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    It was a tag up play on a medium distance fly ball. Looked like the third base coach told him to hold and he took off like a maniac anyways. Was out by 8 feet.
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    Thankyou as always Fuzzy. Happy 4th Roto forum family. ?
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    Heard he has a blister on his neck...
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    If your league counts pitching stats, yeah.
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    So annoying. Guy hasn’t had an RBI in forever. The yahoo app on my phone won’t even let me scroll to the last game he’s got an RBI
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    If anyone watched the Cardinal's game on 7/4, the broadcasters did a pretty interesting analysis of Ozuna's swing. It looks as though that the main element that's changed is his leg kick. He always had a little "lift and drag" motion with his lead leg, though this year he's added a pretty substantial leg kick to go along with this previous motion. I think this is making it harder for him to time his swings, which might be causing his issues. I think he'll figure it all out personally, so if you can buy low on this guy definitely go for it.
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    I heard fantasy xm reporters raving about what great condition he’s in all winter. The second I saw him play,I knew I had been duped. He aged FAST. He wreaks of Bautista and pujols. Even if he plays, he’ll be pulled in the 7th for a base runner...pulled 10 times mid game because of a tweak. That’s in addition to severely dropped off stats. I broke my own rule and drafted a guy over 35 (is he 35?i dunno,he plays like he’s 45,I’m just guessing.). He also has 2 herniated disks. I’d rather have a potential closer or a post hype sleeper than a guy who has a Brandon belt ceiling and an aj reed floor.
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    Seriously, if Kendall Wright can get over 90 targets on last year's team then it should be easy for AR to get over 100 this year.
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    “If Harper can’t get his team to .500.” Great point. Is Trout REALLY that great? I mean, he can’t even lead his team into the playoffs!
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    I watched the three games when Boston came to town and I was NOT impressed with their manager. He just let Tanner Roark stay out there and get humiliated for inning after inning in the hot, humid sun. Way to destroy any confidence he had left there. Also when Fedde looked injured in the second inning of his game -- and he indeed came out -- he didn't come out with the trainer like most managers do showing concern for his player. He waited until the trainer was out there for well over a minute or two until he bothered to slowly saunter out to the mound. The Red Sox announcers were commenting on his seeming lack of concern and said they couldn't remember seeing that in a manager before. He then called in this guy named Grace who had done yeoman's duty already just the night before and that surprised me. He made some other questionable decisions too I can't remember now too. Just know from the little I've seen I'm not a fan of this guy. ESPN said the Nats held a closed door "players only" meeting right after the Red Sox swept them too. I guess the players had to do it since the manager doesn't seem too much in charge there. Yeah I know players meetings equal taking responsibility yadda yadda and they have been slumping but I don't think they would be this bad with better leadership from the top. First Dusty and now this guy. Front office doesn't know who to hire to manage their team it seems. This generation of Nats players are missing their opportunity and a large part of it is not on them. And the inability to coach Harper alone from being the biggest yo-yo player in the game as in super great to sucks swings all the time and to aim at making him more consistent is another negative against the Nats. I can't prove it is their coaching but if in the years to come after he leaves the Nats and he becomes what his potential says he should be all the time and not every other year, I'm going to give partial credit to his new coaches.
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    A month of .260-12-4-19-3 is really good...yes. Over a six-month season, that projects to .260-72-24-114-18. I'm not arguing that Polanco is that type of hitter...just saying it shows that his September is 2017 was really good.
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    From Rotowire: Paddack was moved up to Double-A San Antonio on Thursday, Dennis Lin of The Athletic reports. Spin: Paddack cruised through the High-A level, posting a 2.24 ERA and 0.90 WHIP over 10 starts with Lake Elsinore. In just 52.1 innings, he racked up a remarkable 83:4 K:BB after missing the entire 2017 season due to Tommy John surgery he underwent in August of 2016. Look for him to remain with San Antonio for the rest of this season.
