kamara D.Freeman J.Gordon D.Watson M.Jones B.Cooks K.Rudolph T.Cohen C.Thompson N.Agolor K.Cole QB: Watson RB: Kamara RB: Freeman WR: Gordon WR: M.Jones WR:Brandin Cooks TE: Rudolph Flex: T.Cohen K: whatever Def: Bears Bench: C.Thompson, N.Agolor, K.Cole, some others Its a start
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    Same here. Not worried but it’s something I’ve been making more of. His last 3 starts were against the cubs twice and the Rockies once which aren’t easy lineups. Neither is his next start at LAA. We’ll see how he does but I’m still starting him. Just not with as much confidence as I had a few weeks ago.
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    Goldy side. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/705441-storyohtani-for-correa-whir/
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    Auctions are a wily beast, and you never know how they’ll go, how many leaguemates will overspend or underspend. I’ve seen ARob go for as low as $7, high as $28 (12-team, $200, varied configurations of WR/Flex spots, half-point and full PPR). I’m seeing ARob go after this quartet, and lately Marvin Jones and Golden Tate seem to be jockeying for first drafted Lions’ WR.
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    This is like saying the Warriors have multiple all stars and the Pelicans have multiple all stars. And if there were 2 of only 8 teams then the Warriors and Pelicans, both with multiple all stars, would run into each all the time in the playoffs. And you know what, I have the Warriors winning 99 out of 100 times in that matchup. If you are going to go with this argument of all star players, then you need to look at the ratio of all stars to starters in the entire league. Then compare that ratio to today. Volume is key, and there just isn't much volume in a 8 team league to fill out an all star team. Also, the all star game voting is far from perfect. And I am not saying anything negative about Russell or that era or this era. I know what I have seen and lived through and I wish I could have seen Russell play back in the day. Dude was obviously a beast and amazing competitors are fun to watch. You can counter or not. I don't like the GOAT discussion and definitely don't need to get into the GOAT dynasty discussion. Just wanted to point out what I think is a possible flaw in the logic you are using.
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    Young Goatenewicz definitely has top 10-15 SP potential. He said he has been working on his mental game this past offseason which is really what separates guys with elite talent.
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    It's the only thing that makes sense. Let's just hope they can find it
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    Murphy will be a FA next season and Rendon in 2020 so he can play 2B or 3B should one of them leave. And he had another 2-hit night yesterday…..
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    IF he intends to let you put Sale in the package. Then go for Sale+Folty(or Clevinger or McCullers). IF he intends to exclude Sale from the package, then go with Nola+MadBum. help?
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    As the risky WR3 that he is...no sooner. The CHI defense is way too good to allow the garbage-time fueled stats that propelled Bortles, Robinson and Hurns in 2015. He's much closer to Braylon Edwards than to a truly elite WR. Plus he's still not 100% yet (limited in OTAs), I'm not sold on Trubisky, and the Reid coaching tree doesn't feed WR1s the 150+ targets Robinson has demonstrated requiring to be even a top-20 WR (and he didn't even do that in 2016 despite seeing 150+ targets).
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    sorry for that. what i really mean is that if a lot of people from our league wants him, i might really reach at 5.
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    Buffalo- No QB gets more than 7 starts this year Miami- Albert Wilson becomes a solid WR3 in fantasy New England- Jordan Matthews becomes an every week WR2. NE still wins East NY Jets- Sam Darnold starts right away and with lack of receiving options, Chris Herndon is a top 10 TE in fantasy Baltimore- They'll finish as the #1 fantasy D, Hurst/Andrews combine close to top 5 TE fantasy points Cincy- Frustrated after a bad start, the Bengals trade AJ Green before the deadline Cleveland- They have a lot of talent and make the playoffs Pittsburgh- With Bryant's targets gone, JuJuSmith Schuster comes within top 5 fantasy WRs Houston- Watson is figured out and has a sophomore slump in year 2 but HOU makes the playoffs and Watson flashes there Indy- Jack Doyle puts up top 3 fantasy TE numbers with Luck back and lack of reliable receivers Jacksonville- With a tough early schedule, The Jags start 2-6 and struggle to recover Tennessee- Matt Lafleur in '16 turned Matt Ryan into gold, '17 Goff into gold, Mariota will put up top 3 fantasy QB #s as TEN makes playoffs Denver- D will put up +20 fantasy points vs Seattle in Week 1 and will be the #1 waiver wire pick in FAAB KC- Mahomes is good as advertised, puts up air show with Tyreke, Watkins and Kelce and KC wins AFC West again LA Chargers- LA will fall on tough luck again with injuries as they'll lose key piece on offense & defense struggling to get to .500 Oakland- Amari Cooper solidifies himself as first round pick in '19 drafts but OAK falls short of playoffs Dallas- Dak gets benched at some point for poor play NY Giants- They'll pull a Dallas from a few years ago as Barkley will live up to expectations and Odell has a resurgence. They'll win NFC East. Philly- They'll be the six seed in the NFC as the defense regresses Washington- Jordan Reed plays 13 games Chicago- excellent rush attack with top notch D gets them in the playoffs as a WC Detroit- Golladay