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    To understand his usage you have to understand Kapler. Good luck... hahaha
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    the league type is called a devy league and is growing in popularity. i did my first last year and got another starting this year. only having one guy keeps it fairly simple and the few resources out there can help well enough. if those are the only two players unavailable you are in luck as there is a ton of talented guys for you to choose from you stated you wanted a rb but the rb class for 2019 is a little meh and the 2020 class is appearing to be loaded. if you don't mind waiting another year it could be worth it as your leaguemates take lesser players for immediate returns. if you would consider a wr the 2019 class is looking great. i'll put the class year next to guys... 1. Cam Akers, RB, FSU (2020)- a beast. miles better than anyone in the 2019 class 2. A.J. Brown, WR, Ole Miss (2019)- potentially the next great wr in the league 3. N' Keal Harry, WR, Arizona State (2019 but could be 2020)- another great wr prospect. him and brown are the cream of the crop for wr prospects imo 4. J.K Dobbins, RB, Ohio State (2020)- another beast. if you like SPARQ you will love dobbins. not as big as akers but big enough and very explosive 5. D'Andre Swift, RB, Georgia (2020)- very well rounded. maybe moreso than the two above him. elite pass catcher and route runner. comprable to kamara at the next level. was good enough to get run even with chubb and michel in town last year as a freshman. only problem might be... 6. Zamir White, RB, Georgia (2021)- big time recruit coming off an acl in high school. if he recovers well from that he will be at the top of many of these kinds of lists next year. for now i think swift holds him at bay but this guy is another monster 7. Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin (2020)- another guy who could rise. was great as a freshman. good size and good speed. not much recieving pedigree but could improve there this year 8. David Montgomery, RB, Iowa State (2019)- the first rb in the 2019 class on this list. blast onto the scene last year after being overlooked by many. is prolly the first rb drafted next year but likely a day 2 guy. not the fastest guy but solid overall in breaking tackles and making guys miss 9. Rodney Anderson, RB, Oklahoma (2019)- injured his first two years but came back big time last year. injury concerns are there with his history but when right he is one of the most well rounded prospects you will find. good size, good speed, good hands, good power. massive game in the rose bowl against georgia to cap off his year. if he rolls on into this season and stays healthy he could rise above all the rbs in the 2019 class 10. Bryce Love, RB, Stanford (2019)- massive producer. big time speed and play making ability. on the smaller side (195lbs) and not much production in the receiving depot. some love him cause of his big plays and production. i don't particularly like him due to size and lack of receiving chops. that said he is in the heisamn hunt once again and could very well be the 1st rb taken next year, especially if develops some passing game chops there is plenty more guys outside of the top 10 and it's hard to project to the next level sometimes. some of these guys likely fall out of favor among prognosticators and others not mentioned will rise. other highly thought of guys include Kelvin Harmon, WR, NC State (2019), Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson (2020), Bryan Edwards, WR, South Carolina (2019), Dekaylin Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss (2019), Ahmmon Richards, WR, Miami (2019), A.J. Dillon, RB, Boston College (2020), Stephen Carr, RB, USC (2020), Trey Sermon, RB, Oklahoma (2020), among others
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    Welcome back Mr Cueto!
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    Drafting Guice before or after.... McKinnon? Mixon? Howard? Collins? Miller? Ajayi? Penny? Michel? I think the 240 carries + 30 recs is a fair estimate. I could see 260+ if the stars align. For context, here are the attempts for guys who started 16 games last year: - Bell 321 - McCoy 287 - Gordon 284 - Gurley 279 - Howard 276 - Hunt 272 - Gore 261 - Hyde 240 250 carries is guaranteed 1,000 yards rushing. If YPC is 4.3, he's at 1,100 yards rushing. I don't think 270 carries is out of the question just looking at Hunt and Howard volume up there, and remembering how misused both were. Can Guice add 250 receiving? 10 total TDs? Why the hell not? If so, he's pushing for 200 standard points which is low end RB1. So back to the original question. I'm probably taking Guice over Howard late in the 2nd round of a standard league. Perine and Kelly are garbage. Thompson may not be healthy. If the Skins OL stays healthy, Guice will break 4.3 YPC. Anyone who has scouted college running backs knows how good this guy is.
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    I am. If Freeman plays, he historically knocks around Chacin as does half the lineup. Chacin is pretty garbage so I am betting a cool 5-2 win for Atlanta unless Fried implodes; I dont think he will, he is trending in the right direction Jhoulys Chacin (mil) - throws R vs. atl - 8:10 PM EDT - Miller Park RotoGuru ESPN MLB Yahoo RotoBaller BB-Ref FanGraphs BATTER NP PA AB H 2B 3B HR R RBI BB SO SB CS AVG OBP SLG OPS wOBA ISO other site links Freddie Freeman L 69 14 11 5 1 0 2 4 2 3 3 0 0 .455 .571 1.091 1.662 .654 .636 | RotoGuru | ESPN | MLB | Yahoo | RotoBaller |BB-Ref | FanGraphs | Tyler Flowers R 26 6 5 4 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 .800 .833 .800 1.633 .717 .000 | RotoGuru | ESPN | MLB | Yahoo | RotoBaller |BB-Ref | FanGraphs | Nick Markakis L 33 9 7 4 2 0 0 1 2 2 0 0 0 .571 .667 .857 1.524 .633 .286 | RotoGuru | ESPN | MLB | Yahoo | RotoBaller |BB-Ref | FanGraphs | Ryan Flaherty L 10 3 3 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .333 .333 .667 1.000 .417 .333 | RotoGuru | ESPN | MLB | Yahoo | RotoBaller |BB-Ref | FanGraphs | Johan Camargo S 9 3 3 1 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 .333 .333 .667 1.000 .417 .333 | RotoGuru | ESPN | MLB | Yahoo | RotoBaller |BB-Ref | FanGraphs | Ender Inciarte L 18 6 5 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 .200 .333 .200 .533 .267 .000 | RotoGuru | ESPN | MLB | Yahoo | RotoBaller |BB-Ref | FanGraphs | Dansby Swanson R 22 6 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 | RotoGuru | ESPN | MLB | Yahoo | RotoBaller |BB-Ref | FanGraphs | Kurt Suzuki R 7 2 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 | RotoGuru | ESPN | MLB | Yahoo | RotoBaller |BB-Ref | FanGraphs | Active totals for Atlanta Braves: 194 49 42 16 5 0 2 9 6 7 4 0 0 .381 .469 .643 1.112 .476 .262
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    He now has a 144 wRC+. That's 17th among all hitters and 7th among all OF.
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    probably get him a little later now which is even better
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    I’ve seen how this one ends. You’re leaving out the part of the story where, after that bold move, you then traded Zeke for Devante Parker and went ahead and on draft day you boned your friend instead of his hot gf on a hunch. Because you’d self aggrandizing preseason talk doesn’t axually materialize into real results and then you disappear from this forum like the anti-Bobby Fischer of fantasy football.
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    He didn't break out, his season was a fluke. Yes he's an athletic freak and a raw talent, with plenty of 'potential'. As predicted by anyone with a semblance of logic, Bortles crashed down to earth in spectacular fashion the following year. AR15 did NOT repeat 14 TDs, yet alone 16. JAX didn't get to pile on stats at record rates in garbage time, AR didn't repeat the 3rd best 'deep threat' season ever, Allen Hurns and M.Lee actually played decently and for more than 5 games, JAX defense actually improved, etc etc etc. A.Robs 'breakout' season, was the perfect storm of flukes, that no one should have expected to repeat. He played all 16 games, had only 1 less target than his 'breakout' year, and only 7 fewer catches.
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    And banished the only game plan (centering the offense around Ajayi) that actually has won him games with MIA. A refresher: 2016: 1-4 without featuring Ajayi, 9-2 featuring him. 2017: 4-3 featuring Ajayi, 2-7 after trading him away for peanuts. Odds are that Miami is really bad this year, which should favor the pass catchers.
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    First time seeing Parker, god damn his delivery is annoying...But job done
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    I remember the first time I had some beers on July 4th... jk
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    When you punt FT% you are likely gonna double punt 3's so Steph is actually great for a punt FT% build.
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    Agree. Stop with the wannabe Joey Votto act and launch some balls into the stands.
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    Must be great screwing grandpa joe over in your friends and family league
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    Why do some people still think that W-L records are relevant for pitchers?
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    Wow dude you must be really close to the guy to know so much about how he thinks and his state of mind, lol.