becomes a WR2 after Tate or Marvin Jones goes down with injury Green Bay- #1 seed in NFC and this time they're going back to the Super Bowl Minnesota- Cousins melts down in final four weeks (3 games on road) to keep Vikings from playoffs Atlanta- Tevin Coleman finishes with better fantasy numbers than Freeman and ATL wins the South Carolina- Norv Turner doesn't mesh well with the offense and is fired shortly into the season New Orleans- Kamara sees TD regression, gets dinged up and has sort of a sophomore slump season Tampa- Ryan Fitzpatrick goes 2-1 during Winston's suspension but the Bucs go hot and cold during Winston's starts Arizona- Bradford gets injured in preseason. Rosen starts Week 1 LA Rams- Go 2-4 in their final 6 games to just miss playoffs which includes Suh giving up on plays, Peters losing his composure and drawing a crucial 4th quarter penalty and Goff making some bad crucial throws. SF/Rams Week 17 will be winner goes to playoffs match Seattle- Russell Wilson gets pounded by Von Miller in the first game and deals with injuries all year long. The Seahawks collapse and get #1 pick SF- The Niners make the playoffs with Breida/McKinnon splitting work. SF loses a playoff game because of late game playcalling by Shanahan
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    Stole home again! Javy is baseball.
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    Contusion. Should be back tomorrow or the next day hopefully. worst feeling in the world seeing a Freeman thread get bumped because you know it’s because of an injury of some sort.
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    I'm in the same boat in one keeper league. Going back and forth on Evans. But I have decided, Winston or Fitzmagic I'm sticking with Evans as a keeper. Hes still very young (24) and can beast. He still gets targets and is a red zone threat. We saw what a bad year looks like (2017) and I expect him to improve on those numbers. I do think he can improve on the 5Tds from last year.
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    Fangraphs now catching up on our hype train: Lowe was promoted to Triple-A a few weeks ago and is hitting .341/.431/.716 there in 21 games. His swing had better hand separation last year, which led to a semi-breakout, and now Lowe’s batted-ball profile is also changing, his ground-ball rate dropping from 42% to 35%. We had him projected as an average everyday player at second base, but it appears there might be another gear here.
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    What exactly were you all expecting, Aaron Nola? He's a handful of starts into his major league career, not sure why you are expecting cy young performances. Happens to all kinds of young pitchers. Berrios, newcomb,heck look at Blake Snell last year vs now. Pitching in the majors is kind of hard (or that's my understanding). If you can't stomach uneven pitching outings you need to invest your first three rounds of picks into pitching.
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    Now they are saying g Friday.... Does it even matter? Pick someone off the wire to hit you a couple weak singles and score a run.
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    As a commish in one of my leagues, I wouldn't veto that deal. It's a stupid trade, imho, but not veto worthy.
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    I think those off-season commericals and prank videos have caught up to him. I wonder how many times he swung the bat to get just the right shot...
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    Polanco turns 25 on Thursday.
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    Absolutely, you should pick him up. Hot commodity
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    No. I've just played a good deal of both, and I've found this to be true in my experience.
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    Who the hell wants to drop Springer?
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    For one I just don't think that is at all likely. Like not at all. But even if it WERE. There's ONE back that's going to run on GOAL TO GO situations. How is this not going to be the back that sees TDs? It literally makes no sense to me. Jeremy Hill waltz into double digit TDs as a worse back with worse conversion stats. Howard's an actually talented RB. There's no one thicccccc on this team to run the ball but howard. He's going to get HB Dive from the 3 yard line at least once a game. I think a 50-50 or 60-40 split for RB snaps is pretty far out there. And I STILL believe that there would be almost NO CHANCE in my mind for Cohen to win the TD game.
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    what are the chances that this leads to Tucker being called up ?
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    This is why I like fat pitchers. You can't pull fat and if they feel something, it's probably indigestion.
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    Looks like I'm just talking to myself itt. Lol. Lourdes has been named the starting SS for Toronto with Diaz hitting the DL for a few weeks, so he should be 2B/SS/OF eligible in Yahoo leagues after today. Gurriel really needs to do something with this opportunity, however. He's young and a rookie, but his first 17 games haven't been very productive.
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    If you look in a dictionary under JAGOFF, this analysis will be there (yinzers will get this). Seriously, you cannot write off every prospect that doesn't have great scouting reports, especially those who have a 171 wRC+ at AAA. I mean, you can, you'll just be at a disadvantage over those who are actually doing their homework.
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    Appears to be back for a visit.