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    Its not about winning arguments. Not gonna say the WS had no effect on his mental makeup but to say he wouldn’t sign with them is simply incorrect. The Dodgers chose not to match the Cubs’ offer. Also, His 2017 total was 209 strikeouts, that’s elite starting pitching as far as I’m concerned for fantasy purposes. Sure, wasn’t at Cy Young form and may not ever be at that level again. Doesn’t mean he can’t be a steady top 20-30 pitcher.
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    Saying the second half of the season is a small sample size then pointing to the World Series to say he’s terrible just doesn’t quite add up to me
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    These topics are always fun to look back on to see just how wrong you were. Mine were pretty funny in hindsight last year. I'll give it another go for this year... Arizona Cardinals: David Johnson gets hurt and Chase Edmonds finishes top 12 in RB fantasy points (ppr) Atlanta Falcons: Julio Jones breaks his career high in touchdown receptions (10, 2012) Baltimore Ravens: Kenneth Dixon emerges as the best RB on the team and is an every week starter by season's end Buffalo Bills: Kelvin Benjamin has 10-plus TDs, all thrown to him by Josh Allen Carolina Panthers: DJ Moore has more fantasy points than Devin Funchess Chicago Bears: Allen Robinson fails to reach 1,000 yards but finishes with 10-plus TDs Cincinnati Bengals: Tyler Eifert actually stays healthy for a whole season Cleveland Browns: Powered by an explosive offense led by Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, Hyde/Chubb/Duke, and David Njoku, Tyrod Taylor sets career highs in passing yards, TDs, and passer rating. Baker Mayfield does not see the field Dallas Cowboys: Michael Gallup leads all Cowboys WRs in fantasy points and finishes as a WR2 Denver Broncos: Royce Freeman has over 1,000 yards rushing and at least 8 TDs Detroit Lions: Luke Willson emerges as a TE1 in fantasy Green Bay Packers: Geronimo Allison emerges as the No. 2 behind Adams. Jimmy Graham scores fewer than 8 TDs. Houston Texans: Watson fails to finish the season once again and is labeled the next RG3 Indianapolis Colts: Jack Doyle finishes as a TE1 despite the presence of Eric Enron Jacksonville Jaguars: DJ Chark beats out Moncrief, Westbrook, Lee, and Cole as the best fantasy WR on the Jags Kansas City Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes leads the AFC in rushing yards and TDs by a QB Miami Dolphins: Frank Gore leads the team in rushing yards and touchdowns Minnesota Vikings: Stefon Diggs scores more fantasy points than Adam Thielen New England Patriots: Tom Brady wins league MVP...again. Rex Burkhead finishes in the top 15 for RBs. New Orleans Saints: Cam Meredith and Michael Thomas each go over 1,000 yards receiving with at least 5 TDs apiece New York Giants: Odell Beckham Jr. has his best statistical season yet and finishes as overall WR1 New York Jets: Quincy Enunwa has more fantasy points than Robby Anderson and T. Pryor Oakland Raiders: Jordy Nelson has more fantasy points than Amari Cooper Philadelphia Eagles: Nick Foles is traded at the deadline to a team that suffers an injury at QB Pittsburgh Steelers: Leveon Bell has his best statistical season yet and finishes as overall RB1 San Diego Chargers: Keenan Allen sets career highs in receptions, yards, and TDs San Francisco 49ers: Jerick McKinnon finishes top 10 among RBs in ppr Seattle Seahawks: Brandon Marshall leads Seattle in TD receptions St. Louis Rams: Cooper Kupp has more fantasy points than Robert Woods and Brandin Cooks (ppr) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ronald Jones wins rookie of the year Tennessee Titans: Dion Lewis gets hurt by Week 7 and Derrick Henry is an RB1 from Week 8 on Washington Redskins: Chris Thompson has more fantasy points than Guice
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    I guess at this point it's fair to ask: when has Votto ever let you down? In 2014 he hit .255 but was injured. In 2012 he was also injured and only hit 14 HRs... but... he hit .337/.474. Joey has never hit less than 24 HRs in a full season. Relax.
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    Poor Monta? As much as I liked him when he was on the Warriors, let's not forget the infamous moped accident (which happened right after his 6 year contract extension) during the 2008 offseason. He shredded his ankle and was never the same player after recovered, got suspended for 30 games without pay (immediately causing a rift with management after a long-term extension), the team went 29-53 allowing the Warriors to draft... yup, Stephen Curry. Sure, Warriors management could've handled the incident better but I'd say a lot of what happened was self-inflicted. It was a career-changing incident for him (both in terms of health and team relationship) and indirectly changed the NBA landscape for the next several years, up to the present. I'd say that feeling sorry for Monta for not wanting to play w/ Curry and getting traded seems to be off the mark when you look at the bigger picture.
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    That was almost a month ago, did you just find out now?
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    Lol I guess there are similarities. I think with guys like Curry or Brady they eventually get hated because they are so dominant. People have a very short memory and have a hard time dealing with hypotheticals. They love an underdog story. Believe it or not both Curry and Brady were once underdogs though their legacy will say otherwise. Hell even Jordan was an underdog from being cut from the varsity high school team to being good not great in college. Gets injured his first year in the NBA. Some people are calling him a bust. Gets the s--- beat out of him by the Bad Boys. Conversely, everyone was bowing to LeBron from high school. Sure the teams he was on sucked but his individual ability was never in question. Again this is just personal preference so take it as a grain of salt but his story really isn’t compelling to me.
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    Might try to sell high on Avisail where I can
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    I need to see how the roster shakes out before making a statement like this. My guess is Boogie takes his time in rehab. If that is the case, it is the same team as last year. Only difference is that if they are healthy they will get more rest instead of missing time to injury. They all get knocked down a bit, but guys like Draymond, KD, Steph are still going to produce serious stat lines. That said, if someone wanted to build around Greek instead of KD or Dame instead of Steph I could understand the logic and wouldn't call them an idiot. That's the narrative you hear, but I am calling BS on the whole idea that Boogie is a cancer in the locker room. I haven't heard one teammate of his come out and blast him. I haven't heard an ex-teammate come out and say anything bad about Boogie on the court. Maybe they have, but I haven't seen it. Boogie played for the worst run franchise in the league. They literally wanted to play a man down on defense and just have a cherry picker. That is some crazy sh*t. And they were horribly run. This is a team that went mini-Nets style with the Sixers in a trade so they could sign Rondo and "compete". They are beyond terrible. So if you are one of the best players in the league and embrace your community but face nothing but frustration at work you are probably going to need to vent a little. Especially when you work for a team that has no clue what they are doing from a competitive standpoint. He vented immaturely and I won't say he didn't, but he hasn't been proven to be a bad teammate and I think that is where the line should be drawn. Guys like Dwight get blasted by ex-teammates. Boogie isn't even close to that level.
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    gonna reach him around 6th round. might go as high as 5th if everything gets efd up
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    Buffalo- No QB gets more than 7 starts this year Miami- Albert Wilson becomes a solid WR3 in fantasy New England- Jordan Matthews becomes an every week WR2. NE still wins East NY Jets- Sam Darnold starts right away and with lack of receiving options, Chris Herndon is a top 10 TE in fantasy Baltimore- They'll finish as the #1 fantasy D, Hurst/Andrews combine close to top 5 TE fantasy points Cincy- Frustrated after a bad start, the Bengals trade AJ Green before the deadline Cleveland- They have a lot of talent and make the playoffs Pittsburgh- With Bryant's targets gone, JuJuSmith Schuster comes within top 5 fantasy WRs Houston- Watson is figured out and has a sophomore slump in year 2 but HOU makes the playoffs and Watson flashes there Indy- Jack Doyle puts up top 3 fantasy TE numbers with Luck back and lack of reliable receivers Jacksonville- With a tough early schedule, The Jags start 2-6 and struggle to recover Tennessee- Matt Lafleur in '16 turned Matt Ryan into gold, '17 Goff into gold, Mariota will put up top 3 fantasy QB #s as TEN makes playoffs Denver- D will put up +20 fantasy points vs Seattle in Week 1 and will be the #1 waiver wire pick in FAAB KC- Mahomes is good as advertised, puts up air show with Tyreke, Watkins and Kelce and KC wins AFC West again LA Chargers- LA will fall on tough luck again with injuries as they'll lose key piece on offense & defense struggling to get to .500 Oakland- Amari Cooper solidifies himself as first round pick in '19 drafts but OAK falls short of playoffs Dallas- Dak gets benched at some point for poor play NY Giants- They'll pull a Dallas from a few years ago as Barkley will live up to expectations and Odell has a resurgence. They'll win NFC East. Philly- They'll be the six seed in the NFC as the defense regresses Washington- Jordan Reed plays 13 games Chicago- excellent rush attack with top notch D gets them in the playoffs as a WC Detroit- Golladay becomes a WR2 after Tate or Marvin Jones goes down with injury Green Bay- #1 seed in NFC and this time they're going back to the Super Bowl Minnesota- Cousins melts down in final four weeks (3 games on road) to keep Vikings from playoffs Atlanta- Tevin Coleman finishes with better fantasy numbers than Freeman and ATL wins the South Carolina- Norv Turner doesn't mesh well with the offense and is fired shortly into the season New Orleans- Kamara sees TD regression, gets dinged up and has sort of a sophomore slump season Tampa- Ryan Fitzpatrick goes 2-1 during Winston's suspension but the Bucs go hot and cold during Winston's starts Arizona- Bradford gets injured in preseason. Rosen starts Week 1 LA Rams- Go 2-4 in their final 6 games to just miss playoffs which includes Suh giving up on plays, Peters losing his composure and drawing a crucial 4th quarter penalty and Goff making some bad crucial throws. SF/Rams Week 17 will be winner goes to playoffs match Seattle- Russell Wilson gets pounded by Von Miller in the first game and deals with injuries all year long. The Seahawks collapse and get #1 pick SF- The Niners make the playoffs with Breida/McKinnon splitting work. SF loses a playoff game because of late game playcalling by Shanahan
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    Late night ffcalc mocks, in Aug, are filled with people who can measure up against anyone here.
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    I own both and you would have to pry them from my cold dead hands. Or offer me a top 50 current year player haha. Point is - those kind of guys with that kind of upside are the exact long plays I look for in dynasty - no different than a top 10 prospect or something.
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    I think those off-season commericals and prank videos have caught up to him. I wonder how many times he swung the bat to get just the right shot...
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    You're right. I'm completely incapable of interpreting my own experiences. ?
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    I'll take rookies earlyish if they show out in Summer League, that's how I got Lillard for way cheaper than he should've went, but you and I and plenty of other people can probably agree that almost all rookies are too expensive on draft day every single year
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    @tonycpsu Shhhhhh! I drafted him or picked him up in two of my dynasties last year and should have drafted him in the another. General thoughts: He's better than what scouts think because he's a multi-pitch guy that can throw any pitch at any time with good control. That is really rare for a young kid. None of his pitches will wow you, so that is why he has been underrated so much in the minors. His fastball/slider are better than the curve and change, but he will use everything. I knew he would force his way into the rotation at some point this year because he's much better than Beede or Blach IMO. The Giants are very high on him and it's another example of them really liking a guy and scouts being "meh" on the kid, but then when the guy comes up, he can actually play. Beede is a clear case of this kind of thinking. He has a better "arm" than Suarez, but in terms of performance; control, mix, and knowing what you are doing win out. I thought he should have been ahead of Beede on the prospect lists 2 years ago and I thought the Giants should have given him a shot last year and had him in the rotation over those two entering this year. I have no idea why he wasn't given a cup of coffee last year. I see him as a potential #3 (at least that is what I'm hoping) that will be able to keep hitters off balance, can throw any pitch at any time and has very good control. All qualities that will serve him well as a lefty. Throw in a large park, elite defense behind him (he's also a ground ball guy +), and a good framer in Posey and I think you have a guy that could be mixed league viable. The tough thing with guys like this and why scouts are so hesitant is that they have a way of dominating the minors, but when that fastball can't play up in the bigs, they get creamed. We just don't know yet. I think putting up a respectable ERA last year in the PCL and showing some homer suppression is a step in the right direction for becoming a legitimate major league pitcher. So far so good in his first few starts this season.